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  1. I'm guessing this game is planned for October, but they're not fully certain if it'll be ready then, so that's why they haven't announced a date yet. Anyway, this game is looking a lot better. There's so much other games I want more, though, so I'm not getting it right away. But its definitely one I'm looking at for later.
  2. I'm hyped tbh. I don't get what people are having issues with. This looks way better than Fates IMO.
  3. I've heard the game hasn't done all that well financially, so yeah, that does sound like what they're planning. The ability to stop development at any point. Anything to clarify the idea that they're focusing on returning characters? Assuming "Assassin type" is referring to Speed based characters, the only character I can think of is Tifa (and if they're concerned they might get development cut at any point, adding more popular characters sooner may be the preferred option). If not then I can't think of any returning characters that falls into that category. Well, ok, I don't know how Prishe plays at all really.
  4. Huh so Season 2 is primarily focusing on Veterans? So we're looking at Gilgamesh, Tifa, Laguna, Prishe, Gabranth, and maybe Feral Chaos? If they don't care about Chaos then we could potentially see one more. Gabranth reasonably could include a "Basch" themed outfit as well, of course. With these characters that'd give us 3 characters for every main game universe except: 1, 2, 3, 9, 13, 14, 15. With 14 and 15 only having one each. For any "new" characters I'd lean on second characters from 14 and 15, or a third from 9. Gaius seems to be the best candidate from 14. Otherwise I have no comment as I don't know much about 14. I think 15 could be really interested in how they play it out. I'm still not sure on it being Ardyn because I feel like Ardyn is too close to Noctis, though the daemon gimmick with him could help it out better. Otherwise, I lean on it potentially being Ravus. If they don't want to go with an antagonist, there's plenty of really good options. Prompto and Ignis I think are the better picks there. For 9, there's so many good picks to choose from. Garnet is the most obvious one, though we already do have a summoner in the game. Maybe she can still do something with her specific unique summons though. And obviously Vivi is always a good pick.
  5. I've got a fair few, all of them are from summoning or upgrading lower level spirits. I've only beaten a few Ace spirits and 0 Legend so far. My Legends: Isaac (Dark Dawn; I summoned Isaac and then upgraded), Queen Elincia, Skull Kid & Majora's Mask, Zelda (Ocarina of Time), Dr. Kawashima (Concentration Training), Ho-oh, Sheriff
  6. You couldn't do it. The ghosts turn blue only for the current player, which can't work on Switch.
  7. Eh, this was specifically on NVIDIA. Its the chip itself that causes the issue.
  8. It was confirmed that mode can contain spirits? If so then Geno is probably a spirit yeah.
  9. Yeah... that's a dumb argument. Isabelle was made not an Echo because she doesn't have quite the right body shape and size as Villager. And AC characters are very close to one another in stature. Waluigi is more than small enough to be a playable character. He's just too tall to echo Luigi. He could be a semiclone of Luigi, but not an Echo.
  10. I do think its a RIP on Geno and also Elma (the game didn't sell well and isn't being ported to Switch). Its probably a boon for first-party characters in general. However, Nintendo didn't exactly pick the characters. They had a list of choices which Sakurai narrowed down. So Sakurai still had the final say, its just the initial list wasn't his.
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