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  1. Can't wait for issue 2, this comic is so dope. Good work, mate.
  2. I'm struggling to think of a game that doesn't have an 'ideology'. Games, like all media, don't exist in a vacuum and reflect and comment on things in our society, even in ways the developers didn't intend - Link's androgyny, even the idea behind the character (a player surrogate to an extreme) have had an effect in ways that Miyamoto couldn't foresee, for instance. Also, I think you're really torturing that word to mean 'a marketing and branding exercise', which Boom is. Sonic Boom isn't an 'ideological' work in the way you're trying to suggest.
  3. Definitely the best game I've played in ages. The writing's incredible, in a way that really takes advantage of the medium. It mines a similar meta territory to Metal Gear Solid in some ways, which is like catnip to me. I got the True Pacifist ending a couple of days ago, and it's actually made me really sad to realise that all is left to do is a Genocide run. I don't want to do it!
  4. Thanks! Just need to figure out to make a signature and I'm all set... Nailed it.
  5. IDK, Sonic Team have always been pretty aware of anniversaries and their significance. It sometimes doesn't translate into smart ideas - Sonic 06 was the worst way to approach an anniversary game imaginable. But SA2 had anniversary branding and marketing pushes, and Generations even features Sonic's birthday in the plot. As for how they'd approach this anniversary in an actual game, I'm unsure. Generations 2 would be a bad idea, but I hope they'd take advantage of the new gen consoles to make a spectacular boost game - the issue is of course, how development intensive those are vs. SEGA's budget.
  6. Hey everyone! My name is Sam, and I've been a Sonic fan for most of my life - I think Sonic 2 was the first videogame I ever played, way back on the Megadrive. Have played mostly every Sonic game since over the years, and have always had a soft spot for the franchise even when Sonic Team cock things up. In real life, I'm a musician/music obsessive and video game nut - other stuff I have played recently includes the Metal Gear franchise, Undertale, Grim Fandango, anything by SUDA51, Platinum Games, and a whole bunch else. Have been lurking for a little while and thought I'd finally join!
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