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  1. and hello again. I'm going to put the video back together using another, less RAM eating programme, which, when ready will sort out the audio issues
  2. Hi, thanks for replying, and I'm aware of an echo problem at around the 2 minute mark, and that is due to my laptop struggling to put the whole thing together, the video would always end up glitchy. But what audio issues are you experiencing? I want to sort out this so a viewer isn't put off. What sounds and looks fine on my laptop, I'm probably not aware of how it is on other devices.
  3. Hi there, thanks for reading if you've got nowt better to do today, I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my video review of Sonic Pocket Adventure on YouTube. I decided to kickstart my channel with an ambitious in depth look at the game I fell in love with last year. I must warn you though, it's probably longer than most videos you'll be asked to watch today, and is obviously a much more amateur attempt, but if you can get through it and give me any kind of feedback, I'll be a very happy and proud guy and stay motivated to create new content. Edit: I have solved an audio issue and smoothed out the fps, so have reuploaded the video And thank you
  4. My bad if somebody already answered this but everywhere is saying that episode shadow is now downlandable but I cannot for the love of God find it anywhere. How do I get it? Or is it exclusive to digital preorders?
  5. So I was having a think about what if Forces ends up proving that Sonic Team has ran out of things to do with the Boost gameplay. I know the games not out yet and it could end up having some fresh ideas later on in the game, but we all know how the impressions are sounding at this point... Anyway, I do feel that the Hedgehog engine is one of the best engines in gaming, and Sonic team put a lot of effort into developing it, and for them to only use it in 3 games over 10 years, that's pretty tragic. Of course Colours and Unleashed on Wii used different engines built from the ground up for Wii. Not only was 3D Sonic perfected (arguable) with this engine, it was absolutely gorgeous. I went and played Unleashed on 360 the other day and it really does look like a current green engine - on last gen hardware. Its graphics are holding up to the test of time, and it's gonna be a 10 year old game soon! Even generations didn't look this good. Before I get too carried away, I obviously think this engine deserves more use and I'm gonna quickly mention my ideas. Let me know what you think and please share your ideas License it to other devs The engine is graphically beautiful. I'm not sure how scalable the engine is and what else can be fine with it (if you're a modder, let me know), but graphically anyway, it had potential to be like Unreal Engine 4. Use it to make a racing game If Sonic Team can't come up fresh level design ideas for Forces then why not make a game where learning the course is rewarded in the best way. Make a competitive racing game. Even better, use it to evolve the gameplay and make a sequel to either Sonic R or Sonic Rivals. If made well it could even be an esport. And like Sonic Team, I'm fresh out of ideas (joke), let me know your thoughts below!
  6. I'll not mention the problems that others have, I'm sure everybody feels that way about those missing elements. But I will complain about some of the level design, particularly in Chemical Plant act 1. I swear there's a speed section where you don't need to press anything for 15 seconds. Not very engaging. And then there's the Sonic CD levels. I hated Stardust speedway and metallic madness in the original, and they're still a mess in Mania. Though I'll praise SS's boss throwback, I love that reference. And MM at least changes things up more in its level design. I'm guessing the levels that were chosen were based on reused assets from their CD/1/2 remakes, as well as their prototype for the pitched 3&K remaster, to save on development resources. It would explain why we got the blue spheres back (I have no problem with those however), and why some levels feel like rehashes with minimal changes to layout. Maybe I shouldn't have psyched myself up by playing 3&K the day before release, lol. I'm confident though that the critical success (too early to call it a commercial one?) has Sega at a meeting with taxman and his team right now saying that they need to make a sequel
  7. The switch version makes the UI on the home screen extremely unresponsive while the game is running
  8. Dispatched and arriving tomorrow. Sorry to worry everybody
  9. Yeah, they've taken payment but it's still not dispatched, even though it says it should have by now.
  10. Update, Amazon have taken payment which means they're gonna dispatch it soon
  11. Hi, yes, it's such a big email it needs 3 screens. Like others on here it now says Wednesday, but the email alludes to the possibility that they are having trouble with stock from their suppliers. I may be over reacting but wanted to know if others had the same. Still not marked as dispatched either.
  12. So I just recieved a very lengthy email from amazon explaining that the ETA of my has changed to a few days later because they're struggling to source the CE, and can't guarantee I'll get it on Tuesday. As a result they've extended my prime membership. It should be noted that I preordered this way back in 2016. Anybody else got this happen to them?
  13. I believe the hints are in relation to track listing on the album. There is a song called pixel empire, which is 11. And on the deluxe edition, there is a song called Icarus, which is 13... Add them numbers maybe? Or maybe there are other numbers related to these songs...
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