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  1. I figured they'd probably draw most from the original organization. Pretty sure Demyx and Vexen aren't part of it, its probably just Vexen welcoming Demyx back. Vexen, Axel, Zexion, etc., all appeared in their black cloaks during 3D. Vexen's always had that eye/hair color. It appears to be Aqua and Riku Replica, with one more unknown. My guess for Terra is he's just Master Xehanort's vessel right now and isn't an extra or anything. I'm assuming this is the currently lineup as of 3D, and Xehanort will get his final one during the course of the game (which he was hoping to be Sora). It could turn out that there's a shift during the course of the game, though, and more former organization members join the new one. Xion is still a candidate, but it appears the one teased before was actually Riku Replica. I don't think Ventus is a candidate, if anything they'll probably try and remerge him back into Vanitas with Vanitas in control, of course.
  2. Vergeben barely has any additional info. Presumably the only leaked Echo Fighter he ever got was Ken. He never leaked any prior Echo Fighter, nor did he leak King K. Rool. Vergeben not mentioning Shadow doesn't mean anything.
  3. I really want Sherwood Forest even though I know it probably won't happen. Jungle Book would be great, though, I can definitely see that happening. I doubt Brave because we've already got two Pixar worlds as is. Princess and the Frog could be possible.
  4. The problem with this argument is that numerous people have been taking those chairs to be hinting at whatever the hell they want. You can easily stretch it to mean just about anything. The general consensus is Skull Kid, but I first heard people associating it with Waluigi of all characters, and I've even seen people who have legitimately pointed out that the colors are also similar to Isaac's color palette as well (not that they believed it meant anything). For the record, Isaac's colors are blue and yellow, but he does have some purple to represent darker shades of blue. The shadows on his left arm and leg both look purple in the artwork. The rope ladder connection to K. Rool is sketchy as well. I guess the main argument is that its based on the rope ladder of the Flying Kroc, which could make sense. There aren't any red barrels in DK either, but at the same time, it doesn't make much sense for Sakurai to just have a random barrel lying around. But again, I reiterate: the chairs can mean so many things its ridiculous to try and prop up any one scenario as a result. And Rayman is possible, but that's all I can say on it. He's possible. But so are so many other scenarios.
  5. The most likely situation is we get one character right at the end of the Direct. In the off-chance they do reveal more, it'd probably be two characters and an Echo or two right after the first character. if they actually have a "segment" on Smash rather than just a single character reveal at the end, we'd probably see a new character and Echo Fighters. The only other thing they might do is reveal there are more new stages, getting one alongside a new character and (again) if there's a segment on Smash rather than just a trailer, we could see new stages for franchises that don't have a new one yet (Pokemon, DK, Metroid are the top candidates IMO). We probably won't get an Item/Assist Trophy/Pokeball Pokemon montage, new game modes, etc. MAYBE we do get some online details, though, assuming they are planning to go into Switch Online during this Direct. But its totally possible they don't talk about online in terms of Smash just yet and wait until a later Smash Direct instead.
  6. I doubt they'll have time to swap things out. There honestly weren't a whole lot of announcements that came after the Direct. I mean, yeah, there were a couple. But I don't think they need to shift them out or anything as long as they get it out early next week. And they probably need to as Famitsu quite possibly has a lot of details in it anyway.
  7. The earthquake only affected Hokkaido (northern Japan) specifically. Power is already mostly restored there now. http://time.com/5390791/death-toll-earthquake-japan-hokkaido/ https://www.reuters.com/article/us-japan-quake/power-restored-in-most-of-japans-quake-hit-hokkaido-toyota-plants-to-shut-idUSKCN1LN2S9 Nintendo themselves were barely affected. They're concern is probably waiting until a better time to push the Direct back to and if they need to change anything in the Direct (if they DO need to change anything, it'll probably get pushed back several more days). As is, though, they're probably just waiting until at least Monday before airing it, and they typically don't announce Directs until a day in advance anyway. Just be patient. The weekend isn't even over yet.
  8. There was a weird thing where Nintendo UK's original post for the Direct said 06/09, then the followup that said it was delayed said 07/09. It shouldn't have a different date in that regard... But I'm still betting on Monday/Tuesday right now. I would say Thursday, but I think they can't delay the Direct TOO long. Famitsu probably already has reveals lined up to be announced in the Direct and released on Monday/Tuesday. Based on how long they have to plan this stuff out in advance, I doubt they can just simply delay that information. So I think the delay for the Direct is only going to be to early next week. That will give the weekend for things to settle down and give people time to recover from this. I'm sure if Nintendo could they'd push it back even longer, but they're in a very tight spot right now.
  9. It was deleted because the person who "found" the Dengeki magazine article with this list was a guy called Blueneuron, infamous for making a bunch of fakes that happen to involve Lloyd. Keep in mind this guy made a fake 2chan website with a full roster leak designed to look like someone predicted the entire roster back in January 2018 (and yes, it also had Lloyd on it). The moment I read that the topic creator said he got the information from Blueneuron I flat out told him it was fake (and he then deleted the thread right after that, which I didn't tell him to do or anything, he just did, I kinda wished he kept it up). The context in this thread also says the poll isn't on Dengeki's website, another big flag. He deleted the comment that I replied to but this is what it said: Unfortunately, again, the TC deleted his post (I really wish he didn't), but that's what he said before my reply to this comment in the above thread. People need to really be aware of Blueneuron. He's made a LOT of fakes already, usually involving Lloyd in some way. He's really pissing me off right now. It should also be noted that allegedly, according to the original thread (now deleted) the "Top 5 from the previous poll" were omitted from this poll (including the likes of Isaac, King K. Rool, Ridley). I don't remember exactly everyone who was named here. I'm not even sure if the "original" poll exists either. EDIT: The comments for the thread still exist.
  10. Um... lolwut? King of Cards has been pushed back to April 2019? Like why are they struggling so much to get this game out lol?
  11. Well it was the last of the stretch goals for the game...
  12. The Tikis were just awful. I liked the Snomads as a whole, but Frederik was a K. Rool ripoff. Otherwise, I liked the Snomads a lot, Bashmaster is amazing for example. In general, Tropical Freeze has some of the best bosses in the game. But nothing beats K. Rool and the Kremlings. IMO, K. Rool should show up even if he's not the main antagonist of that specific game. I also just don't want to get into this situation where he's missing for so long again. It wouldn't be so big of a deal if we were still getting DK spinoffs. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to what's next for DK. And of course playing as K. Rool in Smash.
  13. Of course its not. Doesn't change the fact that its something which should be complained about.
  14. Though Isaac is appearing on just about every leak now as well. Based on a summary of polls and Sakurai's statements about the ballot being an influence on the roster, Isaac is basically just appearing everywhere now without a leak backing him. K. Rool had a similar treatment. He wasn't leaked, but because he had the costume and was the most talked about character during the ballot period, he was on basically every fake leak. Obviously I don't believe any of them, but it is nice that Isaac is getting that treatment. Personally, I don't think we're getting one this time other than maybe an Echo. That's my prediction in terms of Pokemon. The Pokemon we got this time was getting 9 returning form past games.
  15. It only reaffirms Isaac for me. That interview makes me so happy. Please announce Isaac next.
  16. Dampierre debuted in Broken Destiny, but he was still a relatively new character at the time he was added in SCV. SCV was his first main canonical game as well. Tira, on the other hand, has been in every game since III. Vastly different situation. She's a long-running character, whereas Dampierre WAS new, even if he wasn't brand new to SCV specifically.
  17. Wait what? Tira as a preorder bonus? Like WTF? The game is TWO MONTHS OUT and they're ALREADY announcing DLC? And its for Tira, a long-standing regular? This isn't going to go well...
  18. I'd much rather have the flexibility. Unless the game is a broken mess, that is. Downgraded graphics? Meh. Doesn't bother me.
  19. After they flat out said earlier that Hat in Time "won't" be coming to Switch... Yeah, I'm surprised this got announced. And I'm mad, too. I bought it on sale on PS4 a while back and haven't even gotten a chance to play it yet. And here its now coming to Switch anyway. Like wow. Well, I already have it on PS4, so I'll probably just play that version instead when I get the chance. Maybe I'll work on it after I finish my current Indie game I'm working on, Cosmic Star Heroine.
  20. Considering all the tracks we have I'd bet that every past remix is in this game.
  21. Maybe, but I don't know if Vector mentioned Espio and Charmy in Free Riders either. "Espio and Charmy are off on a case and couldn't join me! And they require a team?! Who else am I going to partner up with?" *sees two guys standing over there* "Hey, I see you're down a wingman! How about I join you as long as we're called Team Vector?!" /shrug lol Kinda calling Eggman, Metal Sonic, and Infinite as a secret unlockable team, but who knows. They may just go with someone else entirely and leave Infinite out to avoid Forces. I'm sure you're probably joking, but if there was going to be a "leftovers" team it would've been Silver, Blaze, and a filler instead, keeping the main team dynamic of the other four teams in fact. And that is something interesting. Omega often gets shafted, so I'm kinda surprised they actually kept him if they're not even keeping Team Chaotix together. Maybe they just couldn't think of a third character... Eggman's probably heading up his own team for the fifth and final one, after all.
  22. For Nintendo as an example, they only post sales numbers for games that top 1m units in one fiscal year. Otherwise those numbers don't get posted. No idea how SEGA handles things, but typically many companies don't post sales numbers unless they were especially impressive.
  23. Yeah kinda expecting that now. It makes the most sense for Team Eggman to be the fifth team, and is unlockable.
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