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  1. I'll admit I expected more, but I hadn't paid close attention. I was expecting to see stuff drop online, but I hadn't seen anything, so I was wondering if it hadn't happened yet. I guess it makes sense they're not going to drop a ton of big things right after VGA.
  2. I loved Arrow last Season, and I loved Seasons 1-3 (despite others disliking Season 3 after the break). I only hate Season 4. I haven't watched Season 6 yet, but I have been reading up on it and I'm really mixed this season. And yeah, that was the worst part about it. But tbh, I've been on the "despise Felicity" train since Episode 6 of Season 4. She hasn't gotten better (she was tolerable in Season 5 only because she had a reduced role most of the season; when she became prominent again she was just as bad as she was in Season 4, especially in Episodes 19 and 20 of Season 5), and looking back further into Season 3, she's been awful that far back as well. I just didn't care as much at the time, but she's the worst thing about Arrow bar none. I swear sometimes they purposely make Felicity unlikable. It may not fit into the main universe (at this time), but the thread does say "DC on TV" in the title. I don't think it hurts to include Titans. The other shows will likely end up on the DC streaming service later anyway.
  3. This game looks really good. Already looks 10 times better than Mighty No. 9. I'm so glad they didn't stick to the 8-bit aesthetic, but didn't overdo it like Mighty No. 9 either. It still has that classic vibe to it, but with some 3D backgrounds that still mesh well.
  4. Sega 2017 Financial Report

    They're citing Sonic Mania as their big success for the year. I guess its not surprising but its good to hear.
  5. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    Not shocking. Pretty much everyone was expecting a Direct at least by January to show of next year's Switch lineup, and likely reveal info on the online subscription.
  6. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    I can't see a third DKC as Retro's only project since TF. Either its a 3D DK (a much larger title), or the new DKC is a join project between Retro and someone else, with the other developer doing most of the work (Monster Games, for example) while Retro's main project is something else entirely. Regardless, I'd be shocked if a new DK wasn't in development for Switch.
  7. I sold the game a while back during Gamestop's huge buyback sale prices, bought ARMS (and a few other things) in exchange for it, and I never touched ARMS since then. I still want to, I just haven't gotten around to it. All these new updates look really cool, though, especially the new World you can play as. I like that idea. I may consider picking it up again at some point. I'm sure Gamestop has a few copies lying around used. But it all depends as well. I did get pretty bored of the original.
  8. Ok. What's there to reboot? And they basically already rebooted Modern Sonic following '06 anyway.
  9. I'm trying to figure out why this thread exists. "may have destroyed the series storyline" Um... what series storyline? Its ALWAYS had a loose continuity. Period. That's why the idea of "alternate worlds" is pretty fucking stupid anyway. Alternate worlds and reboots can't exist in a world without a consistent storyline anyway. There's references to past titles, but othewise, most games are independent from one another, and there are almost no story arcs or continuity at all. This is the extent of the series continuity: 1.) Sonic 2 > Sonic 3 > Sonic & Knuckles This is very loose as is. The only real connection here is Tails' introduction to the series, and the Death Egg crash landing into Angel Island following the events of Sonic 2. Sonic 3 then leads into Sonic & Knuckles (obviously given they were once one game). 2.) Sonic Adventure > Sonic Adventure 2 > Sonic Heroes > Shadow the Hedgehog This is the longest story arc in the series, and even then its VERY loose overall. The only major connections are Sonic Adventure 2 > Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic Adventure is only loosely alluded to in SA2, and even then it doesn't make any sense; Tails is given the Chaos Emerald for saving Station Square (ok), but the city got obliterated after the fact ANYWAY. The dialogue in SA2 does not mention this. Sonic Heroes' only SA2 connection is Shadow. Otherwise, the connection might as well not even exist. Shadow the Hedgehog is directly connected to the events of SA2 and is practically a pseudo-sequel. Technically its still post-Heroes, but Heroes fits very oddly in place here because the world does not look like the world of SA/SA2 at all (namely, Grand Metropolis looks like a futuristic world). Sonic Heroes is needed for Shadow the Hedgehog to exist (the whole amnesia thing started in Heroes), but otherwise SA2 is the biggest influence for Shadow the Hedgehog's storyline. 3.) Sonic Advance 2 > Sonic Battle > Sonic Advance 3 Again, loose continuity. Advance 2 is only included due to the introduction of Cream in Sonic Advance 2. The only real direct connection is Sonic Battle and Sonic Advance 3 because of Emerl, though. Following Emerl's destruction in Battle, Eggman rebuilds him as Gemerl (or G-Mel?), who is fought throughout Advance 3. At the end he's saved and ends up staying with Cream (Cream's last major appearance in a game). 4.) Sonic Rush > Sonic Rush Adventure Direct sequels. There is major correlation here, unlike between Sonic 1/2 and Sonic Adventure 1/2. 5.) Sonic Rivals > Sonic Rivals 2 Direct sequels. But they sort of contradict Sonic Rush. I say "sort of", because any character who should know about Eggman Nega through Sonic Rush never finds out Eggman is actually Eggman Nega (in both games). In addition, as far as I'm aware the Sonic Rush games are not mentioned. 6.) Sonic Riders > Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity > Sonic Free Riders The second is a direct sequel to the first. Free Riders has a barebones story and barely references the first two as far as I'm aware. No games reference these titles at all, and these titles do not reference other games. GUN is mentioned in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (interesting, given that the Riders games appear to be set in the futuristic setting and not in the normal "modern" world we see GUN in), but GUN doesn't actually appear.
  10. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Not to mention its release date just over a week after Mario Odyssey not helping anything.
  11. Sonic Forces Impressions Thread

    That's actually rather unfair to Adventure 2. This game has around 7 or so environments shared between 2-3 gameplay styles. There's Sonic, Avatar, Classic Sonic, and Sonic/Avatar, all part of 7 environments. I don't mind the 7 environments, they basically act like worlds. I do wish there were more of them. SA2, however, had a much larger variety-- As for this game, I haven't beaten it yet, but so far its what I expected. I'm having fun and enjoying it, but its just nothing special.
  12. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Pretty sure "support for Super Sonic" was in the Day 1 patch.
  13. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    I played up to Stage 16 so far. I don't think the game is all that bad at all. Also think its pretty fun at times. But although I don't think the game is all that bad, its not great. Which is something I've said a lot about this game, but explains my feelings as well. The story is largely forgettable, but its not like... bad or anything. Its just there. Some throwaway things do bother me a lot. Like "Sonic was tortured for 6 months" and "he's been defeating you for decades" (I know its a nod to how long the series has existed, but damn, does that line sound so off when the characters haven't changed a day). I haven't played Episode Shadow, but I did play as Shadow. That's pretty cool. I also like how each stage is part of a larger "world" / "area", and some stages are completely different from locations in said same area. People before called them levels, but they're really more like worlds from other games, Mario for example. They follow a similar theme, with different individual parts of the same theme, sometimes completely different (the pyramid in Green Hill). I was a little annoyed about the throwaway "your neighborhood turns into a desert" at the beginning of the game, then later Tails shows up and is like "Wait, what's that desert doing here? This is Green Hill, right?" Ok? Why did Green Hill suddenly turn into a desert? I like the idea, I just wish it was explained. I also like the different characters acting as mission control and doing other things on there own. While you don't SEE them doing it, I don't mind that fact. I just like how they're doing something to justify them not being around. Its a small touch but I really like it. Also, the music is great of course.
  14. So I guess that's everyone, then? All the original Dissidia cast members now save for Gabranth oddly enough. Still leaves Gilgamesh, Tifa, Laguna, Yuna, and Prishe as well. I really want to see Edgar and Ashe also, even though I know that Balthier is far more likely than Ashe.
  15. Why.. why are you still Sonic fan?

    In all honesty, I don't even know how I got to be a Sonic fan. I've been a Sonic fan as long as I can remember. That's before I have any memory of actually playing any of the games (cartoons maybe? I don't even know). Its also before the internet was a big thing and I was on it (I wasn't online until the early 2000's). These days, I still consider myself a Sonic fan, even if the boost gameplay hasn't really interested me all that much overall. For me right now its largely the characters that still interest me and I like them a lot. And occasionally I find gems I really like, even some others don't (I like Shadow the Hedgehog, Black Knight, and the first two Riders games). Forces will be the first main Sonic game I've bought at launch in years, though. And even then, I'm not looking forward to it that much. Recently I'm more into other games and favor them, but Sonic is still my favorite franchise (even if the recent games have been mixed for me). I still haven't bought Generations. (Well, I bought a used copy that didn't work, at least.) As far as gameplay is concerned... Well, I prefer Donkey Kong Country to Mario. Yeah the gameplay changes things up quite a bit. I really loved Sonic Adventure 2 and thought Sonic Adventure was pretty good overall. I'd almost go as far to say I liked Sonic Adventure 2 better than Super Mario 64. (Not that I hate Super Mario 64 or anything.) This forum itself is also the forum I most frequent and comment in, even if I don't frequent it as much as I used to.