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  1. Dang it, stop making such a bold predictions. Now when everything will be much simpler, I'll be super disappointed.
  2. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? OK ko, I didn't seen this coming. I know this show loves crossovers, but Sonic? I do wonder if Eggman will show up, considering that Boxman is so similar to him in many ways. With all that said, I expect this to be just kinda cute and nothing more. A decent-ish story, few references, maybe good comedy. Crossover with Steven Universe, Ben 10 and TT:GO wasn't all that amazing (beyond very idea itself).
  3. That this really should be still spoiler? I would be quite angry right now, if somebody else didn't spoiled that few months ago. Can we just treat every info about unreleased yet issue as spoilers? So far I've been informed about every major plot point of this arc months in advance.
  4. Eeeh, I'm still not convinced it would be more than small gimmick, like playing Sonic 1 with homing attack. Unless you redesign all the levels, but then you play Sonic Generations, advance edition. I know a lot of people who preferred advance 1 level design over advance 2.
  5. Sonic Drift. At least it's gonna be hard to mess up. This is good example of asking for something, without realizing how it fits. Advance 2 was build with that speed in mind. Other two games have completely different level design. At best boost would be useless, at worst cause of death. Might as well ask for Sonic 1 with Lost World's park-our.
  6. I would kinda prefer if they ADDED something in place of removed elements. You know, other than Tom the Cop.
  7. Impressive! Inking and coloring very similar to official quality. Script could use better one-liners, but did excellent job interpenetrating everything, much better than what I did when I saw sketches for a first time. I'm kinda surprised that Cortez isn't working for Eggman. It's strange to establish that Egg Army was here and now is gone. Would make more sense to me if Cortez was some kind of mercanary with weird idea how honor works. But I guess my interpretations leaves a lot of questions, yours is more elegant in it's simplicity.
  8. Wow, you always though the design was bad? You're quite competent to publish it then, Tim. This is why there is little point to read those. It's just computer-generated assurance that they totally on our side and that movie will be good.
  9. Who remembers those few unreleased Sonic Universe issues that were only drawn? Who wished that someone inked, colored and overall finished them? Who's getting exited?
  10. If I can do magically get anyone: Sora and Shadow. More realistically: Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, but must be together! They inseparable...despite being from different franchises. Smaller hopes: Well, with Bomberman, Rayman, Shovel Knight and Shantae highly unlikely, my choices are limited...I guess Lara Croft or Klonoa. I'll be quite indifferent for anyone else
  11. My avatar is actually a close-up of bigger picture. Not sure what you want to do with this, just redraw a different pose? Alter design? The idea was to mix Metal Sonic, Bane from DC and Skulker from Danny Phantom. My favorite villains from games, comics and cartoons.
  12. Let's see. 1 It just a snazy tittle that makes him more mysterious. "Ultimate Lifeform" is pretty meaningless too, but sounds awesome. 2 It emphasizes his loner nature, same as Frenchmen would feel living in Britain. Granted, he might never meet other echidna, but that what makes it interesting. He doesn't know if meeting other echidna would change his life. And he will never learn that, but probably will wonder. 3 With no other echidna, duty to Master Emerald and sins or Pachacamat are only his burden, thus making him way serious about his job. 4 It's a simple, yet sad backstory, that makes him more relatable. 5 While logic behind powers in Sonic is loose, with no other echidna Knuckles has unique power set (gliding, climbing, digging) that probably no other fictional character has. 6 It forces official artists to use different species, thus making cast more colorful. We all remember Penders and his amazing designs. Also don't think of echidnas as animals like cats, but as nationality like Aztec (which BTW, I'm pretty sure were wiped out). I'm guessing animal races back then stuck to 'their own kind', Same thing is with Babylon Rouges, who all were birds.
  13. I feel like Knuckles childhood is a mystery that will never be explained and frankly I'm kinda fine with that. He didn't even knew about Chaos, that's a big oversight in his education. Maybe last echidnas were so ashamed of their past that they didn't tell stories to their kids, just assured them that protecting ME is very important. Maybe it goes even further, maybe echidnas intentionally didn't reproduced, understanding that their times is over (just keep one bloke every generation to be guardian). Or maybe something big happened that wiped out remaining echidnas and Knuckles suffers amnesia (that would explain his bad preparation). We all remember Penders and his hidden city and spying dads. In Fleetway echidnas just 'left' and Knucles is apparently waiting for them (and to be fair, he knows much more about island). In STC-Online they added that he's lived in Tikal's times, but he's connected to magic crystal (not ME) that keeps resurrecting him, even if he lost some of his memories. So there are plenty of possible answers, either too dark or confusing (or just disappointing) to spend game explaining them. If I was Sega I would celebrate Knuckles anniversary by publishing comic that "is-or-isn't-canon. your-choice-fans" that gives us answers. But that's just me.
  14. Sonic's Age Legalization is weird 8 - you're old enough to pilot plane or car (Sonic R, Drift) 12 - you can lead world-Restoring organization 16 - you're old enough to became a ninja assassin 18 - you're old enough to fish And once you're 20 like Vector, suddenly paying rent exists (unlike Amy who owns at least one flat in Battle, yet never shown to have a real job).
  15. Obviously those are spikes, just like Knuckles has on fists 😜 Maybe she's wearing white pants, like Blaze? I heard some people though at first that Blaze's bottom half is covered in white fur.
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