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  1. why does Sonic CD have the worst level design

    1. Chili Dawg
    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      It seemed fine to me.

    3. Ayliffe


      @Chili Dawg W A C K Y   W O R K B E N C H

    4. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Wacky Workbench is gr8

    5. Osmium


      Wacky Workbench is a tad annoying therefore the whole game has shit level design remember 

    6. TheOcelot


      WW is one zone. Not the whole game.

    7. Zaysho


      Wacky Workbench is the most standout, but most of CD's levels are fucking trash.

    8. Gregzilla


      CD is so conflicted, WW and Mettalic Madness are like the worst levels ever but Palmtree Panic is legit like the best level in the franchise

    9. Ayliffe


      @ShroomZed @TailsMania 

      WW is just one of the zones I've got massive issues with - Collision Chaos, Metallic Madness and parts of Stardust Speedway are also really really bad. Quartz Quadrant and Palmtree Panic, on the other hand, are good.

    10. Nepenthe


      Because CD in general is trash.

    11. Osmium


      I like all those zones so uh agree to disagree I guess yeah 

    12. TheOcelot


      I really like CD design. Has a good blend of platforming and speed. You also have different zone layout when time travelling which so clever.

      For me MM is way more interesting than Scrap Brain. Stardust Speedway is crazy fast, it's good.

      CC is okay, not my favorite.

    13. Milo


      I'm not big on CD's level design's philosophy being a deliberate subversion of Sonic gameplay (wants you to build speed, but the structure of levels actively discourages it) but I'd only call it the worst if you're not comparing it to level design from later Sonic games. Compared to the jank you see in Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Lost World (both versions, but 3DS in particular), CD's level design is Mario-quality. :u

      *edit: clarification, CD's level structure doesn't so much discourages going fast than it does prevents you from doing so

    14. Tornado


      It doesn't. It works for what the game is designed to be. Whether you agree with that game philosophy is another matter entirely, but what they were going for is clear and they succeeded pretty well.

      Something like Sonic Rush or Advance 3, on the other hand, are far more offensive.

    15. TheOcelot



      But you can go fast in CD. It encourages you to do so thanks to the time travelling and the levels are built for fast speed. 

    16. Wraith


      Sonic CD'S aethetics and music make up for a lot of the trashier bits like the spotty level design for me. Even with all the bad I'd put it above most sonic

    17. TheOcelot


      *Maybe it's not as easy to hold-right-to win in CD.

    18. Wraith
    19. TheOcelot


      ..as in less fluid but you can still reach great speed.

    20. Osmium


      I sometimes feel like the only person who doesn't buy into the levels discourage you from going fast myth. There are many moments where you can fucking fly through these zones. 

    21. Milo


      @TailsMania I'm referring more to aspects when certain setpieces in the level design will allow you to go fast, but then they will then be followed by some sort of wall or gimmick that stops your momentum dead in your tracks. In the context of being a "standard" Sonic game it's not so bad, but in a game you need to be consistently going fast to achieve time-travel, it can become really obnoxious.

      IMO if time travel posts were actually dispensable in their use or were more populated in placement, it would be more tolerable.

    22. Osmium


      That is something I can agree with though. It's not awful but I do think that the time required at top speed is a bit too long and it is a bit unforgiving. 

    23. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @TailsMania: The problem I had with CD's design was that it is easy to hold right and win, though. It's not designed to flow, no, but it's really easy to escape that design just by jumping off the highest platforms you can find for the longest distances, and as a result the stage becomes nothing more than a stone skipping across a really uneven lake, with no real challenges unless you randomly mess up and encounter an obstacle.

      It feels so... Amateurish...

      Only one that escapes this is Starlight Speedway tbh, and the last level for being pretty linear

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