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  1. character in jokey role character that is a joke Knuckles I laugh WITH Knuckles I laugh AT (well, I don't laugh here, but you get the idea.) Difference can be subtle but it's there.
  2. Whoa boy. Can we just agree that Knuckles was not meant to be a joke? Stupid, maaaaaybe, but not a joke? I mean, SA1 created Big the Cat to fill that specific niche. If they considered Knuckles a hilarious idiot, they wouldn't make new one. Back to topic of this... topic. I've been thinking: how about Knuckles just stops being a Guardian? Like, officially stops. But what about ME? For starters someone else could take over (Chaos for example). Or better yet, let's break.... drain it's power....ugh, somehow destroy it for good. I agree with people who say Master Emerald just isn't convenient for the franchise. 7 Emeralds are THE macguffins of the series , so larger master-ier rock with similar powers is just confusing. It's main goal is enrich Knuckles. But if it harming him, let's ditch it. Just give it a good send-off. Make epic game that ends with Knuckles sacrificing ME to save multiverse or something like this. But Knuckles needs to be a Guardian. He always was, always must be. Harley Quinn was created before Knuckles and she was always "Joker Girlfriend". Now she broke up with him in comics, games, cartoons, movies and probably manga. if exists. Carol Danvers was always "Miss" Marvel. Ganondorf was always a pig. Beast was "always" without blue hair. Knuckles can change, just like them. And his past won't be erased. Like Metal Sonic in Heroes or Shadow Vs Mephiles it will stay there as iconic part of the character. Well, who is Knuckles without Master Emerald to protect? Dumb Muscle? Sidekick nr 2? Pointless fanservice? Treasure hunter. Let's FINALLY do something about that aspect of him. Sometimes he'll look for echidna-related stuff, sometimes for whatever is convenient for game's plot (treasure of Lost Hex, Gaia Temples, relics of Solaris. It writes itself). Being basically Indiana Jones will make him cool and much easier to implement in any game. Maybe we can get that awesome hat of his. And the best part? His rivalry/romance with Rouge wouldn't be just preserved, but down right rejuvenated. They can race for the same treasure. She can steal gem from him and actually keep it (something she couldn't do with ME).
  3. I find lack of G.U.N. funny since I have 2 fighting thoughts, both starting with "obviously": 1) OBVIOUSLY they should put GUN in. Why wouldn't you reference SA2, best Sonic game about human-mobian interaction? If you're planning Shadow, you might as well put them. Besides, all they had to do was make dozen picture of GUN logo and slap it on several military equipment. Whole thing would cost less that Robotnik's glasses. Or even his latte, if they use cheap material. 2) OBVIOUSLY they didn't put GUN in. Even Knuckles isn't in the movie and you want to reference some obscure military group? And why would you ever remind people of Shadow the Game, worst Sonic game about human-mobian interaction maybe after 06? And it's not like this cameo would improve sales or reviews. Waste of time, money and brain power.
  4. Wow, half people wants Knuckles gone from main cast, other half wants him to basically ditch his job. Fascinating. "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." Too obscure? I should have went with Spider-man and Green Goblin on bridge scene :/
  5. ....ohhhhh It's Sonic 3D BLAST in 2D. Now it makes more any sense. But ahmeuad, I know it's your first post, but you seriously can't post only so little as start of the topic
  6. Not that surprised. If Shadow is first among "recurring-but-not-core-classic-cast", then Tikal is first among "gone-but-keeps-appearing-in-places-like-this". Right now I'm most worried about Sticks, it's do-or-die since, Sega claimed Boom is dead. I know their word doesn't mean much, they claimed Big the Cat is going to retire, but actions will held more meaning. Right now they they desperately scrap the barrel for characters with some appeal and Sticks is just sitting there, TV shows still fresh in mind of kids and her models from recent games possibly still good enough to re-use here (I think that 's how it works). If they honestly ignore her, she's officially dead for next few years. Other guesses from me
  7. Ok, here my though, worries and hopes 1) Earth Vs Mobius It's ironic that we all really want to leave Earth and Tom for Mobius and Tails. Did we liked first movie or not? I'm mentally preparing that most of the movie will still be on Earth. Still I hope for at least one new zone (other that Mushrooms and Green Hill Island), otherwise it will feel like DLC, not a sequel. 2) Tails Vs Tom Speaking of "transition", this will be movie's biggest challenge. Can they really just ditch Tom for Tails? Won't that be extremely jarring? Not the mention that Tails was always Sonic's sidekick who slowly grows to be his equal-ish, but Movie Sonic isn't "superhero cool dude, hero of all", so this dynamic will be hard to maintain or down right changed. I'm genuinely concerned about that. My little idea is that Baby Sonic saved Tails long time ago, maybe don't even remembers that day anymore. But for Tails it was live-changing experience which allowed him to grow. Maybe movie will start with him worshiping Sonic only to learn his not perfect and just accept him as friend, something that Sonic will be much more comfortable with. 3) Eggman I'm confident Carrey will still be great Eggman, but if there was 1 thing that last movie failed at it's establishing him and Sonic as arch-enemies and I hope this movie will fix that. 4) New characters On one hand I'm fully aware cast must remain small for right focus, but at the same time I don't think Tails can handle movie by himself (nor I want him to). Ideally I would add some small cameos/supportive roles (Big, Mighty & Ray, maybe even Cream or Chaotix), but at very least movie has to add 1 new villain. Either - Metal Sonic. It's not like introducing him would be too hard. - Echidnas. I'm almost echidnas will be back. I mean, why else Tails would be looking for Sonic? Clearly something is bad happening on Mobius and it's not Eggman. Echidnas are #1 suspect. So maybe Knuckles would be introduced as villain in this movie, but gets reformed in sequel? It would be a little bizzare if Pachacamat or some new OC will be our first proper exposure to echidna kind. And of course Chaos Emerald might show up. So yeah, Amy Rose ? She's definitely 3rd or even 4th movie material. And Shadow must be really patient till we get comfortable. 5) Longclaw This might be controversial but I DON'T want her back. Look at everything above, it's a lot of work. We don't have time. Keep her for later. or forever as as a mystery. Or just accept she's dead. OOOOOOOOR, here's a crazy idea: adapt her into games. Adapting things from movies is what franchises usually do (All-Spark, Colson and Nick-fury-now-as-black-as-Ultimate-Comics, Lola Bunny). Longclaw's backstory is something only hardcore fans will care about, so let's explore it next main Sonic game. (and if casual fans will care, all they better for us, they'll just buy the game).
  8. I find it hilarious that Sticks "won" this topic. It's both perfectly logical and really baffling. I mean she's just a random nonsense lol humor in a character design that doesn't fit conspiracy nut and has no cool powers... but yeah I liked her a lot. I guess she "wins", because everything else ranges from really bad to okay. The best elements of Boom aren't exclusive to it. - Good humor (admittedly Boom cartoon had very unique brand of jokes that I'll miss. Eggman will never gain worry how to defend his trash can or send a mail) - Great Tails characterization, decent Sonic and Amy (winks for sonamy fans) and refreshing take on dumb Knuckles and harmless villain Eggman. - Surprisingly dignified take Vector - Actually really cool Eggman in "Rise of Lyric". I'm serious, he's genuinely kinda awesome. He's manipulative, learns from mistakes and by end of the game gets awesome shoot at Lyric and achieves his goal. All without ever dropping the goofy part of his character. All of that you can either from comics, Hesse animation or even some fan works. Sticks was only actual addition to franchise that is somewhat interesting.
  9. Eh, I'll go for whole top 10. And no Metal Sonic, cause he would crash competition. He's more of a "enforcer" than sidekick anyway. 0 Eggette (To good to be canon) Ok, to be honest I feel like giving human daughter/niece/something would humanize Eggman a little too much, when part of his appeal is ego-maniac that cares only about himself and his toys. It's also hard to imagine her when he's shattering the planet or starting zombot apocalypse. I'm not sure she can pull of this "goofy but scary" feel. BUT if one wants to focus on Eggman as a funny villain (like Mania Adventures), then Eggette would be perfect addition. 1???? Orbot and Cubot (Sonic Games/Boom/ etc) My options about those two are all over the place. I hated them in Colors/ Lost World because they made Eggman look like idiot. I don't like how much screen time they got when Knuckles must be humiliated by pigs to get some screen time. But in Boom they worked great for THIS SPECIFIC VERSION of Eggman. And Flynn and Sonic Forces makes them work by basically keeping them in background when things are serious and letting them out for comedic moment. So I hesitated a LOT where to put them, even considering very bottom, because no other sidekick made Eggman look worse. But if THE Eggman has to have some kind of permanent sidekick, those two are best choice. They negligible enough to not draw attention from him, but useful enough to keep around. They can be audience for his boasting, slaves for him to boss around, comedic foil to look silly, they even color match his uniform. They work, but for Chaos sake, under a competent writer. 2 Dr Starline (IDW) Character create from ground up by Flynn & IDW staff is on top? What a shocker. Starline's first edge is that he's designed by competent artist to fit Sonic world, which I can only say for Orbot/Cubot and maaaaybe SSSS Squad. He has fun dynamic with Eggman and enough traits to work as solo character. He's definitely fun foil to Eggman, but like I explained with Eggette, I can't imagine him staying for ever. 3 Snively (Sonic Satam/ Archie) Satam Snively was kinda boring, mostly existed for Robotnik to look more menacing (also writers couldn't decide how competent he suppose to be). And everything pre-Flynn ranged from Satam-like to "why the hell he's reformed now"? But Flynn added him some extra depth (Iron Queen stuff was okay, but I really liked what he had with Hope) and idea of "The Game" Eggman plays with all of his underlings and was one of his best traits in the comic. I wish he had better design though. 4 Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts (Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog) They duo bumbling sidekicks (and Coconuts), you seen this formula over and over and over again. SSSSSS don't bring anything new to the table, they just do their thing competently (now that's a word no one used to describe them yet). Not great, just fun. 5 Agent Stone (Movie) Look, he has 5 minutes of screen time, I'm not putting him higher. Charming, pushed against the wall, love his latte. It's miracle he's this high. If he shows in sequels, maybe he'll deserve 4th or even 3rd spot. 6 Bocoe, Decoe and Bokkun (Sonic X) I will always defend Sonic X version of Eggman. Yes he was softy, but he was INTENTIONALLY softy. It was recurring part of his personality. And Decoe and Bocoe were part of this feel, their bickering made sense. With that said, they were incredibly boring looking and their personality is "complaining a lot", basically beta versions of Orbot & Cubot. I give few points for Bokkun, he was kinda charming robot/demon/thing???? Yes he had one gag, but at least he create convenient way for Eggman to talk to Sonic. 7 Sleet and Dingo (Sonic Underground) I have some illogical sympathy for Undergroud, but those two were pretty bad. Idea of duo bounty hunters with shape-shifting ability have some potential, but their characters were bland, stupid names, ugly designs (and illogical. Why Sleet wears heavy armor, when he's not a fighter?). And why they made Dingo fall in love with Sonia? Did NO ONE though it's a bit creepy? The whole shape-shifting thing with a buton was incredibly stupid, but so stupid it's actually entertaining and can be considered their best trait. 8 M & Adam (Archie) After seemingly killing Sonic, Eggman build himself robotic children. I'll admit it's a little interesting to see Eggman trying to fill void in his life with family (which is more interesting if you consider what he did to his human family), but as characters themselves M & Adam were bland and didn't had any chemistry with Eggman. Sure Adam stepped his game later, but not as lackey. 9 Grimmer (Fleetway) He was ugly science assistant that was blindly loyal to Robotnik, even when he was seemingly dead. That's all he had going for. He's Starliine-but-so-much-less. 10 Eggor (Martin Adams books) Ok, so I ran of lackeys and I really wanted full top 10. But there was obscure book where he had a robot called Eggor... you know, nevermind. He sucked anyway.I should go with Cluck or Crabmeat in Archie. Someone would remember those two.
  10. I have two little cousins (age 6 and 9) who live far away from me and for obvious reasons we won't see each other anytime soon (Skype is not the same). Since Children's Day is coming I though I could share with them something cool, but it's hard to find anything awesome that is - age appropriate - simple enough for them - overall they don't haven't seen/ got yet Gaming wise they casual, mostly playing Minecraft and Mario Karts Wii (Nope, I failed to addict them to Sonic). Movies-wise opposite problem: they watched pretty much all animated movies I can think of (at least good ones). It doesn't has to be big, just a little token that I remember then. For example they loved when i showed them this song. Other time I gave them "world of goo" game. Any suggestions?
  11. Yes. I just watched it. It's... not "terrible", but near it. The movie is 40% cliche, 25% nonsense, 25% desperate attempt at multi crossover and 10% celebrity voices. (Maybe squeeze 5% of "harry potter' references and "don't check my browsing history" adult humor)> You want a Scooby Movie? Well there is no mystery to solve or monster to unmask. Don't get me wrong, they putted "meddling kids" and stuff, because someone held checklist they filled with no emotions. And team is just... flat. Watch episode of "Myster Inc" or "Be cool Scooby", shorter and more fulfilling. You want a epic crossover? You got Scoob and 3 more. Captain Caveman is shoehorn for one scene. Dick Dasterdly is... fine I guess? A bit generic, but he is THE mustached villain and his plan actually surprised me. And real Blue Falcon retired, we're stuck with his obnoxious son. Meh. Good story? HA! Plot is stupidly complicated but "arc" can be summed up as Scooby and Shaggy gets into argument for trivial things, Scoob needs saving and eveything forgiven. Again, some 20 minute episodes do it better. I would say animation is good, but not really. They recreated original intro in 2020 HD CGI  with movie budget and it looks worse than 70s cartoon. (don't have better version). I don't consider myself Scooby fanboy, but I seen few shows and this is "eeeh". You wanna see good Scooby? He's your guide
  12. You seriously misunderstood me. "True. On the surface level Sonic/Eggman rivalry {IN THIS MOVIE} is really "meh". Nothing on {COMPARING TO} Mania Adventures, IDW/Archie or even old 90s cartoons. "
  13. "Prime" Sonic is cheerful loner, movie Sonic clearly isn't. If anything this is a great setup for the future, when Sonic will have little army of friends and explains why he's so eager to forgive his ex-enemies (Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, etc). And latter is another discussion, but again, Movie Eggman, not "Prime".
  14. "Huh, that's a bit random statement. I mean, they barely interact." True. On the surface level Sonic/Eggman rivalry (in the movie) is really "meh". It has nothing on stuff like Mania Adventures, IDW/Archie or even 90s cartoons. But movie adds something we didn't had before: Eggman is now Sonic's reflection. Don't believe me? - They both posses powers beyond normal people (speed, smarts) - They been hurt by the world at young age (echidnas, the bully) - They orphans who've been left all alone. And here's where magic starts: Solitude drove Sonic a liiiitle crazy, to the points he found friends in people he never spoke to. But Robotnik? He embraced loneliness. Put himself above normal man. Decided to hurt the word back. And where it lead them? One thing Sonic feared most was going to Mushroom Zone, place of absolute solitude. It would destroy him. But instead Robotnik took his place. And he's fine!... not. He went completely bonkers. He became the worst possible version of himself... and what Sonic could have been, if he wasn't a good person. Thoughts?
  15. Neat... buuut 1) Most important: I'm not fan of the little qoutes. The joke will get fast quick. Even if you keep adding new quote, "Oh no! Are weapons are useless!" just isn't that sacred line that I need repeating for me. I strongly advice to just remove it. 2) I love Shadow, but logically speaking there is some part of the fandom who don't and would prefer to see someone else at the top. Easiest answer would be to switch to something with just Sonic (or large number of characters, but that could get crowded). Harder would be giving us several options. Maybe make topic "What banners you want" and people will throw suggestion and "thumb up" ideas by other people. If everyone will be allowed 1 idea per post it's gonna be easy to count which ones are popular.
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