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  1. So, what will they buy next? Dreamworks? Nintendo? Australia? Getting X-men and FF back is a good news (mostly anyway), but this monopoly is making me worried.
  2. Eh, probably will be some cute and commercial thing. Looking forward to it, but I'll sleep today just fine.
  3. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    (I'm all for ending this Shadow talk, it's getting stupid). issue 234, Antoine. It's one of very few times fiction made me shed a tear. Overall Mecha Sally arc had some really sad moments. Tails talking to his dad, king Max thanking his wife for staying with him (I NEVER expected to feel bad for him), Geoffrey realizing he's on the wrong side, etc.
  4. Why does Shadow still look down on Sonic in some ways

    I think you're exaggerating a bit. I don't remember when was the last time Shadow looked down at Sonic (Boom doesn't count.) Maybe in Free Riders, but that game had terrible characterization on Team Dark. But if you insist. 1 He's not good at showing emotions, especially positive ones. 2 Big ego, combined with Sonic's inability to take anything seriously (which may annoy Shadow)
  5. Where's the love for Sonic Advance 3?

    Personally I still aprriciate that every Advance game has it's own thing going on. But I remember thinking Adv 1 was a bit too simple, while Adv 2 was first "hold right to win" (I actually really like bosses, but hate Special Stages). I was really sure that Adv 3 will be my favorite (although I REALLY could do without a HUB, it really kills the pace). I liked the music, unique level themes, 3 stages per zone, partner mechanic is cute (truth be told I just memorized which teams are the best) and last boss is nice twist on the formula. ...sorry, I need to agree with majority. Level Design is kinda boring mess.
  6. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Okay, when Shadow was EVER shown to be a genius? In his whole career I remember one single time he used 'strategy', in Sonic X against giant Metarex (SA2 doesn't count, this was Gerald's scheme, not his). Usually his power and determination are good enough to win a day. I'm big fan of Shadow and I do feel like Flynn made him just tiiiiiiny bit a punching bag (or worf to use TV Tropes langue) for first several issues (vs Scourge, Adam, Enerjack, Super Scourge). But I don't think he ever lost unfairly. I mean, come one, you're complaining Amy hit him? He got hit TWICE hit through whole Treasure Team Tango. What would you want to happen? For hammer to break at his head, with Shadow completely unfazed by it, looking all bad ass and dignified? Shadow is one of strongest of heroes (possible the strongest) but in Sonic Heroes team Chaotix can fight Team Dark, so I guess Shadow isn't automatic win button.
  7. The State of Sonic Team

    Trust me, when Rise of Lyric sold terribly, they knew we exist. This relation is still based on trust. If people lose trust in company, they stop buying games. Simple as that. Sega can't survive on hardcore fans alone.
  8. Should Sonic the Hedgehog be a silent protagonist?

    Great, now imagine whole Samurai Jack without a single line of dialogue. Samurai Jack proves that good writer knows when the show should be silence, when to talk. There can be whole episode silent, but not whole show.
  9. The State of Sonic Team

    Sad, but it just proves that what people been saying in years. If Sonic Team is now weakened by their best talents fleeing, maybe give them something smaller to do and look for fresh talent to make Sonic games. I refuse to believe there are no talented people who want to work on Sonic. (Even ignoring Taxman). Sonic Team might be less at fault, but petting their heads want give us good Sonic game. Let them work on something simple and relaxing, like Ristar 2 or something.
  10. Should Sonic the Hedgehog be a silent protagonist?

    You know what would be cool? If someone made actual mute protagonist. As if he really us mute, not just talking giberish like Mario or Crash. And while everyone else is talking he must be expressive in every other way. Anyway I think after having so many games and 5 cartoons (one still going), removing Sonic voice acting would be just weird. Also, it would mean loosing Mike Pollock and we can't have that. (and making only Sonic mute just doesn't work).
  11. Anthropomorphic Animals

    I dunno, maybe they just more colorful, creative. Maybe it's 'cute' factor, no matter how I'll claim Shadow is 'cool and badass'? I really don't know. I remember Sonic Dissected talking about this, around minute 26 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JEHCmSEVx8
  12. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    I would love to get more clear lore, but I don't think situation is that bad. Honestly, this 'two world' info was as bad as things went, and it was never said in the game. If Sega just says it's one planet (fill the name for yourself) with humans and furry animals, then I think it's bearable.
  13. A Hypothetical New Team Rose

    Shesh, I'm surprised you're even on this page (no judging, just confused) Definition of 'complex' character vary, but I think Sonic characters can be seen as having some depth, at least if you're willing to read into things. Isn't Blaze a combination of Elsa and Twilight Sparkle, years before any of them was created? What about Shadow? Okay, maybe you don't think Sa2 had depth. But did you played Sonic Battle? The game where Shadow angsts about being living weapon and questions his place in this world. Tails and Amy went trough little 'growing up' arcs in Adventure 1, even if whenever it stick is questionable. And does Gamma doesn't count? And then there is Metal Sonic. Now, what I'm going to say is waaay reading into things. but I think he's on the verge on insanity. How does he live, looking like person he hates the most? Knowing that he's just a fake, a copy? From his dialogue in Sonic Heroes I think he convinced himself that Sonic is the copy and if he beats him, he will prove it and justify his own existence. But he keeps loosing and deep down he knows he's the copy and that's why he's so angry all the time. Maybe all I listed here doesn't count, maybe it's fanboy wanting to take his franchise seriously. But if so I wonder what you perceive as having 'depth'. For example, what's so great about Chip?
  14. A Hypothetical New Team Rose

    Umm, and many 'dimensions' has Big? Or connection to Amy and Cream? Besides, isn't Sticks already part of the group? You know the the Boom Sonic team?
  15. Sonic Forces biggest flaw is ignoring it's own plot.

    I don't know, this game has so many flaws, this not can't be the biggest. Don't get me wrong, you're right on most accounts. But 1 I think if gameplay was Generations quality then the game would be considered good, despite the questionable story. 2 While story was handled badly, I think it was sorta lost battle from the start. I mean how do you show Resistance getting wiped out during "Big Wave"? With not-interactive cutscene in the middle of level? Friendly NPCs? Things happening in the background? It wouldn't be impossible, but it's more than Sonic ever tried and Sega should realize that.