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  1. Gotta say, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. This was some vintage, early show Twi. Right from the start it felt like an episode from one of the earlier seasons with her getting obsessive over something in a fun way. Now I will stop here and say that yes, it is a bit hypocritical of me here to be praising the show for reverting a character back to her pre-character growth self when I just knocked an episode last week for doing the same thing. Though, in defense I'll say that the two characters in question are the furthest away you can get from a similar situation. Dash, back in earlier seasons, was terrible. Her growth in later seasons only helped her imo. Twi, on the other hand, actively got worse for me as the show went on. They seemingly took out the character traits that made her fun to watch for the sake of her ascension to royalty. Them going a bit back on that in this episode really helped. Anyways, this was a fun one to me. Even straight down to its initial conflict. It's like playing a competitive game online with others. Like, "Ok guys, one more game and I should finally be able to rank up. Let's win this!" But then you get paired with someone who doesn't care about their rank and is only there for fun (though admittedly that's me most of the time). It was fun seeing that scenario play out in an organic way. Pinkie would join a trivia event both for the lols and simply because a lot of her friends are there. Twi would be dead eager to win such an event. The set-up was great and it was executed pretty well too. Though, I can see how the antics of both Twi and Pinkie here could've gotten annoying. Both did seem to go a tad bit overboard in certain instances, being handed the stupid ball for the briefest of moments, just to get the episode into the next phase. But for me, overall, I really liked this one. Can't really find much wrong with it and I simply enjoyed seeing the characters acting to their personalities instead of to the actual plot of the episode for the most part.
  2. ... yo guys holy shit...

    *Warning: pretty brutal animation*


  3. Oh yeah, Mania came out two years ago today.

    ... eh

  4. There are plenty of correct ways to state how the series is seen less favorably in the public eye rather than to wrongly pair it with a real disorder. Failure to choose your words more carefully in the future will result in harsher actions.
  5. Eh, I mean it’s something that’s pretty difficult to pin down. Like with every fandom, it actively fluctuates depending on what the actual franchise is doing. Only a few fandoms like Star Wars or something are immune to droughts like that. It’s why you see things like the Kid Icarus or F-Zero fandom lay dormant for a while but reawakened over the past year with Ultimate. At the end of the day, fandoms need content to keep active. This applies to Sonic. Simply put, we had more content coming out of the franchise a decade ago. As opposed to now where the last main game is going on 2 years at this point and didn’t really leave much of an impression outside the community. Not to mention the last game, at all, didn’t make much of a splash even in its small genre. The most we have currently and coming up are the comics (which honestly never have drawn up much attention outside its usual circle), the crossover special, a new entry in the Olympic series (stopped caring about these since London imo), and the movie which... well, no one really wants to talk about. Basically, I think we’re just neck deep in a rest period. A decade ago, we never really had such intervals. There was always a big new game somewhere on the horizon back then.
  6. Only 3 episodes in but I have to say, I'm really liking Fire Force.

    Also, best opening this season. No gd contest.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Fire Force is fantastic.

    2. TCB


      I like Dr Stone's OP better but Fire Force's still slaps hard

  7. Eh, yes and no. There are certain episodes that rank pretty damn highly for me (like episodes 4 and 13 for obvious reasons). Though yeah, tbh there are quite a few so-so episodes so far. And speaking of so-so, wow does that fit this week's ep quite well. While I'm not the biggest fan of Dash, it was still kind of annoying to see her be given the idiot ball this time around. Her willfully neglecting her responsibility to help the cheerleaders seems like something we'd see season 1 Dash do, not 9 seasons in. She really brought down the episode and, with this being a Dash episode,... that's a big blow. Though otherwise, I will say that I did quite enjoy the other elements of the episode. It was great seeing Snips and Snails again, the student six continue to be great, Jocklestia, the actual moral of the ep, all great stuff. One thing of particular note was Twilight becoming a full on Celestia 2.0 in this one. Right down to Celestia herself congratulating her for basically pulling the same shenanigans she does. I don't know how I quite feel about that one but it did admittedly get a chuckle out of me and does continue to build on the season's theme so hey, I'll mark it as a positive overall. So yeah, overall another so-so one. While it had some great moments and ideas, the overall thing was brought down by yet another instance of the show staff dumbing down a character just to pull out certain moments.
  8. Learn to phrase your posts properly. Counter the actual discussion point and nothing more. Don't throw out petty insults in a vain attempt at defense. Leave out the direct comments that only serve to egg people on. If this continues, warnings well be dealt.
  9. That Ok K.O. episode was just... phenomenal. I can't remember the last time I was actually hyped watching something Sonic related like I was during it.

    Please... more of this...

  10. It's like they released this clip literally just to sway any fears about how they're handling Tails. Cause imo, any fear I had of this turning out like LW got thrown straight out a window after watching it. Love that he seems to be the one helping out K.O. the most and putting idolization of Sonic aside a bit for it. There's just so much life being put into these characters, it's astounding. This really is being done by people who actually care about the source material. It's stuff like this that really revitalizes my belief that these characters can be great; even among all of ST and Sega's failed attempts. They just need the right people for the job.
  11. So after what should be the final hiatus, we have Al back to reprise his role as Cheese Sandwich for an episode that's pretty down the road, all things considered. I don't really have a whole lot to go into for this one honestly. There were a couple of things I enjoyed like the constant subversion of basic gags, Cheese's modern day boss outfit, his business partner who just wanted the best and wasn't actually some evil corporate figure, and the song for the most part. It even managed to get a chuckle out of me in a few places. Though otherwise, this was a really by the books episode. The setting was a bit dull (which I get is what they were going for but still) and the moral, while overall still being a nice one, is too predictable for how long they spend hinging outcomes on it. So yeah, overall while it was certainly nice to see Cheese again, I can't say this was as entertaining of an episode as it could've been with the premise it had. Guess we're officially on the final stretch. I would like to warn everyone that apparently episodes 15-20 have aired in other countries and are currently out there with English audio. It is also verily likely that the final will be released before it airs here as well. So the general forum rules apply in that unless it's aired on the Discovery Network, please keep discussion of such episodes in the spoiler tags.
  12. Me: Eh, I actually don't think Hero is much of an issue. His speed should offset some of the more powerful moves an-

    Me: ...


  13. I think I’ve finally come back around to the idea of a new mainline Sonic game. 2017 was... something special but I think the last two or so years without a major release have given me enough time to recover.

    Though we probably won’t see anything till Spring of next year (if we’re getting a new game at all next year) and I’m not even going to begin to comment on what a new project from ST would even look like at this point.

    Just the idea of one for now.

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      It doesn't feel like it's been that long somehow. I'm always surprised whenever I recall how long ago Forces was at this point. 

      I also have no clue what a new project from ST would look like now either. I can't say I have much hope but at the same time, the position they're in right now is a pretty unique one. 

      Forces, they don't care about. Mania was a significant surprise to them. The 30th anniversary is coming up and there's a huge gap in time before its here with supposedly no new Hedgehog Engine (hopefully) to take up a large amount of their time. 

      So, who knows?

    2. Osmium


      This "huge gap in time" means absolutely nothing. You could probably give ST a decade and they'd still shit the bed. 

    3. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      @Osmium I've said the same thing numerous times myself. I'm just trying my best to be a bit more positive. Its a bit exhausting being negative all the time, even if you know in your heart that certain things aren't going to change.

      That doesn't mean I have my guard down. Far from it.

    4. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      I'm completely 100% neutral. Being negative is exhausting, but I sure as hell ain't going to pretend there's anything to be positive about. So until I see anything, I'm content just playing other games for the time being. 

  14. Please use this thread for general animation discussion regarding Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney +, and all other Disney TV content.
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