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  1. I'm guessing this game is planned for October, but they're not fully certain if it'll be ready then, so that's why they haven't announced a date yet. Anyway, this game is looking a lot better. There's so much other games I want more, though, so I'm not getting it right away. But its definitely one I'm looking at for later.
  2. I'm hyped tbh. I don't get what people are having issues with. This looks way better than Fates IMO.
  3. I'm guessing we'll get the usual "Final Mix" content for this game in DLC form.
  4. I've heard the game hasn't done all that well financially, so yeah, that does sound like what they're planning. The ability to stop development at any point. Anything to clarify the idea that they're focusing on returning characters? Assuming "Assassin type" is referring to Speed based characters, the only character I can think of is Tifa (and if they're concerned they might get development cut at any point, adding more popular characters sooner may be the preferred option). If not then I can't think of any returning characters that falls into that category. Well, ok, I don't know how Prishe plays at all really.
  5. Huh so Season 2 is primarily focusing on Veterans? So we're looking at Gilgamesh, Tifa, Laguna, Prishe, Gabranth, and maybe Feral Chaos? If they don't care about Chaos then we could potentially see one more. Gabranth reasonably could include a "Basch" themed outfit as well, of course. With these characters that'd give us 3 characters for every main game universe except: 1, 2, 3, 9, 13, 14, 15. With 14 and 15 only having one each. For any "new" characters I'd lean on second characters from 14 and 15, or a third from 9. Gaius seems to be the best candidate from 14. Otherwise I have no comment as I don't know much about 14. I think 15 could be really interested in how they play it out. I'm still not sure on it being Ardyn because I feel like Ardyn is too close to Noctis, though the daemon gimmick with him could help it out better. Otherwise, I lean on it potentially being Ravus. If they don't want to go with an antagonist, there's plenty of really good options. Prompto and Ignis I think are the better picks there. For 9, there's so many good picks to choose from. Garnet is the most obvious one, though we already do have a summoner in the game. Maybe she can still do something with her specific unique summons though. And obviously Vivi is always a good pick.
  6. I've got a fair few, all of them are from summoning or upgrading lower level spirits. I've only beaten a few Ace spirits and 0 Legend so far. My Legends: Isaac (Dark Dawn; I summoned Isaac and then upgraded), Queen Elincia, Skull Kid & Majora's Mask, Zelda (Ocarina of Time), Dr. Kawashima (Concentration Training), Ho-oh, Sheriff
  7. You couldn't do it. The ghosts turn blue only for the current player, which can't work on Switch.
  8. Eh, this was specifically on NVIDIA. Its the chip itself that causes the issue.
  9. It was confirmed that mode can contain spirits? If so then Geno is probably a spirit yeah.
  10. I'd already been guessing that Xion would be part of the new Organization.
  11. Yeah... that's a dumb argument. Isabelle was made not an Echo because she doesn't have quite the right body shape and size as Villager. And AC characters are very close to one another in stature. Waluigi is more than small enough to be a playable character. He's just too tall to echo Luigi. He could be a semiclone of Luigi, but not an Echo.
  12. I do think its a RIP on Geno and also Elma (the game didn't sell well and isn't being ported to Switch). Its probably a boon for first-party characters in general. However, Nintendo didn't exactly pick the characters. They had a list of choices which Sakurai narrowed down. So Sakurai still had the final say, its just the initial list wasn't his.
  13. This isn't how trademarks work. Trademarks are strictly for marketing purposes. If they didn't renew the trademark, someone else could snatch it up and Microsoft might have to rename the Banjo series to something else if they actually wanted it to continue. But they still own the IP. That doesn't change because copyrights aren't trademarks. Trademarks are exclusively for using a specific word or phrase, or an image, to represent a franchise across multiple mediums (such as video games or toys). A good example of this is Custom Robo, whose only trademark expired and was not renewed. But there's still Custom Robo content in Smash Ultimate (which really makes things interested for the franchises that did get renewed trademarks...) UPDATE: Something I forgot to mention is a huge case of this factor. The Harvest Moon series. In the west, Harvest Moon was published exclusively by Natsume, and they owned the trademark in the west. When Marvelous, the new owners of the franchise, decided to go with a different publishing company in the west, Natsume lost access to the franchise. However, Natsume still owned the trademark for Harvest Moon, so the original Harvest Moon series was released in the west as Story of Seasons, and Natsume started publishing different games entirely under the Harvest Moon brand name. RESUME: Of course not. Only five have been confirmed so far and are all expected to release by February 2020. However, there's a strong possibility they will just to extend the lifespan of the game. I don't think they ever said this. I think they just said you can get piranha plant for free if you purchase the game early. The implication, to me, is that its only free if you get the game and register it (if its physical) before February 2019 or whatever, after which its a standalone purchase.
  14. I don't think that'll happen at all, honestly. One or the other, not both.
  15. Yeah, its really random when they don't want a playable character to cross over with an NPC version of the same character. DK and Duck Hunt can interact with their 8-bit selves but standard Adult Link makes Conductor Link get replaced by Alfonzo. I'm really hoping they do add Isaac as DLC. But I appreciate all the love GS is getting regardless. I'm really mixed on Sora getting included, but frankly I'd much rather have Sora over Geno. I have heard that the other big Square Enix IP (other than Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, I mean), Dragon Quest, might be even more complex to get a character for, and I think Sora was far more requested than Dragon Quest anyway. Plus with KH coming out, it'd be highly advantageous for SE to get Sora in Smash as a promo. The main thing I think won't happen is Disney characters getting added into Smash in other roles (like Spirits or costumes). We'd probably only see KH original characters in that regard.
  16. I don't think its really that big of a deal, honestly. A playable model would look way updated by comparison anyway. But if Camelot is working on a new Golden Sun game, its possible Isaac will have an updated design and they'd convince Sakurai to go with that. I do like older Isaac's design a lot, but his classic design is more known. Regardless, there are other solutions. Again, they could just replace Isaac with Garet as an AT (Isaac only uses hand Psynergy, which Garet can use all of as well). Or they could just have two Isaac's running around. They didn't seem to care that much about Chrom being used in Robin's FS against Chrom. I know its not quite the same thing, but they look far closer than a playable Isaac would to Isaac's AT. Anyway, no idea on whether or not it'll happen. I think if anyone gets that treatment, though, Isaac is probably in the best position for it. The reasoning could just be they wanted Isaac in the game at base, didn't have time to make him (especially because he's a pretty complex character if taking all options into consideration), so maybe they just gave him an AT as a temporary stopgap so he's not missing all-together this time. Obviously, I don't actively think this is the case. Its just a possible idea I have in consideration. Really, its hard to say what Sakurai has planned. Currently I just think the five DLC characters are characters who couldn't make the base roster (which IMO makes Isaac much more likely as DLC), but we can't really know. The main reason I think this is the case is Sakurai's statements on Rex, where they basically implied Rex was too late to even make the DLC (which, again, implies to me that they were going first for characters that just couldn't make the base roster). We'll just have to wait and see, but I hope he doesn't wait too long to reveal the DLC characters. I'd like to know who they are well in advance of release.
  17. I've seen people bring this up, but there's just no chance of this happening. Isaac is the talked about character, he's the most important GS character in general. If any GS character gets a playable spot, its Isaac. I'd go as far as to say that replacing Isaac's AT with Garet, Felix, or Matthew and making Isaac playable is far more likely than any other outcome. And if AT promotions to playable as DLC aren't a thing, no GS characters will be playable as DLC.
  18. I mean if all of those characters are in, Eggman is basically a lock. Maybe he'll even be a boss.
  19. This isn't really "official confirmation" because its not from Nintendo, but still, Spirits are just this game's trophies (combined with stickers) anyway. Mewtwo and Lucas still made it as DLC even though they had trophies already. I've been kinda thinking we had to get more, there just won't be -too- many. I'm really excited about WoL though. I still think they'd go for Spring Man, honestly. Yes, he's an Assist Trophy, but nothing has ever stated that AT's can't be made playable via DLC. Assist Trophies were undoubtedly decided on long before the DLC was. Arguably, AT's would be even easier to promote to playable, because they've already got a strong basis with the AT they can build the DLC fighter off of.
  20. So is Robin's Final Smash, where Robin calls Chrom to aid him. The ACTUAL Chrom. And now Robin can call Chrom to aid him to fight... Chrom. Yes, its been confirmed Robin's Final Smash is unchanged. Nothing about Smash really makes much sense. The only thing AT's really do is deconfirm a character for the base roster, once it gets to DLC it doesn't matter anymore. I'm not even saying we WILL get AT's as DLC. I'm just saying there's nothing to say it can't happen.
  21. Diddy basically just zips around on his jetpack. In effect, its basically the same as Sonic, though apparently he picks one character to home in on at the end. This comment his hilarious for a multitude of reasons. The first thing to look at is this: what's our track record on DLC? Well, we've only got one game to go with, and half the characters were veterans, the other have was third-party characters. They added a bunch of costumes, and not a single one made it in as DLC later. Similarly, no Assist Trophies made it in as DLC either. Beyond that? We don't know. For all we know, maybe they WILL make characters who have costumes or who have Assist Trophies playable this time. The simple fact is, we don't know. There's not enough evidence pointing either way. DLC is basically a new level of development entirely that extends from when the roster is nearly complete. Maybe there's a character they wanted to make playable, didn't have time, so they made them an Assist Trophy or costume. Something came up, and now they're like "Ok, we'd like to add them now... Whoops, we can't because we already had them in a different role before!" Yeah, I don't think that's how it works, and characters with costumes are basically in the same position as characters with AT's.
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