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  1. So I've been playing Plus... honestly, sort of underwhelming. Has quite a few issues that I actually liked Mania for staying away from but for what's basically a $5 hard mode with two new characters... eh, it's alright overall I guess.

    Also have already perfected my method for getting every chaos emerald before the end of cp. Am I obsessed with super forms? Yes. But I'll be damned if I'm playing through OO again without them.

    1. Dejimon11


      How the hell are we on the same mindset with this?

    2. Strickerx5


      don't know

      it's sort of worrying

    3. Dejimon11


      I noticed something when we agree we really hit the nail on the head with something. 

  2. Figures that, yet again, all the stores in my area aren’t selling the brand new Sonic thing early. This is even like the 3rd city I’ve been in (just moved to King of Prussia). Damn stores with loyalty to release dates.

    (I mean this is coming from someone that did work at GameStop a while back but still >:V)

  3. Saw Ant-Man and the Wasp yesterday and while it is a definite step up from the first, I still can't say that it was anywhere near some of Marvel's other movies. Pretty down the road in a lot of areas with 2 or 3 high points.

    A full on C tier.

    1. Ferno


      I thought it was right on-par with the first. ...and I liked the first so it was alright. I think we kinda need Ant-Man as his films fill a needed niche in the MCU's franchise lineup by being humor focused among a sea of more serious titles.

    2. Strickerx5


      Yeah, I think that's why I liked a few parts of it a lot more than I probably would've if this was released like two years back or something. Coming off Infinity War, this entire thing was a fun watch at least.

    3. Ferno



      plus at the end we still got a reminder that serious shit's going down; it was a good choice to have it at the very end to give us a fun time before that moment tho

    4. Strickerx5



      Yeah, tho I will say that they kind of pulled a Homecoming with that after credits scene. Like, it was in the trailers ffs.


  4. So Plus is basically an alternate universe... in an alternate universe.

    That's... really fucking lazy. Mania barely even has a story and they still couldn't hook it all up?

    1. Tracker_TD


      The way I see it, Adventures is the non-canon alternate universe... but at the same time, I don't see it as any different from say, Sonic X. It's just a different take on what happened when Sonic got back from Forces, like how X's Adventure adaptation is a different take on what happened when Perfect Chaos attacks. 

    2. JosepHenry


      Still... Tying both stories would be really easy and that wasn't needed.

    3. VEDJ-F


      Mania Adventures feels like it's the proper follow-up more than Encore mode (I haven't even seen Mania Adventures and I still feel that). 

      Encore mode doesn't even feel canon.

    4. Candescence


      Sonic Team are ultimately in charge of the franchise and its 'canon', and their continued incompetence shines through. Taxman, Stealth, et al. wouldn't be so dumb as to not make Adventures a tie-in to Encore.

      Frankly I'd rather have SEGA boot Sonic Team, make the Mania team the new Sonic Team and just let them handle the franchise from then on, because frankly it'd be an immediate improvement. Or, at least, it wouldn't make things worse.

    5. JosepHenry


      Sonic Team has nothing to do with Mania though.

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter


      I understand why. Separate media endeavors, like tie-in comics, rarely fit with the original story 1:1, and I doubt the teams even had much communication between each other on that front in the first place... but it really doesn't feel good for the brand as a potential sub-series, and new team effort. They should have gone the extra mile, even if the story they're working with is next to nothing, imo.

    7. Penny


      they do insofar as overseeing it and making it sure it stays in line with their outline of the series lore and stuff.

    8. Candescence


      @JosepHenry Oh, come on, the entire tie-in aspect to Forces (the one thing in Mania everyone hated, especially after Forces turned out to be shit) would not be a thing without Sonic Team basically mandating it. 

    9. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Remember how Boom basically had three separate realities between the console game, the handheld game, and the cartoon, all due to a lack of communication and separate directions, or flat out intentions from conception

      And remember how Mania, Forces, Speed Battle, and the prequel comic all had separate ideas about the Phantom Ruby/Prototype and it's nature/shape, despite how simple and set-in-stone it should have been

      If the new team isn't going to try any harder than that I don't see why they should handle the series' main continuity over the people already in charge of it

    10. Ferno


      while it'd be a nice idea to make the Mania Team the new "Sonic Team," I wouldn't wish the current sonic team's ball & chain on anyone. I'm sure there's other stuff the Mania guys wanna make, and being the "new" Sonic Team would only ensure that they'd just be shackled to Sonic from now until the end of time.

    11. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Are we heading into a Marvel Multiverse situation here.

      Are we heading into a Marvel Multiverse situation here.

    12. Wraith


      Mania Team is not the new Sonic Team and a lot of them have expressed interest in working on other stuff next including Taxman himself. 

      This doesn't mean that they'll never work on Sonic again, mind you, but they're freelancers. Expect their involvement to be shaky and inconsistent if sega even continues this whole Mania thing at all.}

      Frankly, I don't want more talent squandered under Sega's current management so I really am not gonna mind if they pursue other opportunities. 

    13. SupahBerry


      Captain Toad on Switch takes place in an alternate universe from the Wii U Captain Toad.



      No Kidding.





    14. VEDJ-F


      I swear, ever since Pannenkoek made parallel universes a meme, all the mascot games have split into actual parallel universes. 

  5. Guys, Summer Camp Island is actually pretty great.

  6. I don't think y'all properly understand how good the SASRT OST is.

    1. Adamabba


      I like how this song gets like twice as good when it transitions into the original composition

    2. Wraith



    3. Thigolf


      Richard Jacques was a blessing for this OST, man, it's so freakin good.

    4. SupahBerry




      what da faq happened

  7. Strickerx5

    Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Well, that was one hell of a week. Gotta say, I enjoyed every episode; including this last one. Sure it was rushed as all hell towards the end but real talk... I think this is one of the few times where I'm ok with them getting out the story beats fast rather than waiting it all out properly. I've literally been waiting for them to get to this point for like 3 years now. Any longer and I would've probably just been annoyed by the whole week. Personally, I believe there was more than enough buildup to this point over the past year or so to make up for a, while still ok, rushed ending. But honestly, I'm incredibly happy about where the show is currently. Sure they stopped at a point where I think we'd all like to jump onto the next episode like, now, but there is a hell of a lot given to chew on here. It seriously feels like we're entering the end-game for this series though. All that's really left is... yeeeeeeee Couldn't agree more. Also, in other news
  8. Strickerx5

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    Yeah, I feel like this is more than likely just a clothes update at most. If it was anything more significant, they would've talked about it. Though, then again I can see where people could get their hopes up with this. It is Sega after all. The kings of poor marketing. The ones who hype up $5 DLC for 4 months but can only be bothered to show off one stage of a racer in that same time (firstly through leaks no less). Honestly, it wouldn't be too surprising if this was secretly Forces 2 at this rate. Sarcasm aside, best course of action is to just keep your expectations low, sadly.
  9. You know, I use to give Sega a lot of shit for not making their music widely available. Now I'm seeing things like fucking Skies of Arcadia's soundtrack on iTunes.

    Good work Sega. Now where's Burning Ranger's OST

  10. Strickerx5

    Seriously, why are Pontaff still writing for Sonic?

    Eh, gotta disagree there man. Stories like Unleashed and BK may not be perfect but I'd still say that they're far better and worthy of repeating over Gens, Colors, or Forces. Also, I wouldn't label ST in whole as a factor of people who don't care. The way they advertise their games (especially with how Nakamura was promoting Forces), it's obvious that a fair few people within the team care. As for the general public, gonna be honest here, that's a very slippery slope you're going down there. Literally any topic brought up here can be met with that line of thinking. "Classic physics need to come back" to "No one even noticed Classic in Gens was even off so why bother" or "Sega should continue to invest in this franchise" to "Sonic is the literal laughing stock of the industry. No one cares, just kill it all. Mario is better anyway." Again, I don't see the issue in people voicing their desire for writers more suited for the job. It's no different than people requesting for better coders in ST. I fail to see how one is overbearing and the other isn't. These idea are not free from debate. It's why boards like these are even here. Imo, nothing on here even comes close to the SA3 facebook group and is far from getting out of hand. Trust me, I've seen it happen quite a number of times (especially last year) but what's happening here... there's no real "entitlement" to be had.
  11. Strickerx5

    Seriously, why are Pontaff still writing for Sonic?

    What hate? You mean criticism? If anything, I'd say this entire topic has been rather tame when compared to the usual mess topics regarding people like Iizuka or ST as a whole get. I can't speak for others but personally, I'm just flat out sick of their work. I don't hate them personally (I hope no one ever thought that to be the case), but I just don't see their output worth keeping and would much rather a change-up occur in that department. I'm sure they could do great work on other properties but for the last 9 years, I just can't say that's been the case with Sonic. Also, I've been seeing the idea of "It's a Sonic game. People don't care about the story so why does it matter" pop up a bit and let me just be frank here, that's a ridiculously poor argument. The idea that a significant section of a game should just fall into a gutter because a section of people don't care about it has always irked the ever living hell out of me. A fair amount of people in the industry don't care about Sonic as a whole. Should the entire series just shrivel up and die because of that? No. Hell, that's a good part of the reason why we've gotten these Sonic only games for the last decade (among other issues). When I buy a Sonic game, no, any game, I'd like the full package to be of quality. I don't want a chronicles tier soundtrack, bare-bones gameplay, microsoft paint graphics, ect. Like, if we just wanted to accept everything as just how things are I don't think we'd be on this board to begin with. I guess what I'm saying here is that I don't think it's wrong to want effort put into things. Like, basic effort all around at the very least.
  12. Strickerx5

    Seriously, why are Pontaff still writing for Sonic?

    I don't think it's that much of a surprise that I ask myself this exact question every time I see their names tied to this series. Sure, getting rid of them wouldn't solve all of this series's narrative issues in one swing but damn if they haven't only contributed to the issue. Doesn't help that this entire situation literally started coming about when they came on. Now I'll continue to praise them for their Sonic and Tails interactions (at least until the Sonic and Tails only shtick got old after Gens) but that's literally all I can give them. They've consistently prioritized getting cheesy jokes out rather than telling a meaningful story, building character, or hell, telling an actually good joke. Getting rid of them won't solve everything (and I imagine it isn't in Sega's to-do list due to the reasons Celestia stated), but it'd be a damn fine start. Even as far as simple English adaptions are concerned, Flynn has shown a ton more competency in handling these characters than the duo ever have. These "tru dat", "torture", "baldy McNoisehairs", and whatever the hell Gens was aren't cutting it. RoL literally did a better job in that category and that hot mess of a game shouldn't have even been released. Maybe one day ST and Iizuka will further hold that little comment they made about moving more of their operations westward to action and move the in-game cutscenes and story folk over at ST to better communicate with these writers. Though, until then, moving Pontaff out is a great first step imo.
  13. Strickerx5

    Overwatch (Currently: Lunar Year Event!)

    Well I'm down with the looks if anything. I wonder how he'll play. This one's been teased ever since the Lunar Colony went up so it's nice to see Blizz finally deliver on all that. Really thought he was going to be a monkey though in order to fit more closely to Winston. Although, this basically means that the moon was used for testing all sorts of hyper intelligent animals (beyond gorillas) so the floodgates have just been opened for new character designs. *crosses fingers for Jetpack Cat*
  14. Strickerx5

    Why the Modern Sonic Stories Just Don't Work

    After watching the video (which honestly man, your initial description of it did originally turn me away a bit), I have to say that I agree with a fair amount of it. I was going to spend this post going on my usual ride on how Colors started this downward trend of cheesy, lifeless messes of plot elements with the only noteworthy points coming attached with a multitude of asterisks. With lengthy pieces going into how a game is the sum of all its parts and completely skipping on story because "gameplay is the only thing that matters" is a lazy excuse that doesn't solve the main issue most fans have with these games. How this attempt to follow the "classic" style was sorely mismanaged and why Pontaff need to go but then... I stopped myself. At around the 400 word mark (and I probably wasn't even half-way done at that point) I realized that I just didn't have it in me today. Anyone who even remotely knows me already know where my head is here. I'll leave it at this. Sega needs to look at the IDW comics for the next game. No matter what tone, style, perspective, genre, rating, or fucking shoe size it may take. These comics understand what a Sonic story could be when put in the right hands which is something games from the past 9 years haven't even come close to doing imo.
  15. Oh, so many choices... Holaska Hub Night- Sonic Unleashed This was probably the hardest choice for me to make as literally everything in Unleashed is great and deserves a listen every chance it gets. XD Though, I feel this track is often overlooked by many so I'ma give one of my votes to it. Dragon's Lair- Sonic and the Black Knight Another track that I don't think gets nearly enough love. Casino Park- Sonic Heroes It's a crime a theme this good went to a level so... eehhhh. Reach for the Stars (Rock Cover by KyleAB5000)- Sonic Colors Remix In a lot of ways, I find this better than the original. Also think this guy is severely underrated and needs more recognition. And that about does it for me. Hopefully some people can pick up the last two Sky Fortress Acts for 4 ep2 as I feel those are often overlooked in the mess that is 4 but hey. I'm aslo extremely glad to see that @Teoskaven has amazing taste and added in Wong's remix of Mirage Saloon.

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