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  1. I'm going to wait for the videos to be uploaded on Youtube, watch the cutscenes and say, "I'm satisfied"
  2. BLASPHEMY Fumie is my favorite music composer out of the rest! Her music is always addicting! Her works are the only reasons why I listen to Sonic music.
  3. I'm yet another person who agree with this.
  4. I'm currently listening to "Free" in my MP3 player.... I'm waiting for the full version.
  5. Join us in our next special episode of "Can you figure out the lyrics?! Sonic Riders Edition PART 2!" if you don't get it.... recall Zero Gravity's "Un-Gravitify"?
  6. Sonic - meh Tails - great Knuckles -reminds me of Dan Green... Amy - very bad Cream - yay Vector - AWFUL Jet - I prefer his parrot voice... Storm - sure Wave - yay Shadow - HELL YEAH Rouge - wow.... very nice.
  7. I want to get it but can't afford an overly priced device just for one game.... I hope my family does the paying instead because the total price is my entire paycheck DX
  8. Coulda sworn I replied to your reply earlier. Guess it didn't get through. Anyways, that's awesome! Yay for other Sonic fans living in my area! Then again, it's a big state. I don't want to ask you to disclose your exact location of course, but that would be cool if we lived somewhat close to each other haha.

  9. Oh snaps! That's pretty intense! Yeah I registered after the site crash...and then kinda disappeared for awhile XP

    And yay for ninja anquaintanceness!

  10. "Improved graphics" I bought Sonic 4 on Wii instead for Xbox... it didn't affect gameplay, why should it to Free Riders? Graphics isn't all that important. (of course unless you're one to those people) "voice chat" Wii Speak "voice control" ok I admit that is cool but still... that's it? "full body controls" You still have to do that with the Wii Remotes and the Wii Balance Board. Yeah, you need those to play a game but oh well? Out of all of that, the only extra feature is the voice control function... The Wii can handle the rest perfectly fine :l As for online play, sure Wii still has a problem with that but is it really necessary? I can handle ghost data for this game like I handled with Zero Gravity. The only thing that I know it maybe impossible is the co-op play since it would be awkward. It's the only feature I would want to try out for Free Riders. Again, I'm still planning to buy the game...just not as soon as it releases and such....maybe next Christmas.
  11. To boot? D8

    looking forward to our acquaintance..-ness :P

    Yeah, one of those people who had to force themselves to go through registration after the server crash xP It took a lot of motivation though >>;;; *was lazy*

    I dunno when I registered originally though D:

    anyway, ..... hello :D

    (so you're in SoCal hmm? So am I.... *ninja* )

  12. Hey another person back after the server crash huh? And a fan of Mephiles to boot! You and I will get along just fine haha. Yeah, I was a member in like...2004 I think? Maybe earlier...I dunno, but I saw your post in the "Old Characters" thread and thought I'd say hi :P

  13. Mighty......and Mephiles *shot* I'm serious about Mephiles...
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