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  1. Jeez, I was not expecting this type of response from such a simple question. Why can't people just accept my opinion? I'm not forcing it on you or anything. Also no one seemed to notice when I said that if the story was well written and we had character development (but they WEREN'T playable) I would have no problem with them.If they played like Sonic but with different abilities, that would be great! I also never said all of them should be removed. I think some are unnecessary, like Big etc but I think that they should stay if the game actually gives them a purpose in story or gameplay.
  2. I think that the tons of characters are actually great in Archie's comics (pre Penders case of course) I just think that in the games the gameplay is much better when you just play as Sonic and Tails appears in cutscenes, instead of playing as Tails in a mech / treasure hunting as Knux etc. If the characters were more developed and we got a great story featuring the likes of Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Blaze, Silver and the others I'm sure the game would be great. I just don't want any of 'em playable!
  3. Sonic has lots and lots and... lots of friends. And lots of them are very unpopular, unnecessary and could easily be removed. For the upcoming 25th anniversary game(s) , do you think Sonic's friends should make an appearance, it should be just Sonic and Tails (like in the recent Colors) or just Sonic completely alone? I would personally love just the Sonic/Tails duo!
  4. I am really irritated with Archie and have been for some time now. I have collected the Sonic GNs for many years now, and there has been a steady stream of releases for years right up until last year. I have Sonic Archives Volumes 1-24 and after seeing the back page of 24 displaying 25's front cover, I tried to find a release date and it was apparently July (sometime around there anyway) 2015. So I turned up to my local comic book shop on the day and they didn't have it. I checked it continuously for weeks after, but nothing. Then it was delayed till January 2016. So I waited again... and now the new release is later on 2016? I can't even find another release date. That's not all, as you all know. - Sonic Select has mysteriously stopped. Although at this point, they were reprinting some old stories already featured in Select and other pointless stuff - Knuckles Archives 5 and 6 never released. I wanted to collect this series, but it's kinda pointless now. The only big release I know of recently was Worlds Collide The Complete Epic. I got this recently and the quality of the pages was great. The only problem was on the spine, it was ripped. Anyway, Archie have now changed the paper quality and it is awful. Everything is going wrong for them... Is this a combination of bad sales and the Ken Penders thing? Does anybody know? I've been waiting over a year for some books now, it's just ridiculous. The worst thing is that Archie is not saying a word about these problems, and are also wasting loads of cash on variant covers that while are cool are pointless. If these series' are cancelled, I'm gonna be really annoyed... Let's just hope these books turn up. Anyone know anything? Thanks
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