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  1. My first thought is: "What? The Wii Shop is still open?"
  2. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Regarding tracks, I kinda think there will be two versions of every track. Similar to how Riders handled it. So for example, if we got Green Hill Zone, I imagine there'd also be a Sand Hill Zone level as a variant to it. If we got City Escape, I'd imagine Radical Highway would be a variant. And if we got Pumpkin Hill, I think we'd also get Sky Rail. I kinda doubt we'll see either, though. I'd sooner except City Escape and Radical Highway, though I wouldn't mind being wrong on this one. Now, I would hope they're all unique without remixed themes, I just kinda doubt that'll be the case. And I do hope they vary the themes, so if we get two tracks from a game that are a city level, they don't pick the city level from another game and go with a different level instead.
  3. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Given how far down on the logo the "Racing" (yes I clearly saw the "acing" after watching the larger, higher quality video) text is, I'm assuming the title is actually "Super Sonic Racing", to go with the classic Sonic R song. Anyway, I'm hyped. Looking forward to seeing the roster. I'm basically expecting the Sonic Free Riders roster (without the random robots) and adding Omega, Espio, Charmy, and Big. Maybe they'll leave out the Babylon Rogues, but I'm not sure. Its another dedicated racing game, I'd think they'd fit right in even if its cars and not hoverboards. The only "new" characters (as in, more recently existing characters) I can see are Sticks (who I find very unlikely) and maybe Infinite. Personally I really want, and really doubt, Tikal will be added.
  4. Mighty and Ray are shocking. I thought it was a nice surprise. I figured those two were never coming back.
  5. I liked Jetters. I dunno if I ever got Generations... But still, IMO, the funnest I've had in Bomberman was Bomberman 64 and Second Attack.
  6. Wow, Vayne? Of all characters, Vayne? Also, how did I not notice this anywhere yesterday? So weird. I legit never expected them to add Vayne. He does look pretty interesting I guess. So I'm currently guessing they'll be focusing on adding secondary characters to XIII and XIV after this, probably antagonists. But its hard to say.
  7. Soul Calibur VI (Does your soul still burn)

    Typically December 31st is the go-to placeholder date for games with just a year as the placeholder.
  8. Soul Calibur VI (Does your soul still burn)

    We've got Sophitia back. Taki is just plain obvious. I'm surprised she hasn't been announced yet, but we're definitely getting Taki. The main characters we really can't get are the new generation characters from SCV, barring timey-wimey shenanigans, but I kinda doubt they'll do that. Which is annoying given most of them didn't get fully developed and they're just getting shelved, but eh, I guess its not -that- big of a big deal. The only real new characters from SCV I think we could see are ZWEI and Viola. Viola would require huge retconning assuming what we know about her is accurate, though. ZWEI on the other hand could show up much younger here (a teenager I'm guessing) and probably still work.
  9. Soul Calibur VI (Does your soul still burn)

    Zasalamel is interesting, given he didn't show up until 3.
  10. Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"

    Undoubtedly that wouldn't happen, there's too many side characters. But yeah, there's plenty of good candidates if they go back far enough.
  11. Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"

    To be honest, I think its better as Sonic only. Though admittedly, Riders was never Sonic only, but "Sonic... and a couple guests." They could do the same here, have like 15 Sonic characters and 3 or so guests. Most of the tracks would be Sonic, and there'd be some nice references to many games instead of just reusing the same few like they've done in the past.
  12. If they're not adding Marvel, I doubt they'll do Star Wars, either. I'm betting on Treasure Planet. Jungle Book also seems pretty safe overall. Honestly, I think they could consider a new Agrabah world, but based on King of Thieves instead (no more Cave of Wonders, as an example) and remade from the ground up. None of the KH2 exclusive worlds really seem that likely IMO. Land of the Dragons is pretty... done. So is Beast's Castle. A new Pride Lands could be cool, but I agree in the "I really don't expect it" idea. QUICK EDIT FOR THIS: On the subject of Pirates, that's the only real plausible one of the KH2 exclusive worlds, but I'm iffy on it. I'd argue a redone Agrabah is more likely than that as well. But we'll have to see. I really want Sherwood Forest. I really, really want Sherwood Forest.
  13. I think Jungle Book is fairly likely. The live action film came out not long ago. I really want a Robin Hood world, though. Or more specifically, Sherwood Forest.
  14. I don't really see Keyblade Graveyard or Castle Oblivion being the final world. I think Keyblade Graveyard will be the penulltimate world, and Castle Oblivion will be a mid-to-late game world. In all honesty, I think the final world is going to be:
  15. I really want a fully playable Destiny Islands, and Castle Oblivion basically HAS to appear. I couldn't care less about Traverse Town, though.

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