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  1. Years ago now, I used to be under the impression that Knuckles wore cricket shoes (with spiked soles that matched his knuckles and also aid his wall climbing). I used to draw fanart of him with them, and made jokes to myself about him wrecking certain surfaces by standing on them. with his spikey shoes. This was all because I genuinely thought it was part of the canon, not that it was something I made up.

    Anyone know where I might have got the idea? Because I'm now sure there isn't any official instance of it at all. It might be a simple as I saw it on a piece of fanart and mistook it for fact.

    1. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Old televisions are a lot lower resolution than people today tend to give them credit for. Game developers had better resolution computer monitors, so their artists often ending up adding details in their spritework that weren’t noticeable on the usual TVs available at the time. A famous example is in Super Metroid— if during the planet explosion, you saved all the critters that helped you along the way, the ending would be the same as if you didn’t save them except you were supposed to see a little white shooting star coming out of the planet. It was a little detail meant to say “Hey the critters got their own ship, they’re okay, good job!”. Unfortunately, the white star was so tiny that TVs available at the time didn’t actually display it in a way anybody could notice. So until Metroid Fusion came along to clarify things and TV tech improved enough to show that little white streak, it seemed like literally nothing changed if your allies lived or died. Ouch.

      So I imagine you were simply filling in the details of a lower resolution rendering of a sprite meant to be more detailed than most TVs at the time could do justice for.

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