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  1. Awesome! haha you've got me curious!!

  2. What about all your Sonic 2 HD tracks tweaker? hehe been a big fan, and its awesome to see a whole heap I havent got in my remix collection!
  3. An update for those wondering: Ive posted dartanian, shadowfox and strongbad's prizes this morning before my bank account choked. $60 (aust) that cost me! Soon as pay day comes around i'll send the others off. >_< sorry for the wait!
  4. BlitzChris

    NBA Jam

    Ive still got NBA Jam for the Megadrive. Theres not much I can remember about it besides the "BOOM SHAKA LAKA" and the "FROM DOWNTOWN". The flaming basketball was a cool idea.
  5. Happy Bday to yourself :) Its an awesome day ;p

  6. Just noticed you're born on an awesome day :D Have an great one!

  7. I will if I have enough time :D

  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  9. Dont worry, I have the addresses of all the winners. JayZeach was quick to send your information so dont worry Having said that, my local postal service decided to host a stop work (Not cool ) yesterday, and with xmas coming up, the local PO was flooded when I attempted to get them out... You'll have to settle for a "late" xmas present
  10. Richo hit the nail on the head. I have been tied down and have had some pretty big issues come up regarding my future......but have no fear I am well aware of all the winners For those wondering, the prizes being sent out are as follows: The 6 controllers: Foreversonic, Spondy, SonicMark, StrongBad, Casanova and STK Sonic Shirt - Dartanian SonicBeachball and Brawl Book - ShadowFox04
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  12. Back to the argument, I own BK in cart and BT on live. BT is IMO the stronger of the two. It built upon an already winning formula, and added to it while keeping to its roots. It had that BK feel to it, but on a new scale. New weapons, new moves...and one of the best things I found about it was that we didnt have to "re-learn" all of banjos old moves. Anyone who had played and loved the original, could pick BT up and keep playing as if BK had never ended. Ive only just downloaded BT on XBA the other day. Unlimited air is granted if you use mumbo and all his "incom poocom" awesomeness. Does anyone else bob their head around when they're watching that, or is that just me. I am now approaching grunty's industries and while I dont know what the hell to do, (and dont tell me) i'll be spending the arvo trying to conquer it. Where the hell is the freaking door?!
  13. Sonic Battle. Im actually suprised no one else had this down! I remember downloading the rom first (yeah yeah..I know..*slap on the wrist*) and at first I was a little confused and not very happy. After an hour or so of getting the hang of it, I loved it, and went out a couple of days later to buy it (so maybe roms arent a bad thing after-all ). I really liked how you could really individualise Emerl, regardless of the fact that some moves were way better than others. Just plain fun, and it even had a couple of mini-games on the side..including KNUCKLES MINESWEEPER!
  14. If you're buying it for the Banjo/Kazooie platforming style game we all know and love, you'll be disappointed like I was. They could have easily used a different franchise and got the same results. Im a long time B&K fan, and yeah this did seem like a giant FARK YOU in the face. However, there are many pro's to the game. Firstly the soundtrack. It is down right epic. Remixes of almost every B&K theme you can think of, and they all match the game perfectly. Im just hoping to god that there will be a proper sequel to nuts&bolts, although I have a feeling I shouldnt be holding my breath...
  15. Never has there been a better avatar :D

  16. BlitzChris is posting in your comments! Try and stop me :D muahahaha!

  17. Didnt we have SSR DJ banners at one point?
  18. I would consider this if it came with prop cycle. Man that game brings back memories....
  19. You're quite right, I will be preparing an essay for this topic, seeing as I really should have started it. Alas my poor laptop has died, along with all my remixes, but I shall be recovering them soon. In the mean time *damn you SF!* I'll try and fill you in on some of the bigger tracks missed. PrinceOfDarkness - Has already been mentioned, but i'll in Vestigial Fusion Factory but you've missed his other hit track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcE6b8ruGEY. This kid is 19, and to be able to compose music like this is extraordinary. He also has bass exclusive tracks of Chemical Plant and Special Stage. Dr. Manhatten - Has two sonic related tracks out, which I rate highly. First is aLava Reef remix, and second is (and probably one of my all time favourites) is this HydroCity remix. If you're obsessed with ICECAP REMIXES, then you'll want to check this. Basically, Project Chaos and Hedgehog Heaven are not the only OcRemix sonic colabs. Back in 2004,a group got together and composed 18 tracks in honour of their favourite stage. ReCapitated can be found here. Im not normally into mash-ups, but this FOB and DeathEgg had me in stitches in that its actually been done well. From Newgrounds, I'm only going to suggest one bloke (mainly because I'd be here all day otherwise). CrimzonWolf777 gets my vote with his 3 sonic dance megamixes. Megamix 2(can link off it to find the other two) is probably my fav of the three. Cheers to eboni for that marble remix, which will be added as soon as my collection gets back on track. Finally, a plug for ma show. BLITZ & PIECES, the Sonic Remix Podcast 1pm GMT Sundays!
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  21. The Spy (aka ShadowFox) alerted me to this a week or so ago, and it got played on my radio show. Pretty good, although (and I'm sure you know) some of the mash-ups dont work as well as others. Either way, I enjoyed it, and hope you make more
  22. DUDE! I have the biggest grin on my face! When I told you last week to get our name out there, I didnt really think it would go as far as this... I will laugh my ass off if you make it I'll ask around for others to sign up xD
  23. YOINK *steals and adds to collection* At first I thought it was a glorified MIDI, by the end however I was convinced otherwise. I'll be sure to play it on the show Edit: On closer inspection this was also found http://www.carbohydrom.net/music/CarboHydroM_-_Jackpot_Fever.ogg
  24. Rofl man. I'll stick up for you. Omega's clearly not a listener. xD
  25. Better get yourself an avatar soon boy!

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