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  1. Whoboy. The theme for Mobius Legende #4 is heavy. On continuity, tone, and shading A Zoneful of Zones How Scourge (I refuse to use his original name) first found Cosmic Interstate...I don't really get the point of this story. Did we learned something here? For those who are confused by the ending Cornered Knuckles finally gets answers from Finitevus...Let's start with art. I really dig the B&W theme, but I'm not sure if it fits the narrative. I expected something really depressing or dark to happened, but not really. It seems to be greyness for greyness sake. Story... I agree with coments above, it's mostly expositon dumb. I don't feel we leanred much, just clarified we things. Feels kinda pointless if becuase like in previous issues, this story won't be followed upon. So what if Locke's not dead, story's over so he might as well be. And then we learn Finitives motives and ... IDK, they feel kinda hokey. Should I feel bad for him? Is that the point of the story? If so I just don't feel it. I sorta suspect this is exactly kind of story Ian Flynn always avoided to write (which, BTW, was a very good reason to make it. Even if I don't feel it, points for taking a risk) Lying Okay, spoiler box needed
  2. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    O,o, I have the craziest idea for Sticks! What if it was possible to introduce her in games/IDW and then...she jumps into a weird portal and stays missing for some time. When she finally returns she says "it was a fun place, but got canceled" Simpler speaking, what if we establish Sticks is really from "prime-verse", while her adventures in Boom were just an episode of her crazy life. (ANd before you ask: any history about her ancestors can be easily explained with aliens and government agents). I wouldn't have to be canon-canon, just something we learn through facebook or something.
  3. MetalSkulkBane

    Leadership and Team Dark

    Assuming there must be a leader? I feel that if we asked them, Rouge would totally agree that Shadow is a leader ... and then always convince him to do things her way, by manipulating if necessary. She's a sneaky spy, that's what she does.
  4. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That's a nice idea for a subject: what you think IDW does right/better than Archie? I just re-read Year One and I'll say this: they're much better when you're keeping your expectation's low. (or in this case: just know what to expect) Also, every art easily trumps Archie. Issue 3 aside it always ranges from "good" to "sooooooo gooood". (I'm just hoping panel count isn't suffering too much from it.) And I know that some still miss Freedom Fighters, but we can't go a single issue without someone doing something really cool or adorable and I can't make that claim about Sally and her pack.
  5. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Cudos for you for supporting smaller stuff just because they're good, rather than worshipping Big Two or feeding on resurrected old properties by IDW. Me, I'm a sucker for large franchises, because I love rich lores, giant casts of character and watching how the franchise evolves through years. In short, I'm big companies wet dream consumer. With that said, DC and Marvel are just too big for me. The franchise is only fun if I can comprehend it in a time shorter than a decade. IDW Sonic would be best compared to IDW Ninja Turtles, it draaaaaaged as well. But even then in 12 issues, it managed to - make a major change to Turtles origin, which had huge repercussions through the whole book. - Introduce plot points connected to Shredder but also Krang, Casy Jones and Mutanimals I'm entirely sure it was better than IDW Sonic, it had its own problems but definitely had more stuff going on. And if someone wants a really good example I recommend 2010 Darkwing Duck series from Boom! It only lasted 18 issues (20 counting the crossover), but in its first 4-part story it managed more comedy, drama, and fanservice than Sonic in whole "year".
  6. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sigh, I know solicitations are fair game, but some people purposely don't read them. Can I preeeeeeeeeety please for a spoiler tag next time?
  7. MetalSkulkBane

    The "Just Dance" Movie Thread.

    I have much scarier vision: what if it's gonna be good? The first video game movie to be good: A Just Dance adaptation.... I would jump off the bridge ("Detective Pikachu" will hopefully safe us from this unlikely fate.)
  8. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Okay issue 12. In two words: epilogue & prologue. (but mostly epilogue). Overall this issue is fine representation of Year One as a whole: Great artwork. Cute Interactions. Characters New & Old. Few stuff actually happening. Vague promises for future. Slightly questionable logic to move plot in desired direction. Not Enough Shadow.
  9. MetalSkulkBane

    Mario Tennis Aces

    Sonic Racing game: 15 characters. Not enough place for Cream or Espio. Mario Tennis game: 26 characters. Couldn't decide between Koopa or Shy Guy, so puts both of them. Life isn't fair (if I was Nintendo I would just officially mix IPs for all those Mario spin-offs. Maybe group them. Mario/Sonic Olympics. Mario/Kirby Party. Mario/Zelda Tennis. Mario/Metroid Golf. And if Mario Karts had to kill F-Zero they could at least invite Falcon for next game).
  10. MetalSkulkBane

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Well, that's a 3rd game where Zavok is playable. That's as much as Chaos. ...I have only one good argument for Zavok. The need for "power" character for Eggman team formation. Sidenote, I knew those god damn team formation would bite us in the ass eventually. "I would like you to introduce a very charming group of characters. They form a team." "Is there exactly 3 of them? Is one of them fast, other smart/flies and last one is strong?" "N-no, but..." "They to the bin with them!! Now help me decide to which arbitrary category we'll force Silver into!"
  11. MetalSkulkBane

    Everything you know about Sonic is wrong.

    Correction: That might as well be a Topaz from Sonic X. Then again, what can we say about a character who existed for 2-3 page?
  12. MetalSkulkBane

    Which character is the most unnecessary?

    Norman the Polar Bear from Sonic Rush Adventure! He ruined the franchise! ..ow, from the Main Cast? Personally, this cast is the reason I love Sonic, it what makes him unique to me. Even if they aren't used. I'm glad they exist somewhere, even just so people can draw cute fan arts of them But if I must point someone it would be Orbot and Cubot. I said it before: they have a very large presence in the franchise, despite fairly small fanbase and their main job is to take (mostly weak) comedy, which often leads to undermining Eggman as a villain. I don't hate them (they made me laugh few times in Archie or Boom), but ultimately I just don't care about them and see that they do the most damage, unlike Storm the Albatross who barely exists at this point.
  13. AHEM And someone who isn't a meatbag or worthless consumer model
  14. If Sonic was a cartoon/comic/movie/candy commercial, I would say yes yes yes. It's law of nature, Entropy and Nostalgia combined. It's a slow process but franchises have to make a new characters and by pure luck some of them will become popular, so bringing them back just makes sense. Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, every large franchise with recurring characters does that (well, live action stuff are a bit more tricky for obvious reasons.) But games are slightly different beast. - Name in your head big video game franchises, say with more than 10 big games - Now keep only those with recurring casts (so no Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, or Modern Warfare) - Now remove fighting games for reasons I hope I don't need to explain. And you're left with what? Sonic, Mega Man, few Nintendo IPs, arguably Crash can count... not much really. Sonic and Mario are probably ones that produce games yearly, so their postion in kinda unique in that regard. Mario tries to play it safe but even he made a larger name every decade or so (Bowser Jr, Rosalina, Captain Toad). So my guess is that he will be forced to make them, but it will be ever slowwwwww process.
  15. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    About Cosmo: as a person who grew up with Sonic X... I'm 100% indifferent. She wasn't exactly gripping character and her romance with Tails was just sorta there With that said I like her specie. Seedians are the most "Sonic" aliens this franchise ever had, and I'm counting Black Arms and Wisps. Also, it would be nice if name 'seedians' became canon, like Witchcart being called Wendy.

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