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  1. There really seems to be zero logical answer. If I was in charge I would say he was stuck in VR Green Hills, the one from DLC. It felt minutes-hours, but in fact he was there for months. Only problem is that DLC ends with Rouge saying Sonic just lost to Infinite. So my best guess is Shadow went undercover for assuredly good reasons.
  2. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Partially joking BUT I also interpreted this line differently. Read the whole line. "I’ve got no other job skills, so I’m clinging to this spiky blue moneymaker as long as I can." Yes, Flynn has a dream job any of us would love to have. But if for some reason IDW Sonic goes down? Flynn will be in seriously bad situation. What else he can do? Write another Cosmo the Martian that will last 6 issues? Pray to god that Mario or Crash Bandicoot gets a comic? Or should he live from rare times TMNT calls him?
  3. MetalSkulkBane

    Why is Sonic Heroes unpopular?

    1) The controls. Games are made of many pieces, but controls are (arguably) the most important part, especially in fast 3D platformed. 2) I Remember playing it first time. I Went zone 1 as Team Sonic, then zone 1 as Dark, then 1 zone as Team Rose...boy that was a mistake.
  4. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm pretty sure Chaos Emeralds are stronger than ME, that's the whole reason people chase them, rather than single rock in one constant place, guarded by one gullible echidna. There are plenty of small proofs (well, clues) to that. SA1 is best example, where everyone goes for Emeralds, even if ME is right next to them (Chaos 0 in final story). According to Sonic Wiki, Master Emerald exists as a counterbalance to them. He's basically a veto for abusing Emeralds power (like in SA1 & SA2).
  5. MetalSkulkBane

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Sonic spirits (so far) have everyone expect Omega (so what's new), Eggman (weird, but let's not jump to conclusions) aaaand...Cream. This really isn't her time. Crouch argument was a joke, my bad for not making it clearer.
  6. MetalSkulkBane

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    ....he could crouch? Okay, you made your points. Still, 'too tall' was what they said about Ridley. I bet it's still possible, just harder.
  7. MetalSkulkBane

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I though carefully and here are my guesses/hopes about DLC 1) 1st Party I want to see (and have even tiny chances) - Dixie (can hope, but DK has one newcomer in this game) - Tingle (suspiciously his AT is gone and Zelda lacks newcomer. Still, can Sakurai put another 'joke' character?) - Andy from Advance Wars (Golden Sun and Arms are AT, Advance Wars is last IP Nintendo might try to use) Xenoblade and Fire Emblem may pull out someone, but I wouldn't care. And then there is Mario... 2) 3rd Party I want to see - Shantae (high hopes) - Rayman (reasonable hopes) - Banjo & Sora (I know, legal issues. But they the 2 most wanted guys) - Crash & Spyro (again, bit tricky, but would be fun) - Klonoa & Lara Croft (I'm probably only one who wants them) 3) 3rd Party I expect to see Mostly a bunch of Capcom characters (Okami, Ace Attorney, maybe even Dante), but I know people talk about Undertale, Minecraft and Dark Souls. Also, Tekken and No More Heroes have good chances. (Konami or Sega miiiiiiight have a newcomer, but I they IPs are less demanded. Then again, we seen weirder things than Pyramid Head joining Smash. Luigi. If there are any problems with his animation just keep them as a part of Waluigi's charm. Bugs as as features.
  8. MetalSkulkBane

    Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Star Allies: Wave 3 DLC Update)

    That's 16 characters (if you count each separately). Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, Kirby Star Allies, all Mario Kart/Party/etc. And Sonic can barely squeeze 15 guys in a racing game. Still, I hope they add Prince Fluff from Epic Yarn. He's the last big name missing.
  9. MetalSkulkBane

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I doubt they'll put Paper Mario or Captain Toad. Picking Daisy and no Waluigi was slap to the face. Adding Piranha was kick in the crotch. 3rd Mario character would be peeing on his corpse and dancing on his grave. I still think Shantae is 90% in. Sora and Banjo might have legal issues, but people want Shantae in Smash, her owners want Shantae in Smash, so why not put her in? (I also wish they putted Klonoa, but I'm the only one)
  10. MetalSkulkBane

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Except Melee. Also: 1 Every game had either Star Fox or Animal Crossing 2 Fire Emblem or F-Zero 3 Mario or Chibi-Robo 4 DK and Metroid get newcomers in the same games. So far Earthbound was as well, so one of DLC is Mr Saturn See, I can make-up patterns as well. Saturn joke would be funnier before Piranha Plant announcement.
  11. Maybe by "back to the book" they mean Archie Sonic. If that ship had to sink they wish he drowned with it.
  12. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think you misunderstood him. Comic lacks Marine and her Australian-ish accent, matey
  13. Obviously I'm hyped. So far I'm only worried about voice acting. It's looks fine now, but i it seems to me like a lot of work with little to gain. So most pressing questions from me. 1) Any plans for extra playable characters? 2) Do you plan to change anything about the ending? For less exiting topics I would suggest adding at least a bit more enemy variety and adding some interesting sidquests. All side activity on Mobius was boring as heck (expect looking for Froggy, that was pretty funny).
  14. MetalSkulkBane

    Secret Rings vs Black Knight?

    Black Knight. I love Monty Python.
  15. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    ...great, now I will have to buy 3 comics. All with first cover. TOO. GOOD!!!!!!!

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