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  1. Thanks, I'm truly honored. If you want I could try even more detail (reading order, thoughts on most important events and characters, etc). I think Flynn mentioned that he planned un-roboticized Sally around 250, so arc would take around 20 issues. Would fit the trend, considering that "Shattered World" was around 33.
  2. I'm not sure if it's fair to compere the two. For starters Archie could make story about Natzi Sonic and it wouldn't make the same impact as any video game, Secondly, one is a story, other is (mostly) a gameplay. Might as well compare them to burnt meat or sitting in one desk with that one kid who keeps biting his nails, no matter how many times you ask him to stop.
  3. No problem, I like making things like this. I could go in more detail, but I didn't wanted to bore anyone (and avoid spoiler in case you decide to read them). Considering that Flynn wrote for over 130 issues, he probably needs periods of his own, although it's a bit trickier, since he's one person. 160-177 was him 'cleaning up'. He closed XYL, reformed Shadow, fixed number of Chaos Emeralds. Many short stories that were suppose to "put things right". Constantly something was happening, which was pretty cool, although almost every story was a bit rushed. Also, Yardley debuted in the same issue. Comics went from this to this this in one issue. Since then I would say Flynn tried to check how long stories he can get away with. After "Eggman Empire" 3-parter, there was 5-part Return of Enerjack (which arguably can be considered last 'cleaning' act as it took care of Pender's echidnas), 8-part "Brand New Moebius", 12-part "Iron Dominium" and we never learned how long "Mecha Sally" would be. None of those 'arcs' were perfect, but they focused on Sonic and his friends, action, fun, with wee bit of emotional stuff, so what else could we want? (Maybe some originality. Scourge, Finitevus, Shard, all popular 'creation' by Flynn, were actually made by other writers, he just kinda remade them.) But as you might know, "Mecha Sally" was really controversial for some reason. I mean, yeah, there were complains before. On Fiona being Out of Character, on Charmy forced into games personality in worst way possible, on Scourge getting to much screen time. but from what I seen "Mecha Sally" really opened a complain train and I don't really know why. It was obvious that this is temporary status quo, and it had good moments. Issue 234 actually made me shear a tear. And then was Worlds Collide (which everyone loves, but not me) and Reboot (with Worlds Unite inside, which no one loves including me). Since a lot of baggage was thrown away everything is even 'gamier'. All designs are in Sonic style, classic badniks are everywhere, Sega characters don't have parents now (aside Cream I guess). It has it's appeal, but word sometimes feels a bit... bare. To put it simply: between 175 and 200 Sonic fought Eggman, Enerjack, Scourge, Moggul and few smaller foes. Between 252 and 287 Sonic fought Eggman, Eggman robots, Eggman Egg Bosses and Dark Gaia Monster (property not by Eggman). Only exception was "Championship", were we could see unique opponents.
  4. There, on this we can agree. horridus and Shadowlax pretty much covered it (although Slap and "Shadow in future" were not made by Penders). For me Pre-Flynn period looks like this: 1-20 is a comedy period. Puns, 4th wall, etc. Good for giggle, not worth looking again. No one though this comic would last, no one really cared. 20-50 is Satam period (becuase comic tried to copy style of cartoon). Some people say it was the best pre-Flynn period, but I never like Satam and this period wasn't much better (although "Mecha Madness" and "Sonic Quest" were probably best pre-Flynn stories, I admit that). Still, many people say that this changed of direction allowed Sonic to live that long. 50-75 is Bollers/Penders period, my personal favorite. It was bit of a mess, but thinks were happening. Everyone deals with retaking their homes, Naugus, Mogul, Elias, Robotnik is back. It had stupid moments, like "Daddy wants Sally to get married", but overall it was neat. And in that time Penders was focusing on Knuckles comic, which like horridus said, having all this lore and direction sounded like a good idea, but the longer it went, the dumber it was. I actually enjoyed original Knuckles miniseries. But "Green Knuckles saga" or dingo plot threath that never went forward were just sad. Around 75-125 everyone though comic is going to get cancelled, so there were tons of 1-issue stories. For some dumb reason focus went on melodrama. Sonic went to school, had a love triangle, etc. Also, this was period with absolutely worst artwork. Knuckles was cancelled, so Penders wrote his super-long-epic-sagas in 5 page back ups. It was sad. And lastly 125-160 is complete mix bag. "Homecoming" and "Return to Angel Island" were best strories in years, big, epic and somewhat moved things forward (both written by Bollers if I remember correctly). But there was "Slap", "TItan Tails", everything about Shadow, Evil Sonic pretending to be THE Sonic to make out with bunch of girls (what a great celebration of 150th issue) and of course original XYL. Again, big epic saga by Penders, that was in 5 page back ups and mostly showed teenage drama (which Penders had no idea how to write) with some extremely vague threat in the background. But artwork was nice, I do miss Butler. (Just to make it clear, no all of this was done by Penders. Karl Bollers and Romy Chacon 'helped' too.) So it was 2006 when Flynn took over and said "hey, don't we have a lore from games to use? Maybe I give some time to Rouge or Chaotix? And how about we focus back on adventure and bunch of colorful villains? And I'm not throwing older stuff every, in fact I'll return bunch of older characters and make them cool again" And so Flynn ruled justly over comic, creating such wonder like Sonic Universe and Megaman and everyone (except some whiners) were happy. The End. (And then was Mecha Sally, then Reboot, then Megaman was cancelled, then this hiatus now).
  5. So you wanted him to leave ME and Angel Island, thus throwing away main Sega elements? Develop Chaotix which would obviously end different then Sonic Heroes, thus back firing again? And then get his own villains and side characters that would have even less connection with the main idea? Not to mention Knuckles wasn't treasure hunter before SA1.
  6. This discussion again? (Well, at least it's better than grabbing every rumor about comic dying/not dying) As much as we don't like Penders, I don't blame him for populating Angel Island. Knuckles got his very own comic, it had to be about SOMETHING. Not the mention it was before Adventure 1, so Sonic world was pretty bare at this moment.
  7. I wanted to talk with people about Archie Sonic. And then Flynn closed Bumbleking Forum, so I moved here.
  8. ...I love Bane, but I think it's going to be massacre. Bane is still a human, Venom is alien symbiote. Bane greatest victories come from planning and mind game, everything he doesn't have in death battle. Lastly, he doesn't have fire/sound/ other weapons good on Venom, Even if he somehow brakes his back, symbiote will probably still move Brock's broken body. The only way Bane can win is by
  9. Art's pretty good. But story is weird, I don't really get it.
  10. I remember seeing adorable SonAmy comics on DeviantArt , but I'm having hard time finding it. EDIT: Never mind, found her. She moved to tumblr "Boom!Baby Comic" is a nice place to start.
  11. Pretty much. I think it's the closest to satisfy everyone.
  12. Remember Knuckles and Rouge in Sonic X? That's the amount I would like. Even SonAmy was done fairy well. It was in 'no confirmation zone', but shippers had few episode to enjoy. This would be perfect way to insert romance for main cast. (read: teams from Sonic Heroes, Blaze, Silver, Sticks, Eggman, Metal, Babylonians). It's cute, keeps shippers happy, but most importantly doesn't steal too much time. More supporting cast, like SonicComicFanboy said, can do whatever they want. As long as action and adventure are the main focus, we're good. (Also, it should be well written, obviously).
  13. Honestly, I'm good as we are. My fav characters like Elias or Honey would have no place in games as they are (plus I want this screen time for Metal, Shadow, Rouge, etc) If I have to, I guess Finitevus. 1 He's cool 2 He's lost to reboot, so I'll save him 3 His existence alone would force Sega to take Knuckles more seriously. My second pick would be any any Eggman servant. Eggbosses, Phage, Metamorphia (she would need a redesign though), anyone to make Egg Army more colorful.
  14. Okay, first thing: I get that SU must be 4 part long for various reasons but 1 They could be more 3+1 or 2+2 like Chaotix Quest. 2 More importantly it doesn't impact my judgment. "Shattered would be better if it was shorter" has nothing to do with reality that force it to be 4-parter. It's like Trump being a president. I don't like it, but for some reason that's how it has to be. Second, what Shattered is about? Naugus and his troll heritage, Knuckles and Amy interactions, Knuckles retrieving Master Emerald. Expanding any of those elements is not filler, it's making story full. What are Team Dark? They are getting their appearance quota checked and add some violence to the story. They are not the essential part of the narrative (I think Flynn even mentioned that he added them later). Here's simple idea how things would go: They go the caves only in two, meet Nixus, talk about history. Give excuse to split, Nixus goes with Amy, Knuckles alone. Amy realized who's she dealing with, fight. Knuckles finds Amy, she has shards. It wasn't Amy, it was Naugus, freezes Knux, takes ME for himself. Real Amy shows up (let's say she fallen from hight and Naugus though her dead), saves Knuckles. He's bummed out, talk from the flashback, they together go and stop Naugus. Of course it would requires some changes, but I made it up in 5 minutes, give me a break. Same story, only tighter.
  15. I think it would be just "fast paced". Just imagine that first Knuckles Vs Naugus fight isn't stopped in the middle and Amy is there too. Since we remove team Dark we have few extra pages for good fight and locking Naugus in prison, Next 2 issues can be about Knuckles and Amy moving Emerald back to Angel Island and all the friendship talk can be used there (okay, that's cop-out on my part. let's say 3 issues is a good length). Really, the biggest problem is that 'Nixus' is even more pointless. Admittedly Naugus is kinda strong to for only two of them, but that would make situation interesting. 1 Vs 5 seems little unfair.