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  1. Little T

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    Nosing in on the set photo tweets from the last few days, I came up with my own little synopsis based on what I've seen. I think Sonic's going to come into town, perhaps in the middle of a scuffle with Eggman, full on City Escape-ing, running recklessly and bumping into all the cars. Then, instead of GUN, he literally gets into trouble with the local police for the damage, especially because of the classic car show. Everyone in Green Hills loves their cars. But then Eggman is actually here to ruin everything, and Tom the Cop and Sonic the Hedgehog are forced to reluctantly team up to save the day. Probably totally wrong, but the idea of a movie that starts off centred on the the harsh reality of Sonic's dismissal of cars amuses me XD
  2. Little T

    Your dream remaster

    My copy of Sonic Adventure DX is pretty much already like that thanks to the work of the modding community, although it would be nice to see them become official to an extent instead of just the increasingly mangled ports of SADX we've been getting over the years. After watching this video, this video, I've become interested in seeing a remastered version of Sonic R that uses higher poly models closer to the prototype ones shown, given that a lot of detail was removed when decreasing polygon counts/texture resolution for the Saturn, which was never brought back in future ports. Also, a version of Sonic Heroes that doesn't run on RenderWare and doesn't have nasty, slippery character movement. I want a reason to love that game!
  3. Found a familar paint today at Wilko



    1. Fear-Metallix


      Guess Eggman finally mashed him into a blue jelly.

    2. SupahBerry


      And look! Espio's come to help him!

    3. Kiah


      Not blue enough 0/10

  4. Cold Update: Literally didn't get a wink of sleep last night. I officially hate this cold 🤒

    1. Kiah


      That sucks you’re still sick. That was me back in May while on vacation no less. Hope you start feeling better soon!

  5. Only managed two hours sleep last night. I don't even have a particually large cold, but apparently my body really can't handle them :-/

    1. MightyRay


      Goodness me, I hope you get better soon! If your cold gets worse please see a doc if you can.

    2. Kiah


      That sucks. Hope you get some rest and feel better soon. 

  6. Family car just failed it's MOT and it looks like it's time for it to be scrapped. 😯

  7. Little T

    BetterSADX Help Needed

    Thanks, I was having the same problem with my install (as well as poor stability with BetterSADX). This is good advice and by far the superior mod installer :)
  8. 35972316_1405636502869945_34545521043859

    Cute new artwork from SEGA Amusements!

  9. I wish the Dreamcast character models mod was compatible with the Steam version of SADX, but I haven't found anything to suggest it's possible yet :/

    1. Blacklightning


      tbh I'd be totally fine with the SADX models if they removed that obnoxious glistening effect from all of them


      seriously why does everyone look like they're made of plastic

    2. Little T

      Little T

      What you want is the BetterSADX mod then, which works fine on Steam. It reimpliments all the Dreamcast textures, environments and lighting, which gets rid of the glossy look.

  10. The sound output on my 3DS has suddenly gone really scratchy and burbly. Any ideas?

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Go to a game store, or send it to Nintendo (Just hope they don't wipe it's memory)

  11. I've just learned that CN UK air back to back Steven Universe for an hour at 2am, no advert breaks, no censorship! The last part isn't something I should have to say, but there we go :P

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      It's a miracle, considering in the past we were stuck with reruns of the craptastic Chop Socky Chooks.

  12. I really enjoyed the announcements today! Wasn't expecting anything beyond the Sumo game tease, but seeing Ray getting a second chance is neat, and that Mania cartoon looks like it was made for me! :)

  13. That newest thread , though @_@

  14. Managed to get through the last three panto performances on crutches. My role had to be reduced a bit and my foot is very tired now, but I'm glad I was able to keep on going :)

    1. RedFox99


      Why are you on crutches?

    2. Little T

      Little T

      I had a bad fall last week after the first performance. I continued for the weekend performances with a walking stick and extra caution, thinking I'd badly sprained my left foot, but then the other cast members saw its conditon and suggested I had it checked up the next day. When I went to the hospital and had it x-rayed, it turned out I'd actually broken a bone, and I have to be in crutches now to let it recover. I should be getting more news on it on Monday, so fingers crossed that it's on the way to healing!

    3. RedFox99


      Sorry to hear that. Hope it gets better.


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