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  1. The problem is that most of the big names behind Metroid Prime already left and formed Armature. Retro isn't the same company that made Metroid Prime anymore. The new Star Fox sucked because Miyamoto had a vision that just didn't work. The problem wasn't the developers, the problem was Miyamoto being stuck in the distant past.
  2. You're forgetting all the Pokemon spinoffs. The reason they have to clarify is because this is a straight up traditional Pokemon on a home console platform (one that just happens to be mobile as well) as opposed to the many home console spinoffs they've had like Pokemon Stadium or Pokken Tournament. A traditional Pokemon RPG with level up, turn-based combat, overworld, has NEVER been on a home console before. That is why they had to clarify that. Because they carefully stated that its the traditional turn-based RPG with gathering and leveling up Pokemon. There is no way to interpret it as anything else. They'll give it better visuals at least. It'll look like a home console Pokemon game because they can do it. But yeah, they're probably not going to change anything else up.
  3. We'll get another DK game, I'm not worried. Hell, I think we could get both a DKC and a 3D DK. They just didn't want to announce DK before Metroid because of what happened LAST time. As much as I wanted to see DK, I'm so glad we won't get shit on anymore for "muh not Metroid". I definitely see the next DK getting announced before the end of the year (maybe even a 3D DK due to all the tie-ins from Super Mario Odyssey). I loved Yoshi's Woolly World, and although this is TECHNICALLY still a sidescroller, it makes much better use out of 2.5D. There's multiple planes you can move between, enemies sit outside of the base path and you have to throw eggs forward or back to hit them, other collectables sit outside of the normal plane as well, and you can even flip the camera. I do not like that the only way to flip the camera mid-level is in co-op.
  4. I'm sure it will get localized, they're just not announcing it yet. ESPECIALLY if this is true. If Nintendo publishes Monster Hunter games outside of Japan, yeah, its totally coming to the west. Nintendo's not going to waste the opportunity to get XX on Switch in the west. Just don't expect it until 2018.
  5. Being her first joint-mission does not mean she never worked with the Federation before. Its just the first time she DIRECTLY worked with them. I thought that was obvious. In the past, she was basically Star Fox--she was hired by them, but she didn't work directly for them and never participated in any operations with them. This incident is her participating in a mission directly with the Federation, which she had never done before.
  6. Yeah, pretty much. With AC (we're getting a new Mobile AC, there will be one on Switch) and Smash (there's always a new Smash and Reggie heavily teased it) essentially confirmed, the only core Nintendo IP yet to have a Switch game announced is DK. Currently DK doesn't have anything on the cards in the future, so I'm hoping for just a port announcement of DKC: TF so we know there's something on the cards for DK's future.
  7. This has been in production for 2 years, and I believe Mercury Steam proposed a Metroid concept before that as well which wasn't greenlit, and probably evolved into this. This was definitely in development prior to AM2R's release.
  8. O_o Honestly, not really sure what happened with your experience. I wasn't expecting anything special but I ended up absolutely LOVING Woolly World. And I love the look of this game, too.
  9. Eh, while true, several of the key developers behind the Metroid Prime games left Retro years ago and formed another company, Armature, which made ReCore. Retro is still great, but they're not made of the same people who produced Metroid Prime and it would've likely been taken in a different direction. I'm realize surprised its being made in Kyoto, though. Tanabe has basically confirmed several times that Sylux is playing a major part during Prime 4. Sylux's ship was at the end of Prime 3 as I've heard, Tanabe talked about how he'd want to continue Prime 4 with Sylux to follow up on that back in 2015, and in 2016's Federation Force, as you say, Sylux was again in the credits.
  10. It should be noted those figures aren't amiibo, though.
  11. Its definitely in the maybe category. I legitimately want to try it, but I'm not sure I fully like it yet. It looks way better than I was expecting, though, and, well, Grant Kirkhope.
  12. And some things coming during Treehouse as well. So yeah, I'm definitely expecting the longest trailer to be like 3min, most of the "elaboration" on each thing will be during treehouse. We'll also probably have a Nindie reel that's about 3m on its own.
  13. I could see them showing off the first ARMS DLC character before E3 is over, but not tomorrow. I doubt we see any surprises tomorrow. Still should be interesting to watch.