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  1. Wow, new products on the SEGA Shop with each Mania Adventures episode!

    I can't wait to not get them in the UK!

  2. lol nevermind then I guess

  3. oh it's Tyson 

  4. > the R is the exact same one from the Sonic R logo


  5. can't wait for tonight's announcement to accidentally get leaked on an online store first

  6. Sora the Explorer

  7. G5x0W0.gif

    labo is good

  8. SEGA Genesis collection for PC XBOX ONE & PS4

    Huh, alright I guess. Can't say I'm too wild about it personally (or the lack of a Switch version, what's up with that?), but it makes sense to port the lot over and, hey, if it's a chance to play 3&K on the telly again I'll happily take i- CHANGED MY MIND COLLECTION IS TERRIBLE NOW
  9. Seeing as this is only four days or so away, here's a lil' prediction list of what I reckon's gonna be talked about at the panel, sorted into categories of how likely each will be: 100% chance, will definitely happen: A chat about how well both Mania and Forces did (confirmed already) That new game announcement (confirmed there'll be at least one new announcement, most likely the racing one if the many rumors are right - which to be perfectly honest, they probably are by this point. Either way we'll get a CG trailer, a release window and maybe a tiny snippet of gameplay if we're very lucky) At least something related to the IDW comic (we're less than a month from launch and they've been really eager to promote it so this one's practically a no-brainer - possibly just some new covers shown off, maybe a bit more?) A very brief mention of Sonic in Ready Player One (hasn't been announced properly yet and the film's not too far off now, so this one's very possible - it prob won't be much though, just "oh by the way he's in this film too") A brief mention of how successful that Battle Racers boardgame was on Kickstarter (no announcements as such, just "look how damn great we are") 70% chance, may happen but may also not: Project Plus announced (whether it's announced here really depends on how substantial the DLC is - if it's just minor additions like level transitions and more bluespheres then it'll probably happen here, but if it's a ton more stuff like whole new zones and story bits then it may not happen just yet) Something regarding the Paramount monstrosity movie (we could get a logo or a tiny snippet of info here, but it's more likely they'd save everything for SDCC where all the cool kidz announce their new films) 40% or less chance, most likely won't happen: Sonic confirmed in Smash 5 (if there's a Q&A someone's definitely gonna ask about it though, mark my fucking words) Sonic Mania physical edition/soundtrack on CD (why must you hurt me this way S.O.E) Anything else that could happen I mean, I'm fully expecting to be proven completely wrong because that's just how these lists always are™, but here ya go I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Broke: CG/LiveAction Sonic movie from Paramount

    Woke: 'Carry On Spindashing' starring Bernard Cribbins as the voice of Sonic

  11. fuck

    1. Kiah


      I was going to ask what was wrong but I saw the status below you lol. 

      You can do it! I know you can!

  12. so uh

    what did I miss

    1. Mister X

      Mister X

      quality topics about rouge

    2. SupahBerry


      Surprise Surprise.

    3. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Aw shit, was the topic deleted?

      I didn’t see it.

  13. Broke: Wanting the game to be either just Sonic characters or a mix of Sonic and SEGA characters Woke: The entire roster is now just multiple copies of Danica Patrick (in all seriousness, I'd prefer it with the other SEGA IPs in tow as it's more fun an' varied that way innit - I'd still buy it either way tho so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ innit)

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