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  1. I too am having no difficulty. I'll look into this for you....
  2. Sidenote: Phos That Cheerios Ad was just plain awesome! Some of the best animation ive seen of sonic for quite some time
  3. If you check sonicgear.org there are a shite load of sonic books available. I began to collect them, but realised soon after I would be forking out quite a bit of money if I wanted the whole collection (as you do with collections I guess) :\ So far, I have 2 of the gamebooks, 2 "Where's Wally/Sonic" books, 3 from the ladybird series (The story, Robotniks Oil and Invisible Robotnik) as well as 2 novels (4th dimension and Robotniks lab). I also have 2 of the Prima Guides (Chronicles and UnleashedWii/PS2) but know I'm missing the SatSR guide. My most prized (although most damaged..but hey Ive loved it for soo damn long) book is this one (Damn it...cant find a picture..). It was called "Winning Tips for Sonic The Hedgehog" and while it wasnt even an official guide, it was the biggest help for getting through the games on the ealier platforms. Had a shite load of screenshots to help you through each stage of each game. <3
  4. :o was going to complain you got your own badge, but saw the others so i'll be different. um. Pelly Fails.
  5. Haha!! xD I wouldnt put it past Sonic Team. I mean, would else could they possibly have? A bunny flying with her ears? psh. Back on topic, I never found cream to be as annoying as a couple of people have already mentioned. When she appeared in SA2 (correct me if i'm wrong) she just seemed to be the "new" character that was being introduced that game (running through a period of time whethere there was a new chracter a game). She then featured in Sonic X and although I'd cringe everytime I heard her voice, I thought she was fitting in fairly well with that series (I saw SX as being aimed at a younger audience, to which she fit nicely). I just hope they dont start using her in the more mature-age-based games.
  6. You sir, crossed the line. hehe. To be honest, I was the complete opposite. I really enjoyed SA2's "emblem seeking for victory" ritual, and once you knew where they all were, it was a hopelessly easy to get there. I will admit the special stages were fairly hard, but do-able. Heroes however. My god. I have the GC version, and besides the whole "I am Shadow" saga (which didnt enrage, more-so wtf) it was the only part of SH that made me throw the controller down in discuss. Im still yet to kick Metal's ass and actually finish the game.
  7. You are extremely correct about no mention about Australia. I was going to mention originally that she WAS Australian, but I quickly did some research prior, and realised that at no point do they say the word in any of the games. Lets be honest though, who else are known/thought to use words like "strewth" anyway xD I would argue quite the opposite. The less they say about her now, the less contradictions there are in future games. I just see that as Sonic Teams lazy way of introducing a character that has a fairly unknown history that they can then invent up sometime in the future to tie in with another game.
  8. I did get the pre-order werehog figurine which was awesome, but when it came out everywhere else, along side the black knight figurine, it became somewhat less of a "whoa!! australian exclusive!". I'll be checking Toys'R'Us tomorrow just to make sure I wasnt just being a cynical bastard xD And I never got the JB shirt either >_<
  9. Its a shame the "toys r us" in Australia isnt anywhere near as awesome as the one in the states/UK. Ours never stocks any of the exclusive Sonic merch. That knuckles fig looks pretty same smexy.
  10. Marine was annoying to me in the same way Steve Irwin(RIP) annoyed me... Over typifying the Australian image. No one uses "stewth" or "bonza"... Blaze is my favourite, mainly because she's not a helpless "save me" victim..and can generally handle all her own problems. Good to see a female protagonist for once
  11. Just baught a 360, so Halo's been on my mind alot. Also, Sonic 06 and Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. Its not a badddd game (BK:NaB) but it just felt generic. They could have slapped a sonic logo on it, and changed the banjo characters to Sega characters and not have felt a difference. The BK charm is still there though, and the music is composed beautifully, not only the newer tracks, but the remakes of past well known BK/BT themes.
  12. Lets just keep it with Amy constantly chasing after Sonic. Or when she gets kidnapped, vice-versa. Actually she hasnt been kidnapped for a while now... She should be constantly after him, but not during my generation do I want sonic and amy ever finally getting together.
  13. They would really need to work on the gameplay. If they even considered copy+paste from Sonic06..... I dont mind Silver as a character, and i'm sure they could make up a massive background to him, but I like him the way he is. Look how much hatred (ok, hatred isn't the word, more like thorough dislike) there is for Shadow...Wouldve been much more simpler and IMO more respectable if they had let Shadows appearances end at the end of SA2. Silver needs a touch more personality
  14. I haven't kept track of this topic (so I dont know if its been mentioned prior to this), but when I saw that Sonic could use the emeralds as a power-up, I secretly considered that each character may be able to turn super... A Super Billy Hatcher.......
  15. As long as they have that sport where you scrub the ice with the broom sticks to make a weird tea-pot shapped object land in a designated area, then i'll be a very happy man. PS: I live in Australia. Blame my lack of winter olympic sports knowledge on my geographical downfall.
  16. AoStH played off the MegaDrive Sonic series (which I love/d), and DIDNT start adding a whole bunch of new sidekicks/team mates. AoStH 1 SatAM 0
  17. Haha on the contrary... Someone was fishing for me! Chips are a fairly easy way of reeling me in ;p and make good bait too

  18. You would not get banned for that. You would get comended. Gameplay vids on youtube from EEE suggest its Mario Kart painted with Sonic Shell. Comments?
  19. All japanese sonic adverts were weird. This one takes the cake.
  20. Am planning on getting just a small sonic head, or pose from sonic 1 boxart on my ankle. Something that's coverable by socks and not obvious. Main reason is when I was in second year highschool, I used Sonic as inspiration for running. Amazingly, that year I came second in the X-Country event, and believe ive come a long way because of it (Im now an "australia rules football" umpire). Ive wanted one for about...6 years now.. Ive been told it hurts like hell on the ankle, and truthfully, im too much of a pussy to get it done.
  21. Sounds like everyones getting it. I dont see how something like this could have spontaneously happened, so i'd suggest someones been tweaking the site (ie. dread). Im sure they'll get it fixed in no time.
  22. You'll find some of us have copies of almost everything on our hard drives... ie I have access to the (almost) all of the Sonic Hour eps. Someone on the IRC a little while back mentioned they had all the T-time and Raccoon Zone stuff, but I cant remember off the top of my head. If theres anything specific you're looking for, PM me and i'll do my best. In the meantime double check -> http://media.sonicstadium.org/ as someone may have uploaded it (updated fairly often)
  23. The mini-games on SAdvent2 need to be thought out better... But i'd love to see them return to both console and hand-held. Maybe this time, mutated chao (bred with animals) will actually show up with their wings and their claws on the DS. Thinking about it, the DS could probably hold a 3D chao garden. I did like the GBA games though...
  24. Im all for the music in sonic games. Was really disappointed with the stage music in SatBK which was all to frequently very similar to the title theme. There was no "WHO'S GONNA ROCK THE PLACE!?!" or.. "LET THE SPEED MEND IT" that just oozed charm from the original. The vocal soundtrack impressed though. The other disappointment was Chronicles music. "Bleep bleep bleep" doesnt really do it for me sorry.. oh oh oh (god you've started me now) I didnt mind the idea of the were-hog, I just thought it wasnt executed as well as it couldve been.
  25. Shadz, are they actual trophies in your dp, or have I stayed up too late and my eyes are playing tricks?....


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