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  1. That looks terrifying as hell... I want that to be in a new game. Or somewhere.
  2. Probably they're using the same treatment (or at least similar) to launching Sonic Mega Drive as ongoing. If the sales (preorders) are high enough, they will releas more volumes (issues). Maybe IF numbers will be high enough, THEN Mega Man GN will comeback, in one way or another.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess it's a time to vote with our wallets.
  3. I wonder what an accurate translation would look like...? Hmm... Why are they hiding that text? "Sonic (the) hedgehog in th...". Also: Tumblr hashtags: #national donut day #original art donut steel #there are so many donuts to choose from #what are some of your favorites? #we had this creme brulee donut once in the midwest--magical #desserts are things we must continually be grateful for #and they're basically edible rings #rings! nom nom nom nom
  4. Would you look at that? No memes in this one = Their prepering for something. I have just one question: Is the anoucment on Joypolis birthday party in June, or Sonic Not-Boom party in July. Can anyone remeber which month was missing in those song lines in SXSW panel presentation?
  5. Tumblr hashtags: #sonic the hedgehog #cosplay #nothing to be ashamed of #we all begin somewhere #and while it may be underwhelming compared to the end goal #hard work and love for what you do will help get you there #then you too can look back and laugh from your Hill Top Zone #so don't feel discouraged #don't give up from those who mock you #just keep on pushing forward and be the best Sonic you can be #or just sit on the couch and eat nachos. Nachos are good. #have a good weekend!
  6. Okay, I see a point. It would be nice to have a games reales in both America and Europe at the same time. Maybe they could make a deal that if SoA reales something in America they(SoA) would do the same for Europe and oposite.
  7. Blaming SEGA Europe for making/publishing strategy games (I put menager games here too), is like blaming ID software for making FPS games. I only hope that we will get more info on PC ports soon... Wait a second... Maybe that's what they are planing for E3... Maybe it's a long shot, but still a neat idea...
  8. Tumblr tags: #wait for it #3..2..1 tap #oh I love when they're just goofing around. Especially when there is no Sanic. Not that I'm against Sanic, just let this meme rest a little. I say, bring him back for a secret cameo in 2 weeks or so.
  9. Before Team Dark series and after making Mega Drive ongoing, they shuold bring Mega Man back from hiatus. But after that... ohhh, I can see it: Shadow the Hedgehog issue 23, "Ow the Edge" variant. That would be an interasting way to expand this universe. I'm actualy intrigued by this perspective...
  10. Reales date was: 5/4. I don't now if this is April 5th or May 4th, but it's a few days after those dates. I hope that we will get info about that untill the end of this year.
  11. Unlike Sonic he don't chuckle?... Sorry, I had to. Also, that scene is somewhat creepy...
  12. We have a schudle for Archie Action realeses in August. http://comicsalliance.com/archie-action-releases-for-august-2016-solicitations/ We have here: Sonic Super Digest #17 and volume one for Sonic Boom called "The Big Boom". Also we have a crepy "&Knuckles" Variant for new Sonic Universe. I'm still waiting for Mega Man: Master Edition.
  13. If not Eggman at the end, I would have a really bad time. Creepy...
  14. I don't think it's the case of Pre-SGW and/or Post-SGW. I would blame their financial problems. They just think about realising issues first. GN are after always an second place. And I think that none of those serieses are canceled. Their just on-hold, waiting for a better times.
  15. Tumblr hashtags to this image: sonic world video game hall of fame chili dogs go fasttoday the tags may be boring because we're being stolen into a meeting - arghghgh!boring meetings are the worstkind of like having to eat three spoonfuls of cinnamon straightor attempting to stuff thirty marshmallows in your mouth to win a betor when you realize its monday morningthankfully - it's thursday nowwhich means ONE MORE DAY UNTIL FRIDAYso we hope you guys enjoy this quick little sketchand congrats again to our little blue blur for this awesome award!
  16. I only hope that they didn't forgot about PC gamers... Wait, how did you came from Infinity to Xbox?
  17. Maybe they're implying that new game will be on systems with Bluray? Like Xbox One and Play Station 4? Also, a screenshot of what he's talking about.
  18. I remember I was reading somewhere that Archie had a BIG finnancial problems, because of the previous bosses/owners. Now that high in commands has changed, they're taking their time. This could explain the delays of GN, hiatus of Mega Man, BOOMs canncelation and Sonic's delays. But looking at a big picture I HOPE everything is going on a good path. Archie Horror is coming back to life, Dark Circle too. They have at least one GN planed per month. I think it's all thaks to their New Archie line-up. Well, maybe this or next year we will have news on Archives or even Saga. I think we will get Mega Man something(GN wise) later this year. But that's mostly my predictions/speculations/wishes.
  19. Honestly, film will not have a big factor. If it will be bad, it will just be a drop in a sea of bad game movies. If it will be good, that's great. And if it will be both good and popular... maybe haters will shut up one day :3
  20. Another day, another tweet: Tumblr hashtags: #finals week #no pressure for those of you with exams #because nothing is worse than burning out the night before #then going to the test and realizing not only did you forget everything #but it's a scantron and you don't have a 2 pencil #or forgot the blue book #then you realize #you're not wearing pants #or trousers for our top hat wearing friends #anyway--we noticed our sheet is incomplete #Jul 22 minus May 2 equals 81 days #hope you bought your ticket because they're going VERY fast #g2gf
  21. To things: Two-parters and take music theme from games for the love of evil ham. Why two-parters? You can make a bigger think, develop jokes, improve story bulding. More time= more possibilities. And why music theme? Because I want to hum something catchy when thinking about a show. And RoL menu theme is nice. Everything else is a matter of money and/or time.
  22. Excuse me, anybody now when shatered world crisis is ending? Because I would like to start reading this series when a new saga will start. A number of issue would be nice.
  23. So on topic of slowdowns, I highly recomend playing in fullscreen mode. When I was playing in that mode, I experienced no slowdowns (while I was experiencing them while hub was visable). I hope that one day emulator will be able to work with hub side by side, but it's not now. Also, the old luncher is still around, so thats an option...
  24. Well, I prefer the ones from Generations. Homing attack is far more reliable in Generations, but in Adventure 1 ,most of the times didn't needed to be very specific about your actions. That target-circle-thingy is so helpfull. As for jump dash, in Generations it may look weeker. It has short distance, you gain no speed out of it, but it works perfectly in combination with Air Boost. Air dash does decent job in those two "flavors" , but from each other you expect a different thing.
  25. Tailikku decoded morse code as "Live and learn". Don't now if this is 100% correct, but it makes more sense.
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