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  1. So I just collected all 7 seven chaos emeralds and put about 3 hours of my life into this little project and... I regret it. Before this game I thought that this idea could work. On paper it looks good, but... I don't now. While map is big, level design seems claustrophobic. And it's not fun. Rolling in halfpipe to get speed? It's preety hard to get in exact position. And even then, after a while, boost mode will kick in changing rules in a second. And it's not fun. Also, Sonic is too sensitiv for this type of speed. Even small adjusments of trajectory have to be made with a surgical precision. And it's not fun. Getting on top of the hill is a chalange in itself. And it's not fun. And guess what set pieces are like. Hard, too narrow and... yeah not fun. I realy wanted to like that game. I thought the concept was at least interesting. I love previous game of that team, Green hill paradise. But in the end this little project, this proof of concept is... not fun. Even Super Sonic isn't so Super. I now that there is a way to get a Hyper Sonic in GHPA2, but I don't have enough determination to do that. A weak spindash, a wierd, control-changing boost mode, claustophobic parts, they tired me.
  2. They may be refering to the Crash Remasters. Or Jak 4. Or who knows. Actualy now I'm interesed in it.
  3. It's fake. Looks cool, but fake... OR IS IT? Let's take a look at more clues...
  4. I don't know if it's the right place but... I realized that Archie's Twitter was encuoraging people to read backlog Mega Man issues in their app. Last time he was mentioned on twitter was alongside Sonic, promoting Worlds Unite GNs. Maybe Blue Bomber is coming back? (Plz, issue 56 and Master Edition)
  5. I don't see anything wrong with boost gameplay. More with it's level design.I liked level design in Generations because it felt more open (then Unleashed), but there's still more to be desire. If they'll make levels more open then this gameplay can stay. Buuut, I guess we will have to wait for Sonic Mania to come out until we'll get any more info about this game.
  6. Who wants some some wallpapers? Four flavors to chose from... Tumblr post: http://sonicthehedgehog.tumblr.com/post/148842146683/quick-grab-these-mobile-wallpapers-fast Quick! Grab these mobile wallpapers fast! Available here:http://imgur.com/a/xt6d3 Hashtags: #free stuff friday #there are ones for Tails and Amy too in the link #we can do other characters in the future too #that is of course one of you artistic types don't beat us to the punch #which we imagine you will--and please do if you want #though we reserve the right to do a Sanic one
  7. A very interesting video. He raises many good points, like the fact that Sonic has many different audiences. But I do not agree with everything he says. Sonic isn't "90's cool" at least since SA1 streamlined game continuities and Sonic's personality for both Japan and West. Since them his "coolnes" , his personality proved timeless enough. While game story and esthetics do change, Sonic is still the same guy. And he is still that cool, rebelius adventurer, with a strong sense of right and wrong (I swear they are puting the same character description for him in all manuals I read) The secend, more important thing, is that "toybox" comparasion. I love the fact that every new zone game brings something new to the table, even when comparing the same gameplay styles. Thanks to that Sonic 1, while inferior to it's seqeuls, still can be replayed. So saying that Sonic is one meesy toybox isn't a bad thing. It's just diffrent then Mario strategic use of assets. Mario makes games bigger , Sonic makes games more replayeble. A perfect opossite. People today ask how he felt from his grace (because he kinda did). Some of them look for the resons in a very fundament of a series, but the simple truth is that all of those trouble is a cause of simple lack of quality control and time to develop games. And the fact that sometimes they're just throwing ideas like crazy without thinking "Does it fit Sonic" or even "Does it fit a Sonic game we are trying to make" (*cough*Lost World*cough*). Yeah, it is a difficult act of balance beetwen "reinventing with every step" and "staying true to formula" but that's what Sonic is. It's a constnt balancing beetwen change and stabilization. Beetwen Classic, Adventure, Modern, Boom, Archie etc. fans. It's just how Sonic rolls. It's not an easy being blue, but it's his own way. Let's just hope that this way of his will be less bouncy in a future...
  8. Goodbye hopes for pre-SGW reprints. I do not think that curent books are in a VERY big trouble. Only the rerelases. The main book is going now to a classic safe-zone. And maybe Mega Drive will be a rescue boat in a worst case scenerio. I wouldn't write Archie Sonic off yet. And as I see, SoA is also a part of a case so maybe this time they'll give Archie a hand... I don't truly belive it, but who knows...
  9. Well, the point is that most of rumors point for NX being a half portable system. And there are no news about new Dimps game. But what we now for (nearly) sure, is that NX will be relesed in spring 2017, so Big N will probably show us what this console is exectly shortly (hopefully). So we have to brace ourselfs in patience and wait. Or look towards more news on Sonic Mania, thats also an option...
  10. - (Archie) Big the Cat is bassicly the strongest character of them all. He could save the world by himself, but he's just too lazy and/or dosn't see a reason why. Yes, he does help, but only because his friends ask him to. - This one is... strange. But I'm listnening to The Megas- History Reapeting part 2 (link below, if you want to listen some of that Mega Man fanbase's goodnes), and I can picture Sonic singing to himself it, as a motivation song before tommorow's party. Especialy the parts: "I know I can win, I’ve done it before /Get out of my way, I gotta settle the score" "And if it was up to me /I'd rewrite history /And change my destiny" and "The road that I walk is a gathering storm/ Today, the end begins..." Maybe it's a little strange headcanon, but it works for me "And now it's up to meTo go make historyAnd meet my destinyOne last time"
  11. Until friday, I want memes. Memes for every day, memes for everyone. And maybe some clues hiden within those memes. But for friday... I want a new game, a one that I can be hyped for. And I don't care if it is classic, adventure or modern style. I just want to see something exciting. Also: BBFA3. 'Cuz why not. I realy want to be suprised by something, I don't know by what, but if they can do new game, BBFA3 news AND suprise, I'm sold. And I think that folks at Sega can make it hapen. So...
  12. I don't know WHAT game will be announced. At this moment I'll believe in anything, ranging from Adventure 3 to Generations 2 (even Labyrinth 2... O_o ). As for how... CGI/gameplay trailer. Maybe a graphic or two, 2 days before party. Maybe. Also, I hope for some news about BBFA3... but probably I'm alone in that... Still, can't wait. Also, do you remember those rumors about those 2 Sonic team's games? Do you think it's still possible? I do not mean in 2016, thats off the table. I mean until the end of 25th anniversary.
  13. Well, it isn't halting a present timeline. At least not in a "Genesis" way. The Big Saga, that Shatered World Crisis is, wil be over by then. There will be nothing to interupt. Yeah, I'm also waiting for a Lost World adaptation, but I'm actually more interested in how it all bagun. And we know that on issue 300 a new saga will begin. In my opinon, after SWC we all deserve a little bit of side stories, just to catch our brethes. And Mr. Flyn deserves that too.
  14. Still waiting anyway. At best I will be presently suprised. At worst I'll show Archie that someone wants to buy those big volumes and maybe they'll realese Mega Man: Master Edition (hope dies last)
  15. I just read yeasterday Mega Drive. It marks my first bought issue of Archie's Sonic. In physical form. So I was extra hyped to read. As for my thoughts... Aaaand to the news: Well, it's a direct continuation, so technicly it's a sequel As for that Best Buds variant, Sonic looks like Micky Mouse with a quills. His face is too round for my taste. Waiting for Worlds Unite: The Complete Epic. I had so much fun with Worlds Collide that I just can't wait Also, do you think that I can start reading that new Universe arc without knowing curents events in main series?
  16. My first exposure to the series? I think it was that Ultimate Flash Sonic, or something like that. It was the most popular game in my class . After that there was Sonic Unleashed for Mobile. That was fun little game. But THE game that made me a Sonic fan was Generations. I got it for Christmas of 2011, because one polish letsplayer (JJay Joker) was playing it at the moment. And then, at a credits I knew, I want to experience more. I bought Sonic Mega Colection, played through Sonic 1, 2 (I never had a mood for 3 & Knuckles). And one week later, I got Sonic Adventure DX CD-ROM. And I had a blast with it. I even liked (like) Big the Cat. At that moment I knew that I am a fan. I tried to find Sonic X with polish dub. When I got X360, I experienced SA2 Battle, Sonic CD, Unleashed and both All-Star Racing (I love Transformed). Then was Sonic Heroes CD-ROM (not recomending) Sonic 4 Episodes 1&2 for Steam, and, well, here I am Trying to get Archie's Sonic the Hedghog Vol.1 (Worlds Collide was great) and waiting for a new Sonic game. For me this year is a fifth anniversarery as Sonic fan. And I want to be here, in fanbase, for another 5 years. And another, and another etc. No matter how much salty we can be sometimes, we are family. One, big, pathological, family. And I don't want to be anywhere else. Happy Bithday Sonic The Hedgehog. Happy Birthday Sonic's fanbase.
  17. And now the question is: Is this thing conected to teakover 2, July's party, Joyopolis stream, or something to else?
  18. At this point everything is both a possibility and speculation, but I don't think that he will write a story for Sonic 25. Maybe for a new one. Maybe. And even then, there was a think that a the same time (2 weeks earlier) he was in a Pokemon Company bulding (i think) so it is very unlikely. Possible at best.
  19. What is happening here? What are they "3d reprinting"? The original trilogy? Remakeing Adventure series? Is it even for Sonic?
  20. Okay, that's weird on two different levels. Level one: News for Europe on event in America (I now why it's this way. It's just kinda funny ). Level two: What type of Sonic news can be Europe centric? Something about Lego Dimensions? I don't think thats the case. Maybe a fan event? I don't think that news will be connected with games or re-releases, they wouldn't specify a region then. What else do we got? Sonic Boom DVD release? It isn't big enough... Did they confirmed Fire & Ice for Europe? Maybe some reprints of Sonic the Comic??? Like, in volumes or something? I now it won't hapen but... plz...?
  21. I think it's a sequel. Kratos even has a big scar on his stomach (after that sword).
  22. Just one question... When I will be allowed to throw my money at them?
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