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  1. C. Sonic - Rawrdom - http://rawrdom.deviantart.com/ & http://s789.beta.pho...library/Artwork M. Sonic - Briaaaah C. Tails - The Kid M. Tails - Nemain C. Knuckles - Hybrid - http://nextgenproject.deviantart.com/ M. Knuckles - Emerald Lance C. Amy - Rabid Noodles - http://rabid-noodles.deviantart.com/ M. Amy - Quacku - http://arq-11.deviantart.com C. Eggman - Swiss M. Eggman - Azukara C. Metal Sonic - Rabid-Noodles - http://rabid-noodles.deviantart.com/ M. Metal Sonic - Super Soniko - http://death-cannon.deviantart.com/ C. Vector - Katzii M. Vector - Venice C. Espio - KKM M. Espio - redhellc C. Charmy - Dan-imeJ86 - http://danfield.deviantart.com/ M. Charmy - Nemain Mighty/Shadow - SonHOG/Briaaaah Bean/Jet - debug ring/Kamicciolo Bark/Big - Venice/Rabid-Noodles - http://rabid-noodles.deviantart.com/ Nack/Rouge - Noku_Crocodile/Mimi Honey/Blaze - Voy-Boy/Super Soniko - http://death-cannon.deviantart.com/ Gamma/Omega - Quacku - http://arq-11.deviantart.com /D-Metal X Bomb & Heavy/Orbot & Cubot - Dan-imeJ86/Pixel Brain - http://danfield.deviantart.com/ /Pixel Brain Eggrobo/Eggpawn - SegaDogTagz/SegaDogTagz - http://brodogz.deviantart.com/ C. Motobug/M. Motobug - Dan-imeJ86/ProfessorZolo - http://danfield.deviantart.com/ /ProfessorZolo C. Crabmeat/M. Crabmeat - sandwichbars/debug ring
  2. I would miss using the boost because I love blasting through stages, rings and badniks while screaming "FASTEST THING ALIVE!" but I certainly wouldn't cry about it if it was taken out. Indigo Rush and I are on the same page with this if they take the Boost out just give us something to compensate for it, logiclly the Spin Dash and rolling mechanics.
  3. Hello fellow members of Sonic Stadium Hybrid here, though some of you know me as NextGenProject of deviantart. Some of you may have seen a sample of my work in Sonic Anniversary Collabs such as Tikal in last years collab. And this year for the 21st Collaboration I'm handling Classic Knuckles, so stay tune for that. Now in recent years I've wanted to try to use me artwork else where as well say Archie Comics but I've realized character pin ups will only get me so far so I'm brooding out to other sites looking for critique to see what area's I'm okay in and what area's I could improve in because dA is one of the worst places for that. Well regardless of such I hope you all enjoy. Super Sonics and the Time Eater - Classic Knuckles in Adventure style - and Sonic Generation parody comics
  4. xD that cooking trailer put a being smile on my face.
  5. It wouldn't surprise me if this is where Metal Sonic got the bad happened of betraying Dr. Eggman started from. I am curious on how this one plays out though.
  6. I just can't help but think that Sonic Youth should have been the theme for Sonic Generations but maybe that's just me. But yeah can't wait for the songs to come out.
  7. I don't know about revival in the game series but as for the Archie Comics sure why not, or at least just give the girl a cameo like they did Mephiles and Void.
  8. That is a key factor seeing as Knuckles and Tails are screwed over and only given shields, upon seeing that I was disappoint. Why is it the super hedgehogs only rule in the games now? (OFF TOPIC: Those to can go super in the comics... wait why am I drawing parallels to the comics when we are talking about the games?)
  9. Really I was going for Hyper Sonic to make a return in Colors only because the ingredients where all there. "Sonic COLORS" "Hyper-Go-On Energy" Come on the game screamed it. It would have made a more interesting phase 3 final boss fight other than the anticlimactic flash screaming TASTE THE RAINBOW MOTH- er... I'm mean Final Color Blaster! But yeah, It would be for fan service but isn't that what Generations is doing already. FAN SERVICE! :EDIT: Or possible nostalgia.
  10. In my humblest opinion I say that there won't be a need for a trap if Naugus was left as a drooling pet. This may be brought up later as the story unfolds I think.
  11. Oh look, in the background...Chip
  12. There are a few games out there that have the right analog as camera control which would feel natural.
  13. Hybrid

    The moon

    Haha! Copy, Paste, and Rotate for the WIN. Hmm, I don't know maybe its a CG moon... though it does look similar to Earth's moon. This is an interesting fun fact.
  14. Hybrid

    Sonic Battle

    Sonic Battle was enjoyable to play sure it had its ups and downs but what game doesn't. Back then it was a different style of gameplay for me. But I have to say what really stud out for me was the art style, I loved it. How much? Just check my deviantart. http://nextgenproject.deviantart.com/gallery/24385745?offset=0
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