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  1. Help me out, SSMB hive mind. SA2 seems very fondly remembered these days. Was it as well received back in 2001 when it was new or have people come to appreciate it more in the... *counts* ...nearly 18 years since? I honestly can't remember.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      It was well recieved on release. This is the game that had such a high Metacritic score for a Sonic game until Mania came along and beat the record.

    2. Delta Starfire

      Delta Starfire

      Ah, okay. Thanks. I've been out of the Sonic fandom loop for such a long time that I just don't have the same working knowledge of the various games' reception anymore. Then again, maybe I never did. I was re-playing SA2 a few months ago for the first time in years and I felt it held up pretty well still.

    3. Strickerx5


      From what I've gathered, It's always been a relatively divisive game. You had fans and press outlets alike split. Some claiming it to be the best Sonic game ever made, while others downright hating it. Honestly, I think the only reason why I (and many others around my age) think that it was remembered fondly at one point is because we were the people doing that. As far as I can tell, my general generation still loves this game while the reception of it is far more mixed in other age groups. SA2 was a lot of peoples' first Sonic game with Battle being dropped on the GC.

    4. Delta Starfire

      Delta Starfire

      Yeah, what I recall is more divided opinion at the time of release. But it seems more fondly remembered these days, so I was wondering if opinion on it has since softened, or if it is just the people who always liked who still talk about it most.

    5. Mil-O-Lantern


      I still think it says a lot that the Battle GC port that came out half a year later got worse reviews, despite virtually being the same game with added multiplayer content.

      I really can't help but think reviewers were caught up with the whole "Sega going third-party / last Sonic game for a Sega platform" atmosphere and were cutting the game some slack in light of that.

    6. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      The problem is that back then I couldn't give an accurate answer. Like the Dreamcast magazine that I was reading didn't even get to the Sonic Adventure 2 review because it finished around then and it was all PS2 coverage then where I was from because the Internet wasn't much of a thing. So there weren't much reviews of the game around. The Gamecube version got positive reviews though but much of it was "Sonic on a Nintendo console OMG!" type of thing.

      This is my guess. The reviewers loved the game and fans of the time were more split. Some absolutely loved it while others were picky. There were complaints about the Tails/Eggman stages, there were complaints about the camera. Those two issues are the ones that I remember. I think a few even complained about the game not being finished because they had problems with the final stage with the DC version. Don't know if it was down to a dodgy print run as it was common with the console or American copies of the game. In my case, I saw it as the decline of the series but wasn't a terrible game, more of an okay/quite good game. This was from the Gamecube version as I don't recall seeing the Dreamcast version around back then like most of the late games on the console like Headhunter, Virtua Tennis 2 and Shenmue 2.

      For the Nintendo fans, it was their first Sonic game (either that or the more forgotten Advance) so there is that nostalgia effect. A lot of the positive about the game is due to that and that is why it is fondly remembered. The ones who were more picky about the game, you don't see much online.

  2. Alex Milne liked my tweet about 'The Dying of the Light'! Senpai has noticed me! ❤️

  3. Read 'The Dying of the Light', one of the last story arcs in 'More Than Meets the Eye'. Jeez, too many feels. ❤️

  4. Hey, thanks for starting this topic, @Monkey Destruction Switch I've been working on the same webcomic, Eon's World, more or less since 2002, and last year I got a bit sidetracked with a project to remaster the first volume, which was a sprite comic. I did some good work on that, but I underestimated how big a project it would be, so I've taken some time to re-think my approach before returning to it. In the meantime, I've continued work on Vol. 2 (which continues the same story, but not as a sprite comic) and, since I was able to finish the last few pages of Chapter 8 fairly quickly towards the end of last year once I really focused on it, I decided to take a stab at doing Chapter 9 on a regular update schedule -- something I haven't done with my comic since Chapter 5, which I did in 2014. Well, so far, I've completed 12 out of 27 pages for Chapter 9, the first 6 of which have been uploaded on a regular Wednesday/Saturday schedule, beginning January 9. I'm making good time on it and confident I'll get through the chapter without any delays or rescheduling. And once that's done, I'm going to start work on a secondary project to properly remaster and re-release Vol. 1, which I hope I'll be able to work on alongside future chapters of Vol. 2. I hope to get at least another complete chapter of Vol. 2 done this year, as well, and I'm well positioned for that, since I've already written the script for Chapter 10.
  5. Well, I may check that out some time, if I fancy looking at the trainwreck again. 😛
  6. Well, that's reassuring. Is that topic still going?
  7. Well, I hope that's a positive memory. 😛
  8. *waves with only slight anxiety* Hey. It's been several years since I was last active here. I decided to put in another appearance, because I miss having a Sonic community. I changed my username, but when I was here last, I was under the name Bethany GRT, and prior to that I was under the name Eon Squirrel. Anyway, hello again.
  9. If you guys are referring to this scene... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ifaw07fuU00 ...then that was actually at the end of series 8, not 9. I think Back to Earth is now counted as series 9, since the last series in 2012 was series 10. Anyways, always good to hear of more Red Dwarf. It would be nice if Holly returned this time.
  10. Delta Starfire

    Star Wars

    Well I just got out of Age of Ultron (which was awesome, by the way), but I was a bit miffed that the trailer for The Force Awakens was the one we first saw in December and not the new one, as I was led to believe.
  11. Delta Starfire

    Star Wars

    I suppose it will. But it's got to happen, really. I was expecting Ahsoka's death to happen in The Clone Wars some time myself. Anyways, this Rogue One film sounds interesting. It will be quite different to see a Star Wars film without any Jedi in it, focussing purely on rebels instead. Also, does this mean the gaps between the main instalments in the series will be plugged by these anthology films? If so, I guess that means we're getting new Star Wars every year now... I'm not complaining myself, but I bet some people will... Then again, it's Star Wars and it's not The Empire Strikes Back. Someone is always going to complain. Well, there's no official figure given for the exact size of the original Death Star, but sources generally suggest that it's between 120 and 160 kilometres in diameter. That's pretty small, actually, when you consider that the Earth's moon has an average diameter of 3474.2 kilometres and looks no bigger than a fingernail held at arm's length. Of course, the moon also orbits at a distance of between 362,600 and 405,400 kilometres. If it were close enough to look as big as the Death Star does in that trailer, it'd probably be because it's about to crash into the planet (unless it were orbiting insanely fast and creating all kinds of crazy tidal effects). The Death Star would, therefore, have to be even closer to the planet in the trailer to appear that big in the sky. But, remember, the Death Star is not a lump of solid rock like the moon, or even solid metal; it's mostly hollow, full of decks and compartments for the crew and engineering spaces big enough for small freighters to fly through. So the Death Star's mass is going to be nowhere near that of a moon of comparable size, which means it could probably orbit safely at a much closer distance, potentially close enough to take up half the sky like it does in that trailer. And, of course, a lot will also depend on the gravity of the planet it's orbiting. That, or it could just be rule of cool.
  12. Delta Starfire

    Star Wars

    I have. What's your point?
  13. Delta Starfire

    Star Wars

    Oh goddess... I think I need a cigarette after thar trailer... So much win... Can't wait for season 2!
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