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  1. just read a ton o' Gwenpool

    I like this

    I like this a lot

  2. I wouldn't exactly call this a "childhood" misconception (I still thought this until about, what, four or five years ago?), but when I was younger I thought that Sonic Adventure was a straight-up reboot of Sonic from the stuff I'd seen online, the massive tonal differences between the Adventure games and the classics, etc. Seeing classic and modern as totally different characters in Generations prob didn't help matters either. Then I got 'round to actually reading up about/playing SA1 properly and it aaaaaaaaaall made sense.
  3. yeah that's cool but can we get a proper framed print of that fancy new sleeve art sega please and thankyou
  4. Right, deadline is p soon so here's a quick stab at some of me fave Sonic game OSTs: SONIC RUSH: SONIC GENERATIONS (THE GOOD CONSOLE/STEAM ONE): SONIC COLOURS: SONIC RUNNERS (YE BOY): SONIC LOST WORLD: SONIC ADVENTURE: SONIC R: SONIC 3D: FLICKIES' ISLAND (Superior Mega Drive Edition): KNOCK KNOCK IT'S KNUCKLES CHAOTIX: SONIC CD (JP/EU BECAUSE OF COURSE): May do some more if I get time before the deadline, but for now this'll do.
  5. SEGA Forever is a great idea executed so, so fucking poorly

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      So everything Sonic Team/SEGA usually does.

    2. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Yeah and to think we were close to actually having good emulation and this to take off. GenesisPlusGX is one of the best Mega Drive emulators going even though the recent BlastEm has surpassed it (since it even got blooming demoscene stuff working that no other emulator has making it close to an actual Mega Drive). We might have gotten Mega CD games too, FMV games and Shining Force CD anyone?

      If only Sega checked the licensing for the emulator before having all these problems, didn't cause a rift in the emulation community (because of RetroArch) and use an inferior emulator at the last minute. Bad emulator + Comix Zone = ear ouch.

    3. Ferno


      i just wanna finally play the original SA1

    4. Thigolf


      For every cool move Sega does that makes me think "Whoa, this is great, I really like where the company is going", they pull something embarassing like this. 

      C'mon Sega, I want to like you, don't make it so f*ckin hard.

  6. Lego just went and made a minifigure referencing the theme that nearly bankrupted them in the early noughties


    I'm in utter disbelief


    1. Alex2Beta


      I just looked that up, and I remember getting this thing as a gift once, wondered what the heck it was as a kid.


  7. yes please

  8. A full playthrough of the custom character's Park Avenue stage. There's a really neat underground section around 2 minutes in that we've never seen before too!
  9. I could be happy about Chaos 1 returning but he's literally the weakest character there without any chaos macguffins

  10. A tad more footage, showing the very end of Modern's stage! Nothing much happens...
  11. It's got a Metacritic score of 63 with a user score of 7.3, so... yeah, it pretty much falls under the "...eh, s'alright" category and not under the "so utterly broken and awful that it nearly killed the Sonic IP for good" category (for comparison, RoL has a Metacritic of 32, which I'd definitely concede could've easily killed off Sonic for good).
  12. Rise of Lyric I can understand, but since when did Lost World fall into the "very nearly killed the Sonic brand for good" category? Last I checked it was only really regarded as "alright I guess", not IP-killingly bad.
  13. Upon further watching of the footage... why does literally everything except the classic sonic stuff look good. Like, how can two thirds of this game be actually alright and one third of it be excessively shit in every single way. Did they accidentally drop a chunk of the bar whilst raising the rest of it or something?
  14. Here's footage of the Forces gameplay from IGN's stream, sans the people talking over it! Thanks IGN! EDIT: Since IGN prob knows how awful their video player is, they've also put it on their youtube! Ta lads!