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  1. Tails doesn't really help you much in terms of gameplay in the classic games, but there truly is something special about having him journeying alongside you.

  2. So, I started playing Life is Strange. 


    I'm not far at all, but so far everyone in this game is a huge douchebag.

    Like, the blue haired girl has a gun held up to her and she says, "You're gonna be in hella more trouble!"


  3. NX Prototype:


    Source says "it's spherical"

  4. Haven't been on Tumblr for a while, so I need to ask...wtf is with the random music/audio ads and how do I turn it off?

  5. i've said this before but I see a lot of people claim that Sonic Mania feels like Mega Man 9 in terms of being a retro revival. To me it feels more like Rayman Origins taking notes from the original and just expanding upon them and make it feel fresh.

  6.  My favorite thing about the Sonic Mania trailer is when it says "SEGA proudly presents", meaning that they have full confidence in this product. I'm legit stoked.

  7. "it can't be a dark story- classic sonic smiles!"

    ok.... so what is this?





  8. O.K. SSMB who out the sonic characters that have not had their favourite food revealed who do you think would love nachos?

  9. Does My Sweet Passion make anyone else uncomfortable? I still can't believe someone thought that song was okay for a 12-year-old girl.

  10. God I hate the CD Jump sound

  11. And now people are saying the city burning in the 2017 trailer is Soleanna... WHAT IS THAT LOCATION!?

  12. how is everyone?

  13. Does Sonic ever stop dancing?

    Posted Image


  14. Studiopolis Zone is cool.

  15. In other news I got a job. I work 2 days a week for now until they make a new store then ill be working full time. 

  16. Oooh,,, just thought of another reason Sonic Mania may not have been announced for NX yet: Sega is using all their development units for the main sonic game at this point(and it does seem like Nintendo, while trying to get as many out as possible, have a limited supply)

  17. Cn-7aPCXgAYUjFV.jpg

    Made a Sonic Party Bingo Card for kicks. 

  18. The Summer Games Done Quick Super Metroid race this year was beautiful.

  19. Rumors are floating around that there might be some sort of event tonight showcasing some Sonic thing or whatever.

  20. Reaction: A Sonic game is announced for a genre that the series hasn't done yet.

  21. Reaction: The big announcement is that YOU are Sonic!

    He was inside you all along.

  22. Well, today is the day when the Sonic fanbase turns insane and start killing each other. What the reasons and specific circumstances we'll only know later tonight, but it will happen. Oh well, it's a good day to die so I'm ready.

  23. Is anyone else having trouble playing the 2003 PC version of Sonic Adventure? Because it was running fine until the windows update from this morning

  24. So like, can someone pitch Overwatch to me? I'm still not sure what the game entails beyond being and FPS and Mei.

  25. stupid question, but just curious: can you put honey mustard on a hot dog? 

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