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  1. Edward

    The Nintendo Switch Thread

    So it's the Vita version copied and pasted.
  2. Happy Birthday! c:

  3. Edward

    Game (UK Retailer) Discussion

    One of my local GAME stores in Nottingham has closed (we have another and a Gamestation, don't know the status of them yet) and it's not listed in the MCV site. So that list isn't updated. You can't be sure.
  4. What baffles me is some people here are defending Capcom over their disgusting tactics. Is it because they are loaded with cash and they don't care if Capcom re-releases MvC3 13 times? I paid £60 for the damn special edition. I worked my butt off to get this special edition because I'm in love with the MvC series. When I got my hands on it, I was showing it off in the community I go to. Never felt more proud. Until Capcom announced a new retail edition. A huge stab in the back for me. I didn't want to upgrade but because of the community I go to had upgraded, I had no choice but to upgrade myself. I had to sell my special edition (got £32 from it - £28 loss) to get the ultimate edition. Just to play online with my mates. I wish I could keep the content from the special edition it's only the DLC characters I kept because I already redeemed them. I sacrificed my special edition copy for the ultimate edition which made me mad. They did this twice, what's stopping them from doing the same thing for SFxT?
  5. You know what hurt me the most? I bought the Marvel vs Capcom Special Edition. It was a painful experience for me, I spent £60, only to find that I bought the inferior special edition. I had to sell it to get the standard ultimate edition. Street Fighter X Tekken has a special edition as well, but I have learnt my lesson. In fact I've learnt so much that I've decided to hold back on this game until the next version of it comes out. Or until the price goes down. This game is the boss however. I played it in my friend's house and I can't wait to get my hands on it myself. I just found out one of my 2nd favourite Tekken fighter is a DLC character.
  6. Edward

    Stop Online Piracy Act & Protect IP Act

    I don't know what to think right now. SEGA's making it worse by keeping quiet. Trion Worlds and recently Epic Games have commented, when people were questioning them about where they stand on SOPA. They both said they don't support it. Trion Worlds are actually going to contact The ESA about SOPA when they return from their holidays. So unlike Nintendo, EA and Epic Games, Trion will have a discussion with the ESA and find a way to get their names off this situation. For Epic Games, they don't have a bad history like EA with hurting innocent players so it's easier to accept that they don't support it. The question is, do they care though? You can say you don't support it and you don't, but you are not contacting the ESA about this issue unlike Trion Worlds. Imagine the ESA group members had a meeting. I'm Epic Games. I can disagree with Mike Gallagher (president of ESA) and make no contribution to the bill, but afterwards do nothing to help the public (or themselves for that matter) who hate this bill. Not really going to take a stand. You can see this as either not caring or just being lazy. Game companies in the ESA know they have a shield. They can hide. They don't have to say or do anything and yet support SOPA. As I said before, if they are really against it (and I mean really), they will take a stand like what Trion Worlds is going to do. Because if SOPA passes, the ESA are one of the groups to blame. It doesn't matter if you didn't support it in the first place, your company's name is there black and white showing in the end, you in some way supported it. Thousands of gamers who don't do their full research will think all those companies are behind it. It's going to damage your company. So if it's going to damage your company, why leave your name in the ESA? What's hurting me the most is SEGA keeping quiet over this thing so far. I'm pretty sure the media and the members of their community asked them where they stand on this many times already since they are a big company. Do they really support this bill? Same thing with Sony Computer. I want to say Microsoft as well but they are also part of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) who are against this bill. Basically they are in one group that is strongly supporting this bill, while they are in another group that is against this bill. So it's a win-win for them.
  7. Edward

    Stop Online Piracy Act & Protect IP Act

    I can see what Spiced Christmas is talking about. Sega don't have to do or say anything, but yet support the SOPA. The more I read about it, it makes sense. Let's say I'm SEGA and I know about the SOPA. Would I support it? If it gives me more money, why should I go against it? But then if I open my mouth to the public about me supporting SOPA, it's suidice as many gamers will stop buying our games. There has to be another way---oh look! The ESA, the group I'm in is supporting the SOPA! I'm going to sit back and watch them do the dirty work for me. No need to open my mouth and add myself to that supporters list. I've seen some past replies here, saying Sony doesn't support SOPA. Sony is a massive company, which has a lot of subsidiaries. Not every subsidiary of Sony agrees with each other. Sony Music Entertainment, Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Sony Nashville supports SOPA, while Sony Electronics doesn't. Speaking of Sony Electronics, that is not the subsidiary we are looking for. Sony Electronics are the ones who makes the TVs, sound systems, DVD players and Blurays. The Sony we are looking for is Sony Computer Entertainment. This subsidiary have yet to comment on SOPA, acting like SEGA keeping quiet on this. Why should they say anything? When they have the ESA to do the dirty work? Nintendo and EA did speak out and said, "I'm against it" but that's not enough. If they are against it, why are they making no effort what so ever about ESA and their actions towards SOPA? The reason why Nintendo and EA spoke out because they don't want gamers to think they are in it, and technically they aren't because "they said so" but that doesn't change the fact that they are members of the ESA and the group itself as a whole supports it fully. These game companies know that if they support the SOPA and said so, gamers will stop buying their games and they don't want that because they will lose money. Do you really think they care about the freedom internet? They hardly get any money from 3rd party websites such as this! If Sony Computer, SEGA, Nintendo, EA and even Microsoft don't support SOPA and are really against it, they would have spoken with the ESA and made it very clear to them that they don't support it, leave their names out of it or they are going to leave the group. Simple. Act like you care. Like what Wikipedia did. Wikipedia's domains was with GoDaddy as Wikipedia trusted them and respected them. Then GoDaddy goes on and supports SOPA. Wikipedia was against it, and transferred their domains off GoDaddy. Their respect for them vanished. GoDaddy later removed themselves off the supporters list only because many businesses and owners transferred their domains off GoDaddy, after seeing them support SOPA. GoDaddy still supports SOPA to this day. GoDaddy made a very bad move adding themselves on that list and giving out the support. Imagine if Sony Computer Entertainment did the same thing. Yeah, prepare for the Vita sales to go low. So that's what bothers me. Sorry for the long post SSMB'ers.
  8. Edward

    So SatBK was released recently.

    I'm gonna rent this game. To me, this game isn't enough for me to buy the game. Very disappointed at the looks of the gameplay. Sonic Unleashed looks better. :/
  9. Well I just submitted my answer. ^^;;
  10. I wonder how the controls scheme would work for some of these minigames...as this game focuses on the balance board. o_O

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