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  1. MetalSkulkBane

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Let's agree that it's someone with "o' in the name. There, now I'm save from someone mentioning Chrono. Unless you said "Black Mage" than I'm screwed. Unpopular opinion: I wouldn't mind Lara Croft, based on LAU trilogy. What? Those were GC/Wii games. Besides, Nintendo stole Cloud and Snake from PS1, Lara should be next.
  2. MetalSkulkBane

    New Super Mario Bros U - Deluxe - Switch - January 11th 2019

    I'm probably the only person bothered by this, but why they kept Yellow Toad? At first, THE Toad was red as every other. In World 3D he's blue. Now we're keeping yellow. My head, I don't know what is true anymore! (And don't tell me those are 3 different Toads. That only makes things worse).
  3. MetalSkulkBane

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    So I'm slightly a lot disappointed that Shadow isn't in, but honestly? I more annoyed they announced only one character. If Isabelle was announced alongside Sora or Majora Mask, complains would be much smaller. With that said, jeeeeesh people, calm down! Isabelle is fine, Animal Crossing is a surprisingly big franchise, it deserves second character (I'm still unsure if she an echo or not). I would prefer Dixie or Shantae, but Isabelle is just fine. I'm not the one to blindly yell "let's stay optimistic" but I think Shadow still has chances to get in. Only new 9 characters, 4 of them being an echo? They didn't even put Pokemon, and I can't imagine Nintendo not slapping new Pokemon in Smash.
  4. MetalSkulkBane

    How would you fix Null Space in Forces?

    By putting stuff in it. Ironic, I know. Look, just making it a stage would work. But my guess is that money run out and they wasted so much work they felt bad scrapping it entirely. Which is a shame, that was one of best-looking things in a game.
  5. MetalSkulkBane

    What Archie comics had the best artwork?

    Silver Saga. Sonic Universe 25-28. Yardley is a great artist, true. But when add Ray Dill colors? It's FANTASTIC.
  6. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The story so far: Sonic team-ups with [insert name of one of his friends] to smash Badniks. Next issue, move to a new location, meet another friend (sometimes few), a new wave of Badniks. Repeat until boss fight (issue 7 and probably 11-12). Plots are very simple, there is bigger narrative but somewhat thin. You're here for pretty art, dialogue, and interactions. So far only the most important characters appeared (Knuckles, Silver, Chaotix, etc). If you expect Jet, Zavok or Infinite, don't hold your breath. New original characters exist (Tangle, Whispers, Rough & Tumble), but they don't play a bigger role than an extra ally to smash Badniks or extra minor enemy to replace Badniks. Knowing Flynn, he 'seeds' them for later stories. We only 8 issues in, so I suggest you start from the start. But if you're adamant to jump in the middle then here are REAL spoilers.
  7. ...did I stepped into an alternative universe? Because I don't remember people being that generous towards the Infinite year ago. And just to be clear, I thought the guy had potential before it was cool... He had a neat design, voice, song, backstory, an arc with Avatar. The only thing missing was in-game dialogue doing anything with his personality other than 'boastful jerk'. Small thing I liked about him was his body language. SA2 Shadow had his fantastic showing off (the first appearance in both stories, talking about Eclipse cannon), Mephiles has this creepy-mysterious atmosphere (meeting with Shadow, Silver, killing Sonic. Really, any second he was on screen). And Infinite had few moments to, like when taunts Avatar or messes with his stage.
  8. Looks awesome! (Well, the poster and idea. Trailer doesn't tell us much how it will look). So my obvious questions 1) Is movie limited to villains on the cover or will there be more? (If the latter I encourage you to keep them as surprise though) So far I'm kinda surprised Sleet is here. If idea is to give the representative to every part of the fandom, then Boom is suspiciously absent (unless it's Boom Metal Sonic. Who'll tell otherwise?). Aside for few obvious lack in games (Fang, Zavok, Nega, Mephiles,) I keep my fingers crossed for more Archie (at least Finivetus or Eclipse). Of course, no one will complain if we limit to characters on poster, It's big project already and 12 villains will make it chaotic anyway. 2) Will it have plot or mostly a single long fight scene, ala Death Battle. 3) In most broad way, when do you expect to finish? Few months? Year or two? 4) Just to be sure, it's 2D animation? Either way, good luck out there.
  9. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    There are several ways Luigi/Mario is different from Tails/Sonic combo. For starters Mario is blank slate and Luigi's main function is having personality for him. Secondly, Mario is so stupidly big that Luigi, Peach, Yoshi and bloody Toad can get their own games, not to mention RPGs or Mario parties, spin-offs where Mario role as Navel of the Universe isn't as obvious and his side cast that breath a little. Thirdly, franchise is in theory called Mario BROS, at least pretending that Luigi is on similar importance. At very least, he's also an gaming icon, see point above about Mario size. (On the other hand Mario franchise doesn't allow most of it's cast for expressing itself, but Luigi is one of few who get's away with it). But on the subject, this is why I really liked plot of Rivals 2. It's not spectacular by any means, but it was so nice seeing all those characters bounce-off each other, even a little.
  10. MetalSkulkBane

    The Archie Sonic STH #252 Purge: 5 Years Later

    There. Archie Sonic Preboot had 20th years. Even counting only Flynn I would call it "a good run". Reboot ended on cliffhanger. Transformers Animated was cut with half-assed conclusion. Half Life series is on never ending hiatus. Firefly, Clone High, any other show I didn't want/liked that much Sad, but life moves on. All those characters still live in our memories and fan works.
  11. MetalSkulkBane

    The Archie Sonic STH #252 Purge: 5 Years Later

    I think I heard this song before...sorry For all who are still pissed about it I have two words of advice: move on. Yes, I liked that comic. Yes, it's cancellation was sad. But you know what else ended? Archie Megaman. Reboot. Avatar Aang. Gravity Falls. VERY recently Adventure Time. Things just end. Deal with it.
  12. MetalSkulkBane

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    So, we're all praying for Shadow. And if he get's in, we'll thank nicely and demand Tails. Then Eggman, Then Knuckles. Then Amy. And if Nintendo submits to our ludicrous demands we still have more ammo. With that said, my question is: what 3rd party characters you want from franchises are already in Smash (Megaman, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, etc.), be their echos or not. My votes
  13. Let's muddle things a bit more. Does anyone watches Sonic Dissected here? Roger pointed out that Encore Mode shows Sonic coming back WITH PHANTOM RUBY. Forces ends with Sonic coming back alone. So comparing the poses, Encore Mode seems to it's ignore existence of Forces... just to confuse things further. Quick question, I know Encore is part of the game, so in "more cannon", but who bloody cares whenever it happened or not? It's exactly the same journey, just with different colors and headache (again, unless later games make something with it). Even Mighty & Ray aren't special as you can play with them in normal mode.
  14. My suggestion: let's wait for sequel and see if Mania 2 addresses Encore Mode (mostly disappearing Eggman). If not, let's crew Encore. Let;s be honest, Encore Mode "story" is stupid. Heavies are broken, even though they all escaped after respective boss fight, repeating the whole journey has no sense, why is Eggman doing this again, what is Heavy King doing with those ice ream... it's just stupid. Making it 100% artificially non-canon would be a better option. I'll take colorful Mania Adventures world anytime. Yeah, the Green Emerald sorta messes it up, but it such a tiny nitpick I won't loose sleep over it. So for now Encore is cannon, but if sequels give me excuse, I'll dethrone it without second though.
  15. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Maybe we should consider it cannon? As if Neo Metal posed like that and said "Egg Pawns! I demand a sweet portrait!"

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