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  1. Friends and I dusted off a Wii U last night (don't ask why) and I was sort of blown away at how much content the Wii U's eshop actually has. Like, it's not the best (even compared to Sony's offerings iirc) but damn, coming from the Switch it's like day and night. What happened?

    on a side note, Nintendo Land is actually pretty fun btw. the Metroid's ground to air mini game is literally just the ground gameplay from KI:U lol

    1. Sean


      I didn't mess around with Nintendoland much but it was pretty neat from what I recall of it. And yeah I'm holding onto my Wii U and all of my games on it because I just don't want to rebuy everything on Switch.

    2. Adamabba


      I used to play some of the multiplayer stuff but I never played all of the single player games. I only played the DK one iirc

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      The Metroid minigame is the sole reason why Nintendoland will always be the defacto local multiplayer game in my eyes

      Sneaking around the map while sniping everyone with rockets as they hop around screaming, or the flip side where you finally corner the bastard pilot by calling out the areas you've last seen him in is just *chef kiss*

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry


      da virgin switch-

      half its lineup are ports of/expansions/expansions in the guise of sequels to wii u games 

      "vc" only has nes and snes, all free but locked behind subscription, cartidges means no bc 

      a drifting controller

      you need to pay for the online which remains as bad as ever 

      no internet browser


      The Chad Stride" Art Board Print by tescoman1 | Redbubble

      da chad wii u

      half the switch's games for half the price

      virtual consoles contains n64, gba and ds in addition to wii bc, pay for what you want

      a functioning controller

      the bad online is free

      features a basic internet browser


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