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  1. So there's apparently a new Metal Gear announce and its like "WAT?"

  2. Anyone here stopped using Miitomo?

  3. It's interesting how people have differing views on who should get the most blame for BvS' script.

    Some blame Goyer mostly, claiming Terrio did what he could to salvage something.

    Some blame Terrio mostly, claiming that his re-writes may have made the script worse.

    And some blame both equally.

  4. If you don't like Chance the Rapper, we just won't work out.

  5. Reaction: A cat casually walks across your keyboard and settles itself onto your hands, looking at you with a completely nonchalant face.

  6. So is anybody else worried about what's going to happen in the Olympics? Like with the stuff that's been happening in Rio and such it's a bit concerning. 

  7. Hey, a smarter than usual 'Whats the deal with Sonic' that examines the fanbase that doesn't call us crazy!


  8. Okay, show of hands:

    How many of you, when refering to the SNES, have called it the "Super NES"?

  9. FLASHPOLL: Do you pronounce SNES as:





  10. Just been road testing Sonic Heroes on PC. Seriously, this game with the 1080P widescreen hacks is absolutely stunning! If you're a Heroes fan there's honestly no better way to play!

  11. FLASHPOLL: Do you pronounce SNES as:





  12. It sucks how game developers are so anal about fan projects. I mean I get if they're selling it for profit that can be bad, but aside from that, seems unnecessary. I mean SEGA lately seem better, and Nintendo haven't done anything about Super Smash Flash 2, but Konami and Square, Jesus.

  13. It's been a while since I've been around but can someone explain to me what the Sega restructuring specifically did? I think a few of my details are antiquated. 

  14. Which songs exactly of Sonic 3 & K are troubled when it comes to legal issues, again?

  15. Hear me out on this idea for a new game:

    HuniePop, but in the world of the DKC TV show

  16. The best thing that Sonic 06 killed in the franchise was the Act Clear jingle from Sonic 3. Hasn't been heard from since.

  17. One thing I can definitely say I like about Sonic 2017:

    No handheld version of it announced, which means no Dimps


  18. Sonic doesn't need life insurance. Rings are free after all.

    ...Yeah, I'm trying to think up a joke, but it's not working.

  19. This is quite interesting


  20. CtQzT9x.gif wow I just realized that the pose Sonic makes at the end is this 



    And I know that jump comes from elsewhere too. Sonic Mania just oozes JP art references 

  21. One old gimmick from 3D Sonic games returns for Sonic 2017.... what is it?




  22. Has it been confirmed that Mania will feature all the levels from the classic games + new stages, or is it really more of a handful "greatest hits + new stages" type of thing?

  23. I don't feel so good...

  24. Just something that I'm kinda worried with the upcoming games. Within the last few years SEGA seems to have been appealing to the classic fans with Mania and from the looks of it the upcoming 2017 console game is trying to do the same thing do you think that the general public might be getting tired of it?

    Only asking because I remember a lot of people were getting tired of the whole pandering to the nostalgia crowd with other franchises when the retro revival phase was still on  the range. 

    I'm not trying to put the games down since I'm looking forward to them especially Mania. Just something I'm curious about.

  25. Insider reports say that the NX will be a lot cheaper than most are expecting, and it will play Nintendo's mobile games.


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