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  1. Glad people are enjoying this. Also,is swearing allowed?
  2. That's it! Stop it! No more big big fishing adventure! It will KILL me! Like literally,it will stab me from my love of sonic!
  3. I doubt there will be one that isn't just a sonic 1 port. Sorry,but that's how I feel. Oh,and I said my three adjectives of sega were "Incompetent, Idiotic,good lord please die already"
  4. I wounded when they will give us news of the game. I mean,are they that secretive to the game? Or did they even start making it?
  5. Why are they still making Olympic games with cartoon characters?
  6. Yeah,no. I didn't like that, and I think they won't do that again. Sorry,but I want to not think that,but remember the LAST preorder bonus? *cough*25 lives*cough*
  7. Well theres .....uh.....there's......I got nothing. Like,really,I got NOTHING other than his costume in Super Mario maker. Seriously,other than that,what IS there to like,and no,I am not talking about generations or colors,I am talking about post-Generations,and literally,other than One costume in SMM,there is nothing that I like as of now. Lost world was the only decent thing other than the costume. Boom Wii u and runners are broken,with boom being fixed,while Runners is a clutching corpse of ads,lag,heating,crashes,and terrible gambling. If the anniversary bombs,then I'm done. I meant glitching,not clutching.
  8. So? I can make it. Besides,I am a spaz after all.
  9. I know,and I don't care. Personally,I despise sarcastic people. They just get on my nerves.
  10. THERE ARE SONIC BOOM GAMES! JESUS CHRIST,STOP PRETENDING THEY DON'T EXIST,IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY! sorry for yelling. Sorry,sorry,just got mad. Like seriously,you can ignore it,but don't be ignorant about it. I respect mods,but still,it doesn't excuse bad behavor.
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