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  1. Forces story: what would you like to see.

    A competently handled and well-paced story with consistent characterisation/tone and little-to-no plot holes is what I'd really want from Forces. I sincerely doubt we'll get all of those things (or any of them judging from what we've seen), but a guy can dream right?
  2. This is the definition of "bullshitting a proper reason because we really didn't have one/the real reason is NDA'd to shit"
  3. Hot take: S2's half pipe special stages are actually pretty awful

  4. Naaaaaah, if it's supposed to be a Saturn-era game it needs to be a really ugly 3D render of Sonic instead :V
  5. Literally the only bad thing that comes to mind about this track is that since it doesn't have a proper ending and just fades out, it's essentially confirmed to not be on the vinyl release when holy christ it really, really should Other than that though, this is literally perfect in every way
  6. To be fair though, Sonic Boom doesn't have legal troubles with people like Penders or focus too heavily on non-Sonic characters for SEGA's liking.
  7. So apparently the next season of Ninjago is gonna borrow some elements of the movie's character designs for the ninja.

    Good. The movie designs were miles better anyways.

    1. Bobnik


      It was confirmed fake by the same guy d564bec38c.png

    2. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      Awwww... That sounded sooooo freaking good!

  8. What YOU think of Sonic Mania

  9. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Titan does the Doctor Who comics now, so that can be crossed off the list. As for other crossovers, I doubt they'll do any straightaway since they gotta establish their own comic first before mashing it up with another. Maybe 1-2 years down the line we'll see a proper one I guess. When ROM launched though, a buncha other IDW comics got variant covers based off that so I could see something similar happening for Sonic - and who knows, if a specific cover is super-popular maybe we'll get something directly based off that?
  10. Sonic Forces, Mania and Sega at SDCC 2017

    Suddenly my hopes for Force's story just skyrocketed
  11. The World Is Dead In Sonic Forces

    The only thing dead in Sonic Forces is originality
  12. Jet Set Radio is a great videogame that I'm not very good at