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  1. MetalSkulkBane

    Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 5 Available Now)

    I found the ending slightly anti-climatic. Not the Knuckles part. That was brilliant. If they must keep Knuckles as idiot, at least make him ass-kicking idiot, who can save ME by himself. It's just that everything else is a long fight that ultimately leads to nothing. Anticlimax on purpose is still anticlimax. Someone said before "Mania is comedy first" and I don't think this entry was that funny. Sure, Metal is cool, Tails is useful, Sonic makes got attitude, But I don't giving points for being more competent than current game writers. I suspect know that I'm minority on this was, but I won't cry over Mania Adventures ending. It was cute, amazingly animated, but just bunch of funny videos. In some weeeird way I still liked Forces story more. (aaand I just lost any chances for getting likes to this post)
  2. MetalSkulkBane

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    For me there are few characters that must get into Smash (more likely next one or as DLC) are - Waluigi and Captain Toad (Toadette skin), just to finish Mario franchise. I wouldn't care before, but if Daisy got in, they deserve too - Like you said K.Rool - Krystal (obviously not gonna happen in this one) But there are few option other than FE or Pokemon (kinda wish for Snorlax, Heracross and one representant for each next Gen). Midna on Wolf Link, Paper Mario, Dixie Kong, Mother Brain (challenging I know), Tingle, one more F-Zero and while I keep dreaming, Yarn Kirby and Dark Matter based on Kirby 2. When it comes to new Nintendo franchises, we pretty much run out of good candidates (Who, Chibi-Robo? Golden Sun? Legendary Starfy? ) but keep in mind Kid Icarus was non entity before Smash Brawl, I think each smash should have one obscure franchise, just for fun. Arms aside (maybe someone funnier than Springman) I think there is one more franchise I would put: Andy from Advance Wars. It's a fairly long franchise, considered one of best GBA games, plus I would love to play as kid who sends tanks as one of his basic moves. And 3rd party is obviously long list. More Sonic ,Castlevania, Shantae, more Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, Banjo, Sonic, yada-yada. We all want them, but it's complicated.
  3. In my opinion Mania (or it's sequel) should have Modern DLC, with as many characters as possible in separate packages. That way 1 Classic purist won't have Shadow in their game, while keeping Modern fans happy 2 sales of DLC will give us clear number how much people care for each character 3 You don't have to worry how to implement 11 characters into a single story Granted you still have to think through their gameplays, but that's obvious. Obviously Amy gets a priority. Also, I wonder if Chaotix will show in later Mania in same rules as Mighty&Ray. They are classics too, technically speaking.
  4. MetalSkulkBane

    What if Sonic pulled an Infinity War?

    1) I feel really bad for anyone who didn't watched the movie yet and get spoiled the ending. It's more spread in the net than ending to Planet of the Apes. Or Bible. 2) I find this conversation tiny bit pointless until next Avengers movie comes out. I mean, murdering 1/2 of the world for few years is effective, but there is still high chance everything will be fixed. Because if that's the case than Sonic could very easily do that. Arguably it already happened in Archie, just on much smaller scale (Worlds Unite). Games could get away with it too (if they had balls these days) but would have to press "fix everything' button before game ends. But if Marvel really pulled it of? If next Spider-man will star Miles Morales and stuff? Highly unlikely, but Sonic shouldn't follow. Cause Black Panther is a tittle that his sister can potentially take and world will somehow move on (heck, actors may want to leave, maybe you're better off killing them). You can't just murder Blaze and introduce her younger brother or something. It would upset fans, make spin-off harder to pull of, overall just be a bad move.
  5. So I left MLP some time ago, but against a common sense I decided to go back and check few more episodes. Here are my quick thoughts on season 8 1) This show just gave up on making big scary villains. I guess Tirek was so big they concluded "well, we can't top that, can we? Let's not even try". I mean, Starlight was a single pony corrupting tiny village was a fresh breath of air, but now fighting bad weather or jackass inspector is a new norm. 2) I actually like Young Six. They just fleshed out enough to have more than one character trait, plus the way they become friends felt really natural. No mission to save the world, no teacher standing over them yelling "SHIP! I mean, FRIEND!!" Just bunch of kids, learning to like each other. Do I even need to say which one is the best? ...which is probably the reason why they don't get a single episode focused on them, afterwards. Really? They pushed Starlight though our throat until we chocked, but not them? 3) I grew to accept Starlight. Maybe not love, but tolerate. I'm bad at hating characters, especially recurring ones. i think they slightly changed how they write her, making her constantly screw-up in but in small relatable way, 4) And semi-finale was.... kinda terrible. Mean Six just used personalities from Discord debut, only worse. Chrysalis really needs to reform now, 'casue after failing to babysit those guys I'll never take her seriously again (overall, 3 strikes, it's getting old). Here's how I would reform her: through Discord. He finds her in a terrible conditions and thinks "wouldn't be great if I reformed someone?" And she needs to home, os she lives in his house, trying to reform him-back into being evil. Heck, she's a changeling, they could walk through Ponyville giving different arguments why to be good/evil. it would be great twist on old formula, plus show how much Discord has grown as a character (and he's still not that good at this friendship thing, so this would be a challenge).
  6. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    And Sonic Forces promotional comics and Sonic 1 promotional comics, Sonic Shattered Crystal comic, 25th anniversary comics...should I count semi-official STC Online?
  7. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    And Fleetway Comics, Sonic X, Sonic Boom, Sonic Universe, issues of both crossovers with Megaman, Knuckles Comic, comics I drawn with crayons when I was 10... Yeah, somehow this number doesn't speak to me.
  8. MetalSkulkBane

    How do you handle/juggle having a large cast of main characters?

    Sure, if story is long then why not.
  9. MetalSkulkBane

    How do you handle/juggle having a large cast of main characters?

    My suggestion? Focus on some, ignore others. Perfectly everyone should have at least little role, but it's better to have story about SOMETHING, with noise in the background, than nothing, just the noise. I mean, Avengers 1 pulled it out somewhat gracefully, but Infinity War just said "Screw it, Captain America gets small role, Bucky almost non-existent". If they tried to "do justice" to everyone, movie would be terrible or 7h long. Alternatively look at Game of Thrones.
  10. MetalSkulkBane

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    It doesn't? Honestly, it's hard to tell, seeing how little we know about two-worlds in games. But you got me about NPCs, I really didn't knew about that. I don't suppose you have some video or something like that?
  11. MetalSkulkBane

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    I would joke "t-shirt with sanic on it" but game beat me to the punch and missed the point. But if they seriously want to improve things here's my demands, from small to big
  12. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    ???? ???????????? ???????????????? ...ok, now I'm missing those guys a little
  13. MetalSkulkBane

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Is it me or does the comic uses a lot of Sonic Heroes imagery? I guess they still trying to not overuse classic imagery, Adventure tittles are too realistic (let's face it even I'm not interested in most SA1 badniks or Station Square), Shadow and 06 can go to hell and Unleashed was already prominent in Archie Reboot. Colors and Lost World were in space, Generations in white void, so Heroes is perfect balance to less-colorful Forces imagery. Hey, I'm not complaining. Now I want Egg Pawn Wizards and Hang Castle..
  14. MetalSkulkBane

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    In Sonic X Angel Island moved between Earth and Mobius. If we assume it was somewhat based on cannon, this graph falls apart like a card pyramid. Also I question Little Planet connections to SA1 (smalll reference) and Mania (illusions and dimensional travel being canon powers of Phantom Ruby)
  15. MetalSkulkBane

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa-I mean that this subject been kinda done to death in other topics. Basically it boils down than many people don't like , many are just willing to deal with it, very few actually seem to enjoy it. It seems to only make thing confusing (considering that not a single game referenced it so far) without any obvious improvements to world and lore.). But at the end of a day, if it will stay for ever in the background, it's just not worth loosing sleep over. If IDW or future games actually explore the subject, only then I'm willing to give a damn. Lastly I must point out it's ironic that for years people demanded answer about "Mobius/Earth" question and this seeming compromise only angered them.

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