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  1. (I might have to come up with different tittle, to easy to make jokes). I'll mostly covers story, with few gameplay ideas.The game would have 3 playable characters: Sonic, Shadow and Silver. Main plot is about Eggman looking for some ancient weapon and most of the game would take place running through ruins of the once mighty civilization. Chapter 1 would start with friendly race between hedgehogs, perfect way to introduce characters and include tutorial into a game. After Sonic wins they somehow learn about Eggman plans, hedgehogs split and adventure begins. Chapter 1 would be about Sonic vs Eggman, simple classic fun. But 3/4 into the game Eggman find the weapon called "Corruption" and finds out warning that it's too dangerous too be released. He send Metal Sonic to slow down our hero, but after humiliating defeat, Metal ignores Eggman's orders and opens the vault, merging with creature inside into Metal Corruption. Corruption would be energy being that can control any machine and just wants to destroy everything. So the last levels are about stopping it. So far story nothing terrible, but nothing new. Chapter 1 is simple and easy to jump in. Chapter 2 starts with Shadow running away from something and talking to Rouge through a com link. He finally hides in his secret base. Pursuers he was running from are robots controlled by Corruption, lead by Omega. And the Rouge he was talking to is a simple computer AI that Shadow named that way. This chapter takes place in the future. Five minutes after Ch 1 ended Corruption just stared walking without Metal's body and no one was able to stop it. Now world is in ruins and we never make it clear what happens to everyone. Let's just say that Shadow goes "Old Man Logan" and suffers a terrible Survivor Guild Syndrome. Soon he finds Silver. All of this is caused by someone is messing with time, but some weird machine (let's call it Chrono Anchor) keeps pulling Silver back here and he need Shadow's help to destroy it. And of course it's inside Omega's base. So this chapter is all about Sonic Apocalypse, dark, but not "gritty" as everything would be kept in a subtext and implications. but given some emotional arc as Shadow needs to find a courage to fight again, after he lost everyone he cared for for second time. Chapter 3 takes place in the past when that mighty civilization was alive. You might be realizing that I want to pull out "Sonic CD/ Ocarina of Time" here. Time travel is a perfect way to reuse levels. First you go through ruins and pretty forest, then through ruined world and burned forest, and finally through just just seeded forest and ruins before they got ruined. Maybe in Present there is a frozen lake and in Future it melted and you can explore the caves. Maybe Sonic will walk through Hedgehog-shaped hole, and later Silver will be one to make it by crashing into something. This kind of shenanigans. Anyway, Silver befriends Scientist Guy and learns that villains behind everything is Eggman Nega (good excuse for fighting badniks in the past). Nega tricked Scientist Guy into sharing his awesome technology and with it he created Corruption. Silver is too late to stop him and what worse, Nega brought it a perfect vessel from the past. So after Metal Corruption in Ch1, Omega Corruption in Ch2, this one would end with Gizoid Corruption. Silver manages to capture Nega and split Corruption from Emerl, but is unable to destroy it. He just seals it in a vault, the same one Eggman will find in a future. He sulks that he failed, but Scientist points out that he saved countless lives of his people (implying that in Original Timeline they sealed Corruption without Silver, just with heavy looses). And that's worth something. Last Chapter start imminently after Ch 1. Sonic thinks he won, suddenly Corruption starts walking without machines ("Pure Corruption") and nothing Sonic tries seems to hurt it. But this time he finds he gets a present that was apparently waiting for him thousands of years. Weapon made by Scientist Guy that can destroy Corruption, but can be only powered by running really really fast. You can guess the rest. And that's my idea. Assuming that gameplay part would hold up I think it would satisfy most fans. It has room for expansion (maybe Tails & Knux in Ch1 or more exploring of Apocalyptic World), but I wrote it thinking about budget constrains and focused story.
  2. In theory? Sure , just make good game, slap Shadow as main hero, done. Preferably pick something ala Megaman X rather than Cooking Mama. Will Sega ever do it? I think first they would have to make a successful main Sonic game (or movie) where Shadow plays a bigger role. So you know, not impossible, but don't hold you breath either.
  3. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I would rather not. Honestly, Zooey as bland love interest as you can get. Personally I don't want anyone from Boom in IDW, only Sticks, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe Lyric & D-feakt if Flynn has reeeeally good ideas for then.
  4. A “Mania” for the Adventure Series?

    Here is why S-A-M would be hard to make 1) Big part of Adventure appeal are stories. Mania by concept is mostly nostalgia wank.. 2) Other important aspect are many playable characters. Mania added drop dash and new experiments with Mania Plus, but didn't reinvent the wheels. S-A-M has Sonic, Tails, maaaybe Knuckles... and every other gameplay kinda sucks. So you need to come up with new stuff, which sorta misses the Mania point. 3) Graphically speaking, it will be even more like Generations clone than Mania was. Honestly, I would much prefer new game that recaptures what was good about Advenure games, rather than wallow in the past.
  5. Who are the best villains in the franchise?

    What I dind funny in Satam Naugus is that he wasn't really a villain. Creep maybe, but not a villain. All he wanted is to escape from Void and I find that pretty reletable goal. If I ever remade Naugus I would make him a gray character, selfish freak, but not automatically evil. Remember all those 1 life monitors from classic games? Fleetway Sonic decided that inside of them lives Sonic clone made by Ivo Kintobor, that went evil and had to be imprisoned inside computer. It makes as much sense as it sounds.
  6. Sonic Boom: Infinite Chaos TV movie idea

    1) You're completely ignoring the chosen tone of Sonic Boom cartoon. I'm not sure why you even picked Sonic Boom, when clearly you want main universe movie 2) Sonic team + villains + new characters = at least 13 characters. Movie would either collapse under it's own weight or turn them into glorified cameos. 3) Overall you premise can be summed up as "pile everything Adventure Fans like and make it awesome". Something like that could only work if movie has impressive budged, like Infinity War. And even then Infinity War had new ideas, like new spin on Thanos. Your idea lacks focus, vision, structure. Does the movie has theme? Character arc? Builds on anything cartoons presented so far? Again it just seems like list of things you like gathered up into something you called movie.
  7. Badniks in 3D

    As often as people talk about improving Sonic in 3D I really hear suggestions what to do with enemies. So far Sega used 3 strategies 1 2D section, which is cheating 2 Make combat-focused gameplay like Hereos, guns in Shadow, Shadow/Silver in 06, shooting in Adventure, Avatar in Forces, Werehog, Black Knight or Rise of Lyric. So far it never worked. 3 Just make enemies a fodder for your Homing/Boost attack. Which to be fair, works just fine. Anyone played Rayman Origins or Legends? Really fun fast-paced 2D platformers (very similar yet different to Sonic) and enemies are total joke. Still, let's say we want something more. Any suggestions how to keep badniks a threat without making them a complete pace-breaker?
  8. I would totally buy gritty dark Mario movie. Humanity hides in a sewers from terrifying dragon king. Mario used mushroom based drugs (ala Bane) and flamethrowers that uses flowers as fuel. He rides actual dinsosaur to battle and Wario is genetically engineered clone gone wrong. If it's self-aware it would be amazing.
  9. Well, now we know which ending of Star Fox Command is cannon.
  10. Is There Any Hope For The Archie Sonic Pre-Reboot Cast?

    Elias, Scourge, Finitevus, Shard, Dimitri, Lien-Da, Feist. Those are the characters I'll miss the most. They will still live in fans minds, heck there is this Archie Online that will probably keep them going. But in something official? Put it next to Avatar Aang, Gravity Falls, El Tigre, Secret Saturday, any good movie that never spawn a sequel or whatever you hold close yo your heart and it passed away. Something just end and we have to deal with it.
  11. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I know how you feel. I know Nolan tried to do something different with Batman, a bold new direction for comic book movies. But damn it, he didn't include Bob the Goon from 1987 movie and that killed the whole experience with Dark Knight. ...wait, my mistake. I don't follow your logic. A less over-the-top example: did you ignored Young Justice cartoon, just because it didn't had all of teen titans in it?
  12. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Only I feel like this favorized/ less favorired discussion looks like this? Long story short it's about balance. Yes, popular characters should b given more time, that's basic law of demand and supply. Yes, other characters have their rights (and fans) too. So the real question is just about proportions, whenever Shadow gets enough screen time to his favored status. (I did numbers for Reboot Archie and answer is "sorta, he's go most page time from all modern characters". It's way to early to judge IDW.) In the end I thinks good STORY is what matter and this fanbase is too sensitive about their favorite characters. Personally I'm good as long as we move past using Core 4 for everything. I would prefer Shadow, but it can be Blaze, can be Espio, can be Lumina from Sonic Shuffle. As long as story is good and we avoid repetition.
  13. Who's the most popular character now?

    Funny, to me Classic Sonic is what Shadow become to Classic fans. Yes, Sonic Mania was fun. But that's gameplay, not story. (I suppose there is Mania Adventures, but I'll hold my opinion until full things comes out). Considering she was a random extra and now is considered a 4th (sometimes 3rd) core member, I would say she's doing pretty good. If something holds her back, I would blame it on her characterization in few games, boring gameplay in SA1, and maybe being a girl in boys-aimed-franchise (maaaybe).
  14. Can a Sonic/Dragon Ball Crossover Ever Work?

    If there is money to it, they can make it 'work'. My suggestion would be making a crossover that has relatively little fighting, but now I'm talking crazy. It would probably end with super forms flying everywhere.
  15. Who's the most popular character now?

    Sweet Demiurge, that's some high-level necromancy topic resurrection. Honestly, not much changed in those 7 years. classic+ Shadow are still on top and probably will stay that way for eternity. Unless Sega releases game/movie with bigger focus on secondary character (say "Chao Garden Game, starring Cream" or upcoming movie having Big as main (and successful) comic relief), It probably won't happen, but hey, 5 years ago no one knew who Guardians of the Galaxy are. And the rest? Blaze might be slightly more popular than Espio, Espio slightly more popular than Cream, but you need magnifying glass to notice.

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