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  1. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Zero from SA1. Sally Acorn on meta logic. As for those extra SU: look pretty cool, although nothing "I NEED THIS TO LIIIIIIIVE" sorta of stuff.
  2. The story of Sonic - as originally perceived

    I don't see what's the big deal, Sonic's lore is pretty simple. He's a hedgehog from planet Mobius/Earth/Two planets/ I have no idea. He fight scientist called Robotnik/Eggman/ Julian Kintobor, only human/one of many humans around. He's serious threat/total joke/ something in between. His best friend is Tails the Fox/Miles Prower, who's smart enough to pilot planes/genius and is completely useless/capable sidekick. And there are Chaos Emeralds, six/seven/fourteen/hundreds of them/ don't forget Master Emerald. ...forget I said anything.
  3. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    What Flynn said makes me hopeful. Not too much, I'm 100% prepare that we'll never get that damned LHT, I won't be for lookout or anything. Just leave a possibility that we might get the comic back. But just to be sure: how often IDW resurrected the old continuities? I remember only hearing about few Transformers continuities, mainly G1.
  4. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Okay, you know what I kinda hate about Flynn? Throwing 'knowing smile' tweets with absolutely no other info whatsoever. You can't demand of us to be exited with zero real promises, it's infuriating. Example, remember when he start throwing extremely vague hints around Sonic Forces and everyone assumed he will be a writer?
  5. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    I'm joining "mixed on Flynn" camp. I really like him, but I'm ready for something new. "But he's best Sonic writer ever' Because no one else wrote the comic for 10 years (except for few single stories. And let's be honest, wasn't Baker his equal/superior few times) "But he's full ideas" ideas that he already used last time word got rebooted. I doubt he kept his A-material for emergency second reboot. At least that means new comic won't be 'ruined for ever'. My prediction? "The more things change, the more they stay the same".
  6. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    Normally I never buy games Day One, but this is first Sonic game in long time that tries to appeal to my tastes, so I owe them that.
  7. I don't believe Sonic Movie can't be good, even if CGI/Live Action... I do believe it can be terrible. Maybe they should just hire guys from Mania
  8. Cream lifts Big, Charmy lifts Vector and Espio, I'm a bit iffy on counting that part of the game. I'll be blunt: Rouge strongest punch is her drill kick. Hurts, but Blaze could walk it of. Blaze can turn into fire tornado. Rouge has nothing to protect herself from that. So unless she wins really quick, probably by surprise or deception, she's toast. Or should I ignore powers and focus on the hand-to-combat skills alone? That might be unfair, since Blaze whole fighting style is based on burning her opponents.
  9. On pure game logic Cream could probably beat them all, with her homing-Cheese, and OP healing skill. But more realistically. Main cast: obviously Blaze has the most power and strength. Rouge could potentially beat her by deception. All games girls: Shade was shown in a comic do easily beat Knuckles, so she's high. But if we are counting everyone, then Merlina and Mother Wisp are probably on pair with Burning Blaze. Outside games: I find it weird that people mention Sally or Bunnie when Nicole has a city to her disposal. Ignoring Burning Blaze she's easily the strongest protagonist. And only villains stronger then her are Iron Queen and Phage (and that's only because they can infect her), Of course Overclocked Nicole would be probably immune. Sadly we'll never if Overclocked can exist in real world or how strong she would be. So in summary
  10. Rate Sonic Mania's Bosses

    "big mid-game climax" feels a cheap when very final part is the easiest part. But here;'s a crazy ideas: start act 2 with Metal race as a part of a stage (not too long, but with actual obstacles). Then he crashes into the wall, you don't think about him, level goes on. You're at the boss, wonder who you'll meet, BAM, Metal survived and is angry. Insert boss battle, minus the final part. (Perfectly, bosses would be in separate acts and level select would let you move straight to them. That way bosses could be made harder, but losing to them would be more forgiving.)
  11. Rate Sonic Mania's Bosses

    That's quantity over quality, just cut the phase 1. Heck, remove the race if you're going to make it awful.
  12. Ducktales (2017)

    If you recall my last post, I felt like Ducktales is 'trying to hard' and that first episode was just okay. I LOVE ep 2 and 3. Comedy improved tremendously and I'm really glad that the Big Mystery thing is moving forward. Now I think I can call myself a fan and I can't wait to see Darkwing appearance. (The biggest grievance I can think of are villains. They move the plot just fine, but aren't really competent. Even Mama B went down kinda easy. )
  13. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Flynn obviously made Archie Sonic way better, but I have hard time picking my favorite stories. Every big arc had some annoying flaws. My personal top would be 1 Sonic Universe #1: Metal AND Shadow. Woo. And Marine! (what? I liker her, she's funny). Action, comedy, some food for though. Perfect self contained 1 issue story 2 Treasure team Tango: Sooo many characters, so many interaction, sooo much fun. 3 Silver Saga: I never though suspected fighting one guy for 4 issue can be so fun. Plenty of great imaginery, Dark Energack looks awesome, and that page in first part. Little extra I found in the internet makes them even better http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Mobius_-_Knuckles'_Descent 4 Championship: Would be even higher, but I find last part slightly disappointing. "Diana Skelly" is all the explanation why this arc was good. Add Breezie, Honey and Metal Sonic and it's DAMN good. 5 Knuckles VS Protoman: Everything both crossovers should be in 5 pages 6 Panic in the Sky, ONLY part 1: The scope and speed in this story was amazing. If only next parts kept up (instead of pushing half of enemies on the side and slowing pace to a crawl) it could been best story yet.
  14. Star vs. the Forces of Evil - The Best Disney Princess

    I love this show, but for some reason don't feel like talking about it that much. Maybe because it's one of those 'whimsy/drug' cartoons like Adventure Time that are just hard to criticize. (Also, I'm really trying to avoid any spoilers) But if you wanna know what I really love about the show it's the main leads. It's incredible how they made lead that is both princess with dresses, unicorns and rainbows, and crazy ass-kicking rule-breaking rebel, and that contrast never feels 'in your face' it's perfectly natural. She's far from a role model, but she means well, learns from her mistakes and acts like a human being, going trough many thinks normal teens go through. And Marco is perfect foil to her, more grounded to keep her in line but never grumpy Squidworth-like "Ooo, Star stop having fun" type.They contrast and complement each other. (Also, i strangely love how Star talks. I chuckle thinking how dated-this will be one day). Other than that animation is super smooth, stories bizarre and imaginative and no matter how goofy tone can be, all serious moments work really well. It's not without it's flaws, there are episodes I swear were written one line at the time, with no arc, purpouse, logic, using "whimsy/drug show" premise as a excuse for lazy writing, rather then tool for creative story telling ( "Pixtopia" or "The Banagic Incident" and especially "Goblin Dogs" come to mind)
  15. Differences between Mania and the classics

    1st comment+ 3rd comment = everything there is to say. I guess it's a bit more 'flashy' or however you call ability to burn Oil Ocean.