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  1. Yeah, but then Sonic is responsible for Eggman returning. Or Batman is responsible for Joker (according to "red hood" origin". And maybe Superman should feel blame every time Luthor kills someone to spite him. Heroes can't (or rather should not) feel guilt over bad guys actions, just because they were one of many variables that pushed villain to do it. Bad guy is to blame for doing bad. Or to put it shorter: She-ra/Catra.
  2. They probably aren't exclusive. "Shattered World" was basically both. Or "Iron Dominium", "Mecha Sally" whole Legend of Aang. Arc has ongoing narrative. Not just "start" and "end", something in the middle makes progress. So let's say World Collide was only Arcs. Arguably "Enerjack Knuckles" but that's closer to 1 story told in 5 comics. Event are too tightly connected. Status Quo serves as background for smaller stories. Sonic Satam was one big status quo, because not one episode really lead to finale. Or when My Little Pony started "School of Friendship" that was change of status quo. There was no endgame to the school, it stayed part of the show till the end. Just new setting for new stories. Or when Sonic in Archie was in Space after #125. That was bunch of loose unconnected stories. There was no bigger narrative, so no "arc". Just a temporary status quo. I suspect 90% of times Arc is sub-category to Status Quo.
  3. Say what you want about Sonic 06, at least it was memorable. And one of those memorable thing was Mephiles the Dark and his claim that "humanity will turn against Shadow". I won't pretend that 06 story is golden, but on paper idea sounds intriguing. So I've been thinking if there is any interesting story in this premise. Could humans/mobians turn on Shadow. Would they have good reason? Could Shadow be the on at fault? I would really like to hear if anyone has a cool idea how to expand this premise. Because frankly I came up with only one idea. Mephiles was playing "self-fulfilling prophecy". He told Silver Sonic will be the cause of the bad future. IF Silver killed Sonic, what he said would kinda be true. Analogically he told Shadow that humanity would turn on him. IF Shadow joined forced with Mephiles, again, this would on technicality be true. It is satisfying answer (for me), but kinda kills potential for new stories to tell. Anyone has something better?
  4. The whole "democratic" world is ruled by very flawed system. There are several better ways, some very easy. Even if you don't care for politics, it affects every other type of voting with more than 2 choices. So yeah, it's my personal pet peeve and I try spreading the awareness every time I get a chance.
  5. Somewhere in the middle I guess? I haven't seem official Sonic polls in a few years. Voting with several choices is stinking lie anyway due to "third party voting". Imagine poll Mario Vs Sonic. Let's say Mario wins 55 to 45. Now I make Mario Vs Sonic Vs Luigi . Suddenly Mario fandom splits in half and Sonic wins, because people who voted Luigi harmed their own cause. Good think we only use that voting system for silly fandom questions and not how to rule the world OH WAIT.
  6. Depends how you count popularity, Exposure (how many people know him) or Opinions (what those who know him think of thim 1) Exposure-wise he's on the bottom of Recurring Cast, slightly above Charmy and Omega (arguably Cream). Chaotix (especially non-Vector) just tend to get short end of a stick. Even Big is meme-popular. 2) Opinion-wise he, Vector, Omega and Blaze are only non-Classic characters without any large hatedom (to be fair I didn't heard recently any major hatedom backlashes and I hope it stays like this). He's generally well liked on the basic "ninja are cool" rule and Chaotix are acknowledged as fun and unique group in the franchise. But with all that said, Exposure influences Opinions, and I rarely see him in "Top 5 Sonic characters". I can think of 2-3 people who claimed Espio is one of best Sonic characters.
  7. Well whole discussion really boils down to this single question, doesn't it? I say "I think we can all agree that majority of of fans prefer Mobian over humans", you say "Um, no." And how do I disprove it? For me it's just seems logical, almost axiom. At the end of the day, different between humans and mobian is only one: design. Mobians just feel more natural next to Sonic and are more colorful, I though that was the whole point of making games about animals. And Eggman? I could be stubborn and claim that we just got used to him, but that's leads to impasse. I guess making him sole human made him more special, with thin environmental message. But there is very simple counterargument: Eggette. Fun and beloved character, based on pretty much on design alone. So I guess I change my previous statement to something less black-white, but longer to say: "Human in Sonic created SO FAR are less popular than mobians. Even important-ish ones, like Shara, Merlina or Pickle, pale in popularity of not just Silver or Rouge, but even Chip and Marine (I can't prove it, but that's what I believe). It could be potentially changed if Sega introduced humans with really good design, rather than anime-ish look they went so far. Unleashed might been step in right direction, but didn't introduced any really major human character." Can we at least agree on my previous point: that humans characters, while useful, aren't needed for IDW and wouldn't drastically change writing quality?
  8. Pickle could been easily replaced with Relic if she wasn't busy. Heck, Uncle Chuck could just visit library and fins Gaia Manuscripts. I guess some people like Pickle, but I never got why his cucumber sandwiches are so funny. Madonna and Amanda Tower exist, but leave no impact. Station Square could been populated by Mobians and saved by new FF side-group and story wouldn't be poorer in anyway. Same goes for any human key-guardian. So after reading @Conquering Storm’s Servant and @Shadowlax posts I'm not even sure if we disagree or not. My point is that lack if humans in IDW might be annoyance, but not problem that needs instant fixing. If comics goes for 100 issues without GUN or Pickle, I'll be just fine. Maybe Shadow won't be able to talk about Maria again, but 1) "Modern" Shadow seems unable of emotions like that anyway 2) but if he can, I'm more than happy to see Shadow do something new other than brood about his past. With that said, I agree that humans are mostlu COULD be removed. To me in most of Sonic continuities they have only 2 significant roles 1) As background for Eggman and expansion for his family (SA2, thus link to Shadow, Hope, Snively and thus Iron Queen). But Eggman works just fine without those elements. Some stories can't be told (sucks), but plenty other await. 2) As background for Shadow (GUN), cause SA2 was good, but already a strangely dark story and replacing human soldiers with rabbits wouldn't make contrast less jarring. And him working for GUN was a very handy plot device. Anyone else CAN be humans, but just as easily could be Mobians. We would avoid some drama with Elise. I bet Shara and Merlina would be more popular as well. Trrrrue, but you can't turn Sonic or Blaze into human, and even if you can, few people will be glad. This is franchise about talking animals, it's save to assume that we prefer mobians. No one played Star Fox and thought "this game would work better if Peppy was a human".
  9. Over the course of last decade I grew to love (or at least like) everyone from Sonic "Recurring" cast (Sonic Heroes + Silver and Blaze). Big and Omega can be really funny, Shadow or Metal are just badass, while Rouge or Eggman are just fun people to have around. The only exception to this rule is... well, you read the title. For me Espio is just sorta there. He never gets to do anything as awesome as super-form characters nor is he as wacky as rest of Chaotix. I usually like the serious one of the comical group, because he tends to also be smart and responsible one, but that's Vector's role (which makes him my favorite Chaotix. Good mix of comedic flaws and actual skills). It isn't helped by how rarely stories are centered around hin. Even Chaotix stories usually give first focus on Vector. (Ironically I think I kinda liked him in Sonic Heroes, He seemed deadly serious and kinda crazy shouting things like "Where's light, there's shadow." or "Beware my ninja power!" ) With all that said I though it wouldn't' hurt to ask all Espio fans: why do you like him so much?
  10. Worst Case Scenario: Sega actually tries to do it. No, I don't have faith in them.
  11. Maybe, but hardly because humans were involved. Shadow, rest of the Team Dark and Eclipse, they made the highpoints. Humans were window dressing that smoothed out the narrative, otherwise Shadow would had to steal rocket from Eggman or something (...that sounds kinda sweet). As much as I hate loosing any narrative element, since everything has potential uses, humans were very MINOR part of Flynn's work on Archie. With exception fo Hope and Snively (and Eggman of course, maaaybe Iron Queen), I can't think of single human or scene with humans (in Archie comics) that I would miss / couldn't remake to work without them. I don't want to be "your subjective opinion is wrong" sort of guy, but I feel we cry over humans much more than they deserve.
  12. Oh, Jano and cave of Bad Dreams was my nightmarish, but chase scene was just a climax. How about those tiny clones of him how tried to get behind you and eat you alive. How about all the ambient sound , making you feel something is constantly on your tail?. Or those skeleton hands in walls and freaky skulls you had to walk on? But the worst part for me were Shadow Catterpillars I never liked bugs to begin with, but those things just cheeped me out. The way they moved, that weird sounds, icky design. Yes, you can killed them with one shoot, but they always come back. And camera controls were terrible, so it was easy to loose track of them, so you just listen tot that terrible sound. And game demands than you transport 2 orb through them, leaving you almost defenseless! I swear, I couldn't even look at them, I just ran blindly through the room hoping I'll pass them. Also, Psychonauts and MILLA SECRET ROOM ....you know, I kinda wish Sonic game would try to scare us more often.
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J8KEabS-L3czNDZR_GzPGuDCVIyCnX20tZWuij6f-EA/edit#gid=0 Here's a cute spreadsheet I made, who owns/made biggest gaming IP. I mostly listed companies (Sega, Capcom), but also few game developers (Insomniac). If I missed something, feel free to correct me. So as far as I know, Sony owns "Jak and Daxter" and Uncharted, but not Crash (when I last checked it belonged to Sctivision) and I don't know about the Last of Us.
  14. From Sony-related-but-not-owned-by franchises, Crash and Spyro are most obvious picks. It would be double Sweet after "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal" failed to get them. But who knows, I can count like 30 third party franchises that could potentially joined Smash and I bet I missed another 10. And Byleth proved that in theory Arms or Golden Sun could still join (although AT make those two dubious). I guess Sonic character isn't impossible, but neither is winning lotto three times in a row. (If I was Nintendo I would make Mother Brain playable, in a new body specifically designed for Smash U and Metroid Prime 4. People would go wild for "sneak-peak" like that.)
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