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  1. Lol well I am afraid that is the conclusion we have come to.........there better be an evil green bird arc soon
  2. Ah yes...Jolt.....Lets see then Jet Speedy Bean Jolt All birds, all green and none of them are heroes. What's that say about green birds........
  3. If you count the comics then I would say: SonicXAmy KnucklesXJulie-Su SallyXMonkey Khan and i'm sure some more I can't be bother to think of right now......
  4. SEGA CANNOT HIDE FROM THE TRUTH!!!! I lived through and played all of these games and I can not block them off from memory....even if some were good...so SEGA cannot do the same. Also lol at the quote above
  5. I would love to say I'm getting Colours soon but I usually buy 1 game a month but I'm stuck between Colours and Goldeneye.....then again I can to a Sonic site a said that........erm....any help with picking?
  6. *Points at the comics* now these are the ways to determine this topic! Characters proportions constantly changing and that. Recently I would say Rouge has lost weight....if that's something of interest to anyone
  7. This game sounds AWESOME!!! Don't want to repeat the sonic cycle but this is really shaping up to be one of the best sonic games and definitely the funniest and best written. It looks like the 4th wall will be taking another hit from Sonic...maybe it'll even collapse
  8. I'm getting Colours in Wii (and maybe DS), Sonic 4 on 360 which I would get for Wii but I'm an achievement whore and MAYBE Sonic Adventure for 360. I would get free riders but I don't plan on getting Kinect. I wish it had non-kinect controls
  9. Yes it certainly does...the first one I thought was either Vector or Storm but yeah it's definitely Blaze
  10. I used to think: Knuckles was a girl Tails' full name was Two Tails that Sonia was in Sonic R, Not Amy Sonic Underground was good Knuckles was a porcupine Sonic used to belong to Nintendo Sonic X was good And I'm sure there are many more..............
  11. My favourite animal has to be the red ruffed lemur Second would have to be the ghost crab
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  13. *shoots self in head* Also why does no-body know of the already existing Sonic movie that came out around 1999 or so
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