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  1. I don't want to be stick in the mud, but does Satam needs season 3? Why? Story arc? Show ended on perfectly satisfying conclusion. Main threat that was looming from first episode defeat, Sonic and Sally are together. Things like King in Void or Snively's plans are rally superfluous. Quality? If you want to see same quality of writing (not that I ever liked Satam that much), then fan project can't assure you'll get it. Nostalgia? If you just want to see your favorite characters again, then you have 200+ of Archie Comics, they even got King from void and Nicole had origin, what else do you want? (Not to mention seweral fanfics or fancomics)
  2. https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog:_Tangle_%26_Whisper_Issue_1 One week You know, I do wonder how Soniic's infection will affect the story. Will it be a pointless gimmick like Archie Werehog? Or maybe excuse that Sonic is tired, to artificially up the stakes? I do hope that it will lead to creative scenarios where Sonic needs to defeat enemies with minimal amount of punches or help people without touching them, stuff like that. (Funny enough, forced constant movement sounds like a intriguing gameplay mechanic.)
  3. Reading #17 confirmed my suspicions I had in a while; Year Two isn't bad, but I hate it's pacing. This is proper start of Zombot invasion, but it feels like we've been here for ever. I see no reason why why issue #13 couldn't have Starline helping skunk duo and end with Sonic infected, This issue should be 2nd, 3rd tops. With that said In conclusion I'm a greedy bastard, who even when he doesn't have any real complains, he complains there isn't more.
  4. Crash TR vs Sonic TSR, almost identical name, same year. Crazy world. At least we're not competing with Mario for once. So I have a stupid question: Sonic has a complicated history, waring fan factions and gameplay that requires care and balance. With that said: did ANYONE asked for in-level banter? Dear Chaos, Sonic Heroes was 16 years ago and it was terrible idea back then. Time Eater, Lost World, Forces, now this. Sega needs to hire a detective, cause they can't get a clue. As for story of the game At the end of the day, story isn't that 'bad', you jut wonder why it's even here
  5. Sonic characters aren't really about depth (not all anyway). They are about how competently they are made. Espio is a ninja: look at his ninja gloves. As ninja he needs to disappear, so he's chameleon. His name is Espio from 'espionage' or 'sneaking in, like a ninja'. All his powers are ninja/chameleon based. Other than that he's a animal, like rest of Sonic world, he fits. He's ninja and detective. A cool stoic and yet part of biggest goofballs of Sonic. (Hey, that IS more personality that D6) Now tell me same things about Zeena. She's a snooty girl...yes, I suppose she looks like one. And that's all I can say with certainty. Her loose powers, unknown origins, shallow role in the world, strange 'zeti' design. And final nail: Zeena isn't likeable. Chaotix are made as this funny disorganized team. Zeena was made to look like loser for Sonic to make fun of, she's one-note and yet we spend considerable time on her in cutscenes and in-stage dialogue. Compare it to Robot Masters from Megaman. They have less personality that D6, but people love them. They have specified role in world, expressive designs and don't overstay their welcome.
  6. Colors for starts bores me as nothing happens. In firt minute we stablish that Eggman enslaved aliens and that's the story, followed by 30 minutes of nothing new. I don't know much I can blame this on Pontac, maybe he's just victim of circumstances. I just miss the days when Sonic had adventures, twists, mysteries, when STUFF happened. What I can blame on him is that I just don't laugh. What worse, Sonic and Tails act so smug, like their jokes are a comedy gold. With Eggman and most of Deadly Six being incompetent dummies, Sonic doesn't beat his enemies, he bullies losers into submission. I don't hate comedy in Sonic. Flynn/Sonic Mania/ TeamRacingOvedrive are great Sonic comedy-wise as their comedy is based on face expressions and personalities of characters. Pontac/Graff aren't using personalities, they possessing Sonic and Tails to tell jokes (ok, Eggman sometimes made me laugh. Like his Colors announcements). Sonic Battle, Riders 1 and yes Marine in Rush Adventures. It's almost universally agreed they aren't great comedies, but I still like them for what they are, way more than Sonic game comedy in 2010-16
  7. Hello, my name is MetalSkulkBane and I don't read preview. Please consider talking about them in spoiler boxes and making my life a little better. Thank you for reading this message. (That's too everyone else on this forum, please comply to my extremely petty demands)
  8. Well, if people are happy, good for them. I don't want my negativity to ruin their fun. With that said, you just described Bay Transformers. Makes tons of money, Hasbro approves, only some pesky old fans complain. I know, it's not 100% identical, but I feel like comics plays it save, like every new 2D Mario (Mario Bros Wii made more many than both Galaxy games combined)
  9. You mean if he didn't just assumed that Sonic is already Zombot since we seen that Eggman didn't do enough tests and is unaware of speed weakness? Or that he got super exited with his new toy that he forgets fine details, like he always does? Or or he's sadist and wants Sonic to see the terror he created? Or-or-or perhaps he's aware that Sonic is kinda hard to beat, so he prefers to first make invincible army? Yeah, I guess there is no explanation. Ummm, barely. Year 1 can be described as "Sonic meets, one of his friends, they smash badniks together, Sonic leaves" Cute interactions and jokes, good art and characterization, but bare-bone plot. If that's all you want, just start at #1. Issues 1-4 are probably most repetitive, but jumping 4 issues seems kinda petty, you know. Year 2 so far is... a setup. Issue 13, Eggman, tests something, 14 His new lackey tests some more 15 Eggman uses the thing on Sonic. 16 Satisfied, Eggman released 'the thing' on large scale. Aaaand now the second arc can REALLY begin. So honestly, you could just jump in to issue 15 and you would feel pacing is better. Sadly without my crystal ball I can't say if next issue will be satisfying. So my suggestion: either start from #1 (I mean, what's stopping you? Not enough time? Money?) or return to us in January 2020, then arc will be over and I'll be able to fairly tell you if I can recommend it or not. Because first impressions are... mixed.
  10. Murder story that has no leads, developments, suspects and even hardcore fans would know very little about murdered person Longest actions scene can be described as rugby talking a guy and then talking and letting him go. All robots have less personality than piece of plastic they were based of. Toys at least had a little blurb in the back. And artowork is done by the blandest person in the universe, who associates face expressions with myths and fairy tales. It's a book about talking. Talking about social issues that aren't explained, characters that aren't on the screen and other subject that it's impossible to get invested. It's like a Sonic book, where Tails worries that overflow of golden rings hurts economy, while Shadow works on restructuring GUN bureaucracy department.
  11. So...issue 16. Yeah... ...does anyone here read IDW Tranformers 2019, the "Bold" reboot? It's absolutely terrible and gave prepared me to be a little lenient on Sonic. So first: Skelly's art! Man it's so gorgeous. Look at Tail's workshop, kinda SA1, a bit of his head in Sonic Battle, but also it's own thing. It even has Sonic CD flowers, I love it! And face expressions and that shadow-y Eggman....Lawrance? Umm, he's okay. Story....story....story IDK, I kinda though the issue will be about Sonic and Amy dealing with his infection, like Archie did with Werehog, Tension, emotions, not instant teleportation t Tails Lab. I admit Eggman is great at being terrible person.
  12. You know, from what we seen there is 85% chance there is no Tails, Knuckles, etc in this movie (or maybe they'll have 5 minute cameo). Which obviously sucks when Detective Pikachu will have dozens of his mates. BUT!!! If I was in charge and was allowed to pick one character with say 8 minutes of screen time, I know who I would put. Honestly, that could potentially make the whole movie worth it.
  13. So, for those less than satisfied with annual: how would you make a 6-8 page small stories? I think I would give a goodbye for Knuckles leaving Resistance and acknowledge the long question: how was he a leader? As Knux is about to leave Restoration has some kind of problem, which he fixes by being stubborn, never giving up and inspirational to the other. On last page I would show that Amy was close to breakdown in Forces (just like Tails), but Knuckles gave her mental support.
  14. In a world with Loot Boxes I think it's more important than ever to talk about gambling, as it's now sneaking undetected to our lives. In a broad sense of the world every day is a gamble. I drive to work, risking car will hit me. I buy something on eBay, hoping I'm not scammed. Heck, isn't paying for your pension a form of gambling, as you assume you'll live long enough to get that money back? Basically I believe "proper" gambling-gambling is pretty evil, but can't be banned as elements of risk/reward are fundamental parts of our lives. People should be educated and be able to choose on their own, like with smoking. In perfect world no one would do it, but we can't force people.
  15. Well annual was... cute. Five stories, each varying from "pretty cute" to "eh, I gueeeesss it was somewhat cute". If you expected action or something remotely dramatic, then sorry. Quick non-spoiler reviews. Whispers & Tangle was Flynn's standard cute interaction. I recently re-watch Riders cutscenes and I learned that Babylon Rouges are much better characters than I remembered. Too similar ability-wise (and extreme gears are limited gimmick) , but they burst with personality. This story does them justice. Same goes for newcomer Jewel. Sonic & Tails...eh. It's represents their bond properly, but story itself is just boring. Silver & Blaze was decent. I like the moment when Blaze asks Silver to trust her but rest is... there. I kinda hoped for more from Evan Stanley, but i guess it was 6 pages. Rouge...eeeeehhh. IDK, I just didn't feel it, even Skelly's artwork was just there. Maybe because it's half her story, half Rough & Tumble, so in the end none of them gets enough screen time (8 pages, 4 without Rouge). I really hopes for more Rouge-centered story. And resolution is a little silly, more MLP than Sonic. Sonic Fan Club...okay, who asked for that? Why Not Shadow story? Or Knuckles? It's nice to see Gray's art again, but it's waste of his talent. This story feels extremely pre-Flynn Archie. Technically not bad, but no one wanted it.
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