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  1. Art's pretty good. But story is weird, I don't really get it.
  2. I remember seeing adorable SonAmy comics on DeviantArt , but I'm having hard time finding it. EDIT: Never mind, found her. She moved to tumblr "Boom!Baby Comic" is a nice place to start.
  3. Pretty much. I think it's the closest to satisfy everyone.
  4. Remember Knuckles and Rouge in Sonic X? That's the amount I would like. Even SonAmy was done fairy well. It was in 'no confirmation zone', but shippers had few episode to enjoy. This would be perfect way to insert romance for main cast. (read: teams from Sonic Heroes, Blaze, Silver, Sticks, Eggman, Metal, Babylonians). It's cute, keeps shippers happy, but most importantly doesn't steal too much time. More supporting cast, like SonicComicFanboy said, can do whatever they want. As long as action and adventure are the main focus, we're good. (Also, it should be well written, obviously).
  5. Honestly, I'm good as we are. My fav characters like Elias or Honey would have no place in games as they are (plus I want this screen time for Metal, Shadow, Rouge, etc) If I have to, I guess Finitevus. 1 He's cool 2 He's lost to reboot, so I'll save him 3 His existence alone would force Sega to take Knuckles more seriously. My second pick would be any any Eggman servant. Eggbosses, Phage, Metamorphia (she would need a redesign though), anyone to make Egg Army more colorful.
  6. Okay, first thing: I get that SU must be 4 part long for various reasons but 1 They could be more 3+1 or 2+2 like Chaotix Quest. 2 More importantly it doesn't impact my judgment. "Shattered would be better if it was shorter" has nothing to do with reality that force it to be 4-parter. It's like Trump being a president. I don't like it, but for some reason that's how it has to be. Second, what Shattered is about? Naugus and his troll heritage, Knuckles and Amy interactions, Knuckles retrieving Master Emerald. Expanding any of those elements is not filler, it's making story full. What are Team Dark? They are getting their appearance quota checked and add some violence to the story. They are not the essential part of the narrative (I think Flynn even mentioned that he added them later). Here's simple idea how things would go: They go the caves only in two, meet Nixus, talk about history. Give excuse to split, Nixus goes with Amy, Knuckles alone. Amy realized who's she dealing with, fight. Knuckles finds Amy, she has shards. It wasn't Amy, it was Naugus, freezes Knux, takes ME for himself. Real Amy shows up (let's say she fallen from hight and Naugus though her dead), saves Knuckles. He's bummed out, talk from the flashback, they together go and stop Naugus. Of course it would requires some changes, but I made it up in 5 minutes, give me a break. Same story, only tighter.
  7. I think it would be just "fast paced". Just imagine that first Knuckles Vs Naugus fight isn't stopped in the middle and Amy is there too. Since we remove team Dark we have few extra pages for good fight and locking Naugus in prison, Next 2 issues can be about Knuckles and Amy moving Emerald back to Angel Island and all the friendship talk can be used there (okay, that's cop-out on my part. let's say 3 issues is a good length). Really, the biggest problem is that 'Nixus' is even more pointless. Admittedly Naugus is kinda strong to for only two of them, but that would make situation interesting. 1 Vs 5 seems little unfair.
  8. Story would work just fine with little changes, but be way shorter, my guess is 2 issues. But overall limiting Archie to games characters only would be doable, but definitely damaging to the comic. I mean, Reboot is already Sega-ier and I see few problems. If Flynn could make better comic without including new character, he wouldn't be including new characters. FF are a different story though. I wish they and Sonic split for a while to see how it works (which might be what they're going for? I don't know, I didn't read solicits and don't want to know future events).
  9. I don't get it, there were already 3 SU arcs with female leads. Shouldn't there be strong numbers telling whenever they sell better or worse than ones with male heroes?
  10. not that it's a big accomplishment I would say this one is better. Chaotix in caper are slightly too much of incompetent clowns. Second issue is just "how to fill a pages between meeting Fang and meeting Chip. You know, I think we didn't waste enough pages talking about ghosts, even though we won't use them in the story." And comedy was better in Pirate Princess. On the upside, Chaos Caper had Relic and better climax (heck, it had action scenes in general), but I just found whole arc kinda boring. I feel like it could been told in 2 issues, 3 tops.
  11. So you think Reboot sucks, yet you want it to continue? Ok, I kinda get it. Still, what I'm saying is "I prefer for comic to die NOW, rather then in any previous moment or in the middle of new story arc". Obviously comic NOT dying would be best option.
  12. Speculations continue I see. Okay let's put my five cents on possible continuity by someone else. First of all, at least it's good moment to die. Main arc is finished, some threads are loose, but nothing to loose sleep over (I actually most disappointing we didn't seen Woodland Kingsmen, their existence is a fricking schroedinger cat). I will miss Honey, Breezie, Relic, Eclipse, some Egg Bosses, but I don't think I'm as hurt as with Preboot (ELIAS!!!) I'm sure plenty of fans will try to continue, but I somehow doubt anyone will achieve much. I'm a little temped to suggest reintroducing those characters in Archie Online (Silver can easily travel to Onyx Island, Breezie can takeover Moggul's casino, Eggman can hire new Egg Bosses, there are still ruins for Relic to explore etc). Except redesign and some minor redcons (like Rotor's original father) the only big challenge is Nicole's origin, completely incomputable with old world. But then again, Preboot was character packed as it was, maybe merging it with Reboot would be a disaster. If any new company takes over, I think they should continue what Flynn did (read: hire Flynn. And Yardley, Skelly, Stanley, where are Bates and Butler, etc). I know starting from the very beginning is temping, but 1 We just started fresh. Are we wanna kill all those plots again (or delay them for 10 years and who knows what will happen then)? 2 Megaman had only Bass as major character that didn't appear, and they still pushed him where they could. I don't want to wait that long for Shadow and others. (Also, that kills possibility for Sonic Universe for first few years) 3 Starting from Sonic 1 would probably mean starting with issue 1, so bye bye longest comic series adaptation. 4 I don't know if you noticed, but I'm SICK of classic adaptations over and over.
  13. That's actually a good news, pushing back would be pointless if they want planned to cancel the series. Honestly I hate to speculate over so little data, I'll just wait for clear message. It's kinda scary how last 7 pages were written in less then 48h, but then again Project 2017 has 114 pages, and we don't even know it's gameplay or tittle.
  14. Just read SU 94. Really disappointing ending. I waited for a curve ball that didn't came. It still has some funny jokes (Vector getting excited for payment is my favorite) and Undina's arc ends nicely, but I'm still disappointed. Over all "Case of Pirate Princess" seemed to be an interesting story, but after issue 2 plot just kinda stops. It shines in characterization department, Chaotix are wonderfully comedic yet competent and I like Undina. On the other hand pirates are colorful but they didn't left much impression on me, unlike say Eclipse, Relic, Honey or even Phage and Moss. Razor's drama about leaving his family didn't touched me as well. I just didn't felt like he had that strong connections with them. Comedy wise it's one of better arcs. Have you watched movies by Miyazaki, like "Kiki's delivery service". I didn't (yet), but I heard they aren't about a story, but watching characters interact. With that mindset this was pretty great arc. But if you assumed that Sonic story, Chaotix meeting Pirates, will have action, adventure and mysteries? Then you'll be underwhelmed.
  15. I feel like fiction went through this so many times, there's little to consider. Unless clones will be brain damage or something, they should be equal to us. The biggest issue of cloning is idea of sharing with your clone, like if your wife is your clone's wife, etc. But as far as I understand cloning, this is only problem in fiction and real clones can't make same age/same memory copy of you.