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  1. Andre confirmed that setting it to 480p doesn't change anything, so its unlikely 720p does.
  2. It natively runs 720p, but is also on lesser hardware. However, I think it might anyway because the draw distance is probably lessened. If its at the same draw distance it might have that same stutter, though. According to Andre, its noticeable at times, but isn't that bad and doesn't happen very often.
  3. Weird at this point if Snipperclips doesn't make launch in NA. EDIT: I've basically decided myself I'd much rather try and get a Switch at launch than purchase Zelda on Wii U and get a Switch later. I've already got Zelda on Wii U as is, and if I leave early, I might be able to get a Switch early next Friday. Most Gamestops should have some in store at launch, and Wal-Mart may as well. My local Gamestop didn't even sell all their preorders (so the preorders got sent to other locations instead).
  4. I think that was just wishful thinking. They didn't even come close. FYI, guys. I'm hearing about another supposed spoiler posted on 4chan that Gameover Jesse is talking about Youtube. Dunno if it was linked it this thread. Don't care, frankly, I think its BS. I don't know the full thing, but I know the basics of that rumor, and... none of it makes sense and I doubt Nintendo would ever do something like that with a Zelda title. In the context of what we know, it doesn't make sense. So yeah, I'm not buying it, just letting you guys know it is there. There have been some legit leaks coming out of review copies, though, but they don't tell us -that- much.
  5. They announced from the start that its a direct sequel to the original Injustice some time later, mostly focusing on the Injustice universe (Earth-2?) characters (though if the leaks are legit, some characters will come from other universes again). One trailer shows Superman still in chains, for example. Black Canary left to another universe in the prequel comic, but she's come back now. I'm not sure why Damien Wayne stopped being Nightwing and decided to take up the Robin mantle again. http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/injustice-2-release-date-trailer-gameplay-news-characters-story “Injustice 2 continues the epic cinematic story introduced in Injustice: Gods Among Us as Batman and his allies work towards putting the pieces of society back together while struggling against those who want to restore Superman’s regime. In the midst of the chaos, a new threat appears that will put Earth’s existence at risk. Players can play from the biggest DC roster ever offered in a fighting game, from classic fan favorites such as Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Aquaman, to astonishing new villains like Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd. Battles will take place across arenas that have evolved in scale and span across iconic locations such as Metropolis, Gotham City and Atlantis.”
  6. It probably is related to just how easy it is to hack the Wii U. That's why Switch has cut back on some things like the internet browser. They're holding off on it so they can optimize it better to avoid letting the system get so easily hacked.
  7. That is true, but I'm just letting people know its not as bad as people online are making it out to be. There is an ISO available online that comes from the EU Wii U eShop preload, but it doesn't have the encryption key to allow the game to actually be playable. I doubt we'll get much more out of this other than some additional assets. We probably won't even see all the weapons and outfits available before the physical game gets leaked through a broken street date. I read through this NeoGAF thread to confirm where the info is coming from: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1346237
  8. From what I'm hearing, its not a full leak. It sounds like its coming from the preload on Wii U and at the moment they're only able to get some assets out of it. Some nice stuff in there. The stuff leaked so far isn't anything major or spoilery, though there are some nice surprises people might rather enjoy seeing in-game. However, its possible actual story spoiler could come out of this.
  9. I think people just didn't realize there was a separate setting for assigning it to the Nintendo Account from the NNID. I've always just been logging in with my NNID.
  10. Alleged Game Guide leak spills the beans on dungeon counts and names. Be wary of possible spoilers. http://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/367846405/breath-of-the-wild-dungeons http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1338165&page=6 Now I'm going to explain why its utter BS (spoiler warning in case this info IS legit, but let's be real, its not; does reference known location names from the map, though): The main reason I'm sharing this is to explain why its BS before someone finds it, falls for it, and posts it here. No screenshots of the Game Guide were posted, and the original source is 4chan. None of the names except what is presumably the Gerudo girl's name are anything new either. Well, it does "name" the dungeons, but they're nothing special at all. EDIT: F***. I used the wrong tag. Fixed the spoiler tag.
  11. Definitely buying.
  12. I kinda feel like maybe they're waiting for Cold's return on Legends of Tomorrow before showing him off. It was a similar thing with Black Canary. Thy announced a character reveal, and it was Black Canary, not long after the Arrow episode Who Are You where Katie Cassidy returned Just a hunch that's what they might be doing. Other characters like Doctor Fate might be more likely in the mean time.
  13. *sigh* I liked the idea to some extent until I heard this. This just kills it. Burn it.
  14. Ditto on the Direct. Fully expect one within the next couple weeks. Probably this week given what's going on at Nintendo NY.
  15. Definitely no later than May for release. I'd argue May is probably the most likely by far.