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  1. Music Plant, Act 25, Clear

    Assisted with the 25th anniversary collaborative music video project.

    • Awarded
  2. oh WOW

    i cant BELIEVE what he made take place

    • Awarded
  3. Bonus Unlockable

    Participated in the bonus day of the 30 Days of Video Games for 2014

    • Awarded
  4. Master

    Participated in all 30 days of the 30 Days of Video Games for 2014

    • Awarded
  5. Hey, Listen!

    Given out for receiving a helpful tip from Omochao while going through his Sonic Boom phase on April 1st, 2014.

    • Awarded
  6. 3D Blastin' 2013

    Congratulations, you overcame the third dimension during the Holiday 2013 event!

    • Awarded
  7. Hunter of Mavericks 2013

    Foiled Sigma's plans at least once during the Holiday 2013 event. Does he ever quit?

    • Awarded
  8. New Appearances 2013

    Stopped Albert Wily's plans for world conquest during the Holiday 2013 event.

    • Awarded
  9. New Year 2013

    A special thank you award for participation on the forums during or prior to the year 2014. Here's to many more!

    • Awarded
  10. Solve Floods with Blocks 2013

    Saved all of your friends and defeated at least one of Koopa's cronies during the Holiday 2013 event.

    • Awarded
  11. Project 24 2013

    Participated in the SEGASonic Radio event 'Project 24' on December 15th, 2013. Rock on!

    • Awarded
  12. Toughest Puffball World 2013

    Popstar is always in peril and once again it was up to you during the Holiday 2013 event to save it.

    • Awarded
  13. The Good Ol' Days 2013

    Eggman was out to cause chaos during the Holiday 2013 event, but you stopped him!

    • Awarded
  14. Grr!

    First time participant of the Werehog contest

    • Awarded
  15. Brawler

    Participated in the SSMB Brawl Tournament.

    • Awarded
  16. Hardcore

    Participated 20 times in 30 Days of Video Games

    • Awarded
  17. New Groove

    Dressed up Sonic.

    • Awarded
  18. Generations Finalist (Dreamcast Era

    Got into the batch of Finalists of SSMB's Generations Speedrunning Tournament (Dreamcast Era).

    • Awarded