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  1. If you don't mind anime songs, I would love to hear a piano mix of Infinity from Lost Universe.

    Haha I should have clarified that I'm after sonic tracks, but I'll still take a look and see what I can do. I'll try to take preference to those who post suggestions earlier. I'll get onto the first one this afternoon!


    Keep the suggestions coming!!

  2. Oh, Hi!

    So a few of you might know me from some of my piano-y sonic remixes:



    So, long story short, I'm loving all of the Sonic Zone Remix Compo's music... So much in fact that it's got me back into wanting to write music.. Problem is that I have no idea where I want to start...So that's where you come into it.


    Those who want to get into the spirit of things, list a track or two you'd like to hear covered, or at the very least remixed, and I'll see what I can do. smile.png If there are two tracks you'd like to see mixed up together, I'd be sure to give it a crack!



    Currently Working On:


    1) PrisonIsland + Cool Edge remix (SoniTH)

    2) Nack's Theme + Robotnik Winter remix (Mando)

    3) Sonic 2 Credits + Sonic 3 Credits  (Black Doom)


    Keep them coming everyone!!

  3. -References, not sole remixes, to non-SEGA franchises are okay. For example, Gregzilla's 'Hot Head Reef' from the last album combined Lava Reef from Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Hot Head Bop from Donkey Kong Country 2 - a game where Sonic's shoes were thrown in the dumpster (no, really)! Even that was accepted!

    Thank Christ, that remix was amazing! I'm totally in, and with any luck I'll have something non-piano-y to contribute. :)


    Ps:lol'd hard at Falk. Maybe next year.

    Pps: Falks Radical Train riff has been lodged in my brain the last half an hour :( Getting real hard to concentrate at work!

  4. Loving some of these examples :) Keep them coming. Fair bit of love for Crisis City!

    The usual rule with Club Sonic is that we have to avoid Dubstep (not sure if we'd get away with Trap..I have one in mind though). That flying battery remix above is probably a good example of a wicked track, but something we couldnt use.. :/

    Stuff people can jump around to will top the list. :) Also, which tracks with lyics would people want to hear? (especially that we havent used before).

    Edit: Not hugely familiar with the Free Riders soundtrack, but that is groovy as!

  5. So, some of you may have seen up on the SSMB facebook page, we've managed to get a nice clean version of the Club Sonic session from the 2012 Summer of Sonic. You can even download this version here: https://soundcloud.com/blitzchris/mixset-club-sonic-12-summer-of

    With big thanks to Gavvie and foreversonic for their help with recording.


    The question I want to pose to everyone, is "Which Sonic/SEGA songs with vocals do you want to see in the next Club Sonic session?"


  6. This reminds me heavily of synesthesia which is a condition I've always wondered if I have (but instead of sights, sound triggers emotion?). Either way, I was almost mesmerised by your videos, so for that I say a job well done. 


    It's interesting how you've paired certain colours with certain sounds too.. I find that interesting smile.png

  7. Hahahaha! Thats awesome!

    There are some clear vocal issues in the first verse, as the style doesnt match the rest of the track, but man when you guys get it right, you get it spot on! Bloody brilliant! 

  8. Punk's got the idea!

    I wasnt suggesting the winner gets their entry into the SSMB album (that would be ridiculous!). Instead, any remixes that were made for the comp could be used in the album if that artist approved it?

    I didnt think it would be fair to copy the format OCR had (each person picks a stage, and they go up against another remixer with a stage and each remix has to contain each of the two stages) but I did think it was a brilliant idea.. Any thoughts for a theme?

    Edit: If we're worried about doubling up from tracks people have already submitted/claimed for the album we could just lock those tracks out? :)

  9. Not sure if anyone has seen the OCRemix competition currently running (link here) but I was thinking perhaps we could start an SSMB one? The resulting remixes that come out of it could all be added to the SSMB remix album!

    Just thought I'd gauge some interest in it first before we start anything. :) I'll update this post as people reply!

  10. Hey all, thought I'd share my soundcloud so you can listen to some of the things I've been working on.

    Ice Cap (Piano): http://soundcloud.co...ing-ivory-piano

    Ice Cap (High Def): http://soundcloud.co...ivory-hd-icecap

    Pokemon Red (Cerulean City): http://soundcloud.co...p-dancing-piano

    So, the track that a few of you know me by, is here: Melting Ivory, Which is a Piano Arrangement of IceCap with a few other sonic-y tracks in there.

    I've recently done a High Definition-added instruments version smile.png

    If you check my soundcloud out, you'll also see a few other sonic-y tracks I've tried to create from scratch.

    My other little piece I like showing off is pokemon related. For the Dwelling Of Duels monthly competition I focused on the Cerulean City music from Pokemon Red and Blue. The title is supposed to be a play on the fact that Politoad can now come with Drizzle which makes rain appear.. Rain... Cerulean City...Water Gym..?? Yeah you get it.

    If anyone has any requests I'm always looking for ideas, so hit me up and I'll give it a shot on the piano biggrin.png

  11. Yeah, my apologies for that guys and gals. I think the idea of a listening party went down well though, the IRC was full of people pumped up listening to the songs. I think the artists got a kick out of reading all the excited listeners comments too, which makes a small cycle continue...the artists become empowered and want to make more music, so they can get more praise, etc etc.

    But all in all a great job. Can't wait to see the final release :D

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