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  1. I used to think that around 2011, maybe 2013. "Haha, very funny guys, How about we stop? Look, Sonic 06 was ages ago, we're doing fine now. You jerks." And then Rise of Lyric came out and now I'm a little jaded, Forces not sweetening things (despite me kinda liking it). It's sad that Sonic is punching bag of internet, something fairly recognizable that everyone can make fun of knowing the backlash will be minimal, like Star Wars prequels or Donald Trump. But how about we go 5 good games in a row, then start making demands
  2. Don't know, don't care. Two Worlds is much more bearable when I ignore it. It's possible to read dozens of issues and not think about it.
  3. That's ... normal? What did you expect? Lock yourself with your favorite song on loop 24h and it's gonna loose some appeal. With that said I can't think of anything big (movie, game, book, season of a show, etc) with linear plot that I consumed more than 3 times (although I'm certain one day I'll replay/rewatch whole Sonic franchise 4th time). There is too many things too see.
  4. Oh He-man. Quick though on all the previous versions As for Revelation, it's just fine. Sometimes it's close to being really good, but never quite reaches there It's quite pretty, even if I don't love most of the designs. Take Evil-Lynn. Rule of thumb for me: if for years character was wearing single color (purple), then fully changing it (to blue) will feel off. As for plot... new status quot was quite interesting, I don't think I seen it often and it fits Ethernia. I like that old favorites were mixed with more obscure characters like Scare Glow or Stinkor. And there was surprising amount of tight continuity with cartoon, like Teela naming Cringer or Orko's pyramid in the background, etc. My real biggest problem? Every one is stupidly over emotional. The world is literally ending, Teela at least 3 times wants to put her own grudges over you know, not dying with everything she loves and cares. She's kinda the main protagonist of this series, but I don't like her at all. And while there are many other characters, most of them don't get enough screen time to make me care. There is this new black chick and I can't even remember her name. Is it Jacqui Briggs? My favorite moments
  5. Tittle sums it up nicely. Does Sonic has "hairless" region? On his arms, belly, snout? I kinda assume so. I mean, Rouge looks like her ekhm shoulders are bare. But that would mean his little buddy Tails has basically a beard. And Cream has white snout, so she's as well. It's always hard to tell with game graphics, where everyone is made of plastic. (I still wonder if hedgehogs haves giant quills, or tiny quills combed to look like big ones), but 2020 is deceivingly in "fully furry" camp. And then you have Shadow with white chest-fur, but tan-muzzle. So what you guys think? Any more arguments for/against?
  6. Compare Belle to most complex robots we know. Metal Gemerl, Gizoids, Omega, Orbot. I love this guy (MetalFanForLive) but isn't she a little more... person? Life like? More Robot Master than Badnik? She's self conscious. Emotional, capable of face expressions. Doesn't rely on orders. Metal Sonic CAN emote, but his default is anger, cold indifferent or more anger. Eggman tries building weapons. Tinker tried building a daughter.
  7. Sonic #42. It's.... fine I guess? It has a whiff of a mid-arc filler, but I'm not annoyed by this. Few disconnected thoughts - Yardley is better than I remember. I kinda grew to think that he started new era back in Archie 160 with quality art, but also I that he's been since out-shined by likes of AB Thomas or Skelly. But this issue is really nice, like Sonic boost, or Zeti entrance. - Despite being on the cover, team "IDW girls" does nothing. I just hope next 2 issue will remedy that. - The "peaceful world" controversy. I'm kinda okay with it. The way I interpret it is "crime rate on Mobius is much lower than on Earth". It fits with Sonic world. Rush 1 implied that Mobius is surprisingly friendly. And it's not boring, because while most of the world is nice, threstill are still criminals like Clutch, Skunks or Rouges. It (Of course logically it's hilarious that world that gets invaded by Eggman every Tuesday has no SHIELD counterpart. We don't have aliens and water gods, but FBI still exists. But I guess Sonic is always there to save the day, so no one cares). Which brings me to spoilers
  8. Was he created as mascot to new console and whole company to rival popularity of Mario himself? No? Then you slightly exaggerate.
  9. At least Mario has consistent core. He will always live in Mushroom Kingdom, we know Toads live in there, we know Bowser lives is a neighbor in some lava scary castle, Koopa and Goomba live there too. Sonic lives... well he travels. Sometimes there are humans around, sometimes mobians, sometimes only little animals. Retcons always will leave some errors. That's kinda nature of rewriting the past. But there is "ups, in Spider-Man #43 we casually mentioned his parents had a bakery, but now in #99 we introduce them as dentists" And then there is "So Joker was faking insanity all this time. Also Alfred was Batman's imaginary friend." Some holes are easier to forgive than the other, you know?
  10. Ups. My bad ^^; No, just on Sonic X, but not in Japan
  11. I was that kid and I don't like it. First step for Two World to work, it must be somehow acknowledged. As if said in a game. Show. Right now it's a bloody Schrodinger Cat. (If it works like in Sonic X then I still have few issues.)
  12. 1) Pleaser don't make topic "I need help". Be more precise about the subject. 2) I'm not a moder myself, but I image altering the code of full game, even as old as Sonic 1, is work a bit too large for a favor for random person on the internet.
  13. 2010-2020 was filled with great cartoons. Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Infinity Train, Over the Garden Wall, She-Ra '19, just to name the few candidates from "best ever" show. But my vote goes to BoJack Horseman. At first glance it looks like yet another Simpsons wanna-be, but is much more. The mix of comedy and soul crushing depressing story is something I never experienced anywhere else.
  14. Random question: we all know that Archie Sonic is the longest comic based on video game, but do we know any runners ups? From my research - Both Mega Man (Archie) i and Tomb Raider (Top Cow) had 52 issues, (both dead) - If you count "all comics ever made" then Tomb Raider and Street Fighter have around 100. - Nintendo Power was magazines with comics in it and lasted 285 issues. I'm just wondering if IDW Sonic can soon become 2nd longest comic based on video game
  15. When EVER Sonic games followed tightly from into cartoon? Even Sonic Boomed messed that possibility, and that would been much easier.
  16. Yeah, yeah. We all know this is old cliche. Happen hundred of times, will happen again. Archie did, true. but also Sonic Underground, and Fleetway comics.
  17. Shadow story arrived, translated. It's good. I liked Metal's story better, but it has right amount of jerk/nice guy balance, with a little melancholy that pleasantly remind me of Sonic Battle, Strangely enough it mentions events of SA2, but very gently, not even mentioning Maria out loud. Subtle, or more mandates? If you're keeping track, Sonic has 5 emeralds now. Last 5 month almost certainly include Rouge, Silver, Blaze, Eggman at the end. And IDK, Big perhaps?
  18. 1) The way you framed the question kinda implies the answer you want to hear 2) Could use example, because I can't think of any Sonic IDW cover that lied about it's content. I guess things look more epic on cover, but that's how covers works. 3) i guess one exceptions could be issues filled with talking when cover implies epic fight that will only occur in next issue, but that's less fault of a cover and more of "stories that don't fit into 1 issue" format.
  19. While some magic is lost, I just do everything digital these days. Cheaper, faster, easier to storage, never loose sleep over "mint condition".
  20. Ok, fair point. But 1) It implies that Egg Robo were royal, but Heavies are not. They gained sentience and decided to rebel. I mean, I think, who can be certain with so little exposition? And even if they did really rebel, they got patch so now they "really" love Eggman. Except 2) Well, it still FEELS weird, since main tittle onl shown them as rebel and this is tiny spin-off. It's like if Sonic in Minecraft revealed that Espio now works for Eggman, like forever now. You would be confused.
  21. 30th Anniversary Special... Let me review in backward order Dr. Eggman's Birthday: There is nothing wrong with it, but I didn't like it that much Sonic Learns to Drive: Good enough. Simple, but fun Seasons of Chaos: You know, I could really easily hate it. Classic Sonic. Again. Down to Core 4 vs Eggman. Again. Basically Mega Drive minus Hesse's beautiful artwork. That's a bad formula. And yet Overall, while not even near trying to do anything daring, this was pretty fun.
  22. You know what? I think I'm getting hopeful for this cartoon. I feared that cartoon will focus on parallel versions of Sonic and Eggman, that world will shrink, play it safe. Like Spider-Verse was amazing, but now I'm a bit sad that Marvel decided that best way to copy success of Spider-Man is to make more Spider-Men. Hence Miles and Gwen are now everywhere. Confirmation of Tails, Knuckles and Amy is not enough to quell my fears, still waiting for someone less "mainstream" like Blaze or Rouge. BUT.... look at the all those designs. Aren't they feel familiar? Eggaman city gives me Sonic Satam Robotropolis vibes. Amy makes me think of Sticks from Boom. Eggman have designs similar to movie Eggman, Gerald and even EGGETTE. If this cartoon ends being some insane celebration of whole franchise, well, this might be glorious. Also. This is Amy in this cartoon. This is Alucion, extremely obscure character from Sirene's Sonic Adventure comic that lasted whole 1 issue. I'm 90% sure it's a coincidence, they aren't THAT similar. But if it was on purpose? Then we're dealing with mad people who are capable of anything, and I mean that in the best way.
  23. There are 24 skins - The "must have 16" AKA Sonic Heroes + Silver & Blaze (includes Eggman and Metal Sonic) - Mighty and Ray, Mecha Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Gamma, Chaos, Werehog and Infinite I can't believe it comes from my throat, but I wish they could squeeze Zavok. Maybe give up Mecha Sonic or even Gamma. But overall my feelings are similar to Lego Dimension. "Neat. I will take hour or two to stare at it in youtube and then pretty much forget about it." Looking cool can only keep my attention for so long.
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