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  1. Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    You know what's the most impressive thing about My Little Pony fandom? Every background character and 'super form" has a name and it's 90% consistent among the fandom. On that subject, what is the "closest thing to canon/most popular" name of that wolf? And just to make it clear, I'm asking for WOLF. Not Custom Hero/Avatar, wolf. I think "Gadget the Wolf" is the closest I heard.
  2. Ducktales (2017)

    The drink-spitting ending aside, I think that first episode is... okay. Best jokes were already in the trailers, I can't understand the single word Donald is saying and plots have some basic holes. They in a upside-down building, yet bridge is clearly not upside down. The first episode ends with Scrooge saying he wants trouble, in very next he keeps them out of trouble. And this show reeeeeeallly tries to be Gravity Falls. But it's not, not even close. Also, Scrooge seems strangely un-greedy if you ask me. None of those things are dealbreakers, but they pile up into just 'okay' first impressions. I'll take "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" over it any day. Now I'm going to spit some more drink on that ending.
  3. The Avatar and Signature Topic

    Mine is from the picture I bought specifically to be my avatar. (full pic can be seen on DeviantArt, my account by the same name) Like my user name, it is combination of my favorite villains, representing different media Metal (Sonic) for games Skulker (Danny Phantom) for television Bane (DC) for comic books (Admittedly resemblance to Skulker is small, but it looks awesome anyway)
  4. IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old

    There is a simple reason why FF couldn't be a reason for comic's cancellation: they weren't removed in 252. If someone wanted them gone, they would be gone. As for IDW I have only one important wish: have ambition. Have continuity, have new characters, explore new concepts. Be more than a glorified add for games and nostalgia trap. It would be nice to give more focus to Shadow, bring Archie characters, hire Yardley, Evans & Skelly, etc. But as long as the point above is met, I'll probably be satisfied.
  5. What is Sonic the Hedgehog's identity to you?

    So far everyone seems to be on the same page. Well, I'll be the guy to ruin it. I grew up with Adventure 1 and Sonic X. For me, Sonic is not a character or games. "My" Sonic is the world. All those places, stories, but most importantly characters. Characters with unique characters, with cool designs, personalities, powers, backstories. The comical one, the serious one. My Sonic is a mysterious ball that showed you the past. My Sonic is running inside a tornado. My Sonic is Emerl getting raised by all Sonic's friends, with all the wacky fun they had together, only to die from Sonic's hand. My Sonic is hard to describe and easy to corrupt. (...basically I Archie Sonic comic with more creative freedom and at least one more spin-off, preferably Shadow)
  6. Anyone else miss "3D"?

    For me, perfect Sonic game (gameplay wise) would be SA1, only slightly 'cleaned' (like those green homing attack circles from Boost games, so I won't jump to my death). With extra characters either very similar gameplay, just with special quirks ala Mario Bros 2 (like Shadow) or levels changed to fit their unique, yet platform based gameplay ala Shovel Knight (Knuckles is obviously too broken for 3D Sonic stages). I'm not against the idea of Knuckles treasure hunting or Eggman mech shooting, but Adventure games made those much too shallow. So either put a lot of effort or stick to platforming.
  7. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    ...Well F&%# I don't feel like pointing fingers, argue or speculate, right now I'm just going to be sad. Goodbye Archie Sonic, only medium I could trust win quality Sonic stories nowadays.
  8. Should sonic boom be canceled ?

    I grew up watching Megaman NT Warrior anime. Nowadays I'm a classic Megaman fan, barely remembering the anime. basically Same can happen ti kids watching Sonic Boom.
  9. Sonic Live Action Movie "2019!"

    True, but until we see a trailer we can hope. (And they did make Hotel Transylvania. I don't care what critics said, it was a good movie)
  10. Sonic Live Action Movie "2019!"

    Ow come on, that's not fair! Even ignoring the long wait, delaying the movie could put Sonic next to the competition. In 2018 there will be 2 other video game movies: Tomb Raider and Rampage. They will suck and word will go on. But Minecraft is coming in 2019, and who knows if Detective Pikachu or Dragon Lair won't do the same. Sonic is chances of becoming 'first good movie based on games' are slipping. We all know the dangers of rushing things, but did they even started work on the bloody thing?
  11. I was mostly complaining about songs. Still, if you didn't know about 'gotta go fast' meme, would that joke even have sense?
  12. Just seen "Planes, Trains and Dude-Mobiles". And it had some pretty good jokes (the smaller chair) but in the end, it's a perfect example that Sonic Boom is getting worse (IMHO). Season 1 "I have an idea. You know boybands? Let's make an episode that parodies the whole premise, with two funny songs and 'Dreamboat Express' as a name'. "And maybe make Sonic guitar slightly similar to one from Underground for subtle reference." Season 2 "Remeber that great episode we did last time? Let's return the band. Except now their songs will be unironic, with no jokes." "Hmm, something missing... Let's slap yet another Sonic reference, 'gotta go fast'. We already used in this episode, but who cares. We can't go one episode without memes. They like real jokes, only less funny and easier to write." "And let's call this song a love letter to 80s montage, even what our heroes are doing during a song is clearly not a montage."
  13. Storywise: Whatever. Stories can interact (Adventures games), happen one after the other (Battles) or be totally disconnected. As long as their good. For gameplay, I have two words: Shovel Knight Make levels and gameplay only for Sonic, then add extra modes with level design changed to work better with Tails flying or Silver telekinesis.
  14. Best Sonic Game Story

    Can you elaborate on that? As much as I love SA1 characters barely moved. wiith idle animation on very quick loop, while object were glued to their hands, rather then held. How SA2 could been worse when characters moved, jumped, twirled gave thumbs up, etc.
  15. Best Sonic Game Story

    SA2 is a strong candidate. Yeah it has plot holes. But if you can ignore it, the story is dramatic, there is mystery, a bit of heart (even if Amy talk about humanity is cheesy as hell), epic moments. It's animation (presentation) is better than SA1, takes itself more seriously than Colors, less seriously than 06, doesn't have any terrribly cringy dialogue, pace is quick and energetic. Listening to Gerald's final monologue still gives me chills at times. With that said, I give it a second spot. No, the best story in my opinion is Sonic Battle. 1 Characters. Ok, admiteably Kncukles or Amy are getting franderized, but we're spending time wih them. Rouge, Knuckles, Shadow, it's awesome watching all those characters together. This is the only game when you can watch Sonic and his friends just chill, isntead of fighting giant monster. Humor in this game makes me smile, not because it's 'the Simpsons funny', but because I enjoy watching this guys. 2 Heart. Due to righ pacing the game feels like a cartoon, but when we finally reach climax it's really touching. Emerl's death is my opinion the saddest scene in any Sonic game, possibly whole franchise. It's major strenght is that Emerl trully bonded with all those characters (and by extention player), which makes it even stronger than Gamma's death or saying goodbye to Chip (in my opinion anyway) 3 Presenation just works. You would never think that GBA can give great story, but sound and moving icons have just live to tell the story and just vague enough for you to fill the blanks in movement for yourself (Special mentions: Sonic 3&K could tell fairy epic story with no dialogue, SA1 would hold up if it wasn't was voice acting and stiff animation, Rivals 2 has really nice character interactions, both fairy tales had it moments. Games like 06, Heroes and Unleashed have moments that I really like.) Lastly I'm masochist and really like Marine in Rush Adventures.