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  1. Forum update shortly, a little downtime expected.

    1. Space☆Yeow


      Don't tell me SSMB's going under because of Nintendo America too D:

  2. I just remembered I have an important announcement to make. Today is 1 year, 2 months and 23 days since Capcom installed a rootkit on their PC SF5 players' computers. That is all, thank you for your time.
  3. What is nginx?

    Bug in the config, should be fixed now. For info, nginx is the web server software (the part that listens for page/image/etc requests and sends back the response) we use. Most of our main sites are served via HTTPS, which encrypts the traffic between you and the server so it can't be eavesdropped on. This requires that users that attempt to use HTTP instead (the default, if you don't specify the scheme by using "https://" in the URL) are redirected to the HTTPS version of the URL, and it's this part that didn't work correctly, sending you to a generic welcome page for nginx instead.
  4. Testing something, don't worry if things seem broken for 5 minutes or so.

    1. Joy


      That's exactly what someone would say when we SHOULD be worried!

      I see your game!

  5. Apologies for the slight downtime there, was doing an update to the database engine and it was down longer than I expected it to be.

    1. Kiah


      Downtime = break time for me and the rest of Staff so no apologies are necessary and thank you instead! 😉

  6. As @Ryannumber1gamer mentioned, this issue involved an error in one of the files that generates the HTML for the Sonical theme. This triggered a fatal error in the generation of the webpage as a whole when you request it, which gets sent back to you as an Internal Server Error (HTTP Code 500). This can sometimes happen if part of the software is updated in a way that would break old code somewhere else, and here in particular it can affect customised parts of our themes that don't get updated automatically when the forum software is updated. @Razule Server performance issues occurring between around 5am and 7am GMT are probably due to the backup tasks that run around then. The system that's in place right now works the server quite hard, sometimes to the point it doesn't have the resources it needs to fully respond to requests. I'm working on a reorganisation of the system that should make a big difference to system load, but no ETA on that.
  7. Happy birthday, bmn!

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Why did the site say Update in Progress just now?

  10. Right click on the taskbar > Toolbars > New Toolbar, pick your folder. It's not quite the same, but not too far off.
  11. So according to SteamSpy, Steam ownership has risen by a little under 29,000 since release day. At least 6,500 people have refunded the game. Since Steam reportedly takes 30% of sales, that's about $400,000 of revenue to Sega since release. Sega likely paid either ~$12,000 or ~$60,000 to licence Denuvo for Mania. Denuvo themselves suggest a 15% improvement in sales figures during the initial sales window - applied to Mania, this would be about $50,000 . Realistically, however, this number would probably be much lower, given that Mania is attractively-priced and very well-received, and that the backlash has been particularly strong in this case and has probably harmed launch window sales more than usual. So, optimistically, Sega's profited by about $38,000 (likely less than 5% of total revenue) for using Denovo, and realistically nowhere near that. They may not even profit at all longer-term, given the loss of goodwill. Was it worth the damage to your reputation, review metrics and long-term sales, and alienating both your customers and your own developers? Personally, I was one of those hoping for a quick crack release (though, for a current version of Denuvo on a custom game engine, a week is still very good from what I know). Not because I want Mania to be pirated - on the contrary, it's a great example of a game that should be actively supported - but because Sega of Europe hasn't done anyone justice in how they've gone about this, and they absolutely need to be pushed as much as possible to actively remove Denuvo from the game now that it's not of use to them. Judging by Sega's record with Denuvo-integrated games, years from now Mania will be stuttering as it phones home after every level, telling people they can't play on the plane because they didn't realise there'd been a patch since they last "activated" it, possibly breaking entirely if Denuvo itself ever goes under and the activation servers disappear. I have no real issue with the decision to use it in the first place, but Denuvo has a very clear use case, and that period is over; even to Sega, it's now more of a hindrance than a help. Yes, there's been overreaction, but honestly they invited that overreaction by how hamfistedly and underhandedly they've handled what should have been a triumph of a PC release.
  12. Antivirus programs tend to take no risks when classifying files they can't scan properly. Given Mania's executable is encrypted (and has a complex proprietary self-decryption into memory), that's likely the case. Though, why it's only flagging it now, I dunno And it'd be pretty much the same reason, too, obfuscation of code!
  13. I'm not too stressed about this whole thing, mostly because I was never planning on playing offline. That said, the game freezes for half a second just as some levels start, and wouldn't surprise me at all if DRM was the cause, which is really disappointing for what should be the definitive version of the game. Plus, the underhandedness at play here really does not suit what was meant to be the best-received Sonic game in a very long time. It's at a price point that most would be more than happy to pay, you're spending money to actually implement the DRM, and tanking goodwill and user review scores in the process.
  14. This should be resolved now.

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