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  1. I grew up watching Megaman NT Warrior anime. Nowadays I'm a classic Megaman fan, barely remembering the anime. basically Same can happen ti kids watching Sonic Boom.
  2. True, but until we see a trailer we can hope. (And they did make Hotel Transylvania. I don't care what critics said, it was a good movie)
  3. Ow come on, that's not fair! Even ignoring the long wait, delaying the movie could put Sonic next to the competition. In 2018 there will be 2 other video game movies: Tomb Raider and Rampage. They will suck and word will go on. But Minecraft is coming in 2019, and who knows if Detective Pikachu or Dragon Lair won't do the same. Sonic is chances of becoming 'first good movie based on games' are slipping. We all know the dangers of rushing things, but did they even started work on the bloody thing?
  4. I was mostly complaining about songs. Still, if you didn't know about 'gotta go fast' meme, would that joke even have sense?
  5. Just seen "Planes, Trains and Dude-Mobiles". And it had some pretty good jokes (the smaller chair) but in the end, it's a perfect example that Sonic Boom is getting worse (IMHO). Season 1 "I have an idea. You know boybands? Let's make an episode that parodies the whole premise, with two funny songs and 'Dreamboat Express' as a name'. "And maybe make Sonic guitar slightly similar to one from Underground for subtle reference." Season 2 "Remeber that great episode we did last time? Let's return the band. Except now their songs will be unironic, with no jokes." "Hmm, something missing... Let's slap yet another Sonic reference, 'gotta go fast'. We already used in this episode, but who cares. We can't go one episode without memes. They like real jokes, only less funny and easier to write." "And let's call this song a love letter to 80s montage, even what our heroes are doing during a song is clearly not a montage."
  6. Storywise: Whatever. Stories can interact (Adventures games), happen one after the other (Battles) or be totally disconnected. As long as their good. For gameplay, I have two words: Shovel Knight Make levels and gameplay only for Sonic, then add extra modes with level design changed to work better with Tails flying or Silver telekinesis.
  7. Can you elaborate on that? As much as I love SA1 characters barely moved. wiith idle animation on very quick loop, while object were glued to their hands, rather then held. How SA2 could been worse when characters moved, jumped, twirled gave thumbs up, etc.
  8. SA2 is a strong candidate. Yeah it has plot holes. But if you can ignore it, the story is dramatic, there is mystery, a bit of heart (even if Amy talk about humanity is cheesy as hell), epic moments. It's animation (presentation) is better than SA1, takes itself more seriously than Colors, less seriously than 06, doesn't have any terrribly cringy dialogue, pace is quick and energetic. Listening to Gerald's final monologue still gives me chills at times. With that said, I give it a second spot. No, the best story in my opinion is Sonic Battle. 1 Characters. Ok, admiteably Kncukles or Amy are getting franderized, but we're spending time wih them. Rouge, Knuckles, Shadow, it's awesome watching all those characters together. This is the only game when you can watch Sonic and his friends just chill, isntead of fighting giant monster. Humor in this game makes me smile, not because it's 'the Simpsons funny', but because I enjoy watching this guys. 2 Heart. Due to righ pacing the game feels like a cartoon, but when we finally reach climax it's really touching. Emerl's death is my opinion the saddest scene in any Sonic game, possibly whole franchise. It's major strenght is that Emerl trully bonded with all those characters (and by extention player), which makes it even stronger than Gamma's death or saying goodbye to Chip (in my opinion anyway) 3 Presenation just works. You would never think that GBA can give great story, but sound and moving icons have just live to tell the story and just vague enough for you to fill the blanks in movement for yourself (Special mentions: Sonic 3&K could tell fairy epic story with no dialogue, SA1 would hold up if it wasn't was voice acting and stiff animation, Rivals 2 has really nice character interactions, both fairy tales had it moments. Games like 06, Heroes and Unleashed have moments that I really like.) Lastly I'm masochist and really like Marine in Rush Adventures.
  9. Obviously would be fun, will never, never, never, never ever happen.
  10. This statement is waaaaay to vague for me to care. (and yes, someone mentioned it earlier) Judging by all the coments game's final reception will hinge on Shadow's (and partially Chaos) motives.
  11. Either way there is nothing stopping Metal from another rebelion (or getting reprogrammed for example. Happened in RoL and possibly Rivals 1).
  12. My brother pointed me out something which could be an amazing plot twist, so it probably won't happen. Shadow, Metal, Chaos and Zavok. What those 4 have in common? That they all popular Sonic some-what bad guys that in the past turned against Eggman. Would that be a great twist and resonable explanation for this weird team-up? If they weren't here to battle Sonic, but world conquering Eggman? Of course then we would need a contrive reason for them to fight Sonic anyway, this is a video game, but it still would be pretty cool.
  13. I'm very confused how I feel about this game and reading 6 pages of this topic didn't helped. So are other people. Someone said earlier "I don't get why Shadow is evil, but I'm glad Chaos is back", possibly not seeing the irony in that statement. First let me say that I believe gameplay will be good. Generations was good and this is Generations + a bit more, so it most likely will be good. So even if story will be whacko, at least it won't be 06 or RoL. It's good to know, that means majority will like at least part of the game, not Adventure games problem were peole like me like the story, but gameplay fanatics sneer at playing as Knuckles or something. As for story...what I really would like is a self-contained epic story, that maaybe build ups on lore of previous games (again, Adventure 1-2), but I think it's obvious we're getting a fanfic-ish/fanservice pandering stuff. Well, at least their pandering to me, not to classics again. It's good seeing Chaos again, even if it's 3rd recent game (Lego, Generations) with him, it's getting a bit overdone. Put him in next Olympics and dude can go to sleep for me. Worst case scenario: it's generatios 2. The new baddie uses timetravel or branwashing or something and that's it, guys will be just fanservice ("Shadow fight for his own reasons" is a really vague excuse). Personally I don't believe that. Why? Because generations already used Metal, Shadow, Chaos and Egg Dragoon, with Zavok appering even later. Complete rehash would be stupid even for Sega standarts. Best case scenario: Remember how Zeeti had own cutscenes in Lost World, where they bickered with each other? I would love if Eggman made some kind of of Legion of DoomEgg and we would see how all of those guys work off each other, with Shadow being there as a plotpoint.And since there is so many of them, give us at least a short cutscnene of them fighting good guys. Like Knuckles fighting Shadow, confused why he's doing that, with Shadow winning by a cheap shot. As for Infinite I hope he'll have some actual mystery to himself other than "new baddie". He's mindcontrolled Silver, robot made to trick Sonic, a time being that was once called Time Eather and Mephiles, constantly changing form, a conquerer from other dimension, with last level actually showing us his kingdom. SOMETHING other than "here's Zavok, he is a Zeti, and you can guess the rest". Realistic expectations/summary: Guys, I know their trying to make appealing to Adventure Fans with 'dark tone', 'shadow is back' and 'new mystery villain', ignoring that a actual story with emotions was a heart or SA1 and 2, but I think it can still be fun. Even Rise of Lyric had sweet Metal Sonic scene while 06 had Shadow being a total badass. If all the 'villains' get a little cutscnes and Shadow's weird position will have a resonable explanation (Rouge is hostage/ double-agent/ other dimension Shadow/ "I need to be sure you're strong enough to take them on" Protoman style, there are options), if that happens I think I'll be reasonably satisfy. As for Infinite guy, I really don't know what to expect. Will he overstage Eggman? Back stabb Eggman just to be backstabbed back? All the scenarios were already used, them being just partners would be the biggest twist. Honestly, time will tell.
  14. We live in a strange world. The World where Bubsy gets a sequel, where the easiest way to get a bunch of likes is to throw most obvious meme.... I just hope the game won't be generic. I mean, if it's gonna be awful, that what we expected, right? Maybe 1% of buyers will expect this game to be good. And if it's gonna be good, then it's gonna be interesting to watch internet's reaction to it.
  15. I remember this story, it was pretty fun. One of my fav from STC. Anyway, I roll my eyes every time people complain about time travel not making sense. Doctor Who is probably most popular sci-fi show ever, yet it's rules of time travel are confusing and regularly broken. Time travel really often doesn't make, but if you stop nitpicking on that story still can be fun. Still, that story here isn't completely without any logic. There are 2 most popular ideas how time travel works: I called them "Crossroads" and "Detour" Crossroads is simple: you go back, change things, go to the future, future is different. Like in "Back to the Future" or Sonic CD. There are two futures: original and new. Detour means that time travel already happened. Did someone eat your cookie? Go back in time, eat it first and UPS, it was you who ate your cookie. Fiction likes it because it's a simple twist. Used in 3rd Harry Potter, Rise of Lyric, Gargoyles cartoon and Doctor Who (sometimes, when they feel like it). There is only one future: new. The original never existed (hence I call it Detour). Obviously "Detour" doesn't really make sense (like explained in the first post) however this idea is so popularized that it wouldn't be fair to complain on STC, when they just inspired themselves by other stories.