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  1. My concern is that the "6 additional playable characters" are the villains that haven't been announced yet. My hope is that it contains everyone from Dissidia innately and these are never-before-seen characters. So far, we're still missing 8 characters: Cloud of Darkness Golbez Gilgamesh Tifa Ultimecia Laguna Yuna Prishe Gabranth A few of these at least will be announced before launch. I believe in the teaser we saw silhouettes of what appeared to be Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Ultimecia, and Jecht (announced). Them and Gabranth would at least cover all of the original Dissidia's characters. Technically there's also Feral Chaos, but we probably won't see Feral Chaos at all. Theoretically, that means not all of those 6 characters are returning ones. But most of them likely would be.
  2. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    The odds dropped significantly once a bunch of previews started popping up for Metroid: Samus Returns, as they are probably what the recent preview event was for (unless there were more than one game they previewed). Those would've been more likely to come out after a Direct. Its still possible for a late announcement today, but unlikely at this point. Wednesday is possible but even less likely.
  3. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    Its actually pretty simple. Nintendo is planning big announcements for specific games. They are preparing journalists and Youtubers for when those announcements come out so they can be prepared in advance. There's also going to be an update dropped for ARMS sometime this week, and there's a tease in that announcement that there will "maybe" additional updates coming to ARMS (ambiguous as hell). There's plenty of games Nintendo has set for this year that don't have release dates yet, and Nintendo stated there's additional unnannounced games still coming this year. Everything adds up to a Direct coming out very soon. Nintendo flying journalists outs means they're preparing for big announcement(s), but there's other indications that something like a Direct should be happening this month as well. I have to agree with everyone else, a Direct this week sounds extremely likely.
  4. Yeah sounds like Cloud of Darkness. Is Ultimecia in yet? I'm glad they're finally revealing characters at a much quicker pace. Let's at least get all the old Dissidia characters in so we can move on to new characters.
  5. Super Mario Odyssey (Holiday 2017)

    Hmm, ok. Also, if I recall correctly, I believe someone mentioned that the gulf near New Donk City looked kinda like Pauline.
  6. Super Mario Odyssey (Holiday 2017)

    Tropical palm trees? I'm not seeing it. That center land mass north of Metro Kingdom looks more like snowflakes than anything. I guess tropical palm trees is possible, but that's not what it looks like to me. Maybe you're thinking of a different location? But I don't see anything that looks like that tbh. The southwest island formation I guess looks like they might be in the shape of the palm tree leaves (I thought it looked more like a mustache at first), but that seems like its stretching. However, there is wide open ocean down there. Perhaps its a Sea/Tropical Kingdom.
  7. Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    I'm sure its going to happen. If other versions have bug fixes, the PS4 version will definitely get patched.
  8. This exactly. November was pretty much guaranteed, but to not be left in the dust it should've AT LEAST been two weeks after Mario Odyssey. Frankly, a December release for Forces probably would have been much, much better than its current position. Holiday titles are typically released before Black Friday. December would be less competition.
  9. I'm going to guess that its a placeholder. If real, its nice its cheaper than normal, but damn is that deadly close to Mario Odyssey. Sonic Forces should be at least two weeks after Mario Odyssey to stand a chance at decent sales. If its $10-$20 cheaper than a AAA game, though, that could help its sales more while still being only a week away from Mario Odyssey. And granted, it is on all platforms while Mario Odyssey is Switch exclusive...
  10. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    Donkey Kong Country Returns way outsold Skyward Sword. I think in general, Skyward Sword also just wasn't very well received. Its main sales were likely initial sales, and word of mouth preventing it from spreading further than that. An argument can be made for the Wii Motion Plus, but didn't the game get packaged with a Motion Plus expansion pack?
  11. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    I dunno, it would have to be around 1m in NA alone to hit that number and I doubt its -that- high. As for Pokemon and MP4... Yeah, I doubt they release next year. We'll see a lot more on them, but the big games next year will be newly announced titles, one of which will probably be Animal Crossing.
  12. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    BotW is at 4m only on Switch at half a year out. Its going to easily beat Twilight Princess' numbers. That's really great as well. As for Splatoon 2, yeah, 670k in Japan alone. Its very likely hit almost 1.5m.
  13. Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS Confirmed (September)

    Its possible, but probably not this week at this point. Odds are we're not getting a Direct until next week at the earliest.
  14. Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    I was laughing the whole way through, but I fucking absolutely LOST it when it mentioned
  15. Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Btw I did beat Stormy Ascent. After having 93 or so lives I was only down to about 80 this time. Not even trying for the relic lol, I'm focusing on Crash 2 right now (when I get a chance to play, that is).