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  1. Why is TSR's online such ass...

    1. Dejimon11


      I'm glad to know it's happening on all platforms and not just the switch version. 

    2. Strickerx5


      You fucking wait to get into the lobby, pray to god people realize how terrible anything but a normal team race are and only pick that mode (so limited fucking stage selection always), pray the host is actually there to ready up, hope the basic code of the gd lobby doesn't shit the bed and just pause to oblivion, hope to the moon that the game actually starts at that point, and then pray to the earth, wind, and heaven that you can actually cross the damn finish line before some line in the net-code fucks you over completely. Then rerun that process another 10 times and you just might finish an actual race.

      It's like whoever made this hasn't played a single online races in their gd life. I thought Ultimate was going to be the pinnacle of bad online this generation but leave it to fucking Sega to outdo that in literally every way possible.

      Makes MK8 look like fucking Halo 3 in comparison.

      Fuck it, I'm done with this game tonight.

    3. Conando


      Reminder that Iizuka said the game was delayed to make good matchmaking. So...the fuck happened? I kind of feel it was actually to remove microtransactions, the mod pods scream RMT.

    4. Strickerx5


      It scares me to even think about what the state of this game was come the end of last year if it's still this broken.

      Like real talk, the writing was on the wall I guess. Sega, the company that thought it ok to release RoL to the world, had to say "Yeah guys... this could use another minute or two in the oven."

    5. Conando


      It’s kind of nutty. The first two games had their issues, sure, but the online was solid.

    6. Dejimon11


      How do you screw up from Transformed which online while not perfect it was still functional and I can get matches in without any lag or glitching and that was on the damn Wii U. Seriously why does everything feel like a step down in terms of QoL changes compared to Transformed? I know that this is a different team at SUMO digital since everybody who worked on this game is completely new to the company but phew it's so mind boggling. 

      Hell you can't even play with friends online on the PC version of the game? How do you even screw that up? So much for the whole quality matters PR bluff they made back when they first delayed it. We're they nervous because of CTR that they had no choice but to release it before June? 

    7. Milo


      kinda says quite a bit that both vanilla mania and TSR were delayed for additional time/polish and they still had some notable bugs in their final release lol

      feels like sega should just condition themselves to push back sonic games back for an additional year of development time at this point like they did with boom: fire and ice. (...the non-sonic team sonic games, anyway)

  2. This. Is. What. I'm. Talking. About. When. I. Say. That. Animation. In. General. Needs. To. Start. Combing. Genres. Art Styles. Cultural. Influences. And. Animation. Techniques. Together. Holy. Fuck.

    God... another online animation I WISH one of these big studios would pick up.

    1. Strickerx5


      @FernoHave you seen this shit yet!?

    2. SupahBerry


      Those big studios don't deserve to get their dirty hands on this masterpiece.

    3. Ferno


      I've only seen gifs of it but this is great tbh

  3. Well, just spent an hour or two it TSR on PC.

    Overall, when the game works, it's fun as hell. Though, it's messing a hell of a lot of basic features and is pretty iffy at the end of the day in multiple areas. When said and done, it feels like a budget title which is a damn shame. Great mechanics held back by a lack of overall ambition.

    I could go into every little detail I've seen so far but I rather not make an essay status right now lol

  4. Damn, well that was certainly an intriguing episode. Can't remember the last one we've had where the mane six weren't really involved at all. Gave the villains some real time to shine. Gotta say, I love the angle they're taking with Chrysalis, Cozy, and Tirek. They remind me a lot of Team Rocket with their antics and seeing them play off one another was fun to watch. Especially for characters like Chrysalis and Tirek who really haven't had all that much time to grow even with them being a thing in the show for... a long ass time now. Though, as a bit of a side note, am I the only one that finds it slightly creepy that Chrysalis seems to still be holding on to that twig that was one of the Mean Six? As for that little plan they started at the end of the episode, I'm very interested to see where it leads. There are a lot of routes they could take with it. Though, one flaw I do have with this (and any other episode really that uses it going forward) is that bell. I've never been a fan of the magical MacGuffin plot and I'm kind of sad to see it return for this final season. Especially with it's backstory revolving around a character we haven't even seen (or heard of from my knowledge). It's all kinds of left field and I kind of hope that it doesn't play that big of a role going forward. But yeah, an overall nice episode that adds a lot to this season's arc. Both in great and to somewhat more questionable extents. Can't wait to see more of the villains in general though. Also, a bit of heads up, apparently a channel in Italy is premiering the rest of the first half of this season over the next week or so. So be on the look out for spoilers and what not. Actually, I think a number of them are already out there (including today's). Personally, I'm going to check out ep 13 (for obvious reasons) but won't talk about it until it airs here.
  5. Launch Trailer is here:


  6. Launch Trailer: Well, I guess it's good to see that the game is turning out to be solid overall. A bit saddened that my initial complaints from about a year ago seemed to have stuck around but hey.
  7. God, please don't tell me "Sonic's shitty friends" is becoming a thing again...

    1. Plasme


      I don't think it ever stopped being a thing.

    2. Diogenes


      it's never not been a thing

    3. AlphaRuby


      According to IGN, it’s apparently been a thing since Sonic 2...

    4. Strickerx5


      Maybe not "stopped" but at least fell out of the public eye for quite a bit of time. It's really something that I haven't seen brought up since like... Free Riders maybe. Though then again... that was the last time they were relevant wasn't it?

      Real talk, I know how Sega gets with this sort of shit and I feel like they're close to bringing back these characters in a playable state.

      i just want tails playable in a 3D game again damn it, these people need to stfu XD

    5. TCB


      You letting it get to you again

    6. Strickerx5


      @TCBI mean yes and no. Yes in the way that if the next game is the Sonic only affair we've been feed for the last decade I am going to have this thought in the back of my mind.

      No in the way that at the end of the day, fuck if I'm actually going to do/say anything more than this status about it.

    7. Dejimon11


      The reason why it fell out of the public eye for a while is because they haven't been playable in years 

    8. Thigolf


      People miss Sonic's awesome SEGA pals :P

    9. knuckles20


      @Dejimon yet it didn’t stop reviewers from Gamespot and IGN constant bitching about them for the last decade.

  8. One thing I have noticed in going over some of the new gameplay of TSR is that they seem to have moved the camera back a bit. Helps to mask the lower detail in certain areas while also giving the player more to look at.

  9. Don't have a whole lot to say on this one. It was cute for the most part though I didn't really like how none of the mane six realized how... backwards their efforts were till at the very end. Seemed pretty out of character for all of them. Also thought the morale was super basic. It's like, from the first scene, I knew exactly how this whole ep was going to play-out... almost down to certain lines. Haven't had an episode that predictable in quite a bite imo. Though, one or two positive things of note is that I'm continuing to enjoy the student six as a whole (I know that's a pretty controversial topic around the fandom atm) and I am overall enjoying the different facial animations that have been popping up this season. Adds a bit more range to what the old flash models can actual express which is always a good thing... even if things can get a bit too meme(y) in certain frames (at least when a joke expression wasn't really called for). So yeah, an overall lackluster episode with a few good bits here and there.
  10. This was a weird one for me. The message and overall narrative was... surprisingly on the mature side all things considered. Find it pretty interesting how the message here was less for kids, but more for the adults watching it. While the actual structure of the message has been said a number of times in the series, it's overall coating here was pretty new. Made the overall episode a lot more fascinating that it would've been otherwise. I will say that I do like Quibble as a character here. He's a full on nerd, but one that's also realistic and trying to simply do right in life. He sort of plays counter to Rainbow and the rest of the other cast. His want to impress his new love's daughter was, while predictable, a nice story to see play out. As for the daughter herself... well I will say that she was probably the low point for me with this episode. While her actions are completely understandable, that doesn't really excuse her screen time often being meet with a bit of cringe from me. I feel as though her character could've been reworked to both not be, for lack of a better term, a brat while still getting across that she really isn't comfortable with Quibble yet. Going a bit into Rainbow's portrayal, I have to say I was quite surprised with it. I'll be honest here, Rainbow has sunk pretty low in my pony tier list as of late but this episode really did help move her up a bit imo. Her genuine want to aid a friend was nice to see, even if a bit misguided at points. It was actually pretty well done now that I'm thinking about it. She's doing her best to help out in any way that she can but... she's Rainbow Dash. Her methods reflect her character and not Quibble's so they realistically backfire because of that. Pretty smart writing imo. One thing I just have to stop and point out here is how amazingly this show is now able to pull in past points from previous episodes so smoothly. I remember (years back at this point) that continuity was something the show really had issues with but now it does it so smoothly that it's hard to even notice. Like, this one episode had multiple converging factors from episodes spanning across multiple seasons. Hell, they even brought Snips and Snails back (literally can't remember the last time those two got to do anything). Simply put, this really isn't something a lot of cartoons do and it's worth pointing out. So yeah, overall a neat little episode. While it does have some downsides, it was pretty well put together and entertaining for me.
  11. Not really sure how to feel about all the praise Paramount and Sega have been getting from certain areas with the decision to change the design. Like... they’re still the ones who half assed it in the first place and tried to sale it. Not to mention the amount shit the creative team was spouting against any criticism before the trailer blew up in their faces.

    I’m all for acknowledging good changes but the sheer 180 this has been given by some people simply seems uncalled for. Hell, we haven’t even seen the changes yet.

    1. Bobnik


      At the very least I can kinda appreciate that Jeff Fowler responded to that in a not-so-dismissive way, like many other movie directors tend to not do.

      Now is it just PR talk and they ain't gonna do shit? Who knows, and I'm  doubting his words myself. But at least it was a mature response and not a dismissive "you don't know shit" cough Pat_Kc cough

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The other thing is, the movie is still due in November. Regardless of whether or not the deserve outside (and I believe that they don't deserve any until we see the outcome), the changes aren't likely to be big. Can you seriously imagine them re-entering the entire film, reproducing all promotional materials and changing the design of all the merchandise being produced with various licensees? Cause it ain't happening.

  12. The Sonic movie trailer is still trending #1 on Youtube and has well over twice as many dislikes as the Emoji Movie trailer.

    You can't make this shit up.

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin


      I'll go back to watching endgame stuff.

    2. mayday2592


      This series is never going to rebuild its reputation.

    3. Heckboy


      >twice as many dislikes as the emoji movie

      man this movie looks bad but it doesn't deserve this

    4. Ferno


      Now the series' failure has trancended games. Now even the most general of the general public knows about this franchise's 'curse'

    5. Strickerx5


      It's been up there for almost a full 24 hours...

  13. Welp, I think this is the first time anything Sonic related has made it into the #1 spot for trending Youtube videos (at the time of posting). What a way to end this unbelievable day. And just look at that like to dislike ratio with over 9 million views and counting. Wow, what a way to show off your brand to the entire world! Again, congratufuckinglations Sega and Paramount, you've earned this. I... don't even know what to say here that hasn't already. I'm literally just tired at this point. This has to be one of the biggest displays of absolute incompetence in a product from the entertainment industry that I've seen in a long ass time. This is the kind of mistake I'd expect 2 decades ago; not now. This screams of a literal mistake formed by the heads of both Sega (no I'm not about to give them a break just because it's not coming out of their own specific house) and Paramount; for the sole purpose of making a quick buck. Quite honestly, I'm saddened at the thought that there could be some actual fans working on this mess that have to go in every day and aid in something that's so lost. I also can't get over how Sega, who have been on record for being strict with the use of Sonic in other pieces of media (even with actual reputable studios), is letting this happen. That's just embarrassing. One can go into the usual attack and defense revolving around things like "Oh, it's a kids movie so of course it has to be bad" and/or "it's only the first trailer, we don-" whatever but I just can't be asked with this. I've been on this journey before (on BOTH sides) and this just ain't it. The overwhelming amount of backlash this is currently receiving says more than I ever could.
  14. That is some low budget cosplay right there. Though hey, “it could’ve been worse” I guess.

    That’s just going to be the running line for this thing going forward isn’t it?

  15. Don't have a whole lot to say about this week's episode. I liked Spike and Twilight's dynamic here (they keep improving with Spike which is also great to finally see) and a few of the jokes made with them did get a chuckle out of me. I also enjoyed the flashbacks to the first episode. Though, I do think the biggest pro of the episode was the overall moral in that perfection isn't really obtainable and that you can drive yourself crazy in the pursuit of it. Nice to know that even in season 9, this show is still popping out some quality lessons. Although, one big downside I had with this was the overall structure. It's basically a long tale of hide and seek in trying to find the old librarian. It made the entire episode feel lengthy and predictable. It's like they had part of an idea for the episode but then couldn't think of anything else; resorting to extending that half for an entire 22 minute piece. So yeah, an overall decent but uneventful episode.
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