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  1. They were saying that before BBFA3:TT. I think there is a high probability of them making those games.
  2. Well, when I was thinking about "realistc-looking" I was thinking more about this... Yeah, still wierd, but I want a game with this design so badly .
  3. Well... good point... I have to give you that. My statment here is influanced by the fact, that I'm adored by the trend of "making classics realistic" that was prominent at the beggining of 7th console generation. Just by a concept, not execution. But thats me being wierdo. Also, let me make my argument "Cartoony Sonic/cartoony humans" stronger: Kingdom Hearts. Humans looking like from anime are interacting with Disney characters. Yeah, it looks wierd, but not because of human/cartoons aspect, but because of east/west aspect. But it works.
  4. I don't care if humans are incorporated or not. But if you they will be, change them. Them or Sonic. Look at '06. Real-looking human characters don't work with cartoon anthropomorfic animals. I can take seriously cartoony humans and animals any day. I can take a redesigned real-looking Sonic working alongside real humans any day. The mixture... Not if you're trying to make a serious story, and I hope that they want to tell a little more serious story than what we were getting since 2010 (for a record, I like post-2010 game's stories for what they are).
  5. By over I meant at the end of production cycle (sorry, just a wierd day I have). Well, there was a rumor about two Sonic Team games planed for this year. But for now it's nothing more then just rumor, I guess . Also, I think he will oversee future games. So they have something planed for a future. My money goes on Sonic movie companion game, maybe another Boom game.
  6. Can we stop looking back and look foreword asking ourselves: what all of this mean? What EXACTLY Iizuka is overseeing in America? What can it bring new on a table? And why now? Does it mean that 25th Anniversery game is over? Will there be more cars to destroy?
  7. Geuss what? Another tweet... And the game starts one more time. Also, Tumblr hashtags: #a clean desktop is a happy desktop #it's our silver anniversary #and its also silver's 10th! #we're thinking of surprising him with something #which of these sound good for a dinner? #steak dish? #how about fish? #baked fish! #I guess grilled fish are better #maybe we need some more time to think on this #if only there was a way to go back in time... #but really a dirty desktop? #that's no good EDIT: Facebook picture is a little bit different. There are more details visable.
  8. My biggest problem with "rogerfied" Boom is the fact that it isn't a true "what if" scenario, but a parody. Not saying it's bad, only the fact that it would finnaly clarify for me what are his biggest problems with cartoon. Well, just another missed oppoportunity. But as a parody it was good. Not as good as Sonic Adventue in 5 milion minutes, but still very amusing.
  9. As for how did he find out about them? I don't know. Maybe ancient manuscript/old diary/legend/myth/conspiracy theory (scratch unneeded ones).
  10. About Lost World "no Zeti explenation": Why do we need one in the first place? There is enough about them: powerful aliens found by Eggman, he used them, hurt them. They didn't liked that, so at first given oportunity they broke free and, thanks to theirs natural abillities, they took over Egg-army. They want to take revange on Eggman by destroying the world. Sonic don't like that, Eggman wants to defet Zetis. There. Easy plot. And it works because it wasn't trying to be like action anime (I don't know how it's called, don't kill me...). The story was trying to be a western kids cartoon. Some laugh, some dark, good wins, evil lose. The end. Writers acomplieshed most of their goals. Please... just stop drilling on that.
  11. I heard that all charecter arts are fresh ones.
  12. I hope that same. As much as I enjoy that little game, we need a rest from Big the Cat for a while. Just until that new Sonic Team game is RELEASED. After that (and few level packs :3) I will welcome BBFA3 full release with opend heart.
  13. So, as some of you heard of, BBFA3 is a real browser game. You can play it right hear: (Note that it can be played on Chrome and Firefox. Not sure about Internet Explorer) http://bigthec.at/ No, it's not an April Fool's joke. It surely started as joke, but right now it is something else. Don't get me wrong, it's funny, but it is also a message to us, fans. But let's start from the beginning. Big the Cat is make his own game. His third one (second was a Happy Meal game and first being his campaign in SA1). Everything was going fine, until he realized that deadline is tomorrow and his lead programer (Frogy) run away. Sa he have to catch that frog. The story isn't anything significant but dialogues drives the game. The stracture of the game is basically a short visual novel with a 2-3 minigames. You can also chose a daiolog options to change a course of history (seriously, there are two pathways AND a bad ending). Everything is nice, but... there is a previously mentioned message to fans. That we shouldn't fight each other. That sometimes we sholud wait for a good stuff. Imagine our fanbase being Donnie (which is actually happening as I am typing this text ). And this game is a glorified "SHUT UP DONNIE and calm down". THIS is what Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3: The Trail means to me. And what do you guys think about this game?
  14. My first game was... Sonic Unleashed... on a cellphone...
  15. Sorry for inconvenience. I'm not a native speaker. Also I'm not used to write long posts. I apologise for all mistakes made here (probably in this post too ). I'll try to improve in the future. Again, I'm veeeery sorry...
  16. I, personaly, don't care about Fire & Ice. But I hope it will be realese and it will be good. At least. Why? Because it's Sonic. It's Sega. It will be the weakest link in frenchise. It will be the easiest way for haters to jump on it (because: Rise of Lyric). When they'll jump on F&I, they will jump further on Boom. Later on Sonic. And Sega. And they image in public is far from good. Because of 2014, and very calm 2015. Fana have nothing to show haters. Only those interviews, which are not backed by viseble actions. So we can wait. And it turns us crazy. Even after first anoucments of a new Sonic Team game there will be sceptisism. INSIDE THE FANBASE. There will be only few to protect our beloved frenchise. So Fire & Ice HAS TO BE GOOD. No matter what. And that takes time. And cancelation? It won't help at this moment. They crossed the no return point. It's been to long in development. Oh... and about no Sonic 25 anoucment yet? That's how Sega handles marketing of Sonic since at least 2011. The only diference being the fact that there was no significant game in 2015
  17. (Boom) The reason why Shadow hates Sonic is because he lost a freind (maybe even girlfreind) and Sonic wasn't fast enough to save him/her (Shadow wasn't there). After that accident Sonic lost faith in himself and left them and started new life on an island. After few monhts Tails (they knew each other before) finds him an that island and stays with him. Then they met Amy and Knux. Sonic after time moves on from a tragedy, but dosen't comes back to his old lifestyle (he was traveling with Shadow, like brothers). Shadow on the other hand still remembers his loss and never forgives Sonic.
  18. I don't reamember it being discused so: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2016/03/the-creator-of-gravity-falls-is-at-sega-and-nobody-knows-why/ Both writer and director for Gravity Falls showed up in Sega. And their are probably under NDA. This is very suspeciuos and interesting. Are they for 25th aniversery game? Or maybe Sonic Boom? Or just helping mister Webber in his teasing shenanigans? So many great possibilities...
  19. This is more like project A and B. Probably there are some key people conected to each other, but it's more fluid then that team system.
  20. Soo... June and July are obvius (Sonic's birthday and that 25th aniversery event) but what he want's from August? To sum up: we have 21st March (not sure if still valid), April first (BBFA3), Sonic's birthday at June 23rd and that event at July 22nd. And one strange lyrics. And also we have an unawsered nod to Madeon. Did I counted down all of it?
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