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  1. There is no one true path, there are many possible scenarios. If I was making story just for me it would involve government conspiracies, continue Mephiles prophecy that humanity will turn on Shadow, drama, twists and turns. Broadly speaking I would explore Shadow's role as "ultimate life form" and him trying to figure out his place in the universe. But I was trying to make a story for everyone, well, here's one of my ideas. (rest was just neutral. Not counting as idea. Broad, general.)
  2. ...we're forum dedicated to blue hedgehog. Most of things we talk about aren't important, Heck, when Big the Cat was going to retire we talked about it. I'm aware that stakes are low, but even if you don't care about Pepe or Lola, doctor Seuss books being banned for being racists. The "Cancel Culture" dilemma touches many topics, some of them might actually be more important. So removal of Pepe is worth looking at just as case study of bigger picture. I do find this moral conundrum to be fascinating and I'm not sure on which side I stand. I liked Pepe le Pew, I found his cartoons to be harmless, I can't imagine any child deciding Pepe is meant to be a role model. It's as possible as them throwing anvil at each other. With that said, if people making this movie just don't like Pepe and feel uncomfortable using him, they shouldn't be forced to use him. Or maybe they think most audience doesn't like him. So I guess I mostly worry about the intent. (Of course movie is something made by many people, writers, director, producer, etc. That complicates things.) Or take Lola. Accusers basically say "cartoons should not be sexy. Anyone who say otherwise just wants to see boobies". It's kinda mean argument, but also a bit hard to disprove. With that said, banning all sexy female means banning "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Or something closer to home, Rouge. I love Rouge as a character and her femme fatale behavior is crucial to making her who she is. "Sexiness" can be toned down, but not removed.
  3. To be brutally honest? Not great. For starters it's been done before tons of times in comics book history. And Shadow himself had similar stories like when he hunted Cosmo in Sonic X, IDW issue 6. Your idea is same thing, only edgier. And "edgy" is overused word, slowly loosing it's meaning, but I mean bad kinda of edgy. As a Shadow fan I don't want to see a story about him planning to kill a little girl, even if he changes his mind. Everything else isn't worth commenting.
  4. 1. If you want to discuss someone's opinion , it would be nice if you gave a link to that opinion. 2. I don't like format this guy picked, it's similar to "Cinema Sins", picking out every little thing, no matter how trivial or forced. It's not meaningful discussion, it's nitpicking. 3. But overall: yes, Flynn isn't perfect. Some decisions he made are controversial, especially during his early days. Sometimes he was just following orders from editors, we'll never know for sure which ones. Most broad criticism is that Flynn torched old Archie in order to mold it into his image. I do agree it wasn't the most tasteful way, but ultimately it was quickest way to get comics into better direction. I mean quality jump between 159 and 160 is so high, it's worth all the nitpick this guy has.
  5. ...really? It self contained story, with very little unique ideas and small following in fandom. I don't know how many people would demand sequel, but I think you would all fit in once blue police box, and I mean without Tardis technology. But back to the question, I don't see much to be improved specific, just broad "make it better". A lot of jokes aren't that funny. Animation is good, but could been better. Planet could be called "Mobius" for consistency sake. Add few more scenes to Metal Sonic or Knuckles, shorten the "Mecha Robotnik" time. - Replacing Sara with Amy removes what little identity OVA and a lot of scenes wouldn't work anymore (like why President would care so much that random person got kidnapped or many jokes). Plus it it makes a lot of scenes even creepier, like Eggman wanting to marry her or Tails accidental feel. But if you insist then I think Amy and Sara could been merged into one person and all the "funny" moment like looking under her skirt could just been removed. I don't think many people would care. - Mentioning Knuckles doesn't help much, he's still random. Part of me just wants to remove him, he adds little to the story. Alternatively president could be shown deicing Sonic might need some help and contact him. Or let Sara/Amy do it if you want her to contribute something other than comedy and damsel in distress role. - Lastly, I wold remove Mecha Robotnik, that misdirection is completely pointless. Eggman kidnapped Sara, Sonic goes to safe her, what more do you need? You're not fooling anyone anyway. Everyone know story will be about Metal Sonic, he's plastered everywhere.
  6. No, that was a joke based on the movie Sonic's design. Things aren't that that bad. Comics just gets constantly delayed for completely unrelated, yet unknown to us reasons.
  7. Someone commented Sonic looks wrong, so they have to redraw ever panel of him. Dude, why you're so surprised? IDW delays more regularly than Sonic curls into a ball.
  8. Look I'm just judging from crossover with ponies. Arcee been girly girl in G1, damsel in distrress in Animated, badass warrior in Prime, forced transgender in IDW (really). Doesn't matter. In crossover with MLP:FIM she had to be "vanilla" version, meaning no personality. And Flynn wrote that story.
  9. Honestly? No Transformers don't have "characters". At least not iconic. Autobots have Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock. Decepticons have Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave. Maybe Shockwave. Everyone else in state of constant flux. Ratchet is part of first line, iconic, classic. So what's his personality? Prime, Animated and IDW made him old grumpy tired sorta guy. But it has no reflection in G1 Ratchet. So every new cartoon can change that out of whim. Say what you want about Shadow being Out of Character, at least every version of him plays anti hero angle. Typical transformer can change from cooky scientist to loose canon rebel in span of 1 cartoon (Wheeljack).
  10. Let's pretend for a second that Sega still gives a single damn about lore and next game was to take place in Sol Dimension. How would you expand what little Rush games showed us about this world? Personally? I refuse to believe Koalas are 90% of Blaze subjects. I talked about this before, but I would try to both contrast "Mobius" and fit with who Blaze was first time we meet her. World would be "snooby", uptight, filled with rules, separated by ocean and by racial mistrust. Blaze lonely nature was reflection of this world, but after meeting Sonic, she's working hard to change her world into better place. And Koalas are either her first victory in changing he world or they one of few nicer races, so she likes visiting them more often. And for visual flare, I would go with "Sinbad the Sailor" sorta universe, uncharted territories, mysterious island filled with magic, swashbuckling adventure etc.
  11. Tjjjjja, I'm pretty sure that doesn't work that way. Every issue has to be approved by Sega, crossovers won't be different.
  12. Ugh, I said it before and I'll say it again, I DO NOT like this at all. You can't just tell me to get hyped without even hint at what it is. That's just manipulative.
  13. Sonic #38 is....eeehh not much. I have really neutral opinion on this issue. Nothing really stands out. Judging by end of last issue and the cover I though thing will get weirder and weirder, but frankly things only got plainer. We're still in Doctor Who episode, but one with smaller budget so to speak. Stanley's artwork is good, but sadly I'm comparing it to ABT's art last issue, which was better. And some dialogue is a bit clunky, like discussion between Eggman and his lackeys. IDK, I feel like Flynn would put at least one good joke there. We got some answers but, well, let's just say I hope there is more to it. And finally, something I consider biggest missed opportunity of this issue. Belle. Oh, also I'm totally calling this new breed of robots "Combiniks". I'm pretty sure Fleetway Comics won't sue.
  14. "I'm optimist" says the person with Silver as their avatar. ...You're all hearing it too, right? The second part of the quote? Tell me I'm not the only crazy person like this. Sonic Forces is still pretty fresh.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Gravity Rush about using yourself as a missile, rather than throwing objects? Because gravity manipulation is a bit different from full telekinesis. Could Silver just learn to use his body as a weapon? Sure, he just has to turn into a ball and spin, a sorta Spin Attack. And maybe he would auto-target enemies, like IDK, Homing Attacks of sorts. I think some game uses similar moves, but I can't remember then name right now. Apologies for massive snark, couldn't help myself.
  16. Knuckles conversation was interesting, so here's even harder question: can Silver be ever work? And before you mention Psychonauts, Star Wars game or other tittle, I want to point out that in all of those games (that I can think of) telekinesis is just one of several powers you have. I think very few people beat Half-Life 2 using only gravity gun. And that's when we're talking about dream scenario where Silver gets his own game. What if you wanna make him fit into Sonic platforming, like Mighty and Ray in Sonic Mania? Honestly 2D or 3D I see only 2 ways - Nerf him immensely, basically making him Tails with small variations - Complete opposite, made him last unlockable characters who's basically a god mode.
  17. There is nothing "simple" about this sentence. And we both know that you still omitted few elements from SA2.
  18. Foolish fools. Events of Sonic 06 were literally erased from existence and people still remember them. we were talking about Shadow not 06, but you get the idea
  19. That is wrong approach. - Every franchise will keep making new mistakes, thus "requiring" new reboots. - Pretending Shadow-game never happened will not erase it from human brains. - It always ends with making things more confusing, not simple. - It's easy to remove good things as well (like Eclipse the Darkling) My take? Keep going forward and simply don't mention bad past stories. Focus on future, not past. This is why I'm against reboots in general, unless A. reboot is more of a spin-off, B. franchise already ended and is just being revived for new generation, like mos TMNT or She-ra.
  20. Huh, that does sound sweet. Oh well. But one thing is complete joke BUAHAHAHHAHAHA. SERIOUSLY? 1) Not every magic needs explanation. My Hero Academia starts with people getting powers for no reason, and that's fine. Frozen didn't need explanation why Elsa has ice powers. Okay, it's a little funny how magic events keep happening so often, but it's called "Suspension of disbelief". I never questioned why not a single powerful villain attack Equstria when mane 6 were fillies. 2) They thing that matters is that rules of magic remain consistent, and that's a thing EQ sucked badly. First magic comes from magical artifacts, then it works when Mane 7 do stuff, but in Camp Everfree they need magical artifacts again, etc. It's a mess. 3) I guess it wasn't meant to go public, but just talking about "hundreds of dead bodies" in comparison to My Little Pony is hilarious.
  21. True-ish. I mean, if both versions don't match, then which one is true? Simple answer is that both version have flashes of light, implying that scenes jumps around. Sonic X, while not official canon, is only version without time-jumps, since we have testimony of the soldier (who's much more reliable narrator than semi-amnesiac Shadow). So while I have no proof this is how things went, it makes most sense and I choose to believe that.
  22. That is good point, but easily fixed. 1) FF formed during Sonic Forces 2) Eggman conquers 1 single city/kingdom where Sally lived, so she formed FF just to safe her homeland. 3) FF are just a military sub-section to Restoration. Either way, fighting Eggman isn't their sole reason of existence anymore. He just happens to make trouble most often.
  23. I don't know if anyone cares at this point, but I think I have the answer. Shadow DID kept Maria safe.... until he was in the capsule. Maybe Shadow was already a living weapon. Or he was confused wimp who never been in combat. Doesn't matter. Either way he managed to keep Maria safe long enough that they got to escape pods. No one was around. I refuse to believe Shadow walked into the pod while angry soldiers are shooting at him and Maria. The pod seals. Only then door open. Soldier points gun at Maria. He tells her to step away from controls. She refuses. Trigger and lever are pulled at the same time. Shadow watches and can't do anything. Why? Because he's in the the same kind of pod Eggman trapped Sonic during SA2. If Sonic couldn't escape it, neither could Shadow, especially in such a short time. Even if he knew Chaos Control already, at this point in timeline he 100% needed Chaos Emerald to teleport.
  24. A lot of you have good points (especially @Blacklightning ) but 1) Yes, variety, change of pace is fine. But Super Sonic boss battle is something you do ONCE and at the end of the game. So it doesn't count. 2) Even if Super Sonic battle is easy to learn, it wasn't the game you've been playing. Remember when Sonic Mania did puyo puyo boss? Most people said "kinda fun, but don't do that again, kay?". Super Sonic is same thing, only much flashier and with years of tradition, so we don't question this. 3) It limits how hard final boss can be. I'm pretty sure that super-hard-to-unlock hidden boss suppose to be a challenge, not just spectacle. But I will concede that some times Super Sonic did continued core mechanics and in my opinion, this is the direction his battle should take. How to do that? Ehh, fine, I'm not sure. I think it's commonly agreed that making Sonic bosses in general is hard. But it doesn't mean we should use formula as a crutch.
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