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  1. I know it's a bit unfair to compare in-game animation to pre-rendered but... damn man. Between Tyson's continued work, Marza (back before they were limited to short promotional shots), the various other pieces of media, and now even the movie... I'm sort of done giving ST any leeway with cutscene animation. Especially with the real-time tech we have now.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Funny how they only make half of the cutscenes play in real time and have the rest "pre-render", cause their mindset still tells them they're developing for the Wii and not PS4.

    2. Strickerx5


      It's probably more along the lines of them not being able to get the engine to behave properly for specific cutsences on a given console for one reason or another and simply opting to just render and record it on some test PC instead of spending time optimizing it.

    3. StaticMania


      It's not exactly an unfair thing now...most games have such good animation in-engine that they barely even need to do pre-rendered stuff for spectacle.

    4. Milo


      Echoing @StaticMania's sentiment; Crash N-Sane, Spyro Re-Ignited, and Ratchet and Clank 2016 all have in-game cutscenes that kick the nuts out of Sonic Team's work in Lost World and Forces. Especially so considering they not only feature stylized characters, but they also have their moments of silliness / comedy that are actually incorporated into not only the animation, but also the framing of their shots. Far more dynamic than the stale multi-camera sitcom approach that the last crop of Sonic games have been mired in.


    5. Thigolf


      Any halfway decent fanmade SFM ahort looks better than the forces cutscenes

      I wish that was hyperbole

  2. This animation... is actually great...

    wtf, why am I starting to not really dread this, im scared

    1. Strickerx5


      And no, that's not how quills work, I know. I just... don't really care either.

    2. Tarnish


      He says he's wet, yet his gloves are bone dry the entire time...also, seems like Sonic not being able to swim is not a thing in this.

    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      he still looks fuckin weird

  3. EO-XNTaWoAMlmF0?format=jpg&name=large

    I'm actually kind of mad at how much I like this shot.

    I can't say this enough, the 180 they made on the model is unreal.

  4. Is it just me or is Paramount throwing a ridiculous amount of money into the marketing for this Sonic movie?

    1. Stasis


      Definitely, although not seen anything in the UK as of yet

    2. Adamabba


      It's nice to see Sonic actually get a lot of advertising again lol

    3. Miragnarok


      Maybe Nickelodeon is considering buying Sonic if not SEGA as a whole?

    4. Ferno


      imagine if we still had the old movie sonic design and THAT thing was plastered everywhere

    5. TheOcelot


      They should. They want it to be a success even if the movie sucks.

    6. Solister


      I guess it's because of the redesign, they really want people to forget that abomination and notice "Hey, we changed, give us a try".

      Yet, they still want profit and as mentioned, they want people see it even if sucks.

      I personally seeing some good ads around here (I don't remember when (or if) Sonic was ever that advert here, but that's because I'm too new (Maybe in the time of Generations/ASRT, but yet, I was only 10 and getting to be a Sonic fan)). Though, not "subject of the moment" but ads on theaters and on buses/metro are a thing. It got some real notoriety with the boom it was the first design, when they noticed Paramount heard the fans with the redesign and a little less when Baby Sonic was announced and the immediate comparisons with Baby Yoda.

    7. Rabid-Coot


      The general rule I've seen quoted for movies is that the marketing budget is around the same as the production budget.

  5. Ya know, I was pretty miffed about FE getting another rep in Smash earlier today...

    but then I remembered that Dark Pit, the only character we actually need, is already in there so I stopped caring

    1. Sean


      Dark Pit deserves to be in Smash

    2. Strickerx5


      damn right

  6. First Microsoft and now Sony


    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon
    2. TheOcelot


      My fav PS4 game coming to PC

      Image result for yes gif

    3. Harkofthewaa


      At least Microsoft has the logic of having a presence on PC for obvious reasons (although it's still dumb). This is next level. 

    4. Strickerx5


      now only another 7-8 years before nintendo wakes up and follows suit

      oh who am I kidding, they're having trouble releasing older ports on their own system...

  7. I’m legitimately more excited about that Cuphead costume... is this going to be a running thing? Mii costumes becoming more hype than the actual characters 

    1. JayRaR


      Im only getting the costume the same reason I got Sans, the music track. Costume looks ok but still neat that its acknowledged by Nintendo

  8. How long before the FE community goes to war with... literally everyone else.

    It’s not even Lyn...

  9. Sony is skipping E3 again? Ah bloody hell..

    Look, I get it, E3's general relevance has been in question for a while now and Sony is only 1 of the big 3... but this is still a major downer imo. If E3 fully goes, wtf is there to look forward to during that entire quarter? It's always been a fun, almost holiday like event where the gaming community can just come together to either riff on or get hyped about the industry. A time of year when you could always bet on something happening. If these no shows keep happening... damn man.

    Not to mention the fact that both Sony and Microsoft don't even do anything with their little directs most of the time.

    1. Dejimon11


      I guess with how well the Playstation Experience was they would want to do that to ride the PS5 hype till the holidays. But whatever happens I hope that Sony and Microsoft deliver this gen. 

    2. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      They didn't even have a Playstation Experience last year.

    3. Miragnarok


      Doesn't CES have a lot of game stuff? TGS?

    4. Strickerx5


      CES not really, no. TGS yes, but that comes rather late in the year still.

      Seriously, E3 is about to be one of those things that people are going to miss once it's gone. Especially when June comes around and the big 3 remain quiet af.

  10. If Flynn or some other proven new blood isn't apart of the writing staff for the next thing ST spits out then it's already a losing battle.

    1. Blacklightning


      tbh I tend to be more worried about exectutive mandates than the specific writer involved when it comes to Sega. The best writer available probably won't matter much if they're hamstrung by something unbelievably dumb at the core of the game's narrative concept.

    2. Kuzu


      To be fair, Pontac and Graff were popular when Colors first came out, so sticking with them made sense. 

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Pontaff's script for Forces was arguably their best work, so if they keep up that level of quality instead of sliding back into the cringe-a-minute style of their other games, I'm all for them returning.

    4. Strickerx5


      Weren’t they simply translators for the English script and not the original writers of the game? If so, then they’re responsible for that torture line.

      I’ve been with the opinion for a long while that those two aren’t a good fit for this series and Forces only strengthened my feelings. Though with that being said, I think a reworking of the the entire story department would be nice.

    5. Blacklightning


      Just the story department?

    6. Kuzu


      Some people prioritize story over the other stuff. 

    7. Strickerx5


      I prioritize everything but, at the same time, don't like it when things are left for dead either. Even the so called "unimportant" aspects. Full package or bust.

      Hence... most of my post regarding Sonic from Colors- now.

      @Blacklightningwith how much of a revolving door every other department seems to be, i assume the others will take care of themselves at this point lol

  11. Thank you Titans.

  12. Another reminder that it wasn’t uncommon, back in late 2008-2009, to see HD Unleashed ranked lower than 06.

    1. Ferno


      yuuuup, i was dying back then good god

    2. Kuzu


      That physically hurt.

    3. Dejimon11


      I'm sure that they were all reviews by completely different people 

    4. Sean


      Possibly a combination of multiple things including a much lower tolerance for Sonic games after 2006 and a unanimous disbelief at the decision to put in the werehog.

    5. Kuzu


      Yea, I just had the same thought. After 06, the last thing people wanted was another gimmicky gameplay style even if it was mostly harmless.

    6. Sean


      Even though I love Unleashed a lot and enjoy the werehog gameplay, having the werehog after all that Sonic went through in the mid-2000s was the stupidest fucking thing Sega could have done to torpedo the goodwill the rest of the game promised. I don't think it deserved lower scores than 2006 but I don't feel too sorry for Sega either. They brought it upon themselves.

    7. Kuzu


      It was extremely tone deaf of them yea. It wasn't even a bad idea, just the wrong time and place to do it.

    8. Thigolf


      "People hate Sonic's friends for their shitty alternate gameplay, so we're gonna fix it by giving Sonic the shitty alternate gameplay!


      now they will hate Sonic himself, it's brilliant!"

    9. Ferno


      I'll always say that the game probably should've been co directed by Hashimoto and Iizuka. Hashimoto would've brought on the new tech, visuals and sheer scale, etc, but Iizuka probably would've reigned in some of Hashimoto's wilder ideas like the Werehog, or atleast diminished it to atleast just being some kind of temporary beast-powerup in certain stages, etc.

  13. Might be a bit obvious for most but I've just now come to the realization that I generally prefer levels that are more grounded in their environment. As in, ones that are more connected to the world around them and not just suspended above some themed void like LW for example. I like me a level that I can actually see characters existing in.

    That's also not to say that I want more realism (lord knows that's a heated take).

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'll always love the fact that Unleashed manages to use real world cities as inspiration for all of its locations, but somehow makes them work with Sonic. I think the fact that they're all full of saturated colours, and some slight exaggeration of a few features. And the Colours is quite contrary to Unleashed. It's locations are all themed around a giant space amusement park, but they also work. Everything has a purpose and is pretty believable.

      Do stages like Starlight Carnival, Shit Sanctuary or Egg Fleet count as grounded? They're literally all floating above voids. But despite not being grounded in a literal sense, they're believable and I can see the characters and stories talking place there. 

      Lost World just throws Sonic into random planetoids with no rhyme and reason, and they can be made up of fruit, cakes or chunks of Green Hill. I really can't stand those kinds of environments. Heroes falls into this trap too with levels like Frog Forest being totally detached from the background, albeit not to the same extent.

    2. Strickerx5


      When I was writing this I was specifically thinking about those three levels as they do sort of contradict this statement lol. I agree that they all still feel grounded as, while they're positioned high up in the air, that's just it; they're positioned there. There's a reason why everything is suspended up there so they end up still feeling connected to the world which I love them all for.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I just noticed that SwiftKey apparently thought I said "Shit Sanctuary" instead of "Sky Sanctuary". Whoops 

      Grounded meaning "believable locations". I'm on board with that.

  14. Happy New Years everyone! Here's for a good, safe one. Filled with a new console generation and memes aplenty!

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Happy New Year!

  15. Hmm

    *snaps* Got it, a Secret Rings remake

    1. Soniman


      Sega fire this man 

    2. Zaysho


      Does it use the Ring Fit accessory

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Only if they redo, like, everything except the character designs.

  16. *random thought* Ya know, I think the idea of "Modern" and "Classic" fans is really dying out. I mean, not only are the terms dated and don't really represent the standard grouping of games within them anymore, but the franchise is so different from when they first became a thing that saying you are one really doesn't mean much at all. Each game has subtle features to the point that such blanket terms don't really cover anything. At this point such labels really do just come down to character design choices which I think we can all agree is petty nonesen-

    *opens up twitter and is instantly greeted by a long thread of people arguing whether Classic or Modern fans are being catered to more*

    aight, nvrmind, fuck

    1. Diogenes


      i don't think the divide is going anywhere considering it's now official canon.

      if anything i expect modern will (continue to) split and we'll be dealing with 3 separate factions.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      And here I am, still disappointed that Boom never managed to find its feet after that awful game released exclusively for one of the worst performing platforms ever. I really didn't like Boom at first, but RoL could have been the start of a third pillar for Sonic. But it wad laughed out the door because SEGA fucked up the franchise the same way that they always do.

      Don't get me wrong, I can't stand the arbitrary separations either. I just think that Boom could have been a fun sub-franchise.

    3. Sean


      I'm a fan of the classics and they have my favorite Sonic gameplay but I don't think of myself as a "classic fan" since I like plenty of stuff throughout the series, including some games that are nothing like them. Seems really limiting to label myself as that and subsequently write off most of everything else. I still would like to see elements from them incorporated into other games the way I don't necessarily feel with other gameplay styles though.

    4. Kuzu


      I don't see it that much differently from how Mega Man separates the classic, X, and Zero series. 

      Sonic fans are just different and have to make a war out of everything...


      But yea, it's stupid; I'm a fan of Sonic. Classic or Modern be damned

    5. Zaysho


      The only people who give a shit about that distinction are Sega and nothing they say about series canon ever matters to me.

    6. Milo


      Personally speaking I think it's dying down because people are losing interest in the series themselves. I think people have started to resigned to not expecting Sonic Team to deliver, irregardless of what type of Sonic game they do or don't prefer (with Mania being an exception in how it succeeded as a followup to the Genesis games, but also wasn't actually developed by ST/Sega themselves). 

      @Kuzu What do you expect from the fans when you have Sega saying it themselves? As far back as Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors, Iizuka was talking about how both of those games were targeting their own demographics. Sega used their own trumpets to talk about the different Sonics people wanted.

      Sonic fans aren't different or alone if you know where to look. Even Mario has instances of this:


      ( ^ This is from the official reveal of the game, during the JP stream of the Nintendo Switch Presentation)

      "Why is Super Mario Odyssey the first true 3D game in 15 years..." 

      "What is the difference between a 'true' 3D Mario game and one that's not a 'true' 3D Mario game?" 

    7. Sean


      It's kind of surprising that the Galaxy games aren't considered by Nintendo to be in the same category as Sunshine. Honestly I consider even Sunshine to be radically different from 64 and I'm not talking about the FLUDD, rather the mission structure and amount of freedom you had in doing tasks out of order, which was carried over to Galaxy 1. Galaxy 2 is a weird case where I see it as an in-between of the 64/Sunshine/Galaxy 1 gameplay style and the later, more linear 3D Land/World style.

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sunshine still offers large, open ended levels even if it forces the mission order and has dozens of those purely platforming "secret" areas. Galaxy doesn't. A few of the stages, like Honeyhive Galaxy, may be more open on the surface, they don't reach the size of anything from 64 or Sunshine and funnel you down specific routes. Galaxy 1 always felt like a bit of a departure from the previous two 3D Mario games in its level layouts, and this was doubled down upon in Galaxy 2. 

    9. Kuzu


      I never actually knew that Nintendo considered two separate categories of 3D Mario games; I suppose this isn't just a Sonic thing. It's still a weird thing though, like what's the underlying line that separates the two? 


  17. Hope everyone had a good day and/ or a very merry Christmas

  18. Come to find out that streaming service DC has up doesn't have any of the three Nolan Batman films, TTG (some might consider that a good thing but I still think it should be an option for the specials at least), nor Krypto the fucking Superdog...


    the point

    where is it

    1. Miragnarok


      Is Wild C.A.T.S. on there, at least?

    2. Strickerx5


      Not from what I'm seeing...

  19. To try and keep this post short and not go into too many things, I'll say that I did enjoy this film for the most part. Wasn't anything I'd necessarily call great but it definitely ain't near the worst thing this series has put out. The main gripe I had with it was the pacing (mainly in the first half). The film just felt like it had a constant need to introduce new plot points and characters without even explaining them fully. Hell, even a decent portion of the main cast don’t get a lot to do here. It really did just feel like they were trying to solve all the story problems fans had with TLJ while also trying to tell the story J.J. had for the trilogy in one single film. Just made for a movie that felt crowded at the end of it all. With that being said, most of the plot points were interesting/ fun to me and fell in line with what had already been hinted at in the previous movies. Like others have mentioned, there were some points (like Palpatine's return) that I had wish they had gone a bit more in depth with as it did come out of no where, but I'd honestly be lying if I had said it took me out of the film. Add in the killer effects, great soundtrack, and the usual fun moments these films are known for and... what can I say? I had a good time with it. Though I guess one should take this with a grain of salt as I'm really not the biggest Star Wars fan. Hell, up until TFA, most of my involvement with the series was through my friend's chatter about it and the random school supplies I'd use with the character's faces plastered on them. I feel as though my views on this series in general are rather low overall so maybe that's why I never really get heated over this current line of films like others do? idk But, side not, there are a lot of opinions regarding this series that I could care less about. It seems like, with every movie, the general opinion landscape changes so it's whatever. Though, one hot take that I'll never get behind is this notion that the series suddenly became more about product sales and merchandising once Disney stepped in. It's like these people weren't around during the prequel releases. Like lol, I was able to piece together the series through cheap dollar store figurines, juice boxes, and gd pencil cases; y'all can miss me with that one.
  20. Saw RoS last night and, hot take incoming but, I enjoyed it more than ep 6.

    Had a lot of pacing issues (particularly in the first half), but it wasn’t nearly as bad as critics made it out to be, coming from a casual fan at least.

    Tho I’m sure we’re in for some day long review videos telling me exactly why it’s worse than the prequels so hey

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I feel like critics these days like judging sequels by the weight of their predessessors, and the backlash by critics here comes from being so burned out by the past two films they failed to see the flaws of when they first reviewed them. So they took their newfound negativity of them they should've shown in the first place and vented it a a less negative film.


      I'm reminded of Paper Mario Color Splash. Some reviews gave it a lower score than Sticker Star, cause they were unaware how problematic the latter was until afterwards. While CS had been considered an improvment (Does that mean much? It depends), it's scores better represent the flaws that were still present from SS, when they didn't note said flaws the first time. Thus, the ratings make CS look "worse."

    2. Sean


      But Color Splash is worse than Sticker Star.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      how'd I know that would get him

  21. Heads up, SNL did a thing with Sonic.

    1. Dejimon11



    2. TCB


      it looks like they skinned kirby alive

    3. McGroose


      Why isn't it blue?

      Like shit dawg I might have actually laughed if it was blue. But if you didn't tell me this was Sonic, I'd have no idea what tf it was

    4. Milo


      it perfectly represents the first movie design in how it was buried alive and only died in the middle of an exhumation 30 years after the fact

      @McGroose honestly the fact that it hardly even looks like sonic even down to the colors is what made me laugh. it's funny in the sense of "wow you didn't even try"

  22. Star Wars was never good

    1. Boomer
    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Star Wars has had a rocky history ever since it was bought by Disney, including films like the infamous The Last Jedi. In this video essay I will expl

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I honestly agree

  23. Star Wars is just one of those things that you have to personally watch to really form an opinion on. Outside of the first two movies (and even those have their critics), each one of these films has been an open season in terms of opinions. Hell, those opinions change by the year too as I now even have people in my office commenting how TLJ introduced mostly good ideas for the series.

    Even the prequels have their avid defenders lol

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      "Between movies, games, books, and tea towels, the shit of Star Wars now vastly outweighs the good, which consists of the first two movies and arguably Knights of the Old Republic."

      - Yahtzee with the truth, 2011

  24. I legitimately don't think I could pick a "game of the decade." There are just so many titles that have left a HUGE impact on me.

    Arkham City, Portal 2, Gens, BotW, OW, Halo Reach, fucking KI: Uprising

    i mean at gun point i'd probably go with uprising but still, it's been a great decade

  25. Ever draft up a status/ tweet and stop just shy of posting it because you just know you're asking for trouble and salt?

    1. Dejimon11
    2. NegaMetallix
    3. Bloxxerboy
    4. Polkadi~☆


      what about when you're going to make a joke, but you realise that it's a really dumb joke

    5. Zaysho


      I sometimes regret posting normal things because somebody comes along to ruin it

    6. Crow the BOOLET
    7. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Yeah that happens.

    8. TCB


      but you're a mod so you should be fine 

    9. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      There are some ideas I have for subjects I would think are worth making topics about, but then I think off just passing it off as a status to be safe, while also run the risk of having nobody answer it before it goes off the main page. 

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