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  1. Work will be done on this once I'm not the busiest person on the planet.
  2. This is to do with the "read more" functionality. By default the software truncates the status' text and forces you to go to its single status page (or use the "n replies" popup, which is a custom modification we coded) to read the whole thing. There's an undocumented setting in the original code which enables the "read more" link, but the code for it is broken - the status widget uses a particular method (in HTML/CSS) of stopping the box stretching when you have a particularly long word (as this topic is about), but it has the side-effect of making it impossible to extend the box downwards to match how big the text is - it just stays the same height and the link seems useless. So, we disabled the anti-stretching behaviour in order to get the expansion behaviour working, since that seemed more important what with statuses being such a big part of the community here It's something I'd like to fix properly sometime, but I don't know if it's even possible without mangling the code beyond recognition.
  3. Happy birthday, bmn!

  4. Happy birthday bmn!

  5. Had an interesting dream last night about Sonic 2017, and what my subconcious apparently thought it should play like :P

    It basically played like Generations, except the level was split up (both by distance, and vertically) into sections defined as being for Modern or for Classic. The moment you go into a section as the wrong character, the other jumps in and you start playing as them instead. Also, obstactles in the levels were designed so that if you messed up they'd drop you down to a lower floor which was set up for the other character (reminiscent of Classic jumping in to save Modern in the trailer), and there was the occasional section where the other would run beside you and you could switch characters freely Heroes/Time Eater-style.

    Sceptical as to whether something like this would work in practice, but seemed cool in my head :)

    1. Cyrus


      I still don't know if I want switching between Sonics on the fly to actually be a thing

    2. bmn


      Me either if I'm honest. Personally I don't like the idea of having two Sonics again at all, but it's happening :P

  6. Today's TSS bidnis trivia:

    For nearly five years, TSS has had £100 of credit on a random shopping site, from an advertising campaign that went (a lot) better than expected. It's in New Zealand though, so we can't actually do anything with it :(


    Anything grossly wrong with this, guys? I haven't done the news-writing thing in a while!

    1. Mysterion


      Nothing wrong except the fact that PS4 version is now sold out. 

      PC and XBOX One are still available.

    2. Mysterion


      Well, back in stock now it seems...

    3. bmn


      I imagine that'll be people not completing their order - the store will have to reserve the item for a certain amount of time, so it doesn't sell out while someone's actually paying for it, but then if they don't, eventually it goes back into the stock pool.

  8. Does the Sonic Mania demo (haven't played it, this is what life is like as an event organiser!) have any speed shoes in it? I'm wondering if Mania has/will follow the StealthTax classics in doing the music speedup properly (as opposed to Generations/4's mess of a workaround).

    1. EllieBot


      Yes, in the GH demo I played at SoS it did.

      Can't remember how it sounded.


    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      I could see StealthTax just making new speed up music for the game, seeing as it's also using new invincibility music. 

    3. EllieBot


      The invincibility music is a remix of Mania's title screen music, so I'm thinking the speed-shoes will be something similar and not just the level music sped-up.

  9. The official footage finally begins to surface! Hope it's worth the wait...
  10. The whole of Saturday and Sunday is Off Peak, so if you're only travelling at the weekend you're all set. I'm pulling figures out my ass here, but Peak on weekdays is somewhere in the region of 6-10am and 4-7pm. I could look the times up properly if anyone needs them.
  11. Gatwick and Earl's Court/West Brompton are actually the last stops, so no need to worry there, as long as you're on the right bus