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  1. Out of place? I don't think so. Sonic's "Modern" look is just fine.
  2. Tails has been confirmed to appear in Episode 2, and judging by the latest screenshots, he is tagging along Sonic. Online co-op is also announced. Well, we will have to see what happens when the game is released.
  3. I just despise the idea of something Sonic-related in a Disney film. And you know what's so sad about this? This new movie is part of Disney's "Animated Features Canon", the same group as that overrated, overloved, overhyped box-office behemoth known as The Lion King. I never even liked the Animation Feature Canon films in the beginning, but this is just wrong. Why would Disney no longer make films based on books or fairy tales to make something for the video game cult instead? It seems very out of place, both for Disney and for the video game industry. It gives me a horrible feeling to see something video game-related or Sonic-related in a darn Disney movie. I hope Sonic and his friends won't cameo in this movie or else I will be depressed forever. I just don't like it when so many Sonic fans also happen to love Disney Hmph. However, as far as the box office and critical reception is concerned, the CGI films in the Animated Features Canon don't do as well as their hand-drawn features from the past nor Pixar's films, so I can hope that this film fails hard in the box office. I don't care how many people love it, I wish a big failure on this film. Heck, I'm already planning a boycott. I don't remember when the last time that a Disney Animation Canon film used a Non-Disney character as a cameo role, but the closest thing I could remember is that Who Framed Roger Rabbit (which was made in 1988) used cartoon cameos of many different studios from the "Golden Era" of animation, and even so, Warner Bros.' characters are still Non-Disney to this day. Either way, I hope SEGA sues Disney for using Sonic characters (the same goes for other companies and their characters involved). And for the sake of it, Disney video games are, despite popular opinion, not very good. They're just the same old licensed games that nobody cares about and I would much rather avoid them then anything else. Let's face it, you will not be a "true" fan of video games if you go see this movie when it comes out. Chances are, it is going to suck (especially since it's made just in time for Kingdom Hearts' 10th anniversary no less).
  4. I hate PETA. I hate them so much. I wish they would stop their horror already. Eating meat is not bad, people. In fact, you can eat meat and still be friendly to animals.
  5. Nice to see that a sequel is in the works. I liked the first game and I will look into more information on this as soon as it comes.
  6. Sonic really needs to take a break once in a while. We get like, at least one new game released every year now, as opposed to some of the other video game brands out there such as Star Fox, which only a few games in the series have been made in recent years, but that is nothing compared to Sonic. A new game is fine, but seriously, the series has been milked to death now, and, as a loyal Sonic fan, I think that is sad. So yeah, a break or two would be nice so SEGA can take more time when making a great Sonic game and even pay attention to their other series as well.
  7. Remember that rumors are rumors until there is a confirmation. Haven't heard anything about an actual release date, but I'll have to wait and see, myself.
  8. I never thought the idea of Metal Sonic teaming up with Sonic since they were rivals/enemies by the time of Sonic CD. Heck, Metal Sonic even kidnapped Amy Rose (Known as Rosy the Rascal at the time) early in the second zone of Sonic CD which led Sonic to end up rescueing her later on. Unless you want a 'villain helps the hero occasionally' kind of storyline akin to that of Bowser's role in Super Mario RPG or even Wolf's role in Star Fox Assault/Star Fox Command, then it won't be surprising to say the least. On the other hand, I'm glad to see Tails back in the next episode, I wonder if he is playable or just tags along with Sonic, we'll have to find out.
  9. If they're refering to a new Sonic "movie", then I hope it's just a short similar to Night of the Werehog, or just a cutscene from an upcoming game. Sonic is not the kind of series that deserves the treatment of a big-budget film that's a box office hit (Disney better not get their greedy hands on the Sonic brand in any form, or else I will vomit and not be happy), especially since most film adaptions of video games normally don't do too well among critics or the box office. Why does everyone want a Sonic movie and new Sonic show to be made when there are tons of other video games that never had that sort of adaption before? Sonic already has four TV series, an OVA and a long-running Archie Comics adaption, whereas most of SEGA's other franchises have nothing at all but the games. The only possible explaination on why Sonic is popular because he is SEGA's mascot that was made to compete with Nintendo's Mario, and even so, Mario is still iconic and better known (I'm a Sonic fan but seriously, I wish Sonic wasn't milked to death: I feel that the franchise is way too popular for it's own good, and that explains all the terrible fanfics you see across the web). Seriously, I would much rather see a new Sonic game be made instead of a full length Sonic movie on the big screen or another Sonic TV show.
  10. Okay, why does everyone here always treat me like I'm the butt monkey of the forums? I wasn't complaining, I was only telling you that I'm sick of this debate and I wish no one would complain about such things. In fact, I dislike complaints, and this is why I love to rant in the first place. It helps me get off my chest and point out facts to help others realize that new designs or whatever they complain about is not the root of all evil. SEGA gave the classic Sonic characters a new design in the modern games for a reason, you know.
  11. My favorite characters are Fox McCloud Miles "Tails" Prower Vulpix and Ninetales Zorua and Zoroark Blaze the Cat Marine the Raccoon Shade the Echidna Just to name a few.
  12. It does not matter if a character's design is changed or not. People need to stop throwing a fit about such little things and start getting used to the new. Nobody cares if you like the tall, green-eyed modern Sonic or the pot-bellied classic Sonic better. Nobody cares if you like Toon Link, young Link or "realistic" adult Link better. Nobody cares if you like the classic designs, the modern designs, or heck, the Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Melee designs of characters better. It's all good. What the heck is all of you so obsessed with nostalgia? Geez.
  13. Really? I thought that Super Tails was known as Hyper Tails, but maybe that's just the comic. I've read a SEGA magazine with a preview of Sonic & Knuckles (including Sonic 3 & Knuckles) some 17 years ago and it refered Super Tails as Hyper Tails. Maybe it was wrong. Maybe "Hyper Tails" was known as Super Tails after all.
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