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  1. Did anyone asked themselves HOW Tails would be even playable? Would he be just a skin? With magical power of boost and his twin namesakes just dangling there like toilet paper stuck to your shoe? Or is he broken mode? "HOVER! NOW YOU CAN LEVITATE SLOWLY TOO..." "Yeah thanks, I pass" And cutscenes? Will Tails interrupt Sonic in middle of wise crack and shows him into elevator instead? As for colors in Colors, HD sadly can ruin perfectly working design. See Maleficent in Kingdom Hearts 3 in comparison to earlier games. Or Wind Waker HD.
  2. There is a something, but I 1) Mostly it's asking questions that we can't possibly answer 2) I feel too insulted to even do that.
  3. Gosh I just love announcement of announcements. Lack of details allows me to build up my expectations so high that that they can't be met. I genuinely can't remember if Flynn was making winks for this or for something else. But yeah, comic does look nice.
  4. So goooooood~ And it's not even my birthday. This is exactly what I want from Metal stories. Simply delicious. As for "can he use emeralds or not" I have few explanations: 1) Classic and Modern timelines are separate, Eggman could add different updates to Metal Sonic 2) After Sonic Heroes Eggman might actually REMOVE some abilities from Metal. You know, don't want him turning god again. 3) Metal held only one emerald in this story. It's much easier to control Chaos Energy when all 7 are gathered. 4) And Metal was very emotional right now, not being careful enough with the output. My inner Shadow fan had little joys in recent years, but Metal fan? He's doing pretty well.
  5. Personally I'm not a fan of lightning thing. Mostly because Flash did it first. Sonic ripped of many things, but for years managed to not copy Flash... until now.
  6. Artificially speaking, any crossover can exist. Silent Hill and Animal Crossing can "exist in one universe" as long we talk about Smash Bros, Kingdom Heart or two planets that are technically in one universe. But something more natural? One planet, one world? Many can, but interaction would be just cameos and references. I mean, Crazy Taxi can totally exist in Sonic World. It even works better, because irresponsible driving makes more sense in world with "Speed Highway" and "City Escape". But what now? B D Joe helping fight Perfect Chaos?
  7. On Zeti 1) We have no idea how strong they are. Game tells us very little. Because Sonic can die to final boos and to Motobug and to accidentally pressing wrong button and walking into a ditch like a dummy. So maybe Sonic beat them in game, but just barely. Ironically they keep using some kind of enchantments, would that be juice from Lost World, armors in Worlds Unite or Emeralds in Metal Virus World Saga. So it's a wide guessing range, but I think Sonic would have hard time fighting all six of them at once. Once comic comes out we'll know more. 2) Yeah, I am a little annoyed they back so soon. Not that I dislike them, comic did great job warming me up to them. But It does makes world feels small and claustrophobic. I am open to possibility that Flynn has plans and good reason to do so, but I am skeptical in nature.
  8. You know how it is, Main Protagonist is about to face The Big Bad, climax to entire arc, if know whole franchise. Avatar Aang fight with Ozai, Sonic and Chip stopping Dark Gaia, Optimus Prime reaching Unicron, Simba faces Scar, Korra Vs Kuvira. Time for epic duel... Oh right. We have dozen more characters, Hero's friends and allies. They must be here, because this is Big Epic Climax, but we want to focus on Hero VS Villain small narrative. I mean, what can we do? Make them sit on sidelines and cheer for hero? That would be Genera...., I mean silly Solution: they give them pointless tasks. Fight the evil minions, stop the doomsday machine, act as decoy. Something that in theory is important, but usually looses any meaning the moment Big Bad goes down. My questions are: 1) Is this even a problem or it is just me? To use example most people should know, in Archie Sonic Unleashed adaptation Sally and Freedom Fighters just get to fight Badniks. Not Metal Sonic or Egg Bosses, Badniks. And they don't even get to win, when Dark Gaia awakes, all robots shut down. 2) How it's done right? And I know one option would be "let all heroes fight Big Bad at once" ala Sonic IDW end of Year One, but I think sometimes writers really have cool idea that only involves two or three people. I don't think She-ra 2019 would been improved if her horse was there when *spoiler for She-ra 2019*. Thoughts?
  9. Master Emerald.... doesn't do anything? .... .... .... You know, this might be a good news. Yes, things got so bad, that they broke on other site again. In a sad way. See, when they claimed "two worlds" or "shadow doesn't care about his team" we had no idea if we should take this as fact or ignore it. Now I know for sure that it's time to ignore them. If information isn't supported by the actual game, ignore it. I mean, what if another "word of god" says that Tails is made out of spaghetti? Will we just accept that bellowed character we followed for twenty years was cooked pasta all this time and we just didn't noticed?
  10. He was good in in Sonic Battle and Sonic 06 of all games. And few smaller tittles. And you know, Archie Sonic after Flynn took over. Shadow promised Maria to be protect people of Earth. Earth is in danger every Tuesday. It's EXTREMELY easy to find him stuff to do.
  11. For now I'm giving up on Shadow as character, I just want to see him doing something cool. I know it's shallow, but I won't get more anyway. All his story needs is create new antagonist that Shadow will have to battle. If you want to give Shadow personality, don't focus on morals but on "what it means to be strong" or something like this. Simple idea: most dangerous game homage. Someone captures several Sonic characters and wants to hunt them like un-mobian animals. Shadow is one of them and wants to beat him. Let him have bigger role in victory. Done. Not the best story ever, but best story we can get in this climate.
  12. 1 I was comparing it to Sonic at first, but I was ordered to stop that. 2 Right, so I should avoid mentioning that obviously amazing "batman forever". Batman is such a large brand that not all stories are on pedestal. I doubt anyone else on this forum even read batman adventures 2003. You could say "okay, I see your point" or "compelling case" because in our last discussion, every argument, no matter how much effort I putted into it, just bounced from you like tennis ball from a wall. You don't have to agree with me, but it would be nice if you at least tried to see my perspective. And why I stick around I can give you several answers - Things don't improve without criticism. You can't be satisfied with "good enough" - There are many things II did liked, like Metal Virus Apocalypse and parts of Neo Saga. - I just know that Flynn can do better than that., I seen him do it. - Sonic is my favorite franchises and I like knowing him. I watched entire Sonic Underground and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. A lot of them were pretty bad, but in the long run I liked knowing larger Sonic world. I'm aware, it's a bit contrived.
  13. One would think every issue must stand on its own. But okay, can I compare SU#1 to IDW #4? That was end of the arc. And it accomplished - Introducing Tangle - Introducing Blaze - fight badniks, fight, fight fight Sure the issue had amazing art, it could been used on better script. How about something outside Sonic? Batman Adventure (2003), one of my favorite series I read. First issue - Introduces idea that Penguin is now a mayor - Mystery of assassins attacking villains of Gotham - Attack of those assassins at Arkham, fun dramatic action packed with Two Face, Harley, Poison and few minor villains (note that first issue did no feel like starting with Batman beating boring robbers) - Back-up story about Batman image of Zorro. And before someone accuses me of "quantity over quality attitude", - Best case scenario is getting both things - But fine, I can take issue that accomplishes very little but does it very well - Sonic IDW #1 did great job on Tails, but that took 2 pages, not whole issue. Rest wasn't that bad, but wasn't that great. - Sonic IDW #39 did NOTHING great. I get mostly action that isn't even #1 issue good. And I should just be fine with that? Just accept that we must have filler before #40 do something interesting (maybe)?
  14. ...I have no idea what point you're trying to make. All I'm saying is that issues should have "stuff" happening. Funny, emotional, dramatic. Low or high stakes. Stuff has to happen. Sonic fighting badniks. Is not stuff. It's filler. At best it's a base that needs to be edited every issue in a way that stuff happens.
  15. That is argument. Why "low level, chillax filler story" need whole 4 issues, when usually Sonic Universe had to make epics in that amount of time. Still, compare Sonic Universe #1 to IDW Sonic #1. Same amount of pages, what was accomplished? - One great scene fixing Tails arc from forces - Introducing mystery of 'chairman' - That's it. Rest of the issue is just fighting Badniks. Which isn't exiting, I know Sonic can break badniks. If badniks were lead by super badniks that might given me the pause. Or if badniks had bombs and Sonic had to stop them without actually hitting them. Or if focus was badniks were flying to high from his reach, then... Look, I can throw ideas all day. (of course all of this would been easier to forgive if next issue didn't repeat the formula) And like I said, the stretching story into 4 issues should allow for more emotional stuff. For more opportunities for each character to shine. This arc has only 5 characters (not counting villains), so why neither Sonic, Tails or Amy didn't do anything memorable in this issue? How come Tangle and Belle didn't had any bonding moment? Was fighting all 4 Egg Vipers this vital to the plot? Last arc should been low stakes fun adorable story about chao racing, with biggest treat being mean Cluth mistreating his pets. This arc should been about crazy new dimension, with Sonic fighting Combiniks, but his real enemy being rules of physics being rewritten in front of him. Special stage on steroids. or Null Space done right. Some surreal imagery all Sonic CD special stages would been great
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