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  1. So I've been finally getting around to the Spider-Man PS4/PS5/Sony-thing DLC with the remaster and you know, I gotta confess to a bit of something here. I never did understand the hate for Screwball. Like, I always thought to myself "Well she's only in the game for like 10 minutes, her mission wasn't that bad. She's annoying, but not 'tweet about it' annoying."

    I'm on episode 3 of the DLC and yeah, I get it. I really get it. It took a lot to make playing as Spider-Man unfun, but they accomplished it with some of these missions.

    Hell, replacing these things with some more of those puzzles or even the non-spidey stealth sections probably would've been better. At least those you can cheese pretty easily.

    1. Sonictrainer


      Yeah, except for that one mission where you use Gravity to send enemies into the air before causing them to slam into the ground via the web traps, she's kind of a bummer.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      She's possibly the worst designed villain in the game. Not that bad in the main game because they were wise enough to limit her to one side mission, but when they make her not only have a role in each story campaign, but also have her make harder challenges (most of which aren't fun due to the bad enemy design in the DLC) plus be a condescending and insulting spectator, it really drives you nuts.  

      What is the absolute worst is that you don't even get any satisfaction of beating her at the end. It's not like Arkham City where after the total condescension and chase that Riddler forced you to endure throughout the game, you get to not only grab him through the floor for one of the most badass takedowns in the whole game, and then further humiliate him by strapping him to his own deathtrap (Obviously dismantled, but Riddler didn't know that and didn't want to chance it), Spidey just...grabs her, and then she's thrown in prison, and that's it.

    3. Marcello


      Screwball was a bit annoying, but the random crimes were the worst part for me. All of the types except for the one in the second DLC, are all about combat, and you need to complete them all for the Platinum trophy. What a drag that was. Really brought down my opinion of the game.

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