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  1. So... At one slide (SA2, Big's cameo in helicopter) there was a text in Webdings that traslates into: " May the best dance in a Juno bridal ". Don't know what means but... yeah.
  2. For that cat: Werehog is missing? Or that missing paper at the bottom? For mister Naka... How about they develop they own Sonic game. Their own take, maybe some classic sonic. Then Sonic Team has to make SA style game that is polished and all 3 biggest fractions are happy (Clasic, Adventure, Modern). And Boom fans are geting BOTH a game and and new season of TV. Everyone is happy. + #flynn4sonic #unleashed4pc
  3. Only thing interesting is the fact that they are prepering a meme for tomorow. Thats all.
  4. So this hapened on TSSZ: http://www.tssznews.com/2016/03/07/rumor-ben-kalough-spotted-in-the-california-bay-area/ You may ask why am I posting that? That's because, besides them doing a joke, that just may have something in comone with Sonic's 25 anniversary. Why? Well, quoting Donnie: "there’s actually a legitimate reason for this article…can’t say at this time though." He can't say know. And it isn't first thing like that in comunity. https://twitter.com/SEGAbits/status/705106549354668036 And when I ask them when will they say about it they answered: "I'd say in 1-2 weeks" Maybe I'm overthinking. But something seems fishy about that article. It's still a month untill April 1st.
  5. Well they anounced Sonic: Mega Drive comic from Archie, and a SXSW panel where Izuka, Naka, Webber will talk about Sonic's past. But, no game anoucment.
  6. If BBFA3 is real, I think it will be free... something. Flash game, mod or something. Well but there are still 14 days and 12 hours till SXSW panel...
  7. You don't have to apologise. I'm lughing from myself to (after crying and before tearing my hairs out)
  8. Personly, I'm not tired because of jokes, but because of those teasers, numbers and ... ARGHH... That is drving me crazy.
  9. Mother of god, yes. It's so obvious. I miss the times of dank memes with no clues and numbers... Can't wait till reales of this game...
  10. Hey guys. There is a brand new post. With numbers. Phone numbers. To Algeria. I don't know, am I a little to paranoid with those numbers?
  11. Or maybe their are doing Not-Super Mario Maker. That would explain those pixels. On they could acomodate it with S4:E3. Or beter, give it as lock-on DLC.
  12. Who knows, maybe it is. But right now, all we have to do is wait a little longer. At this point there are endless possibilities.
  13. Well, All-New Generations seem as likely, as SA 3, and S4:E3. For now we don't now a thing. We only know that something is coming. That's all. Everything else is a rumor or speculation.
  14. http://sonicthehedgehog.tumblr.com/post/140041253836/this-week-for-fanartfriday-we-cover-drawing Well, today they are drawing Moder Sonic. Let me make an observation: last week their music was classic Rooftop Run, and today it was modern mix. Also there are a lot of meetings there (#we'd post more hashtags but we're being stolen for a meeting!), and it's not the first time he mentions them. So there are things going on behind the scenes, and there are hapening more often.
  15. Maybe it counts, maybe it don't. But I have somewhere in the back of my head that someone came up with a date of 2/9 (he/she counted it up from those mysteriuos numbers). There was some tease that day. But maybe it's 29. In this year Feabruary has 29 days. So RubyEclipse only knows is that mysteriuos anoucment out or not. P.S. On the side note: anyone knows who Angry Sandra is?
  16. For the case of classic stuf: last fanart friday was someone drawing classic Sonic. Next we have a nod to Madeon, that can point out his involment. But only can. Could be just some random thing. Next thing is a meme from Ian Flynn's twitter. It was reaction for Sonic folowing him with text "senpai noticed", sentence "hiden meaning" in ASCII, and Big the Cat. That last one can link it to Sonic twiter guys. Still, only can. Last, but not least, under a tumblr post from Sonic, about that Sonic Mega Drive comic he said: "#next we have something planned to prank angry sandra" and "#we'll see you soon with more details!". Remainder: Something should be anounced in February. Question is: is it that SXSW panel, or something else.
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