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  1. https://www.idwpublishing.com/trending_titles/sonic-the-hedgehog/
  2. I feel like some people more focus on FACTS that make Shadow rather than EMOTIONS core to his identity. Let's look at Shadow's story from very start. Shadow's backstory is complicated, but complications are what make Shadow. His story is of confused experiment trying to figure out who he is. Even ignoring amnesia, mind games and possibly fake memories he had implanted, Shadow had multiple "parents" (Gerald, GUN, Black Doom, Gerald after going crazy), who had different ideas who he should be, but most of which want him to be weapon of mass destruction, with one memory of Maria that works as his moral compass. If Maria died of sickness, Shadow wouldn't had as strong hatred towards humanity. He was betrayed by people he was created to save. Maria's sickness could been removed, but it works as essential motive why Gerald creates Shadow. Gerald Robotnik is a good man. He would never work for GUN, unless to save Maria. So he made Shadow. As a cure. As a weapon. As a person with his own heart to make choices (as said in Sonic Battle). I say it adds to misery. Keep in mind that his single week was his WHOLE LIFE. Shadow is a baby told he's Ultimate Life Form and he has to choose if he want to be a killing weapon or savior. Ignoring 50 years of sleep Shadow's age in SA2 is week on ARK + day or two. Of course Maria is most important thing to him. And I know that SA2 happened many years games ago for Shadow, but Maria is still his first friend. If you're in 40s and you last seen your parents or siblings when you were 10, would you forget them? Would you love them any less? No, if anything you would glorify them. Especially if they had tragic end like Maria. Plus the problem of identity. Shadow doesn't want to be space conqueror, destroyer of earth or living weapon. So who he is? He tries to live up to this whole "Ultimate Life Form" but no one taught him how. Because he had 1 week before his life feel apart. This is why he's so cold and serious, because he doesn't know how to be normal. All mighty Ultimate Life Form is afraid people will know he's a few month baby, angry, confused and vulnerable. Sonic started with magic stones, robots, two-tailed fox, time travel, only adding more concpets as time went. Variety is what makes Sonic interesting. Non-Sonic designs aside, I don't see how Black Arms are any weirder than Deadly Six, Chaos, Dark Gaia... or Wisps that are also aliens. Like I said above, existence of Black Doom mostly galvanizes identity struggle. One more papa, why more reason to fight humans, one more person trying to manipulate Shadow. Doesn't add much new, but still fits into core of his identity. But Black Doom affects GUN and honestly I see it as improvement. SA2: GUN hire Gerald, build ARK and fund Shadow. Then they kill everyone. WHY? Because they jerks. And Shadow is filled with anger and wants to kill all the jerks. But Maria said "forgive them". So Shadow does. I know that most of planet was innocent, but guilty aren't punished. What the heck? Shadow: Now GUN had a reason to attack: they learned that Gerald is working with evil alien. Little Commander wasn't imagining that Shadow is evil, he probably heard Black Doom talking about invading earth and use Shadow as a weapon. Of course Gerald never intended to do so, but he never told anything to GUN. He probably needed Black Doom to finish Shadow and cure Maria, a little longer than Gun would agree to it. So Gerald tried to play both sides and pays ultimate price for that. GUN, Little Commander, Gerald, they all wanted to do good, but mistrust lead to tragedy. That means Shadow backstory is akin to Greek tragedy like story of Oedipus. It's misunderstanding, yes, but born from human emotions. Romeo and Juliet ends with misunderstanding, and it's still classic.| Finally, it just gives Maria's wish more sense. She doesn't say "I know GUN are evil, but turn other cheek, 'kay?" Rather "forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. I believe deep down people are good and. Give them second chance." which honestly sounds like a better moral for me. Alien or Demon Prince, Experiment or Clone. Looking at big picture, his background is secondary to themes and emotions that make Shadow who he is.
  3. Unleashed was 12 years ago, it' not that easy too check. I specifically wanted to look at post-Black Knight period. Rise of Lyric is your 2nd favorite in the franchise????????? You are aware this is a somewhat avant-garde claim that could use unpacking.
  4. @Titan Mecha SonicI have no idea where you getting your info. Knuckles guards Master Emerald in IDW Knuckles guards Master Emerald in last issues of Archie Comics. Including Mega Drive. Knuckles guards Master Emerald in Forces tie-in Comics. Lego games, official description, he's pretty much always guarding Master Emerald... except the actual games. Sweet Chaos, I'm convinced. Let's go with "Don't ask, don't tell" rule. I prefer sticking Knuckles to be a Guardian AND keep appearing in games with no explanation, over Sega giving us answer that ruins everything. And maybe it it for the best. People want Knuckles to appear a lot AND to be Guardian. If we can accept that Eggman never goes to jail, we might as well accept that Knuckles keeps taking breaks. Yeah, I think this is best option,
  5. I would argue that 4 varied female central is still pretty good * unconvincing cough* Mario *cough*. Many franchises struggle are proud to have 1 token ass kicking lady, like Tawna 2.0 in Crash (which to be fair, no one in this universe is walking bad ass) And honestly I don't see Tangle kicking more asses than Amy, Rouge or Blaze. She's more of newcomer rookie, mostly acting as support to bigger heroes. Even in her own mini she was almost incompetent. And since when being sexy antihero means you can't kick ass? I don't remember Han Solo being a wuss or a virgin.
  6. Bad Guys #1 in my hands. Better late then ever. Art is "only" okay and I think story should start with Starline breaking into jail. What those first 4-5 pages accomplish other than foreshadow Starline's "enforcer"? He'll be explaining the plan in next issue anyway. Could been used for bigger challenge or fleshing out our team. Ok, those are mine biggest gripes. Overall story is fine. The only really interesting moment is Zavok/Starline confrontation. I didn't seen it's coming and it's quite frankly a brilliant move on Starline's part. And it's nice to see Zavok actually using his brain. I hope he keeps up the good job for rest of the mini. Side note, it's funny that how important "OCs" are gender/affinity divided. Starline, Mimic and Skuns are evil, while Tangle, Whisper, Jewel and upcoming Belle are good. If you wanna push it further, this mini is about bad boys, while previous was about good girls...and now I wonder if Mimic will ever join main comic or forever jump from mini-series to mini-series.
  7. Whole heartly agree. I don't know that much about making games, but I always though giving player choice is a win-win. And from what I understand it can't be that hard, since Mania can be played with keyboard. Also I will defend live system. I'm fully aware that it's outdated mechanic, but I feel it's too big part of Sonic. Why would you collect rings if not to get extra lives? Where's the thrill of owning 88 rings and paranoia of every badnik on the way? I guess for Super Sonic, but that's not enough. Lives, Shields, Blue Ring, Shoes. Sonic needs as many tiny rewards as possible to reward exploration. Mania pixel graphics make it unlikely that Sonic will get costumes like MarioOddysey/Crash4 and that shop in Genearation wasn't all that fun, and Chaos protect us from RPG upgrades. And even if I'm wrong and costumes and skill trees would be added and work (maybe bring red rings too), sooner or later you'll unlock everything. Meanwhile getting extra live always gives a little satisfaction.
  8. I don' believe in such thing as "best game ever", but game can come close to being best version of itself What I'm trying to say it that Sonic Mania was considered pinnacle of 2D Sonic gameplay. And now Mania 2 should be announce any day now (seriously, what's the hold up), but also first hype calmed, I wonder: are there any flaws that Mania 2 needs to fix? Even small ones? And let's just skip 3 obvious ones: - more original levels, actual identity beyond "past games in hd" - better story than some muble-muble plot-device gem with fairly weak conclusion, "go play Forces" - "adding Amy/HyperSonic/etc" because no matter how good the game is, you can (almost) always just add a little more. If we'll get Amy, I'll demand Metal Sonic. Then Chaotix, finally Modern characters like Shadow or Cream and it never ends. And not having specific content Here my nitpicks I managed to squeeze
  9. I've been thinking: what's up with Jewel height in relation to Charmy? Are all bugs just small? Doe that mean Charmy will never grow any taller? Is Jewel same age as he? I think she's 16. Plus that would make her Tails-lever prodigy, maybe above. Or maybe she's just a small person?
  10. Side note, but you know what I dislike about comic as the medium? The fact that I'm never "in the moment" always looking forward. When I watch the movie I watch current the movie. When I play the game, I don't think about it's non existing sequel. Even in cartoon it's usually save to say my mind is in current episode. When reading comic I always know there is next issue, not in 1-2 years, but very next month . Snarky joke about IDW schedule aside. I always know about upcoming miniseries or about staring arc. Sonic Universe was best example. Part 4 of any arc was almost a chore, because I was already being teased about next arc that is aaaaalmost here. And because comics are shorter that most of other media, every story has small content, big chunk of which isn't for sake of THIS story, but build up for something in the future, months or years from now on. I suppose it's kinda nice, knowing there is more just around the corner, but I'm more of bench-watching, 100% completionist kind of person. If I like 2 things I prefer to exhaust first one before going to second, not constant switching... if that makes any sense to you.
  11. #32.... you know what? I would prefer if Sonic never had amnesia AND Eggman never attacked. Just 2 issue of people taking a breather after a long arc Maybe whole issue about a party and people chilling. Of course next is chao race, so maybe soon we'll be to "chilled". As it is, this issue doesn't have enough cute mellow moments as last two or strong main narrative. It's gorgeous looking, but least substantial issue in a long time.
  12. #31... who boy. It's barely a issue, just tons of short. Would be nice if Flynn wrote an 1h long netflix series, but comic.... it's kinda like bag of old candies from your aunt. Some better, some worse, you'll eat them all, but ultimately it's not something you would pick yourself. IDK, I feel a little empty. Wasn't last issue a clean-up epilogue thing? Whatever. For funsies I'll try ranking the scenes from worst to best. And that's that. This breakdone really makes me feel how weird this issue was. Insubstantial and yet full. Odd.
  13. That is something I whole hearty agree, I see many people make this misconception. But I don't think it applies to this situation. For starters I'm not looking for plothole, I'm just trying to get clear picture of the events. Secondly, how can forget you can run fast, when you're, you know, RUNNING? Isn't that just automatic?
  14. Yes, I said that in very first post, I'm surprised it took 8 posts for someone to acknowledge this. Even if Shadow was absolute pacifist who never held a gun and cringed when someone swears, he should still be able to run fast. Or maybe he was that young that even concepts like "ran fast" or "carry in your arms" were new to him?
  15. Shadow if controversial figure, but I think we can all agree that he's fairly strong, right? Then look at events on ARK, he runs away from few pathetic human soldiers with tiny guns. Same guys he'll beat in dozens during his own game. What happened? - Was it overwhelming numbers? Our sources aren't reliable (lying Black Doom and Shadow's messy flashback or semi-canon Sonic X and stuff), but nothing implies that. And how much army would be 'overwhelming' for Shadow? - Fear of Maria safety? That hold more water, she could been taken hostage or even shot in chaos. But couldn't he just outrun those soldiers? If Sonic can run holding Elise, Shadow could do that too. - Or, here's an interesting though... what If Shadow wasn't combat ready yet? Maybe he only learned how to fight (or even ran fast) after death of Maria (he certainly had motivation now). Only problem with that is Artificial Chaos outbreak, but again, we don't know if Shadow really fought during that incident, maybe he and Maria hid under the table through whole thing? IDK, what you guys think?
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