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  1. Sonic Generations I LOOOVEEE this game. More than it deserves. Because while it is very gooooooood, there are few things here and there. And I'm not mentioning story and final boss (almost all elements are undercoked here). No, I'll be talking about... strange physics. In modern sections there are sometimes parts of the levels that, with enough speed, you are lunched upwords. And they are wierd. I always feel a script there, always going higher than my speed indicates. Like, I'm geting a boost of speed there. Also in modern, i feel like jumping slows me down. I can understand why it is here, and for new players it's a great way to position yourself. But I played this game 80+ hours (without mods) and at this moment, it's just anoying. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 SPECIAL LEVELS!!! I don't like them. Every. Single. Thing. About. Them. I do not like music (I think that game is laughing at me), I do not like the colours, I do not like the execution. And they are here just here to test our petience and memorizing skills. And a fremerate... I just don't like them. Maybe they are better in an Android/IOS version, but I haven't played them. In my opinion, even reward isn't good enough. Not after such a bad time... I just don't like them. And I now they don't like me.
  2. Issues' re-numbering was fun for a first time (New52 and Marvel Now respectivly). But right now it's... bleeeh. Especialy when they are doing it just for the sake of it being #1 (aka Marvel NOW2 and Mega Drive: Next Level). And Sonic isn't in the best possition for something big and world-changing events to justify an All-notnew All-notdifferent issue 1. We're just ending SWC, a big world-bulding saga. If they were going to have #1, then it would be #252, not know. Also, they do like having the longest running, without renumbering, series on a market. Even when I wasn't folowing Archie comics,and Sonic as a whole, I remember how much noise there was and how much they were proud out of having the longest running series, based on licensed property. So no. No renumbering at #300. ESPECIALY there ('couse... milestone issue.and hundreds of variants to celebrate that)
  3. Well, it isn't halting a present timeline. At least not in a "Genesis" way. The Big Saga, that Shatered World Crisis is, wil be over by then. There will be nothing to interupt. Yeah, I'm also waiting for a Lost World adaptation, but I'm actually more interested in how it all bagun. And we know that on issue 300 a new saga will begin. In my opinon, after SWC we all deserve a little bit of side stories, just to catch our brethes. And Mr. Flyn deserves that too.
  4. Still waiting anyway. At best I will be presently suprised. At worst I'll show Archie that someone wants to buy those big volumes and maybe they'll realese Mega Man: Master Edition (hope dies last)
  5. I just read yeasterday Mega Drive. It marks my first bought issue of Archie's Sonic. In physical form. So I was extra hyped to read. As for my thoughts... Aaaand to the news: Well, it's a direct continuation, so technicly it's a sequel As for that Best Buds variant, Sonic looks like Micky Mouse with a quills. His face is too round for my taste. Waiting for Worlds Unite: The Complete Epic. I had so much fun with Worlds Collide that I just can't wait Also, do you think that I can start reading that new Universe arc without knowing curents events in main series?
  6. My first exposure to the series? I think it was that Ultimate Flash Sonic, or something like that. It was the most popular game in my class . After that there was Sonic Unleashed for Mobile. That was fun little game. But THE game that made me a Sonic fan was Generations. I got it for Christmas of 2011, because one polish letsplayer (JJay Joker) was playing it at the moment. And then, at a credits I knew, I want to experience more. I bought Sonic Mega Colection, played through Sonic 1, 2 (I never had a mood for 3 & Knuckles). And one week later, I got Sonic Adventure DX CD-ROM. And I had a blast with it. I even liked (like) Big the Cat. At that moment I knew that I am a fan. I tried to find Sonic X with polish dub. When I got X360, I experienced SA2 Battle, Sonic CD, Unleashed and both All-Star Racing (I love Transformed). Then was Sonic Heroes CD-ROM (not recomending) Sonic 4 Episodes 1&2 for Steam, and, well, here I am Trying to get Archie's Sonic the Hedghog Vol.1 (Worlds Collide was great) and waiting for a new Sonic game. For me this year is a fifth anniversarery as Sonic fan. And I want to be here, in fanbase, for another 5 years. And another, and another etc. No matter how much salty we can be sometimes, we are family. One, big, pathological, family. And I don't want to be anywhere else. Happy Bithday Sonic The Hedgehog. Happy Birthday Sonic's fanbase.
  7. Excuse me. Could someone remake this picture to be more in line with our fanbase. Just change the words
  8. And now the question is: Is this thing conected to teakover 2, July's party, Joyopolis stream, or something to else?
  9. At this point everything is both a possibility and speculation, but I don't think that he will write a story for Sonic 25. Maybe for a new one. Maybe. And even then, there was a think that a the same time (2 weeks earlier) he was in a Pokemon Company bulding (i think) so it is very unlikely. Possible at best.
  10. Everybody super sonic racing... Tumblr hashtags: #everybody's super sonic racing #six days to go #friday feeling #but seriously--the Sonic R soundtrack is one of the best things ever #original--cash cash cover--it doesn't matter #they will get in your head #because living in the city--you know you have to survive #gotta keep the dream alive #oh no--my plan has backfired and it's in my head
  11. If they announce game at 25th Anniversery Party, they can still showcase it at Gamescom.
  12. What is happening here? What are they "3d reprinting"? The original trilogy? Remakeing Adventure series? Is it even for Sonic?
  13. Okay, that's weird on two different levels. Level one: News for Europe on event in America (I now why it's this way. It's just kinda funny ). Level two: What type of Sonic news can be Europe centric? Something about Lego Dimensions? I don't think thats the case. Maybe a fan event? I don't think that news will be connected with games or re-releases, they wouldn't specify a region then. What else do we got? Sonic Boom DVD release? It isn't big enough... Did they confirmed Fire & Ice for Europe? Maybe some reprints of Sonic the Comic??? Like, in volumes or something? I now it won't hapen but... plz...?
  14. I think it's a sequel. Kratos even has a big scar on his stomach (after that sword).
  15. Just one question... When I will be allowed to throw my money at them?
  16. That looks terrifying as hell... I want that to be in a new game. Or somewhere.
  17. Probably they're using the same treatment (or at least similar) to launching Sonic Mega Drive as ongoing. If the sales (preorders) are high enough, they will releas more volumes (issues). Maybe IF numbers will be high enough, THEN Mega Man GN will comeback, in one way or another.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess it's a time to vote with our wallets.
  18. I wonder what an accurate translation would look like...? Hmm... Why are they hiding that text? "Sonic (the) hedgehog in th...". Also: Tumblr hashtags: #national donut day #original art donut steel #there are so many donuts to choose from #what are some of your favorites? #we had this creme brulee donut once in the midwest--magical #desserts are things we must continually be grateful for #and they're basically edible rings #rings! nom nom nom nom
  19. Would you look at that? No memes in this one = Their prepering for something. I have just one question: Is the anoucment on Joypolis birthday party in June, or Sonic Not-Boom party in July. Can anyone remeber which month was missing in those song lines in SXSW panel presentation?
  20. Tumblr hashtags: #sonic the hedgehog #cosplay #nothing to be ashamed of #we all begin somewhere #and while it may be underwhelming compared to the end goal #hard work and love for what you do will help get you there #then you too can look back and laugh from your Hill Top Zone #so don't feel discouraged #don't give up from those who mock you #just keep on pushing forward and be the best Sonic you can be #or just sit on the couch and eat nachos. Nachos are good. #have a good weekend!
  21. Okay, I see a point. It would be nice to have a games reales in both America and Europe at the same time. Maybe they could make a deal that if SoA reales something in America they(SoA) would do the same for Europe and oposite.
  22. Blaming SEGA Europe for making/publishing strategy games (I put menager games here too), is like blaming ID software for making FPS games. I only hope that we will get more info on PC ports soon... Wait a second... Maybe that's what they are planing for E3... Maybe it's a long shot, but still a neat idea...
  23. Tumblr tags: #wait for it #3..2..1 tap #oh I love when they're just goofing around. Especially when there is no Sanic. Not that I'm against Sanic, just let this meme rest a little. I say, bring him back for a secret cameo in 2 weeks or so.
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