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  1. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-squeaky-wheel/201602/study-half-all-presidents-suffered-mental-illness Dwight Eisenhower suffered a heart attack and a stroke whilst in office, Woodrow Wilson had a stroke in 1919, Kennedy had a debilitating condition called Addison's Disease whilst in office, and four Presidents died of illness whilst in office. FDR was in a wheelchair. Reagan's mind started going towards the end of his presidency. The office of the President doesn't have a great track record for Clinton to besmirch with a common case of pneumonia on the campaign trail - who would have thought meeting thousands of people would give you a respiratory illness? It can't be, they must be hiding something from us. IDK why everyone is so suspicious of the walking pneumonia diagnosis, with antibiotics it can be cured that quickly. It's a fairly easy thing to get, and a fairly easy thing to cure. People are just looking to shit on Hillary for whatever reason, if it's not health it's something else. If you wanted to start throwing about Parkinsons' Diagnoses based on a Youtube video, fine, I'd just like to see the degree on your wall first. but I'd imagine Trump is a much easier fit for all you armchair Dr House's out there. For example.... Well, he's got a very weird red tinge to him, as well as being pretty bloated - that could definitely point to a heart problem. His mental state is far more worrying, he speaks and writes like a child, has difficulty remembering things he says mere days before, is angry and combative when he doesn't get what he wants, demands to be the centre of attention, and is obsessed with himself to the point of being paranoid. There's definitely something wrong with him, and the fact that no-one's talking about means there's a vast conspiracy to defraud the people into voting for a sick person, because of course there is. See how easy it is?
  2. I just gave a speech to 4,000 Chinese kids at half 7 in the morning and somehow didn't die. First class in a couple of hours. Where the coffee at. 

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Where were you that required you to give a speech to 4000 (!) Chinese kids at half past 7 in the morning?

    2. Your Vest Friend
    3. Kiah


      Wow you got right to work after your move to China! That's very impressive and you definitely deserve some coffee :) 

    4. Hyp3hat


      It's all go, lads. BTW, Chinese school starts at 8am and ends at 6pm, according to my timetable here. These kids are essentially working full time jobs, how do they not end up crazy. 

  3. Trump drops vague hints that people should be shooting Hilary.... again You can almost see the crestfallen expressions on his staffers faces back stage... "It's the one thing we told him not to bring up. He's already been in shit for this. He promised he'd never do it again. I just hope the rights for my tell all movie, 'I Was The Staff Of Trump' will be the worth this fucking hassle. Is that a grey hair? Am I going grey? I'm 27" A Trump win is very unlikely - over 90% of black and hispanic voters won't vote for him, which is pretty unprecedented. Also, I imagine that, once it comes to the debate, Trump may well implode when asked substantive questions about policy - he's been unwilling or unable to do so up until now. If he declines to debate, that's going to damage him with swing voters who will see it as cowardice. If he fucks up, that's also going to destroy his credibility. Of course, he's nothing if not a showman, but he's an insecure, ill-tempered, loud, dumb showman who speaks like a child, and Hilary can probably exploit that.
  4. Is it just me, or did everyone sleep on The Wolf Among Us? Played the first episode last night, and I thought it was fucking amazing. Then again, I'm a sucker for noir detective fiction so it pushes all my buttons. 

    1. JezMM


      It was pretty well talked about back when it came out, just the hype died quickly once the series was over.  Such is my observation anyway, I haven't played it yet.

    2. Haalyle


      I've watched a full playthrough of the game. Loved it, but completely forgot about it. So, I might get to playing it sometime.

  5. There's definitely a middle ground - SA2's A-Ranks are some bullshit that I cannot feasibly understand how to get without either stopping and killing a bunch of enemies or just chaining together seemingly random actions. Metal Harbour's is weirdly insulting, given that the only way to get it is an insanely difficult, unnecessary route right at the end. Colours and Unleashed get it right - you can often see room for improvement when you get an A or a B rank, and it can feel attainable for the most part. Generations I play more as a time attack, which gets the same idea across. I had the reason to play thru Generations start to finish recently, and even with some deaths in the challenges (Vector, I curse thee) it was all over in 3 and a half hours. Granted, I'm pretty fucking good at Generations, so you'd probably tack on an hour or two if you're a normal human being who doesn't play it all the time. Game length is a bit of a red herring, though - Colours is short, true, but the vast majority of people who play games barely sit down for an hour or more to play casually. It's why many modern games gear themselves towards short sessions of play that you keep coming back to - You don't sit and play Destiny, Rocket League or Overwatch (or indeed, any mobile game) for 6 hours, they're designed to be sugar rushes to occupy the player for an hour or two at most, then repeating that experience. When I first played it, I was only playing for that amount of time a session, it took me two weeks to beat (Wiimote snapping frustration at Terminal Velocity aside). So I'm not concerned, tbh - as long as there's some replay value in the levels.
  6. Finally got around to this.... Wow, it's rough - Either the basic idea is solid and the level design is just useless in allowing you to explore it, or the idea is naff and the level design just does it no favours. I can't tell because doing pretty much anything in this is immensely frustrating. The momentum, such as it is, feels very weird - Sonic is way too floaty in the air, so attempting to jump on something whilst moving at even basic running speed will send you flying with little or no control (this is a complaint I have with Lost World, too, although you have more control in that). The Mach State offers zero control - twice when trying to run through a loop in that state it just sent me flying off the edge, even though i was steering. Mapping Spin dash to two buttons is weird, but then you'll never use it because it's embarrassingly weak. Mach State also doesn't last long enough to get through the tutorial area for it, and it's generally just super frustrating to use. There's also just a bunch of aesthetic niggles too - why is everything so tiny? Why is the colour palette so that the homing attack reticule blends into the scenery? Does Sonic even have eyes? It's just irritating and not intuitive to control, and really confirms my suspicion that the Super Monkey Ball-esque pinball Sonic game is absolutely not how the series should control in 3D. I mean, these guys clearly believe that it is and have spent years sinking their own unpaid time, blood, sweat and tears into it, and whilst I don't expect professional polish, I do expect the mechanics to be fun and engaging. They aren't. Or wot Jez said.
  7. After roughly 8 hours of travelling by plane and bus, I am finally in my Chinese apartment. It's huge! I'm exhausted! China is a pretty crazy place! Thankfully I don't have to start until Monday....

    1. Kiah


      That sounds like quite an adventure! Hope you rest well!

    2. Person


      Wow, congrats!

      Seems like an exciting time, I wish you the best on your new life.

    3. Hyp3hat


      It's very exciting, as well as terrifying and exhausting. I've been here a week, and every day I've been travelling somewhere or learning something. Besides a campus tour of the school I'm working at, I can just relax

      And go to the supermarket, which will be an adventure. 


    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Good luck dude, be careful

    2. Cyrus


      Moved to China from where?

    3. Kiah


      Wow...well be careful and hope you adjust to your new home and surroundings okay and soon!

    4. Hyp3hat


      Moved from the UK - it's pretty great so far, just had a nailbiting drive from the airport to my current abode. Overtaking into oncoming traffic (...constantly), cutting through people on the inside line round corners, trying to overtake going into a toll gate (!!!!). Certainly woke me up after not getting any sleep on the flight...

      Going to explore the town in earnest tomorrow, but it's pretty sweet. Thanks for all the good wishes. 

  9. My all time favourite musical artist is currently playing a festival in a park near my house. I couldn't afford the ticket, but I can hear them semi clearly depending on the wind. 

    This is a uniquely depressing experience. 

  10. I mean, what Sonic Adventure 2 fails at is what every Sonic game up until that point succeeded - the illusion of freedom. Emerald Coast is no less linear than City Escape, but the corridor that Emerald Coast presents you with is in wide open space. Classic Sonic levels are supposed to be full of alternate routes, but they are just shuffling you between two or three routes to the end. But City Escape just looks like a corridor, and thus the illusion is shattered. Your 'one true path' has always been there, it's not a recent invention. In it's way, the twitch reflexes = alternate routes in the Boost games is not very far removed from the 'bounce off this enemy or jump over platforms to get to the upper path' that's in Sonic 1. It's rewarding a different sort of skill. But I don't think you can say SA1 was less linear than Unleashed.
  11. I have a mashup of Smash Mouth's All Star weirdly medleyed in Mellow Yellow by Donovan, that I invented, that's just been popping up constantly in my head in quiet moments. ECHOALIA PLEASE

  12. It could be because it's not very good, and its forgotten status means that it's not worth nailing 32X emulation in the same way that it's worth doing it for Sonic CD. Knuckles Chaotix has sort of been forgotten for a host of good reasons. The Special Stages are Bubsy 3D levels of ugliness, and stupidly easy to boot. The stages aren't challenging, rather the control scheme is. The central mechanic makes performing simple platforming an essentially random exercise. Lots of weird design decisions abound - why is your partner random? Why must levels be played in a random order? Why are the items stupid (The tiny 'powerup' is just there to stop you for 30 seconds, the giant one makes levels that are already easy a joke, etc)? Why are there two tutorial levels? Why can you get minus rings? Hardly a lost set of Sonic jams on the soundtrack, Door Into Summer excepted. It looks really fucking terrible. Sprites are nice, levels look garish and weird. IDK, I just played it for an hour last night and was fairly confident I never want to do so ever again.
  13. Beat MGS V's story last week, currently sat at 55% completion (with over a hundred hours of playtime! Jesus) with a few S-Ranks I want to get, things I still want to develop and a couple of places I want to get good at - Nova Braga Airport can suck it, quite honestly, not sure why Quiet is useless there. Guess I've got to take the dog for a walk. I'm still having fun jumping in and playing a few side ops, but yeah. Over a hundred hours. That has to be the longest I've ever devoted to any game. Kind of at a loss as to what to play next! I have a shit-tonne of stuff sitting on my hard-drive, and no idea. Maybe I'll finish FFVII, at the start of the second disc there. Or get on with Life Is Strange. I do have a weird urge to be replaying Shenmue, though - got it working nicely on Demul and unlike NullDC the arcade games work! That's totally worth a new playthrough.... I might record it and do some post-commentary LP style thingy, although it is a LOOOONG game with that deep, deep Shenmue tedium. I'll leave the country first and figure it out.
  14. Sonic Adventure: I can't check the name right now, but the first song in Red Mountain. Knuckles Chaotix - Door Into Summer Sonic Rush: Right There, Ride On If only one submission is allowed, Right There Ride On please!
  15. Anyone use Demul here? I can't get it to show in certain resolutions, like 1920x1080, and a few lower ones. Also, the old gpu plugin just doesn't work at all, which is a shame as I'd like to play around with the internal resolution. I'm weirdly jonesing to play Shenmue again.

    1. Speeps


      Maybe it's something with your computer. It works fine on my end for that stuff.

    2. Hyp3hat


      Boo. I mean, it's still in alpha so I can't really be mad, and it still runs better than NullDC (which is showing more sound errors than I remember...)

  16. FYI, this is an absolute steal on the Humble Store right now.
  17. The Producers is one of my favourite films of all time, and one of the greatest comedies. His work with Mel Brooks is pretty much my favourite comedy ever, especially Blazing Saddles. I only saw Willy Wonka once, tbh, so it's personally weird that that is his best known role. Makes sense, but he's always been The Waco Kid for me.
  18. While I'm not a doctor, the fact that you're still occasionally screaming in your sleep means you could probably get a lot out of seeing a sleep therapist. Hell, that could go for a lot of people in this thread, although I understand that American Health Care sucks like a Dyson and it may not be feasible for y'all. Just a bit concerned because my sleep paralysis episode was a symptom of some pretty shite mental health issues for me. Look after your mental health!
  19. Lots of franchises have lasted as long as Sonic whilst still pumping out games - Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear, anything that's actually lasted for 20 years in the business without being dumped or left behind, like a Castlevania or a Mega Man - but those franchises have never had a debacle like Sonic 06, or even a Shadow The Hedgehog. Sonic in the 2000's was kind of weirdly managed, and suffered hugely from SEGA's cluelessness. Of course, this could not happen in a worst time. The internet is a fucking nightmare for a PR person, in a way - when people who regularly command millions of views a day on Youtube say Sonic sucks, a lot of people who did not play Sonic 2 as a kid will accept that as gospel, because people are weirdly devoted to youtubers. I mean, yeah it sucks, because Sonic 2 is a literal masterpiece of design and Sonic has clawed back a unique, fun style from the dumpster fire of the mid 2000's, and I feel that should be recognised. It's good that we recognise it, though, but it's not the big picture - the amount of people who comment on the internet about videogames is a very small percentage of their playerbase, and the last three times I've been in a videogame shop I've seen kids and their parents debating whether to get Sonic Generations or another Sonic game. The weird youtube opinion wormhole is not the full extent of the videogame playing public, so don't let it bother you. If I was so concerned about what people thought about videogames, I'd have preordered No Mans Sky. The youtube hype machine is irrelevant, son.
  20. It happened to me once, when I was suffering with mental health issues and insomnia. Just woke up, unable to move, my jaw clenched painfully and just visual and aural static intensifying until it just clicked off. Was very disorientated, but fell back to sleep after a cup of tea. One of the weirder things that has happened to me, but it was one star in a constellation of mental health garbage and it never happened again.
  21. Time Eater is probably the worst boss in a modern Sonic game, tbh - although I haven't tried to beat Dark Gaia in a while, that's at least functional. You just can't see shit on the screen during Time Eater. Hope you don't need rings, because they're hidden behind acres of effects and text boxes. Another bad thing about Generations - Lightspeed dash is weird in that game, I feel like I have to mash the Y button constantly because just tapping the button is no guarantee. Oh, and Planet Wisp, because I LOVE YOU STARLIGHT CARNIVAL.
  22. Oh dip. This could be worth getting when I move abroad, although the library still needs some work and my CPU is a little below the recommended specs. Nice.
  23. Remember that the Sonic Team that developed Unleashed was pretty fresh - SEGA reshuffled Sonic Team a lot after 06's poor reception, and brought in a whole load of fresh hires for Unleashed - even some just out of university. That meant you had a lot of people eager to work on a Sonic game, as opposed to a tired team who have been grinding a Sonic game a year for a while. That had to have a psychological effect on the team. The Hedgehog Engine is probably the culmination of Sonic 06's 'Day/Night cycle' thing that was shown in the early days of development at TGS. Lighting, especially for huge stages like in Unleashed, can be a massive time sink for development from what I understand, so the Hedgehog Engine was designed to streamline that process and free up development time for everything else. As a contrast, UnWiished was probably developed in roughly the same amount of time, and has less day stages and far more Werehog. They also were finally familiar with PS3 (which was quite difficult to use, despite being slightly more powerful) and Xbox 360 hardware, whereas 06 had them learning how it worked whilst also on a tight deadline. Knowing the machines capabilities also allows you to really push that sucker for graphical fidelity, rather than the glossy Gamecube graphics of 06. As for textures... nowhere near a deal breaker, and certainly a compromise based on the fact that for most of the time you're either flying through stages at hundreds of miles an hour or focussing on beating up robots. The main reason that Sonic Unleashed, which is a pretty big project, works so well is that the basic moving parts are pretty simple. 06 isn't as grand in scope, yet has a huge range of player characters with differing abilities to balance and craft levels for, as well as Hard Modes and Multiplayer, huge hub worlds, and a lot of in engine cutscenes to animate. Sonic Unleashed pared a lot of that down, focused on two distinct gameplay styles (with one minigame), far fewer cutscenes, and so on. The project was simply better managed to be finished to a reasonable deadline, by a new, eager team.
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