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  1. Bandai Namco is absolutely pulling a Rockstar in terms of Fighterz getting a Switch port. They’re going to release it on there only after they get those initial sells on the other platforms (probably with the goty/ ultimate edition) to get those sweet double purchases.

    1. Dejimon11


      Wait Rockstar did this before? 

    2. Strickerx5


      They basically delay all their pc ports for this very reason.

    3. Dejimon11


      Ah typical 

  2. So I initially wasn’t that into this game. I thought it looked fun enough but with the constant news coming of it being on the more competitive end of fighters (a genre I have next to no real experience in) I was hesitant. Well, fast forward to now with the beta and honestly... I’m sold. I’m still going to wait on some of the initial reviews before pre-ordering on Steam (and pray to Kami that version is good because I want my 4K man) but I’ve been having a lot of fun with the beta. Not to mention that this game looks gorgeous as hell. I love how we’re barely 2 weeks in and I think I’ve already decided what the best looking game of the year is going to be for me. Now this is why you have betas and demos people *prepares wallet*. Also, quick question for those of you who have been playing. Do you prefer to use the d-pad or the analog sticks when playing? Having come from Injustice 2, I was aiming to keep using the d-pad for movement but I’m starting to find that the analog sticks are easier to use for combos (especially the quarter circle stuff).
  3. Guess who's flight back to college just got canceled thanks to an incoming snow storm!...

    damn, im lucky my schedule is super light this semester.

    1. Kiah


      Hope you won’t be inconvenienced too badly by this. And whenever you are able to get back have a safe flight!

    2. Strickerx5


      Thanks Kiah! Luckily I was able to get one back before my first class on Tuesday so all should be good.

    3. RedFox99


      Hopefully the college is understanding about your scenario. 

  4. Kid Icarus: Uprising

    I'm sorry I took you that close to the sun my friend. Though, I'll have you know I'd never contain that kind of news in some old friend. Nah, I'd blast that shit in a new thread for everyone to see. XD
  5. Kid Icarus: Uprising

    OOOHOHOHOHO, guess who's about to give this thread a big old bump! Coming in from 2018 and still no sign of a sequel to one Nintendo's greatest achievements. Though, all is not lost as I've stumbled upon this! Project Site Even with my extreme and unapologetic bias towards this series, I didn't think this needed a topic all to itself (especially seeing as I'm one of the few enlightened and non-foolish people on this forum who care for this series). This is basically a rough fan project developed by 12 lovely people (for a school project) over the course of a little less than 2 months. It aims to be a short demo of the original Kid Icarus brought into 3D. So, none of the extra mechanics or moveset Uprising brought to the series. I like to think of as a what if a Kid Icarus game was made for the N64 but given a modern day graphical touch-up sort of thing. Like I said before though, this is a rough fan project developed under a short time window by a limited team. It's not optimized in the slightest (even my GTX 1080 had some troubles keeping a steady framerate) so anything under its system recommendations (on the site) is probably going to have a rough time. Also keep in mind that this is aiming to simulate the original, not Uprising. So all the minor things that go along with that distinction are present as well. Personally, I absolutely love what this is. A lovely little demo for a series I adore with modern day tech thrown in. I'm both laughing and crying at the fact that even with this being a small thing, it's probably pushing more graphical features than anything Nintendo would put out these days (if they even bother with the franchise to begin with). The aesthetic is gorgeous and really shows what this series could be if given the time and day on modern tech. I can't tell you how nice it is to actually have something new and related to Kid Icarus to play again. It's like seeing a small glimmer of light after 6 long years of darkness (give or take if you count Smash 4 which I'm half and half on). I really hope that the team behind this continues to work on it. I'd love to see some more combat options added. Also, making the areas in the middle of Sky Wold playable would be great too. But yeah, that's about it. Here's a video for those of you who can't run this. So go! Download and try it out for yourself if you can! I'd say hurry before Nintendo takes it down, but I doubt they even remember that they own this property at this point.
  6. How is Pontaff's writing viewed now?

    Pontaff's writing has been a con for me more often than not. The way I see it, before they came on board the series was on an upwards trend in terms of narrative. Unleashed came and showed how a relatively serious and large scale plot can be done in the series while not loosing comedic and lighthearted values. Right after that you had Black Knight's phenomenal narrative showing that pretty much set the bar for the series. But then, not even two years after that, they backtrack on it all with Colors; Pontaff's big debut into the series. A story that couldn't give any plot element the time of day, completely forgot about one of its main characters halfway through, and couldn't help but tell some cheesy joke every chance it got. At that point I honestly didn't think it could get worse but then Generations happened and completely proved me wrong. What's worse than a cheesy narrative with no conflict? No narrative at all apparently! What was suppose to be the franchise's big celebration of stories over the years (even advertised as such) turned into one of the worst narratives in the entire series. So much potential was downright lost there. To this day it's really the only thing that keeps Generations from being in my favorite game category. So yeah, not a great start for the duo in my eyes and I've been weary of their actions ever since. When I say that LW was a step in the right direction in a number of areas, that's coming from the perspective of starting back from 0. When compared to Colors or Generations, it is a huge improvement but then compare it to other stories (even S3&K) and it easily falls apart. Then we get to Forces which again, at least in my eyes, further improved on some aspects but I feel as though that mainly came from the fact that Pontaff wasn't involved in the actual writing of the plot. From what we know, they only translated it (and not very well either if we are to believe that the infamous "torture" line came from their end). Which brings me to now. Honestly, while they have definitely made some improvements over the last 7 years, I'm still all for getting new writers that actually understand the series. The only real positive I can give the two is that their interactions between Sonic and Tails are, for the most part, on point but that's pretty much it. In my eyes, they haven't really added anything to this series. I think it says a lot that with all the shit the Boom games got when they came out, the one thing that people could at least see value in was the way the characters were written. That even with all the pants things surrounding those titles, people could still see that aspect as better than any of the recent stuff we've gotten. I get where people who like the more light and comedic story approach come from when they say they appreciate them but I still can't say that I agree on even that front. There's a difference between having something be humorous/ light and being cheesy/ mindless. Pontaff falls squarely in the latter for me. I'm sure they're nice guys and can do great things in other series but as far as Sonic is concerned, I haven't seen it. Personally, I think it's high time Sega do the obvious move and get Flynn in for writing the actual games. That or bring Maekawa back. Hell, I'll even take Boom's writers.
  7. Yeah, I can sadly definitely see this outperforming the MLP movie. As much as I hate to see a world where one of my favorite shows lose to something like this, it's not hard to see why. Outside of two trailers, promotions on the shows actual channel, and a few commercial airings on NBC, Hasbro put the absolute minimum effort into promoting the film. Only the show's actual watchers really knew about it, let alone when it was in theaters. Plus, the actual film was only released in a limited number of theaters which severely hurt it as well. Hell, even a major city like Philly only had two real places that were showing it. Add in that the movie itself wasn't that great of a starting point for newcomers, failed in a few areas, and just wasn't the show's best foot forward like it should've been (so it couldn't even count on reviews and positive word of mouth) and the movie just wasn't able to go the extra mile. Not only does TTG have it's immense popularity with the full child demographic (apparently), but it also has DC and WB backing it up. If CN plays their cards right and actually promote it outside the channel, it's going to do well. I mean it even has the wind from Lego Batman backing it up somewhat as I imagine people none the wiser will see this and think "hey, that looks somewhat like that other cartoony dc movie I liked!" Though, there is the slim chance that they do a limited release and promotion on this as well in order to save facemoney.
  8. So... was Tropical Freeze seriously the only thing they had to announce today?

    Wow, good thing I wasn’t expecting anything.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      New Mario Tennis game with a story mode

      DK is joining the Mario/Rabbids gang

      Kirby Star Allies has new abilities like Spider and Artist

      Mario Odyssey DLC, including the Sunshine outfit and a side-quest presented by Luigi

      That's all kinda cool, too.

    2. Space☆Yeow


      No, there were other announcements. The World Ends With You and Hyrule Warriors getting Switch ports, new Mario Tennis, Mario Odyssey DLC, and Dark Souls Remastered coming to Switch among others.

    3. Strickerx5


      Eh, that’s better I guess. Though, another Tennis game?

      Where the hell is Strikers?

    4. Penny


      dark souls remastered bby

    5. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Yeah man, and all that came from a Mini direct.

      Imagine what regular one could bring...

    6. Strickerx5


      Wonder when they'll do an actual Direct.

  9. I'll admit, I laughed at the Wonder Woman and Aquaman jokes. At least they're aware of how shitty DC's movie predicament is. Still though, self-aware humor isn't really going to save this. There are... so many other shows CN has that deserve a movie way more than this does. Hell, Adventure Time is still in talks for a movie and that downright saved the channel years ago. I get that TTG is their most popular show (though I'm starting to take that fact with a bit of salt seeing as it's the only show they seem to air nowadays) but damn if this isn't just spitting in the face of literally all their other content and fans. And this is coming from someone who doesn't even fully hate the damn thing like most rightfully do (it does have a few great episodes every now and then). What makes matters worse is that the animation doesn't even seem to have been given any noticeable bump in quality. I don't even think they updated the flash puppets. How is this any different from one of their many specials? I can't even appreciate it being a 2D movie ffs.
  10. So I'm about to be that guy here but... CoD:WW2... pretty fun game honestly.

    1. KHCast


      Played it, and my take away from it is “it’s another one”. Better than the last one, but ultimately nothing special 

    2. Strickerx5


      It probably helps that I haven’t played a CoD game online for any substantial time since Black Ops.

  11. >4-4:30 minutes even with shortcuts man like wat, 3:30 at the most :V Anyway, Unleashed's Rooftop Run is very much one of the longer levels for the gameplay style. A fair amount the other levels fall under the 2:30-3 minute time range. Though, some levels from the boost side do take 4+ to complete on an average run-through. This is in accordance to a majority of the series where some level are much longer than others. Windy Valley, from what I remember, is actually one of the shorter levels in Adventure too with a run-through really not taking too much longer than the video here.
  12. Well yeah, the level was never designed with the boost in mind. What I'm saying is that even with that, the level isn't that much smaller than your normal boost level. Though again, my main point here is that I don't think there is that big of a difference in work load in creating a good level for both styles. Adventure levels might be a tad bit smaller but they still require a lot of effort to make every moment of them engaging. They just don't have Sonic moving that quickly through them is all and scale it accordingly.
  13. I mean is it? I can't say every stage can make the same transition but I just can't shake that the level sizes are more similar than we know when scaled appropriately. I know the mods you're talking about and I half feel like the levels were ported over that way more so because the mod designer wanted to go the extra mile rather than because the levels would be too short otherwise. Though, I understand if I'm alone in that thinking as I haven't seen the levels ported over in their original state and could be wrong. I can't speak for anyone else by I honestly thought the levels in Heroes lasted far too long. They often reused sections of levels (which is also an issue I take with the classics) just to expand themselves. Though, it'd be interesting to see the average dev time of a level from Heroes compared to the others in that regard. I guess what I'm saying here is that I don't think Sonic's speed and level size directly correlates into how many resources it takes on the level designers side. I mean, I'm no level designer but honestly, making a decent level in any of these styles is going to take time and I doubt there's a substantial difference between them. I'm not going to say it's as simple as re-scaling objects accordingly so that Sonic doesn't blow past it, but I just don't think the workload is that much more either. withstanding the art team (I should be clear on this) Though, moving more on topic, I just hope ST can pick a style that they have the level designers for and doesn't move the series too far back in every other category (basically the opposite of LW).
  14. The thing here is that I don't see how speed is an issue. Sonic should be a fast character no matter where you place him. Even if you condense the level size and slow him down a bit you still have to design a fair amount of elements in order for an average playthrough of it to be anything substantial. I think it says a lot with how, across most of the games in this series with their varying styles, an average full on level usually take between 2:30-4 minutes to complete(give or take depending on if you know what you're doing). Sonic games have never been that lengthy of titles. Whether it be a more stretched out box with the boost or a slightly shorter box with the adventure or classic style, the same amount of work in level design still needs to go in to keep things interesting and to not have Sonic just get to the end in like 10 seconds. Again, excluding the art team's workload. Plus, is it just me or are Adventure levels pretty huge too? Like, I think that's masked nowadays with its dated look but those levels aren't that much shorter than your average boost stage if I recall.
  15. Going to be honest here, never understood the idea that's been going around that boost levels take that much more time to make than any other 3D Sonic gameplay style. At the end of the day, any gameplay style where Sonic moves remotely fast is going to take substantial dev time. Slowing him down isn't going to make much of a difference and, even worse, kills what makes this series different from other platformers. If you were to go with adventure style gameplay it'd still probably take the same amount of time, knowledge, and resources to make an engaging level as a boost level. Hell, developing a decent classic level probably isn't that far off time-wise from a boost level. The developer is still tasked at making engaging platforming sections with Sonic's speed in mind in all of these cases. One could make the argument that boost levels take more work on the art team's end (and take more time to render) but from my viewpoint the art team has rarely ever been the issue in these games. They've shown to be competent at their jobs more often than not. It's the level designers that need to put work in. Forces came out mediocre largely due to the level designing team consisting of no members from the previous boost games. If you throw new people at any cemented style of gameplay you're more than likely going to get mixed results. We've seen this time and time again in this series. Going into what I want to see from a future 3D title... well, that's difficult to pinpoint for me. I unapologetically love the boost gameplay as it's downright a blast to me when done well. To this day I can always hop right back into Unleashed or Generations and have a damn fine time in those levels, more so than any other style if I'm being honest. It's fluid, a technical marvel, and incredibly different from anything else out there which is what I come to this series for. Frankly speaking, I can't think of another gameplay style that can match those feelings for me. Though, even I'll say that if ST can't get back the level designers from Unleashed or Generations then maybe it is time to tone down the mechanic; rather than risk a repeat performance of Forces. The series should be striving for more than that. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing another crack at the Adventure style. I do have fond memories with it and do think that some great things can be done with it in this day and age. I'm hesitant to say I'd appreciate something like Utopia as I'm waiting to see an actual level come out of that style. What we currently have is a bland sandbox with slopes that, if I'm being honest, really isn't doing much for me. Ideally, a gameplay style that can incorporate the strengths of all 3 styles would be perfection. Something with the physics and open level design of the classics and adventures, plus the speed and flow of the boost games. Though, again, if ST can't get the level designers in for any of this it won't matter.