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  1. I'm sure it's fine. It's not like Sonic will make deal with Mephiles to make 06 erase itself from happening, but in turn he and Amy never married, she just hanged around as, IDK, crazy fangirl or something and due to reality shift none of us will remember how it really went...what?
  2. And let's not forget how Megaman's leg wound made him unable to Slide in MM 9 and 10. Or Mario losses many moves every time he goes on 2D adventure. Seriously this is one overthinking topic. Sonic has power of speed. Peel Out, boost, lighting dash, parkour, those are skills he has, but some games will arbitrarily lock, because shut up. In Generations you can buy Homing Attack for Classic and remove it for next stage. Do we need convoluted explanation how shop messes with his brain? And skills like Magic Hands are artifact based. (I like to think Sonic has a house that he didn't cleaned in ages, filled with rings, upgrades, souvenirs and other junk. But maybe he lost them, or they broke, finding them isn't canon. Whatever.) Chaos Control is harder topic, but keep in mind that Sonic used that power 4 times : twice to time travel in 06, once to fave his life in SA2 and then to teleport ARK. So in 3 situations he had help of Shadow/Silver, last time it was do-or-die thing. Either way he needs stakes, standing still and Chaos Emerald. (Fight with Shadow doesn't count. We know Sonic won, so canonically it was Shadow spamming teleport, while Sonic just run). I'm guessing he's not that comfortable with the ability. He much prefers to rely on his speed. And that Nose Sense... well, I think we can agree it's canonicity is still dubious, but Unleashed and Lost World proved it doesn't work so well. Maybe instead of "spider-sense", it's more of a gut feeling that he sometimes ignorese (I mean, his life is danger 22/6, it must be a background noise by now). And maybe as he grew older he doesn't sneeze anymore, just get's a little twiching in his nose, which is why he rubs it so often.
  3. Well since Shadow and Tails are higher in demand, Eggman might as well be a boss. But maybe not Death Egg Robot. How about Egg Viper? Despite being 3D boss, he was though on straight line, so it would be fun to see it translated to Smash Bros. If not Eggman, then Chaos Perfect/6/switching forms(?), that would be cool too. ...What SA1 bias? Fiiiiine, how about True Boss of Sonic Mania. Or Time Eater, would be nice to have a good fight against him. Other series? Willy Machine would be nice (either new or 4/8), but we already have Yellow Devil. So maybe Andros, Dark Matter or Mother Brain? They'll never be playable anyway. ...I know, I know! I want Metal Gear! It's hard to find any other franchise where boss fight is so much part of series identity. Maybe save for Monster Hunter.
  4. Is there some kind of generator or you both made it with photoshop? I mean, I guess it's 20 minutes tops, but writting "I want Sora" still takes less time and sends pretty much the same message. Either way, my first picks would be Shadow (and even more Sonic), Walugi and maaaaaybe Dixie Kong and Krystal. There are infinite number of 3rd parties and I have more 'collect full set' mentality, so I prefer to fill up old franchises. I know, I'm weird minority. And I'm 90% sure Fighter Passes will be for new 3rd parties.
  5. Just let me have it while it lasts! Egg Pistons? Final Boss of Sonic 1? I know it's not offical-offical name, but it's best we have. And Mania used it, so who are we to argue?
  6. I'm pretty sure Classic Games have to be canon, Sonic had to meet all his friends in some circumstances and retconing new ones is move stupid even beyond Sega decisions. But who cares? No more Green Hill tyranny. No more Wrecking Ball and Pistons. No more anniversary "Genesis Wave" or "Genesis of Hero" time wasters. We're freeeeee!
  7. I'm not saying Tangle & ´╗┐Whisper is better than main book. For starters it's jumping to conclusion, we're only half way through. But I will say that Sonic Universe was better. Stories had to end in 4 issues, pluspacing was better (mostly). Bigger variety, threats were bigger. And of course we had our favorite Sega character with room to express themselves and do something cool.
  8. So, we're all going to pretend to be internet-law obeying citizens, that clearly didn't marathon whole thing as soon as possible, caused mix of anticipation and fear of spoilers ruining us the last moments of this incredibly popular and showing up everywhere cartoon? And we're gonna play that game for at least 2 more months, maybe longer? Alright then. EDIT: Have you listened to "Let It Rain" Sunset Shimmer song? It's best music from MLP in years. I would call it perfect EQ send-off, but apparently there is one last special coming.
  9. Question: Was the whole movie a commentary on cartoons?
  10. For those curious how Sonic is doing: Year 2 sales stabilized around 11-12 thousands. Tangle&Whisper #1 sold 10K. Is that good? Here how Archie looked like this It starts around Endgame (50), with slight uprising possibly caused by release of SA1. It falls down around soap opera times (75-120), and crawls up, but why? Better writing, Sonic x, internet? Can't say, but Flynn didn't automatically fixed everything (he take over almost same time X comic starts). Maybe just stabilized things, with slight upraise post 200 and SU introduction. And last few spikes are Mecha Sally, Collide followed by reboot and Unite (although Unite only really jumped for 275 anniversary). Strangely post-Unite sales seem to fall lower than even during Flynn writing. So as long as IDW keeps around 11 thousands, I think we can be optimistic. Comparing to other IDW books: we're similar to Marvel Acton tittles (yes it's IDW), Transformers or TMNT (all around 10-11K), significantly above MLP (8K) and better than pretty much anything Archie makes (8K or less). My sources https://sonicsource.net/2018/05/07/idw-sonic-sales-numbers-breakdown/ https://comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2019/2019-05.html You know, it makes me "What if Archie 252 Reboot started with issue 1". Who knows, maybe it would still go to this day.
  11. Tangle & Whisper #2, next part of this " mini-series featuring two of the most popular new Sonic characters". A bit early to boast like that, wouldn't you say? Also Just wondering, does anyone knows how sales are doing? I'm curious if sales are satisfying enough for IDW to greenlight more of miniseries (or better yet SU). Anyway it's good. Not super-explosive awesome, but satisfying. Also, being a foreigner I like learning rarely used English words. So thank you Flynn for teaching me "yokel" and "rube". My ability to insult people without them knowing just increased! Not that I do that. Much. You maladroit ignoramus. Um, Thank you?
  12. Stupid question: how using Core Cast (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy) can be considered 'going back to basics' when Amy was never playable in older games, let alone appearing next to Tails or Knuckles? Spin-offs don't count. I have a theory that that Amy, Metal (and maybe Knuckles) weren't meant to become the core of the series, not more than Baby Metroid or playable characters in Castlevania 3, animal friends in Kirby 3, etc. But Sonic had bigger coverage, bunch of spin-off and long time between Sonic 3 and SA1 cemented the idea that Knuckles is essential part of the adventure, no matter how much it contradicts his job as Guardian. It wasn't Modern Cast that started a flood of characters with large fanbase that now need to be pushed somewhere. Knuckles did (to be fair, at least he had unique and fun gameplay, unlike Shadow or Mech shooting)
  13. That's like two topics at one, but whatever. 1) Game without Eggman? Actually why not, I wouldn't mind. These days he's one of better written characters, but at least next Deadly Six or Chaos will have more time to develop and won't have to usurp Eggman again. I mean, Malekif in Thor 2 was bland because they removed a lot of his time for Loki. 2) Going back to basics: you do realize that 06 was last main game where Recurring Cast was more than a wallpaper? Sonic Colors and Lost World didn't managed to develop Tails in any way, not in satisfying for the audience. Or Amy's role in Unleashed. Or anyone in Boom tittles. Writing at Sonic Team is somewhat of a mess these days, and "scaling it down" to Core Cast isn't a solution. Heck, I enjoyed the novelty of Forces giving us a little of Recurring Cast.
  14. Remember my Blaze Arc idea from previous post? For no good reason I planned out whole arc.
  15. Okay, I watched a movie and my first though? Remember that one scene about character x standing long time in one place? I want a remake of it using Omega and Eggman. Come artists reading this, it's gold and you know it! Also "something is clearly wrong" is so becoming a new meme. But actual thought? It's fine. Not as good as I would want, but has enough fun to make it worth watching. My biggest problem is villain, Spinel. Her motives are reasonable, but HOW her past happens kinda bugs me. So her origins might disappoint you. Also songs weren't kinda mediocre, maybe except concert.
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