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  1. I've never fancied playing the Riders series, not even a little - even as a teen who beat Shadow The Hedgehog, and thus would play anything vaguely Sonic related, and who loved racing games, I had zero interest in them at all. Looking at them as a jaded and cynical adult... nope. I've always wanted to try Rivals 2 (the logic being, if I'm going to play one Rivals game it's going to be the one with Race To Win in it), but it apparently doesn't play nice with PPSSPP, so... that was a beautiful dream, I guess.
  2. Did you try and change some of this into the minor key, or something? Because if not, where on earth did you find that midi?
  3. It's crazy, apparently he recently did an AMA on the Silent Hill subreddit and out of 130+ questions... only 3 were rude? No revelations about anything, mind, lots of 'We are currently investigating this' and 'this is above my paygrade'. I understand the decorum, in a sense - we have no fucking idea what's going on at Konami, and every new thing they do is incredibly confusing, so I suppose the impulse is try to understand what exactly is going on.
  4. The basic clinging to ledges stuff is fine, but wall-running, and switching between walls is just infuriating. It's a difficult maneuver compounded by the fact that Lost World (on the PC, at least), barely tells you how to do anything. I, personally, hate it much more than everything other new thing they introduced in that game. It is my least favourite mechanic.
  5. Asking foreign governments to hack your opposition is all fun and games, right? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-us-2016-36927523
  6. If Classic Sonic moves like Modern Sonic with nerfed speed and parkour (aka the worst mechanic in Lost World), I'm just going to wish I was playing as Modern Sonic tbh. Maybe it's just me, but I can't think of an alternate gameplay style from Generations I'd like - Classic Sonic as an assist is dull, 'Adventure' style Sonic is close enough to Boost to be insignificant. Maybe it'll be Sonic Monkey Ball, but I doubt it, and those 3D pinball games are pretty much the opposite of what I enjoy and understand Sonic to be. I'm conflicted!
  7. Chaos can't melt steel beams

  8. Like Sonic Advance 2's Music Plant Zone, but everything's in key. All the sound effects on that stage are off key, and it really sucks. Also ditch the super garish colour scheme, please. Plus, you could have a bunch of cool shit happening, like bouncing off and grinding strings on a guitar or bass to play melodies and riffs, stomping on piano keys to unlock doors as puzzles, quick stepping to hit notes in sheet music to unlock bonuses... there's a whole platformer based around this that I forget the name of (Sound Shapes?) that you could fit Sonic into nicely. Alternatively, something like the opening of Jackie Chan's Police Story - Sonic busting through a hillside shanty town, hopping over buildings, breaking through windows, crashing through walls. Murder on a physics engine, would still love to see it.
  9. Sonic is in a grand tradition of anthropomorphic cartoon characters, though - you might as well say 'Why aren't Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse human?' It's only awkward when the situation gets a little too real for a cartoon, which is why Looney Tunes: Back In Action and Sonic 06 suck. If only SEGA gave Sonic 06 the level of world building Who Framed Roger Rabbit did, we wouldn't be weirded out by Elise and Sonic doing the romance. OK, maybe a little weirded out... Unleashed humans are fine (even SA2 humans are fine, you can get away with a lot when you have a low poly count), but Sonic shouldn't be striving for photorealism - Sonic's inherently a cartoony character, and it's not doing him a disservice to treat him as such. Pixar and all that.
  10. Oh my god MGS V is the best, even though I am so bad at it. Finally beat Blood Runs Deep by getting into a huge firefight, grabbing the injured kid from a crowd of enemy soldiers and running away from my choppers missile assault, found a secret route through the next mission and got away from the Man On Fire by the skin of my teeth. I FEEL POWERFUL AND STRONG

  11. OK guys, I never thought I'd ever get a tattoo because I couldn't think of something that could  continue to be meaningful to me as I grew old, but I finally found the right ink for me


    1. Tara


      You will not regret this.

  12. There's absolutely no way that's going to happen, and unless there are extensively storyboarded cutscenes and fully coded missions just lying around Konami HQ, there's no way it can. The only bonus I can forsee of that nature is the cut 'Episode 51' from the Blu Ray, where it's Plus, a Phantom Pain 'finished edition' would just be the biggest fuck you to fans - making them pay twice for the same game, 'now with an ending!' Even EA gave away the revamped ME3 ending for free. Konami have been sending the marketing intern who drew the short straw onto Reddit lately, and he has mentioned there is something Metal Gear related coming in 2016 that will 'bring you guys back' (paraphrased). Smart money says a Metal Gear (MSX) 1 & 2 3D remake or, as an outsider choice, a Snake Eater remaster using those Fox Engine assets (and possibly Phantom Pain's gameplay? If it's Fox). Whether the hardcore would even countenance giving Konami their money after the last year, who knows. Oh, and Fuck Konami.
  13. There are gondolas in the PS3 version, but I only remember seeing them in Silver's story for some reason. Again, why? I have no idea.
  14. Then you weren't paying attention? He seems actually excited about Sonic Mania, as it fixes a lot of his issues he had with other Sonic games. His taste wrt Sonic is weird, though - he thinks Heroes controls better than the Adventure games, which is ???? The main nitpick I have with this mans opinion is that he somehow thinks that Sonic CD on Steam isn't the Taxman port, so recorded his playthrough on Android. You played yaself, George.
  15. Yeah, if the trailer was in-engine, you'd best believe they would mention that - it's marketing gold. 'Hey, this slick af trailer is actually what the game's going to look like!' is a great hook. It's not in-engine, though, it just looks too good.
  16. One old gimmick from 3D Sonic games returns for Sonic 2017.... what is it?




    1. Diogenes


      classic sonic

    2. Hyp3hat


      I think I worded this hypothetical poorly, and have come a cropper with spoiler tags.

    3. Ferno



      *sounds of the earth crumbling*

    4. TheOcelot


      Mac-speed sections from Sonic 06.

    5. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      classic werehog

    6. Forte-Metallix


      Treasure hunting.

      And no, Knuckles still isn't playable.

    7. Sean






      which I wouldn't be opposed to if it were handled the way it was in Sonic Lost World by being an optional, rewarding collectible.

  17. Seriously, inviting foreign cyberterrorism against a rival candidate and the general campaign has barely just got started? Fucking hell, the next few months are going to be 'fun', good luck America. PSA: if you Chrome users out there haven't got the Detrumpify extension yet, it makes this quasi-fascist authoritarianism a lot more bearable - the above news was delivered to me as US election: Heaving Carcass 'encourages Russia to hack Clinton emails' on Auntie Beeb, makes the medicine go down a bit smoother.
  18. It always warms the heart when devs hire their fans based on fangames and such - Taxman & Stealth, that one guy who got hired for Shenmue 3 after remaking the original in Unreal, Volition hiring Saints Row modders... it's nice

  19. The main reason why SEGA isn't utilising their old IPs any more is because the culture that produced them is no longer present - those were mostly not developed by SEGA 'in-house' by a studio like Sonic Team, rather by studios SEGA owned, like AM-2 (Shenmue, Virtua Fighter, Outrun), Hitmaker (Crazy Taxi), or United Game Artists (Space Channel 5, REZ), which is a small but crucial distinction. SEGA have sold off or assimilated those studios as their profits declined, and now they have a bunch of smaller studios with different IPs - this article breaks it down fully https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sega_development_studios#Team_list I'm sure they still own their IP, but they have drastically reduced their manpower and game development is more expensive than its ever been. As for NiGHTS specifically, as SEGA could still develop that in-house, here's probably a bunch of reasons for that - somewhere deep in the bowels of SEGA, there's an accountant who has told them, based on Journey of Dreams and the remaster' sales figures, that a new Nights game wouldn't be financially feasible. There's also the issue of the execs not wanting to split Iizuka's attention - Nights is pretty much his baby (he designed Into Dreams, and wrote, produced, directed, and designed JoD), and if SEGA are trying to repair Sonic's image they don't need him ditching that to make another NiGHTs game. This sucks, as a new Nights game would make me a very happy chappy, but while Sonic's struggling, it's not looking likely.
  20. The oval controller was a definite fake.
  21. Yeah, I figured, although I haven't seen a Megadrive in 20 years, so I wasn't 100% on it. To the uninitiated it could seem like a glitch, tbh.
  22. Only glitch I've noticed on Steam is that certain elements of the track will disappear if another sound effect plays - losing rings removes the melody from Green Hill for a bit. But it doesn't bother me because, y'know, I need them rings.
  23. it might not be that, just a thought before my first cup of coffee. I also have no idea what key it's in! Should have used Roman numerals... What I think are chord changes might just be the bassline moving every bar instead. You can get a decent USB soundcard for £60-80, which will have jack and XLR inputs (and maybe midi, depending on what you get) and some low rent recording software to get that stuff sounding good. I have an Alesis IO2 which does the job well. IDK if GAK does international shipping, but it's a good place to start https://www.gak.co.uk/en/audio-and-midi-interfaces
  24. There's got to be one of the more atmospheric ones in Colours or Lost World that does it - Aquarium Park seems like it might do it very quickly with C-G-Am/F-G-C, I'm away from my instruments at the moment so can't try it out. That said, when I do get my guitars back, I am itching to do a full cover of A New Venture in the mid 60's Beach Boys Wall Of Sound, like this Speaking of Naganuma, why is Louie Louie his favourite song of all time? Loads of his Sonic tunes (and some in JSR) are variations on that riff. Also I tried covering City Escape in a sort of rockabilly style a while back, but it sort of got away from me with loads of guitar overdubs and now I can't remix it. I need a new Cubase.
  25. Unleashed and 06 took me about that long to beat on my first playthoughs, by virtue of 06 being a poorly designed slog with cheap deaths and Werehog levels/medal grinding in Unleashed bumping up the time, so was using that as a ballpark. They're the longest Sonic games IME. Generations (which didn't cost $60 on launch, iirc) has a lot of optional content (of mixed quality), mind. I mean... I don't know what your personal minimum expectation of game time from pressing start to end credits is for $60. Everyone's different - some expect a Skyrim or a Fallout for that kind of money. Longer than 4 hours, sure. I'm not saying Generations' start-to-finish length is not an issue (it totally is, and it's the worst thing about the game besides Planet Wisp) but the boost games also strongly encourage replayability via collectables, timing and ranks, so its not as if they're unaware of it. IDK, I'd hold up Colours as the standard for 3D Sonic, because up until very recently I considered Generations as a one-off. It's still pretty much the best way to manage the issue of development time vs. content (better than Sonic Lost World, at any rate). Sonic #Occupy has me reconsidering that 'one-off' status, natch.
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