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  1. We've been there for at last 60 pages of this discussion. Every bloody day I check this forum, there are 1-2 new pages, and they all full of the same comments: "I heard Sonic is dead/I heard he's not dead/ I hope he's not dead/etc". Over and over and over and over. Someone could write a program that keeps sending last 100 posts in random order forever and I would never notice. It's like I'm being in low-level hell.
  2. I hate spreading panic, but isn't Megaman comic still 'on hiatus'? Personally, I already assumed worst
  3. You're one chatty person, MDS. I can't remember giving more than 5 likes in one day, and that's more of exceptions than a rule
  4. Personally I still thing Sonic X has some qualities to respect. It the closest thing we have to real based-on-games Sonic cartoon and it just nailed characters like Rouge or Knuckles. But if you didn't liked it, then Archie-X won't change your mind. There is bigger focus on Sega cast, but most stories are really generic, so is the art. Issue 5-6 was the closest to really fun story, where Eggman uses Chao as weapon. Although, there are stories that are purely comedic. They range from terrible (Valentine issue) to actually pretty good ones, my favorite being 35 and 37. The biggest 'legacy' this series left was when Eggman became Luchadore called "El Grand Gordo".
  5. Sigh, I still remember when Unite came out and with 4 ongoing comic series people speculated that more are on the way. And now...
  6. Neat. I'll definitely see it. Hmm, two cartoons from 2001 are back. That means that Danny Phantom will soon be nostalgic to get reboot. It's really the only show on my "come back" wish list. I mean, El Tigre or Wander over Yonder would be nice too, but Danny Phantom was close to my heart, good, but obviously flawed (especially last season). (If we're talking about other media, then I want Archie Sonic/Megaman back and something with playable Shadow, that isn't Olympics game)
  7. You means SU? There is little reason to talk about Sonic X or KtE. 25 - beginning of epic storyline. I mean, that last page is just awesome. Also yardley art combine with Dillon's coloring is delicious rarity. (Funny that whole arc is a huge reference to Flynn's fanfic: Sonic Other M.) 50 - I love Metal Sonic, so obviously I think it was great. I actually preferred SU 1, but still solid story. 75 - cute little story, but let's face it, it wasn't a celebration at all.
  8. 25 was okay, nowadays I would expect more. Sonic just kinda wins, with no real drama. And only interaction with Metal is when he tripped Sonic in very silly way. 50 was... epic in scale, but let's say I have few complains. Starting with that idiotic 'traitor' plot and it's idiotic resolution. 75 as better, mostly because I liked the way they brought back Robotnik. 100... was it even a celebration? Barely felt like one. I guess it was okay, for Sonic that is. Knuckles 'welcome to the dark side' was dumb in so many ways. 125 was meh, with SOME nice art. 150 is about Evil Sonic making out with girls and Titan Tails. There is nothing more to say. 175 was pretty epic, even if Eggman making fun of Sonic's love-life is really petty even for Eggman. And talking about later parts "baddie isn't listening to his lackey" is somewhat tiresome cliche. 200 wasn't much of a grand story. I think Flynn tried to make it different from 50th issue by making it simpler, personal, less grand. I see the idea, but it's still feels a bit disappointing. 225 was really good, although it's a start of bigger storyline (whole Mecha Sally arguably) so I find it hard to judge as standalone issue Last two are big crossover fights. 250 is admittedly really epic, 275 not so much.
  9. Come one, swamping faces in Sonic could not possibly have large impact. (watches video) Everything I knew was wrong.
  10. Sorry, but I can't agree. What you just spelled out is that Rotor is useless, since Tails is filling his role. Name one other fictional team that needs two mechanics? Dr Light and Dr Willy sure made lot of robots without any help. But even if you're right, that means that Rotor's role is still neglect-able. What he has except being a mechanic? Standard design, dull personality, no powers, zero backstory (before Reboot. Now daddy issues). Over all no one hates Rotor, but I never met single fan of his. That's why Flynn tried to kick him out in Preboot (in my opinion, he never said that out loud).
  11. I actually wouldn't mind the "Two Worlds" theory, if we did anything with the concept. The way it is know it's just needlessly complicated. (Besides, if Sonic is on earth now, why there is a chihuahua spirit inside of planet?) As for case "Black Arms Vs Xorda", personally I think Black Arms are better then Xorda (not by much, but still). Xorda are boring looking, with boring spaceship, boring secret weapon thing, really dumb reason to attack us and the war wasn't all that great. Remember that epic pannel when buch of characters charge to attack? Does anyone remembers what are they attacking? I tell you, bunch of laser turrets. And they don't even smash them, Knuckles does, somehow. Even Sonic flying giant robot, something that should be kinda cool, is by hampered reeealy boring design. Black Arms are a little more varied and recognizable, they fly in black comet and flying ancient temple and war with them had a little more involvement. Sonic and his frineds were fighting, collecting emeralds, stopping bombs, defending president, etc. Chaotix even had cool miniquest of their own. The only reason Archie story is better is lack of guns, swearing, killing your own allies and overall structure. And Archie has it's dumb moments too, like Robotnik moving Sonic's legs manually in order to power the machine. Or King Max "cool moment" when he demand Eggman to give him half of the planet, ignoring that 1 Eggman will obviously won't keep his promise 2 your life is at danger to, Maxie. But I see that everyone talks about lore impact. They both drastically change backstory of world/ important character. But the question is, is it automatically bad? To answer this, I'll point at Steven Universe. When show started we didn't knew Crystal Gems were aliens. Imagine you didn't know it was planned from beginning, would that "ruin things for ever"? (the answer is no). I will also say "Adventure Time" and shut up before I spoil something. Ok, so what is actual impact of both retcons. Archie is simple: none. We learned that it was earth all along and life move one. Nothing was learned, nothing changed. And even if old continuity was back and some new inspired writer decided to follow this lead, what can be learned? For not-spoilery example Splatoonn is post-apocaliptic word and that explains one living cat. It just nifty trivia and it's kinda fascinating contrast that post-apocaliptic world can be so cheerful. In Sonic case it only confuses matter. So in the end of the day it's like Lex Luthor hating Superman for making him bald: a weird thing that comics pretend never happened. Shadow is a bit trickier. I mean, yes, it made already confusing Shadow's origin even more confusing. But on the bright side, it makes Gerald even more tragic figure. It sad to know that he build Eclipse Canon to save humanity, only to go insane and turn it against us. Also, it gave us "Shadow Fall". I know, not the perfect SU arc, but it interesting to think that Shadow had to kill his own kind and still he will never be fully trusted. Game failed to capitalize on this idea, but left seeds for comic to use them
  12. Thanks, I'm truly honored. If you want I could try even more detail (reading order, thoughts on most important events and characters, etc). I think Flynn mentioned that he planned un-roboticized Sally around 250, so arc would take around 20 issues. Would fit the trend, considering that "Shattered World" was around 33.
  13. I'm not sure if it's fair to compere the two. For starters Archie could make story about Natzi Sonic and it wouldn't make the same impact as any video game, Secondly, one is a story, other is (mostly) a gameplay. Might as well compare them to burnt meat or sitting in one desk with that one kid who keeps biting his nails, no matter how many times you ask him to stop.
  14. No problem, I like making things like this. I could go in more detail, but I didn't wanted to bore anyone (and avoid spoiler in case you decide to read them). Considering that Flynn wrote for over 130 issues, he probably needs periods of his own, although it's a bit trickier, since he's one person. 160-177 was him 'cleaning up'. He closed XYL, reformed Shadow, fixed number of Chaos Emeralds. Many short stories that were suppose to "put things right". Constantly something was happening, which was pretty cool, although almost every story was a bit rushed. Also, Yardley debuted in the same issue. Comics went from this to this this in one issue. Since then I would say Flynn tried to check how long stories he can get away with. After "Eggman Empire" 3-parter, there was 5-part Return of Enerjack (which arguably can be considered last 'cleaning' act as it took care of Pender's echidnas), 8-part "Brand New Moebius", 12-part "Iron Dominium" and we never learned how long "Mecha Sally" would be. None of those 'arcs' were perfect, but they focused on Sonic and his friends, action, fun, with wee bit of emotional stuff, so what else could we want? (Maybe some originality. Scourge, Finitevus, Shard, all popular 'creation' by Flynn, were actually made by other writers, he just kinda remade them.) But as you might know, "Mecha Sally" was really controversial for some reason. I mean, yeah, there were complains before. On Fiona being Out of Character, on Charmy forced into games personality in worst way possible, on Scourge getting to much screen time. but from what I seen "Mecha Sally" really opened a complain train and I don't really know why. It was obvious that this is temporary status quo, and it had good moments. Issue 234 actually made me shear a tear. And then was Worlds Collide (which everyone loves, but not me) and Reboot (with Worlds Unite inside, which no one loves including me). Since a lot of baggage was thrown away everything is even 'gamier'. All designs are in Sonic style, classic badniks are everywhere, Sega characters don't have parents now (aside Cream I guess). It has it's appeal, but word sometimes feels a bit... bare. To put it simply: between 175 and 200 Sonic fought Eggman, Enerjack, Scourge, Moggul and few smaller foes. Between 252 and 287 Sonic fought Eggman, Eggman robots, Eggman Egg Bosses and Dark Gaia Monster (property not by Eggman). Only exception was "Championship", were we could see unique opponents.
  15. There, on this we can agree. horridus and Shadowlax pretty much covered it (although Slap and "Shadow in future" were not made by Penders). For me Pre-Flynn period looks like this: 1-20 is a comedy period. Puns, 4th wall, etc. Good for giggle, not worth looking again. No one though this comic would last, no one really cared. 20-50 is Satam period (becuase comic tried to copy style of cartoon). Some people say it was the best pre-Flynn period, but I never like Satam and this period wasn't much better (although "Mecha Madness" and "Sonic Quest" were probably best pre-Flynn stories, I admit that). Still, many people say that this changed of direction allowed Sonic to live that long. 50-75 is Bollers/Penders period, my personal favorite. It was bit of a mess, but thinks were happening. Everyone deals with retaking their homes, Naugus, Mogul, Elias, Robotnik is back. It had stupid moments, like "Daddy wants Sally to get married", but overall it was neat. And in that time Penders was focusing on Knuckles comic, which like horridus said, having all this lore and direction sounded like a good idea, but the longer it went, the dumber it was. I actually enjoyed original Knuckles miniseries. But "Green Knuckles saga" or dingo plot threath that never went forward were just sad. Around 75-125 everyone though comic is going to get cancelled, so there were tons of 1-issue stories. For some dumb reason focus went on melodrama. Sonic went to school, had a love triangle, etc. Also, this was period with absolutely worst artwork. Knuckles was cancelled, so Penders wrote his super-long-epic-sagas in 5 page back ups. It was sad. And lastly 125-160 is complete mix bag. "Homecoming" and "Return to Angel Island" were best strories in years, big, epic and somewhat moved things forward (both written by Bollers if I remember correctly). But there was "Slap", "TItan Tails", everything about Shadow, Evil Sonic pretending to be THE Sonic to make out with bunch of girls (what a great celebration of 150th issue) and of course original XYL. Again, big epic saga by Penders, that was in 5 page back ups and mostly showed teenage drama (which Penders had no idea how to write) with some extremely vague threat in the background. But artwork was nice, I do miss Butler. (Just to make it clear, no all of this was done by Penders. Karl Bollers and Romy Chacon 'helped' too.) So it was 2006 when Flynn took over and said "hey, don't we have a lore from games to use? Maybe I give some time to Rouge or Chaotix? And how about we focus back on adventure and bunch of colorful villains? And I'm not throwing older stuff every, in fact I'll return bunch of older characters and make them cool again" And so Flynn ruled justly over comic, creating such wonder like Sonic Universe and Megaman and everyone (except some whiners) were happy. The End. (And then was Mecha Sally, then Reboot, then Megaman was cancelled, then this hiatus now).