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  1. I know every generation will say "man, cartoons back in such-and-such date were unreal" but man... thinking about 2002-06 cartoons just hits differently for me. Every channel just seemed to be firing on all cylinders with hits coming out left and right.

    Of course a lot of legendary shit came out before and after but... there's something about a time when Codename: KND, Code Lyoko, Fosters, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, and the mf og Teen Titans (to name a few) were all airing at once and I just get dizzy with glee

    1. Ferno


      and on top of that anime was at its highest point on CN too at that time with Toonami airing on the daytime half of the channel and Pokemon airing on saturday mornings, etc, doubling its already massive lineup of original programming

      Add Canadian stuff like Total Drama Island on top of that and the channel was bursting at the seams

      Nick was kiiiinda on the way out back then but it still had Teenage Robot and Danny Phantom as you said but also Avatar TLA, and a few cartoons that could've been big if they got more attention like The X's and Catscratch

    2. Iko


      I've never been much into the occidental cartoons but in (relatively) recent years I watched and enjoyed a couple of them. To cite some, I had some fun with Adventure Time before it became extremely repetitive and boring, and occasionally I still have a lot of fun watching Gumball.

      I've always been more of an anime person, but recently I don't find many anime products to be appealing... it's not that I don't like anime anymore, it's more that sadly nowadays 99% of the anime are generic slice of life with moe fanservice, or isekai (some of them have fanservice too, offcourse). The only modern anime thing that I'm watching currently is Attack on Titan, and, months ago I tried out Majo no Tabitabi because I've read interviews of the authors saying "this anime is designed to appeal more to the occidental crowd, and it has no fanservice, we want it to be liked for its own merits not for fanservice". It turned out it was a random waifu anime still filled with fanservice, just not explicit one, and I really didn't enjoy it that much.

      Occasionally I watch old stuff that I missed when I was younger, and I usually end up enjoying those old cartoons/anime more than the modern stuff, for some reason, even if it's the first time that I watched them.

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