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  1. Right, I've had a think. Spoiler tags, because we're getting deep into MGS V here. TL;DR - I can't think of any way this makes sense. However, they appear to have confirmed that it is a GZ style addendum to The Phantom Pain, which is certainly a thing. Guess they don't feel confident doing a 'Chapter 3' or anything along those lines, rather a Zombie multiplayer expansion. This is still very dumb.
  2. AhahaaahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Tying this into Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain is incredibly insulting. This is just... what. YOU HAD ONE JOB, KONAMI. Just remake the good Metal Gears, or do something out of canon like Revengeance or other games, or.... not this. This looks like a fan game. If I was Kojima, I wouldn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Damn.
  3. Two things that could work are either the segmented meter a la Unwiished - of course, the reason why it sucks in that game is because the levels are designed to have a constant boost, so you just mash the button, but if it was designed so that boost was a commitment for a few seconds, that could bring in some good timing and rhythm to the platforming. The alternative is just making Boost a more limited resource, like in Colours. Not starting off with a full meter (which sort of ruins Generations from that perspective), and having to carefully ration it could work much better.
  4. Been away for a few days, what's the latest in Hedgehog Discourse?

  5. Can't wait for the 'But he was just being sarcastic' remarks about this one. He says what he really thinks! It's admirable! Political correctness gone mad! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-us-2016-37029170
    1. TheOcelot


      Sonic 2017 "Takeshi Iizuka wouldn't tell us anything about it but asked people to watch this and "imagine" what it would be about."


  6. Decided to devote more time to MGS V, rather than my current method of playing it for a couple of days and putting it down for a week. Am just about to finish Chapter 1. It's sublime, honestly. Quiet is quickly becoming my MVP now that I developed a tranquiliser rifle with a silencer, so she can just wipe out outposts in seconds. I also use her as bait to draw enemy attention so I can sneak through things undisturbed, but this also draws enemy fire. Despite a few close shaves, we're still mates, although the idle ACC animations are a less alluring and more disturbing when you drench her in blood, what's up with that Kojima. Oh, and FOB can fuck off, it's nice that seems to be an unspoken pact in the lower leagues that we just don't want to bother and it's just a resource farm. But yeah, the way it allows to you to get into a tight jam and panic your way through to a solution is like nothing else I've played. In a way, I'm annoyed I spoiled myself about everything before I thought I was going to be able to play it - I was counting on playing it on PS4 when I get on in a year or so, and so was reading everything because, hey, not going to play it for two years, but my old laptop went south pretty fast so had to upgrade. Still, it helps that the actual gameplay is pretty much directed by me, I'm trying to be a stealthy lad so even the most routine mission is nail-biting. I love it.
  7. Actually, Jam and the PC release came out in the same year with the PC released a couple of months before. I don't know what to make of that at all. The only thing I can say to that is, if it was a question of soundcards being unable to handle samples... why not just re-record the original songs, instead of wholly new pieces of music?
  8. Stayed up way too late last night playing Metal Gear Solid V, because I am a responsible adult human. I'm coming up on the end of Chapter 1 and damn. I love the improvisational stealth madness.


  9. NP, sorry if I came across as sarcastic. If you're looking for a full breakdown, I watched this earlier and it breaks it down zone by zone It's missing one thing, which is the similarity between Ice Cap and Smooth Criminal, which have similar descending chord patterns. And his team don't appear to have had any involvement in S3&K.
  10. That's how it works for radio/streaming and digital/physical sales, but licensing for media like movies or videogames works differently - As far as I'm aware, with something like releasing music on a DVD, publishing companies dictate much higher rates, and have to be paid in advance. This is why live DVDs are less common, or have less tracks, than live albums. Doing some reading up on this (because I have nothing better to do today), what seems the most likely scenario is that SEGA had a contract with MJ's publishing that covered the initial release of S3&K - we don't know enough to ascertain whether the total ditching of certain MJ songs from Sonic 3, like the end credits, in & Knuckles was either legal necessity or an artistic decision. However, the fact that you can still purchase S3&K in an emulated state suggests that SEGA negotiated the rights to distribute the material in its original state (the Megadrive cartridge) in perpetuity. The problem appears to be that they have to negotiate terms for a re-release, and either MJ's estate have either flat out refused them or asked for a rate so high that SEGA can't afford to pay it and still make money on a re-release.
  11. ..... Because there isn't a legal issue with that song? Not every track has a legal issue, just some of them (Ice Cap, the mini boss theme, Launch Base, some others) because they are composed by Michael Jackson, or people in his organisation, and thus SEGA doesn't own the publishing rights to them - there's no way Michael Jackson would sell SEGA, or anyone else, the exclusive rights to his songs in the early 90's. SEGA owns the rights to songs like Angel Island or Sky Sanctuary because people they employed composed them.
  12. A remix doesn't change the fact that the composition is still owned by MJ's publishing company. They would have to pay for the rights to remix it, and that's even less likely than just using the original tracks - his estate are incredibly tight with that sort of thing.
  13. Well, for one they're not very good tracks, but more seriously the tracks aren't well known, even in the Sonic community. As much as I'd love to see Ice Cap in Mania, one of the main reasons I love the stage is its soundtrack, and if it was the jank PC version instead I'd be disappointed. It's just going to disappoint a lot of people. I must have missed this, but did Green Hill in Mania use a remixed track? Or the Megadrive original?
  14. They aren't... drastically different, I'd say? It's not like people look at Modern Sonic and go 'That's not a Sonic game', unless they are insisting that Sonic should never be in 3D at all. I mean, it's not a perfect fix, but if the last few years (and the laughable argument about what constitutes 'Modern 2D' in the other thread) have shown anything, it's that SEGA can't mix these things without a subset of fans (and the gaming press and public at large) decrying it as terrible, why don't they make it A, I hate B, I miss Sonic back when he was C and so on. It's one way to pacify people, at least.
  15. So I didn't watch the 25th Anniversary Stream, but I hear tell that there were some sick remixes of Sonic tunes during. Can these be found anywhere?

  16. Yeah, I really liked this. There are Sonic fans you're never going to win over with a 3D game, and the same with a 2D game, but I feel that the approach Nintendo take with Zelda or Mario would work best for Sonic. I mean, the biggest, most identifiable and easily solveable split is 2D/3D, and what Zelda and Mario do is have core titles that switch between the two. What Sonic does (to a small extent with 2D platforming in Unleashed and Colours, and to a great extent in Generations and Lost World) is try and weld them together, and the effect is that you piss off a subset of both. Whereas when you buy New Super Mario Bros, you know exactly what you're getting, and in Super Mario Galaxy or 3D Land, you also know what you're getting. Don't like 3D Mario? Skip that one. There's another 2D game coming up. What I'd like to see is SEGA adopt this model with Sonic, and I hope that this is what the concurrent reveal of Mania and Project 2017 is auguring in. Keep Taxman or similar (not Dimps, though, jesus) working on 2D titles, and the effect of a more staggered release schedule can give Sonic Team more time to give 3D titles content, and release them all on console so no-one feels left out.
  17. Hey, a smarter than usual 'Whats the deal with Sonic' that examines the fanbase that doesn't call us crazy!


    1. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      I generally agree, but Sonic was more than cool IMO. There was some genuine care put into his early games. I come back to Sonic 1 more than I come back to, well, a lot of Mario's games actually.

    2. Hyp3hat


      Yeah, p much the only thing I disagree with is him saying that point about the games introducing and ditching gameplay elements constantly - I think that's a valid criticism of Lost World, and the 'dark age' from Heroes to 06, but not Sonic 1 and 2. 

    3. Diogenes


      @ThePrinceOfSaiyajins Well he's not saying that Sonic was "just" cool, more like..."cool" was the series' "flavor", if that makes sense. It's the overall feel the series meant to exude, where Mario had a sort of timeless, breezy playfulness, Sonic was more contemporary and harder-edged (I don't know if these buzzwords actually mean anything). And while Mario's timelessness has held and the series hasn't needed to change much, what was cool when Sonic came out isn't really "cool" anymore, and the series has constantly floundered in finding what kind of "cool" it can and should be.

    4. ThePrinceOfSaiyans
    5. Blacklightning



    6. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Good thing he didn't call me crazy. I don't like it when people say I'm crazy


  18. My computer or emu may be struggling, true - Dolphin's the only emu I've had 100% success with, everything else is buggy and slow in my limited testing. Molul's box may fare better.
  19. FLASHPOLL: Do you pronounce SNES as:





    1. Zaysho
    2. Celestia
    3. Strickerx5
    4. Nepenthe


      The latter.

    5. Briraka


      ZNES- er, I mean SNEZ.

    6. Hyp3hat


      Thank you all for partaking in this quick survey, inspired by my being baffled by SomeCallMeJohnny videos. For the record, I and everyone I have ever met in the real life have pronounced it as 'SNEZ'. Briraka and Celestia, my dudes. 

      I respect the majority opinion but why. It's like pronouncing iPod 'Eye-pee-oh-dee'. I've never heard it pronounced this way in Britain, this is wild. Was it advertised like this? Who did this to you? I have so many questions about Nintendo linguistics. 

    7. Nepenthe


      Do you call a Nintendo DS a "Dis?" Or do you pronounce the letters individually? xP

    8. Briraka


      The comparison between "SNES" and "iPod" doesn't work. SNES gets pronounced as Ess-N-E-S because it's an acronym for "Super Nintendo Entertaiment System" while iPod, as far as I know, isn't an acronym for anything.

    9. Hyp3hat


      Ay Nep, but the DS was never formally sold as the Nintendo Dual Screen, it's just the DS. 

      iPod was poor example, true. But unlike many console abbrevs - Sony consoles, the GBA, etc - you can say SNES as SNEZ, it's got vowels in it and can be pronounced. You don't say The Man From U.N.C.L.E in phonetics, you say The Man From Uncle. Or other examples that I'd have if batteries were recharged. 

      I'm going to be teaching English abroad next month, should I incorporate this into my lesson plans y/n

    10. Nepenthe


      The way it was marketed doesn't matter to colloquial pronunciation, especially since Nintendo has never said "sness" either. xP

      And is there anything to incorporate? There's no hard rule for acronym pronunciation here.

  20. Peace Walker seems totally legit, and I want to play it (currently going through Phantom Pain and don't want to take on two MGS games at once, otherwise I'll start believing the Patriots are real) but I did test it on PPSSPP and it runs at 20FPS in gameplay and the 60FPS cheat fucks with some of the mechanics - apparently the torture scene is impossible, and grenades explode in half the time IME. If Molul has a PS3 or 360, I'd just get the HD or Legacy collection and save themselves the hassle of janky looking gameplay and weird controls.
  21. About to go teach in China (which is fucking amazing and I'm stoked, visas are crazy though), and its pretty much the diametric opposite of what I'm doing right now, which is freelance editing work. Pays well, the only problem is that I have to force myself to leave the house - 'Time to eat! Oh wait, hyp3hat, you have not gone to the shops in days and you have no food, also it is 10:30PM because you lost track of time. You can starve?' Big ups to my brothers and sisters in retail and the service industries, used to be my bread and butter and we don't get paid enough. @Crow the BOOLET If you're saying you can't do maths and thus aren't sure you can work as a grocery clerk, it's absolutely not a problem - I am completely shite at maths (like, basic sums elude me, ie counting change) and I never ran into a problem with my tills or irate customers because of it. I worked in some ridiculously busy places as well and thought it would cost me my job, but nothing of the sort happened.
  22. Not really 'desert island' picks, because I couldn't even begin to, but for my emulation picks... Metal Gear Solid for the PSX - it puts current AAA games to shame with its writing, voice acting and story, and once you get used to the controls it becomes a tense, rewarding and challenging-but-not-too-bullshit stealth game. Also, there's a Dreamcast emulator for Android, get Shenmue on that, have fun talking to old people and avenging your fathers death buying a shit tonne of capsule toys. Seriously, I love Shenmue. STREETS OF RAGE
  23. Just so I understand properly, you're editing the rom itself to play LZ through the sound chip in a different key? That's... I didn't know you could do that! Just make sure in future to change the key of everything that's pitched - ie, everything except percussion tracks - to the same key, E, in that case, because that's where the dissonance is coming from. But, listening again, it sounds like the Genesis hardware isn't playing the melody of the verses in the major (correct) key, which can happen when transposing midi, and is easily fixed in software, but I have no idea how you'd do that in a HEX editor.
  24. Yeah, Sonic PC ports are something of a mess. With Lost World, I had to keep rebooting the game turning the cheat on and off to get through bits of the game. In 30FPS grinding levels are unplayable. I had the same issue with SA2, and I fixed it by using the integrated graphics in the launcher rather than forcing it to use my Nvidia card. Still runs at 60FPS and all that.
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