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  1. Well, that Unreal 4 game could be crossed with any of these. Perhaps Retro, for example, is working on a UE4 game to make development go smoother. FE Warriors will probably be playable. I'm doubtful we'll see any info on FE Switch. Next Level I'd been definitely has a game in development. XC2 may be playable. Smash Switch I think will definitely be playable. Retro's game... its been so long, it might be. 4 years. That's definitely a 2017 game they're saving as a reveal. Metroid hasn't really been rumored or anything. Just highly speculated. I think a Metroid and a DK will both get announced. Kirby might sit this one out, though. They've had yearly releases lately, but for a Switch title, that could end up being 2018. I also think we'll see an AC announced. MAYBE for this year. Or maybe it could be an early Spring title. Mother 3 is dead. I don't see it coming. Iffy on Mario Rabbids, but it is such a weird rumor.
  2. Retro's game (which probably isn't Metroid based on statements by various people at past E3's and after TF released) is definitely going to get announced as well. I think they could easily tease some big titles for 2018, but showing nothing more than a brief concept/CG and saying "2018". We'll probably get about 5 big games for 2017, several smaller titles, and a few 2018 teases to be elaborated on later. Either way its definitely going to be bigger than the past several E3's for Nintendo.
  3. Tbh, I got frustrating after being caught a few times. I liked the section, but it was a little annoying to deal with. The couple times through I loved it. At first, I felt like bananas was just cheesing it. Until I realize how smart they actually are. Yeah, they leave their post to go grab bananas... but they look around before picking them up. They can catch you even out of the corner of their eye. And that second section is so big and open and there's multiple guys in the same area, it can get really tricky luring them away. The hardest one I found, and who I never managed to kill without getting caught, is the one just to the right of the central stand (as you walk in). If you carefully aim a banana toss he'll go through the two sets of crates (where one guy was walking back and forth at). However, I could never approach him there, he always caught me, and I failed to throw bananas and catch him from behind as well. Ultimately, I took out the three moving guys with stealth, and the last two I ended up alerting (trying to kill the one next to the central tower) and I managed to beat them with arrows. I like the challenge, though. I'm glad they didn't make it easy. I'm also glad they made these guys incredibly smart compared to stealth sections in past Zelda's.
  4. Then they'll blame it on "Mega Man's just not popular anymore."
  5. The problem is other people have reported this not happening at all and they HAVE been reckless with it.
  6. Its not (there's just a similar looking object), but it doesn't matter if it is. This game directly references events from multiple timelines anyway.
  7. Arbiter's Grounds is in name only. Even if you consider its buried under sand it still looks nothing like the original. Kinda disappointing.
  8. Its not the same one from OoT, but it is identical in layout to the one from OoT. Its obviously a reference to it. Most of the ruins in Central Hyrule were likely destroyed 100 years ago.
  9. Yeah, it is, because we have no idea what they mean by it.
  10. I think all they were saying is that he was trying to recreate a physical body (reincarnate), but for the final boss he decided to give up on doing that and just become a massive monstrosity instead.
  11. The only thing I recall them doing semi-recently is in SC4, Yoda and Darth Vader were exclusive to either PS3 or 360, but you could purchase the other one as DLC. SC2 was the only game to have one exclusive character per system, and considering the effort it takes to make one character, I don't think we'd see that happen again. Honestly, I think the best we could see for guest characters in SC would be a full-fledged Nintendo crossover with SC, and I kinda doubt that'd happen. I'd be intrigued by the idea, though. MAYBE if its a Pokken-style thing, where its, say, Soul Calibur gameplay in the LOZ world. I actually really would love to see an LOZ fighting game on a similar idea to Hyrule Warriors, I think that'd work well. Granted, many Nintendo IP would work like that.
  12. If they were going to do that, you'd think they'd, oh I don't know... actually cut out those characters instead of bringing them back over and over. Personally, I hate this idea anyway. Utilize the cast you have. They barely show up as is, but they still show up enough to show that they still exist. And its not like they bring back all the massive amounts of characters they'd introduced over the years. The characters they bring back tend to just be Eggman and the Heroes teams, and even then Big and Omega are absent more often than not. They all appeared even in Colors DS. Then in Generations, and now in Forces. And its not like they've been absent from "side" games, either. They've been in all the Olympics titles and most spinoffs, barring the Sonic Boom side series that started recently. If they were really trying to get rid of them, they wouldn't have been in Colors DS, or Generations, or the Olympics, and especially not in Forces.
  13. Technically, Modern Sonic is Adventure Sonic. Tbh, the Modern Era really started with Unleashed. That started the whole boost gameplay. Sonic '06 was an extension of Adventure-style gameplay, they just failed miserably at it.
  14. I don't get what you're trying to argue here. The only thing notable here is that there's this goofy, extremely cartoony hill backdrop amidst a clearly modern city, something we have never seen before. Its either uber-realistic or cartoony environments, not both in the same game. Sans potentially Generations, but most of the environments still fall on the realism scale.
  15. Its obviously a reference to Twilight Princess to us. I'm just saying, from an in-game perspective its vague. She also mentions sailing across the seas and I think I read another thing she mentioned is something about a link to the past. I'd have to look up the cutscene again, but she makes several game references, and every single one of them is vague from an in-game perspective, even if they're obvious from our perspective. Its not like directly referencing actual events, which is exactly what comes from the Zora carvings where Ruto is mentioned and it states her full role during Ocarina of Time, with her becoming a sage and helping defeat Ganondorf (it doesn't say Ganondorf directly, just an "evil man").