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  1. Unofficial emulation comes with spyware? ...isn't it Sega Forever that wants access to your files and location for no apparent reason?
  2. Been a while since I did the merch thing (not really since my Sonic Adventure 2 10th Anniversary set got stolen ), and I've wanted to get something from Data Discs, so I think I'll jump on this There's a decent amount of extra nuance to that Studiopolis mix that I haven't heard in previous recordings (ending aside), and it's clear they're doing this one properly.
  3. Sonic 1 is the Taxman version, so obviously that's up to scratch. The rest of the Megadrive stuff looks like the standard of emulation on PCs about 15 years ago. Looked at Kid Chameleon on Android the most. It uses Nu Romantic Productions' music lib which early MD emus had a rough time with, and sure enough it sounds like ass on the Sega Forever version. It doesn't run with any choppiness, but at the same time seems to be framelocked (I'm guessing to 30, KC was a 60fps game). The input's quite heavy handed compared to other mobile emulators like RetroArch - KC's quite a tight game in terms of controls so this makes it more difficult to play than usual. In short, using lowest-common-denominator emu RetroArch on Android looks better, sounds better, has tighter input, and doesn't give you advertising every time you start the game. From what I've seen I'm thinking the pre-Saturn stuff will all be emulation (except for Sonic of course), and the (few) later games will be rereleases of games that have already been ported to mobile (Chu Chu Rocket, Crazy Taxi etc - note that CT is the most prominent later game in the trailer!). (Plus they all want to access your files and know your location. If you're on Android 6 or over (i.e. you're given permission prompts the first time the app tries to use a restricted permission), be aware that neither permission is needed to run the game and they can be denied.
  4. Haven't played the game yet, but looking at videos I feel like it really misses the Wisp set-pieces (and I never thought I'd say that about Wisps ) and random power-ups. There's perhaps even more running and jumping than in Runners, but it seems a lot more empty to me. Also not liking the look of those countdown timers. Overall, seems like Sonic Runners: Lessons Learned edition, which is simultaneously a good and a bad thing, though the decision to end Runners entirely makes a lot more sense now that Runners Adventure is shown to essentially be a more competent but less charming replacement. I imagine we'll be seeing updates, though not to the extent that Runners did.
  5. Rebooting the forum server, should be back in a few minutes.

  6. Haven't done any thorough testing, but should be fixed.
  7. It still works though! I know what the cause of this is, it should be fixed once I get some free time.
  8. Fixed. TSS' certificates last for 3 months before they need to be renewed. They were renewed in plenty of time, but the web server needs to have its config reloaded to have it take effect, and that's what we forgot to do this time.
  9. After much experimentation, this is now fixed.
  10. Should be fixed.
  11. This should be resolved now. You may need to clear cache (easiest way is Ctrl+F5).
  12. We'll be doing a forum software update shortly (you'll notice a maintenance message), followed by an attempt to switch from PHP v5 to v7 to hopefully improve performance. This may result in some downtime, depending on how smoothly the switch goes.

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      The forum's future depends on the Switch's success. 

      Don't mess this up Nintendo!

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      Nintendo your console better not screw us over

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      I take it that it's over now?

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      Switch is done (sorry Big N). Please let me know (here is fine) if things seem less stable or there are other problems.

  13. SSMB has ads if you're not logged in - if you are, the code to enable them is removed in its entirety. This is the most likely cause of antivirus complaints if not logged in - by necessity we have to trust in the security measures employed by the ad networks we use, and at times they do let rogue ads slip through the net and onto the site. There's also an affiliate linking feature, which takes effect (i.e. redirects by either adding an affiliate code to the URL, or goes through an external site called VigLink to do so) when you click a non-TSS link, but doesn't do anything before you make said click. If logged in, it's possible that a linked image (e.g. signature, as @Mayor D mentioned) somewhere is coming from a domain name security databases consider untrustworthy. It would usually be the browser that flags this though, not antivirus. Without more info I can't really say more than that. Avast should have a log including the page URL, the URL of the unsafe material, and which malware definition it triggered. We can come to a better conclusion if we have that.