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  1. So Charmy was created for games in 1991/2 but wasn't actually used for few years? Weird.
  2. What about Charmy? Isn't he from Manga.... and Amy, when you think about it? I guess they all we re-made by someone from Sonic Team.
  3. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Apparently it's Sonic characters only: yay. And it's in cars: boo. You know what would be best case scenario? Wacky Races. Screw Knuckles in a quad bike, I want Master Emerald with wheels. All Chaotix in one, tiny car. Silver having rusty car he has to keep together with ESP. Infinite with car looking like his mask. Cream in Chao Walker. And Sonic... Other idea: remember those cars in Heroes? How about fully customable cars that you can have 1 to 3 characters in. Like you can have normal wheel or put Sonic there, making it faster, but harder to control. Omega will be slower, but go better through hard terrain. Etc.
  4. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I'm pretty sure Mighty & Ray will be back. I just wonder about their personalities. WIll Flynn has to change them? Will Mania give them new personalities? I guess time will tell.
  5. Like I said before, I won't cry if this is the end. All stories I wanted to see were told (or I'm 80% wouldn't be told anyway) and Sticks aside, there isn't any character/concept from Boom I want to save. Had a good run, now I'm ready to say Goodbye. I'm not super exited for Mania Adventure, but hey, at least it's something new. Well, """new""".
  6. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming Summer 2018)

    90% sure it will be DLC. 70% sure it will cost something. Overall I would prefer Amy and Metal, but that's neat too. Always nice to give some love to smaller guys. I really hope they aren't just skins.
  7. Should Infinite return to the Sonic series?

    While we're on subject of controversial villains, who do you think is better: Deadly Six or Infinite? I prefer Infinite for design, music and any attempts at depth, when DS have only attempts at comedy. I don't dislike them as much as I use to in2013, but still.
  8. Should Infinite return to the Sonic series?

    Well, calling him "Infinite" will be weird. It's like Tails losing his tail. For a while, I can imagine, but not as new 'status quo'. And now we're talking about ideas way too complicated for Sonic games writers.
  9. Should Infinite return to the Sonic series?

    You want to turn Mr "Sharpest of Blades" into a small fry villain? Can be a fun boss fight, but keeping him like that would kinda miss the point of the character.
  10. Should Infinite return to the Sonic series?

    I liked him well enough, but I know many didn't. So I'm not sure if it's wise to "capitilize" on him. Then again, Deadly Six were arguable too. And he's better choice than Mephiles, Erazor or anyone other villain from main modern games. Heck, I would prefer him that pulling out Chaos for dozenth time, no matter how I like him. Bigger question would be a role. I think he would work best as a secret boss to a spin-off game. Maybe main villain in Olympics, alongside Fawful or something. But in the actual main tittle? Unless Sega goes wild with his illusions, I think bringing him back would feel repetitive. And if he's gonna be just one of few villains, that's Villain Decay. But I would love to see him in IDW.
  11. Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Hmm, actually pretty fun question. Remove Zomzom, he's the worst. I'm wndering if combining him wiht Zik would make some comedic sense, but it could easily backfire. Zeena can go too. If we need a girl, then genderbend Zor or Zazz. Or Zavok, if writers have balls to make serious big villain monster a woman.
  12. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Man, that shifted. In Satam (I'm sorry Nate) it was Bunnie, because cool cyborg, fancy accent and underused. I still liked her in early Archie, but now I had to read that accent and maybe it's cause I'm not English Born Speaker, but that was somites a pain ;p. Speaking of accents. Antoine slowly replaced her. I hated him in Satam (sorry again Nate), so I really appreciated seeing him grow, like when punched Geoffrey in the face. #50-160 is a haze of indifference, but under Flynn wings Nicole beat all of them. AI learning to be sentient is a old swan, but it just kinda worked. (I was always okay-ish with Sally and I never meet a single Rotor fan. I don't hate the guy, don't love, just acknowledge his existence.) Knux and Shadow are obvious favorite of their respective team and I don't care about anyone else. Only other FF group I liked were Sand Blasters and Jack the Rabbit, for being amazingly terrible person.
  13. Are Sonic media better than the games?

    Despite it's obvious flaws, I still enjoyed Forces narrative. More than many Boom episodes, even if ""objectively"" Boom is better, Forces had elements I wanted to see more. And Mania is good as a game, so " arms shrug". Let's hope movie won't mess the good streak.
  14. bandai namco sega sonic fighting game?

    Yeah, I'm waiting for stronger evidence.
  15. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I always though it's a big miss-opportunity that ME wasn't in the Resistance Base, as a power generator or something, kinda like Sonic X season 3. It would add a bit color to the room and tell us that writers can about most basic lore stuff, plus emphasis Knuckles key role in the group.

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