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  1. Why does a game have to be 20+ hours long in the first place? Given the choice between stupid padding, like the Werehog or forcing each campaign to be the same length in 06, and a shorter end-to-end experience that has replay value like Colours or Generations, I'd choose the latter every time.
  2. I try not to think about Lost World for the benefit of my mental health (Giant Zavok, I curse thee), so my bad. I still think that this is a bit of a fools errand though, there's not much we can glean mechanically from the trailer - you could argue Modern Sonic's primarily in 2D, as the most gameplay esque section in the trailer (him dodging the debris) is shot from that perspective, but that's most likely not the case. There's just very vague meat on those bones.
  3. By that logic, it's possible that Modern Sonic can do a Spindash at will, as he does it in the trailer. I'm not very sure about speculating specific gameplay mechanics based on a CGI trailer...
  4. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/trump-putin-yes-it-s-really-a-thing Trump is being reprieved from bankruptcy by financiers close to Vladimir Putin, because he's blacklisted from every major American bank, has staffers who were previously close to Putin and his organisation. He's coincidentally very pro-Russia, as well as very anti-NATO. But sure, Hilary's a crook or whatever, fuck political and financial cronyism, right?
  5. There's no harm in seeing them as distinct, it's necessary as the franchise moved along with the times. That movement was necessary in order for the franchise to survive, and it hasn't been easy, but we wouldn't be celebrating Sonic's 25th if Sonic Adventure had never happened and the franchise had stuck with 2D. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, terrible games and highlights, and there's no need to be tribal about it, or try to get them to merge awkwardly. One alternate universe has Sonic Mania and Sonic 2K17 being the beginning of the franchise conducting itself a little more like Mario, with core titles that exclusively use 2D (NSMB Wii and onwards) and 3D (Galaxy, etc) in order to get the fanbase to shut the fuck up appeal to both core demographics who have sprung up as a result of divergent gameplay styles over a lengthy franchise.
  6. Hello SEGA, please consider this list of Project Sonic 2017 titles. Paypal information and/or CV available upon PM. 

    - Sonic Les Miserables

    - Viva La Sonic

    - Sonic After The 20th Anniversary

    - Che Hedgevara

    - Back To The Hedgehog

    - Sonic and The Confederacy Of Dunces

    - Lost World Was Definitely Not A Game Released On The Wii U in 2013

    - Sonic Grimdark

    - Sonic Mean Streets

    - Occupy Eggman

    - #FeelTheFast

    -Sonic and The Difficulty in Establishing a Legitimate Government After A Violent Revolution

    - Sonic Spring

    - Sonic Totalitarianism

    - A Hedgehog Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

    - Sonic Colours 2

    1. Speeps


      Sonic and the actually evil genius Eggman

    2. Strickerx5


      Sonic Division

  7. That's Iizuka, he seems perpetually restless. I'm actually amazed we had 3 boost games in a row, tbh. In the nineties and stuff I have no idea, all I know is that SEGA drastically reshuffled Sonic Team after the debacle of 06, fired many old hands and replaced them with new hires, some fresh out of college. They probably decided it was best to limit the amount of games with Sonic Team involvement - not only were Sonic Team making 06 and Secret Rings, before either of those were released they starting developing the NiGHTS sequel, which had a disastrous effect on all 3 games. The fact that Sonic games are no longer insane, buggy messes is probably to do with the fact that the dev team isn't working on multiple projects at once.
  8. You were told wrong, it had us all going for a while. There's only one Sonic Team, and whilst the team gets split up occasionally (Secret Rings and presumably Black Knight were offshoots from the main team), that's only temporary. As far as we know, the same Sonic Team has worked on everything since 2008.
  9. I thought the 'Two Sonic Teams' thing had been debunked? The main source for that (Wentos) revealed that they'd just been making stuff up.
  10. Good point - either Robotnik has gone full on dictator and is going for 'brutal oppression' in his design, rather than 'check out my amusement park with dancing robots in hats', or someone has stolen his robots and taken over the world. I hope time travel isn't too much of a thing, although with Classic Sonic in the mix, it's a given. How's this for a totally speculative plot? 'Classic Sonic' doesn't get all the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Mania (or something), which historically means Robotnik wins, play again. This gives Robotnik the edge in taking over the world, which then turns Modern Sonic's place in the time line into 'The Bad Future'. Classic Sonic feels guilty for sucking at Blue Spheres, and travels forward in time to help Sonic (with presumably Tails, Knuckles, and the crew forming 'The Resistance') stop the damage and destroy Robotnik's new regime, hopefully in just the one timeline - we don't need Final Fantasy XIII-2 up in here. Either that or it's Rise Of Lyric 2: Deadlier & Sixier?
  11. The sprites in this look delicious. That opening animation is fantastic. Haven't we all been lowkey hoping for years that Taxman would just cut the shit and make a new Sonic game with the Retro Engine? I have. AND WE GOT IT. Also Tee Lopes doing the music? THEY DID IT. A shame he's 'constrained' by chiptune, as his horn arrangements are amazing, but he's one of the most talented Sonic musicians around. Poor Falk, though. Aesthetic quibbles aside - why emulate CD, with its eyebleeding colour scheme - this looks super super super super good.
  12. Not much to go on, and while I'm not backflipping at the news of Classic Sonic it makes sense for SEGA to emulate their biggest critical and commercial success and the best Sonic game since SA2 in years, but... Yeah! Looks good! Boost is back (... probably?), the tone will be interesting and the 'Resistance' stuff opens up the possibility of a large roster of other characters doing important things in the plot for a change. My unfounded, baseless speculation from 2 views of the trailer is that this has something to do with the movie. Holiday 2017 is my beloved Shenmue 3 time, though, so it's going to be a great old Christmas for Hyp3.
  13. Can't believe SEGA went with the formula from their most successful and critically acclaimed game in the last 10 years for the new Sonic game. That's a real shocker....

    Both games look dope, though. 

  14. Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue may be your best bet, they have a little bit of everything there. I think there was Sonic stuff last time I checked, but it's been a while.
  15. Ok, so I'm not going to watch this (fuck a 2AM), so I'm just going to list all the ways tonight could go wrong.

    1. Wisp spin-off game is announced.

    2. Everyone onstage is drunk.

    3. Aaron resigns live onstage.

    4. MLP crossover is announced.

    5. Yuji Naka gets onstage, delivers scathing and all too personal rant about SEGA executives, to stunned awkward silence.

    6. Sonic 06 is ported to PC.

    7. Too many 'House Of BLUES, get it, because Sonic is BLUE' jokes.

    8. People in Sonic costumes onstage. Rapping.

    9. 'Ladies and Gentlemen... DIMPS!' 

    10. Powerpoint crashes, revealing internal SEGA memo which simply reads 'How can we kill Sonic The Hedgehog'.

    11. Pachinko Machines.

    12. Bigs Fishing Adventure 3 is cancelled.

    13. The mere presence of Charmy Bee.

    14. A hostile takeover by TrueSonicSpirit.

    15. The actual Dr Robotnik shows up, starts turning attendees into robots.

    16. Iizuka snaps and screams at the crowd 'You'll never get Sonic Adventure 3, STOP.'

    17. 'Ladies & Gentlemen, BIG RED BUTTON!'

    18. A live playthough of Sonic Dreams Collection.

    19. 'Nintendo exclusivity'.

    20 Goodie bags contain personally selected Sonic Fanfiction.

    1. QuantumEdge


      LOL, I love this.  Also, don't forget Sonichu being announced as the new mascot for Sega. with Chris Chandler being made creative director of future products.

    2. RosaRosaRosalina


      i for one would enjoy seeing all of these happen 


      at at the same time 

  16. I'm not American, so I'm mostly here to point and laugh/cry/lament the state of the universe, but I have friends in America/Friends who are marrying Americans, so I have a bit of a vested interest in not seeing said friends lives go to shit. In general, the rightward slide in public discourse is the most frightening thing to me, because I think what happens in America has a knock on effect in Britain, and vice versa - Brexit and Trump are very similar in terms of a disaffected, white, predominantly working class set of people voicing their displeasure at the political class (as well they should! The political class are shit) but are having their biases turned against them by said political class against their own interests. For instance, immigration is a major sticking point in both countries, but the real problem with immigration is (in Britain) that it highlights neglected public services where these people suffer, such as infrastructure, welfare budgets, public housing, education and healthcare systems, as well as a lack of jobs in the areas (particularly the North) where the manufacturing industry was destroyed in the 80s. Rather than blame themselves for not building enough public housing, slashing school budgets, training enough doctors, putting more money into the NHS, Thatcher making it her personal mission to destroy that manufacturing industry, etc, the political class would rather blame migrants for these problems, even if they aren't to blame. 'Being tough on immigration' is seen as desirable in the UK, despite the fact that immigration has done wonders for Britain. It's a con act, but it's too effective - Trump's the nominee and we just left the EU, which are two things the establishment didn't want. They sowed the seeds for it, though. These things have a marked detriment to everyone's quality of life.
  17. The insistence on Abstinence-Only Sex Ed is laughable. Guess what? Teenagers are getting it on. There is no government power imaginable, not even military force, that will stop teenagers getting it on, as they have for decades and centuries. You could drop nukes and teenagers would be bumping uglies in fallout shelters. Of course, if said randy teenagers have access to and know how to use a condom, are properly educated about birth control, and are just generally educated about how to get it on without having kids at 16, teen pregnancy will go down. If you just tell them 'Don't be having sex, I know it's literally all you can think about right now because your hormones have gone into hyperdrive, and I know I'm spending an entire class talking about it, but don't ever do it. Here endeth the lesson' that's not going to stop anyone, so more fodder for the producers of 16 and Pregnant, and also probably result in some repressed adults with messed up relationships and attitudes in the future. Of course, the rest of the program is batshit (the banks aren't to blame for the recession, are you absolutely shitting me) bible thumping trash, but the sex ed thing is one of my pet peeves.
  18. Holy shit, Penders is the gift that keeps on giving. Shine on, you terrible man, you. In its own way, it's spectacular. I've never seen art like this. I've seen memes that understand basic artistic composition better than Penders. This is truly special, you could probably classify this as outsider art or vaporwave and write a thesis about it. It's terrible in a classic sense, but fuck the canon, I'm on board with the madness. See y'all in 40 years when Penders is exhibited at the Whitney Biennal.
  19. Yeah, that's sad. Going to university isn't just about the piece of paper at the end, it's a whole raft of life experience that's invaluable. I made some of my best friends at university, I learned a lot about the world, it taught me valuable life skills, I had amazing experiences and relationships, and it profoundly changed who I am for the better. It's an experience that should be available to more people, instead of being for the middle and upper class. Also, guess what? Job markets been fucked for a while, degrees aren't worth much.
  20. 2:00 am is a bit shit for me, can we reschedule, SEGA? I'll just log in to the salt mines in the morning, should be fun.
  21. Everybody shut up, we just got Game of The Year 2016 


    1. Milo


      i'm surprused anybody can even find a way to land with this FPS perspective and the trucks falling apart

      looks fun though. kinda like an over the top and cartoony attempt at mirror's edge's playstyle


    2. Hyp3hat


      It's like someone thought 'I want to make a procedurally generated platformer' and then decided to go about it in the dumbest way imaginable. I love it.


  22. Seeing as Trump's (pitiful excuse for a) personality has come up, I just read this fascinating interview with the guy who ghostwrote 'The Art Of The Deal'. Spoiler alert, he's not happy with Trump's campaign. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/07/25/donald-trumps-ghostwriter-tells-all
  23. In SADX, if the game crashes during the credits, you don't get the emblem for beating it, right? It's gone forever? 

    I mean, I'll always play Sonic Adventure, but I was on a roll a few weeks ago on my old laptop, and it was very unstable and crashed often. 

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