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  1. I really like the idea of Eggman teaming up with Sonic from the start. I have a feeling it'll be different from previous titles because here, they're starting off as allies, rather than Eggman being forced to help out in Last Story in order to stop the world from being destroyed or whatever. Variety is good. After Colors and Generations, I'm fine with having another Sonic game without Eggman as the final boss again (even though it is sitll very possible he'll turn redcoat on Sonic at the last minute and be the final boss anyway).
  2. I need to make a bigger effort to be more active on this forum. ...Because for one thing, nobody here probably even knows who I am. :V

    1. Komodin


      Hi... whoever you are! =)

    2. Uraraka
  3. I'm currently trying to finish Pokémon Black 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3D, both of which I had to put off for a while due to schoolwork.
  4. There's a few reasons I like Blaze the Cat. For one thing, I've always been a sucker for characters with fire-based abilities. I don't know why, I've just always found it to be a cool ability, especially in action. Purple also happens to be one of my favorite colors, and in general, I'm just really fond of her design. It also helps that she's one of the very few female Sonic characters that DOESN'T tend to annoy me (no offense to all the Amy, Rouge, Cream, Marine, etc. lovers out there). In fact, I really like her personality. She's very shy and antisocial, but she exerts a warmer personality at times (no pun intended), and I like it when a character has depth and growth like that as opposed to just being just a one-dimensional bag of tricks. ... Did I mention LEGGINGS?
  5. Does it really matter how much Lost Worlds will compare to Generations PC? As long as the game is fun and is still visually appealing, I honeslty don't care if it's a "true" next-gen game or not. But I expect it to be amazing. I mean, look at Colors. That game was released for the Wii, and it looked GORGEOUS. Just imagine what an HD game on the Wii U could look like.
  6. What you don't see underneath that jacket is a LOT of cumberbands.
  7. People always jump to conclusions when it comes to Moffat. He almost always has to be careful with what he says.
  8. I never found the interest in casino levels, especially when the level focuses solely on the slot machines and such whilst the actual platforming is kind of blocky and weird to platy through, ala Casino Night. That being said, I do quite enjoy Casinopolis. As for bouncy levels in general, they're alright as long as they're done right. Wacky Workbench, love ya.
  9. Clearly, this is going to be a massive Jurassic Park crossover.
  10. The Eternity Clock is alright... well, the PC version, anyway. It has its flaws and definitely isn't perfect, but I still had fun playing it. Of course, the story's pretty crap though. I can't try to defend THAT. Telltale doing a Doctor Who game would be pretty cool.
  11. I've benn hearing rumors that Trixie is going to return this season. Is that true?
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