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  1. After Sonic Forces’ realese some of us started thinking about a future for Blue Blur. Allow me to open a discusion, based around single clue, left for us by Sonic Social Media Team way back in June. In video celebrating Sonic's 26th Anniversary we had a view on a whiteboard inside Sega's office. Aside from few easter eggs, we had one thing pointing out to something new. "FY 18: Project Death Egg Σ" "FY" probably stands for "financial year" or "fiscal year". New fiscal year for Japan (Sega Sammy is japanese company) begins April 1st. The rest is of course a code name. "Death Egg" points at Sonic-related project. The only thing that I can analyse a little deeper is a greek letter "Σ". Sigma is the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. It can further point at year 2018. Another way I could interpret sigma is by it's mathematical meaning. It is a "summation operator". With this you can sum all natural numbers beetwen two numbers. Food for thought. Do you think I'm overthinking one little easter egg? Excuse me for any and all mistakes in writing. English is not my native language.
  2. If Mr.Flynn has more freedom now... Maybe he will be able to recreate this little gem of moment. I just would like to experience this types of moments a little bit more from now on. Not at the begening, but after a year or two? Such a climactic battle at the end of a new big saga, that we all know Mr.Flynn will make.
  3. You know what I'm hopeing for from IDW? Reprints. Why? Well, I did a little bit of reaserch. In the 80's there were 2 Transformers continuites: American and British. Both made by Marvel. And they reprinted both of them under "Classic" and "Classic UK" names respectivly (well, they are still doing "Classics UK". It was a weekly series, so there is a lot of material). Going back to Sonic, maybe we will get both classic Archie AND Fleetway reprints? Not from the beggining of course, but maybe after 2-3 years of an ongoing title? I hope so, at least.
  4. From what I remember from BumbleKast: Those smaller stories were made to fill a space and to lead up to issue 300 where a new saga would begin. And regarding a current situation: It's a good thing Sonic/SEGA found a new publisher. From what I can say, IDW are doing a very good job on their Transformers, G.I. Joe and TMNT books. If they'll make something like that (Especialy Transformers/Hasbro universe) with Sonic, I'll be happy. For first few issues I would expect them to retell some of the games while establishing the universe: bassicly what Mr. Flynn was doing with Mega Man comics. But who knows. At this moment we only know an editor and his most important work until this moment was DC's Vertigo, so we can predict nothing based on that alone (Vertigo is as far from Sonic as it gets). I will wait and monitor their Creative team anouncments. Maybe then we will be able to predict a direction of Sonic comics. Sorry for gramatical/spelling mistakes, if there are any.
  5. Financial Year 2018: Project Death Egg Σ ©SDVII Fun is truly infinite...
  6. It's not official. It's Nibroc's render. About 3 months old. (click on image for link)
  7. Challenging? Anything releted to 100% complition of SA2. This game broke me... But challange I remember the most is Seaside Hill in Generations. At first I hated this stage. I felt like everything was built to stop me, kill me, squash me... You get the drill. But the more I played, the more I learned this stage. The more I fought with it's challenges, the more I grown. Now I know most paths and can beat it with no deaths, with boost all the time, or whole stage without boost. It was the most rewarding challange in my Sonic experiance. But hardest is still SA2 100%. Those damn Chaos...
  8. I'm intersted: How we would talk about Odyssey if we only saw city level and this cap thingy?
  9. I'm sure that someone told that during Sonic Forces production.
  10. Yesterday both TSSZ and Donnie hinted on Twitter that something appered on website. And the decription under this art talks about dialogue choices in BBFA3:TT, so it wasn't there before.
  11. What is it? Crisis City? That new city? BBFA3 alternate ending? Could someone explain it? Maybe @SSF1991 does know?
  12. Voice-acting. Oh my... This project is bigger then I thought...
  13. Indeed, there is a folder called "Eight" in that video... Dont' know where that will lead us, but it's something...
  14. 3/21... March 21st... And Big in photo behind Aaron's... BIG"S BIG FISHING ADVENTURE 3 COMING MARCH 21ST. START THE HYPE!!!
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