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  1. I just finished streaming a playthrough of my demo since there has been a lack of updates lately but still some noteworthy changes to show off. Forgive the stream quality whenever Sonic goes fast, I think it was a neat stream nonetheless
  2. Dude, I like this a lot. It has lots of funky 90's energy, well done! Mind if I use it as the theme of Eggman for my Sonic 2 Remake (8 bit version)?
  3. Sure thing. What I used to do when on paper was to draw using big thick outlines, and anything for animation would get drawn separately. Then I'd use the threshold tool in GIMP to make those outlines black against a white background. Then I'd use paint to manipulate and colour. The closer something is to the screen the blacker and thicker the outline should be. This was a time consuming and messy method which lead to that janky look of the demo. Now I have a digital art pad, things have become much more streamlined, easier and fun. I can now draw directly onto paint (zoomed out 50% at 4K) with the thickest pencil and scribble my sprites, using the original as reference. The colours are taken from the original palette and now I can make additional frames using copy and paste which works out very smoothly. I scale these frames using gimp and turn them into a tidy sprite sheet which I can then code into the game. I am especially proud of this water drop animation. I hope this was informative
  4. I do hope you enjoy this version of Sky High Zone. I had a lot of fun making this tileset. Unlike the UGZ tiles which were based on modified opensurge maps, this one has been completely drawn from the ground up, using paint, gimp and a digital art pad. I am rather pleased with the result. Not only do I have this video, but I have also updated the demo at SFGHQ to include this playground so you can see it in motion (without youtube's compression). The demo also contains a number of adjustments to make the game smoother. And also the fire shield can now use it's dash ability. Download it here SAGE 2020 Demo+
  5. I think I have finished Sky High Zone Act 1's background art. Started the tileset, and put this together for Ravaged Regime, so I could ask them if I could use their remix.
  6. Oh wow, thank you. Very flattered considering the joy your art has brought to me over the years. I am very excited, I got my art pad a few days ago and started work on Sky High's background immediately. Here's a sneak peek The only thing missing in the background is a second thick layer of clouds in the middle of the vertical scrolling and more violent lightning. I wanted to capture the stormy atmosphere and the level design will be based around climbing great vertical heights followed by rollercoaster descents. I still need to draw the foreground tileset so it's currently ripped from the source game. Also it shouldn't be raining when you reach the stars, I will have to script this trigger in the level design.
  7. The turtle made me lol. Your Sonic looks interesting though, it's like you've drawn him as the wind, frozen in motion but moving fast. I will share with you and this thread videos with a gallery of the original art - which also double up as music videos for Akidna's work from the game (who I still haven't heard from since March, is he okay?). To be able to turn the drawings into sprites, I need the outlines on every detail to be extra thick. It doesn't matter how tidy these outlines are, as that goes with the art style. In the future I will be switching from taking photos of paper, to using a digital art pad where i can make more detailed and consistent animation frames. But still using my thick outlined scribble style. However you decide to make your sprite, a high res version of the original drawing(s) would also be great, as there is every possibility of this game's assets being ported into a HD Unity version or the opensurge engine being updated to support 4K resolution in future.
  8. Hey Smashwere (you may need to fix that quote there bud, but wow, look at how the game has changed since the start, sonic was HUUUUGE)! So i'm open for accepting sprite submissions for badniks for now, as I will be starting to overhaul what I currently have and draw the rest of the art for the rest of the game's stages starting next month. This will take some time, so I don't think its fair to ask for any other submissions until I have something more to show myself. Can I ask you though, in your opinion, which badnik do you prefer from this demo? Motobug, with it's paper/metallic and mechanical movements Crabmeat, With it's goofy look and bold black outlines I am leaning towards the motobug I drew, it looks cute, but robotic at the same time. I like the way it animates in game and looks more hand drawn than the crab does. So if you are able to match this art style, and use the original 8 bit sprites as reference, I would gladly accept submissions for badniks for the time being. No rush or pressure, just fun I will however send out an SOS for a musician! Work on Sky High Zone will also begin next month! I have my plans and concepts ready and I am eager to get my drawing tablet. I already have a musician for Act 2, will share this track here with anybody curious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9S3D8XYvGE&list=PLHELuYEFCL2oYdbChpyiF7xawiqcunk8f&index=11 Act 2 of Sky High in my version will based on the blue skied acts from the original game, which means Act 1 will be the stormy act set at night (contextualised by my story, it was sunset in Under Ground Zone Act 2). I'm looking for a moody, atmospheric remix of Sky High's music which can match the danger of climbing vertically in the middle of a storm in the middle of the night. But once Sonic reaches the clouds, there will be a twinkling starry night sky and you will be safe from the weather. Level design wise, it will be like a cross between Sky Sanctuary and Sky High Zone.
  9. Thank you very much for your feedback I agree with the situation with the 1up jingle. I had an earlier build where it was the same one from the original game that plays over the music, and it worked in every 1up situation, except when you collect 100 rings, the game would freeze. I asked the opensurge dev about this and it is a problem with the C code engine. It is being looked at because I would prefer also to hear this music uninterrupted. The Act 2 boss is very under developed, and isn't stable yet, it's behaviours are based on simple timeouts. Its behaviour can be reset by simply pausing the game, so have fun with that bug! I do hope to have that level of detail when I redraw the graphics for him. I want him to telegraph to the player when he can be attacked safely, like in Monster Hunter. And I want the camera to shake when he digs, and I want to spawn little bits of pebble when he digs too! His pace should be quicker too, maybe I'll speed him up by SAGE, I'll look into it. Also a pinch mode where he gets more aggressive with only 2HP left like in Sonic Rush. I like your idea of having the stun time decrease with every hit. Currently the timer based behaviour is a bit unstable but it could become animation based in the future. Giving him a little wobble when he's stunned would also look kinda cute. I thought about how I wanted to approach this game difficulty wise. Because the original isn't that friendly, and is known for being hard. I kinda wanted to honour that, but using level design inspired by the 16 bit games, and those physics and moveset would make it fluid, and now in widescreen with no crunch issues. So I thought, well let's make this game for Sonic players, and take some inspiration from Mania when designing them. Act 1 is, in essence, the original 3 acts of UGZ in 1 level, with some tweaks and modernised adjustments, like with Mania's GHZ. The theme of the level is go right, do some platforming, there is a quicker high level and a slower lower path. Secrets to be found for those wanting to seek them out. Act 2 is where I let my imagination go wild. It's based on the idea of open vs closed level design (which I think I heard the geek critique or King K break down in one of their Sonic analysis on Youtube), so inside the cave is quite closed, and linear, but there are secrets everywhere. When the background is outside the level design opens up and there are 3-4 branching pathways. I watched 3 friends who don't play Sonic games play the zone, and 2/3 made it to the end. But I don't have a clue how this plays for Sonic players, and I have indeed played it to death! Now I just try to break the game I'm always told, anything is possible in surge script, and I have some cool ideas that I will work hard to pull off in this game. Thanks for your support.
  10. I thought it would be fun to put a demo together for SAGE and possibly get to watch some streams, this is the build you'll be playing, or close to as the demo will be getting updated from now through to SAGE based on player feedback. I'm pretty excited. Starting university soon too, so I expect I will be redrawing everything, including all the art for the rest of the zones throughout the course of next year, looking forward to using proper animation equipment!
  11. KingK has also done some great Sonic retrospectives https://www.youtube.com/user/KingdomKlannad Implant games gives very generous critiques of Sonic games, he focuses on how fun a game can be and how well its level design meshes with the offered mechanics. https://www.youtube.com/user/implantgames The artist mark Flynn loves looking at best sonic character designs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEi5bJ5J0dnbbL_SWyKQm1g Game apologist has covered a fair bit of Sonic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUweLR_ygcqbcxTJGLGhW2A Toothpaste Guy seems like he's on the growth too https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_EsNK_x3KQ8vzs36fZXUZg
  12. This is the sort of music I could fall asleep to, very relaxing thank you. I enjoyed the echo of the tidal tempest, though the bubble sfx you used for percussion at the beginning jump scared me lol. Your mega collection remix sounds like it should be in gems collection
  13. There is a new playtest version up at http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2057 with lots of little updates and tweaks, including the addition of two original bosses! Act 1's boss is a recreation of the original game's boss, it is very stable and there should be no issues Act 2's boss takes the concept of Act 1's and adds player input. Notice the pattern and attack at the right time to do the damage! This boss however is unstable and needs a good playtest in order for me to figure out how to fix. It's behaviour seems to be a little different every time I try it. I need to narrow down that margin of error. After experimenting with cutscenes, it will be time to take a long break from scripting while I draw the art for all the new sprites (the list is sooo long)! Thank you for your time!
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