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  1. EXShad, I found your Crisis City remix on youtube a while ago. It's freaking awesome Love your work!
  2. Dude. All these remixes I'm in heaven! Makes me want to write another piece hahaha! I have a week!! Will get onto recording asap!
  3. I dont know what it is, but I freaking love Rooftop Run as well :D

  4. I'd like to add my piano arrangement of Ice Cap (I couldnt see any Ice Cap tracks yet, but please forgive me if there is..) I wrote the piece in 2011, so I'd much prefer it in a 2011 album then in a 2012 one Melting Ivory (Piano Arrangement of Ice Cap From Sonic 3) http://soundcloud.com/noslien90/melting-ivory-piano Cheers, BC
  5. Project 24 will be back and a good as ever As Cdrom pointed out, keep your eyes and ears out this and next month for announcements
  6. Dude. That is bloody amazing. Liked/subscribed. If you ever put sheet music out for this in the future, please hit me up, as I'd love to give it a shot!
  7. Right! Which other Aussies are coming to SoS???

  8. Guys, please keep the Queenslanders in your thoughts tonight, and the horrible cyclone they're enduring. Peace.

  9. Haha I must say! The 5th of Jan is a pretty awesome day :D Hope you had a great one!

  10. Meryy Christmas From AUSTRALIA :D

    1. Alex2Beta


      Merry Christmas to you too!

    2. Spin



    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      How's the weather down there?

    4. Jonnehicles


      Australia? Didn't that sink?

      Just kidding, Merry Christmas.

  11. Thought I'd give it a crack. Was a good lad, and did the same as you had done Flyboy.. The music is dauntingly eerie. For such a simple game, the emotions are so complex.
  12. Sorry for getting back to you so late dude.. Do you need any prizes or were you cool with the ones it seems you're providing (which are awesome btw :D)

  13. 12 Hours Till PROJECT 24!!

  14. 2 more sleeps till PROJECT 24!!!!

  15. You know when people ask "Who's your favourite actor?" My answer has always been, and will probably be "Leslie Nielson". Airplane is still my favourite movie of all time. He was one of the few people on my "To do" list to meet May he rest in peace. His humour will be missed..
  16. Just so everyone is on the same track, Project 24 has been shifted to December 5th :)

  17. Just so everyone is on the same track, Project 24 has been shifted to December 5th :)

  18. Check the P24 post in the staff forum dude! Let us know what you think.. Cheers mate!

  19. Just busted my special edition open. Love the game!

  20. http://radio.sonicstadium.org/news-updates/project-24-is-back/
  21. Dude, contact me asap regarding P24. ;) I'll be online most of tonight, and if not, give facebook a shot ;)

  22. You getting my messages bro? Appear online ;)

  23. Dude! Get in touch asap :)

    Project 24. Want you on the team ;)


    or jump on skype or something :D

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