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  1. Wow this changed a whole lot :D

    1. Mil-O-Lantern


      Hey Silver*! Long time no see!

  2. I don't remember if I posted this here. I'm not really going to be working on this. But you can crit it so that I have an idea for future stories. "He's almost here!" A black and red hedgehog said as he ran quickly to a picnic table surrounded by guests. They all looked at him as he was trying to catch his breath. "Silver must be hard to give the run around to, eh Shadow?" the gray koala said as he was trying to cover the cake. "This IS Silver, we are talking about. Damn, he's got a lot of boundless energy within him. But luckily, I set up a big fancy robot for him to fight. But knowing him, he'll come at any time! Is everything ready, Gardon?!" Shadow yelled. "All except for one thing… we are missing a guest," Gardon said as he handed Shadow a piece of paper with the names of all the guests who were supposed to be there. Shadow took the list and studied it, making sure that the guests were accounted for, Every time he'd look at a name, he'd look at all the guests. As he went down the list, he saw that one person wasn't checked off. The list read: Shadow [X] Blaze [X] Gardon [X] Marine [X] Sonic After looking at it, Shadow smirked and looked at the rest of the crowd. "Well that's everyone we needed!" The purple cat sitting on the bench looked over at Shadow as he was coming toward the picnic table. She lowered her eye at him as he came about smiling; while at the same time was drawing a picture of Silver. "Hey, Shadow, you know not everyone is here," she said while coloring her picture. Alongside her sat an orange and brown raccoon blowing up balloons to tie on to the table. Even though, there were already six balloons surrounding the table, she felt the need to blow up more while at the same time, trying to sneak some food from the snack bowl. "Wuddabout that Sonic bloke?" she asked. "Look guys, I got it under control alright?" Shadow said as he was getting annoyed. "But you promised he'd be here," the raccoon said. "Yeah! Marine's right, your just being a party pooper!" the purple cat chimed in while putting her hand on her hips. "Shut up, Blaze," Shadow said as he walked away. However as he was trying to walk away from the picnic table, he was engulfed in flames, only for Gardon to take his cup of lemonade and poor it on him to seize the flames. After the flames were out, Shadow turned and glared at Blaze, who scoffed at the table. "No one tells ME to shut up!" she yelled as she went back to drawing. "For that, I'll tell Silver on you," she said quietly. Ignoring Blaze, Shadow went to sit down on the soft green grass and looked up at the sky. While looking at the clouds, he felt that somewhere among the clouds, he could see some that looked like Silver. Silver… there was something about that hedgehog that Shadow often liked. He wasn't sure if it was his voice, his personality or his smile, but there was something about him that appealed to Shadow more than meets the eye. "Hey! Shadow, look who's here?" Gardon's voice said from behind. Shadow got up from the floor to brush himself off. Then in excitement, he turned around hoping that it was Silver that was here. However, when he finally saw the guest, he was disappointed to find out that it wasn't Silver, but a blue hedgehog. A similar blue hedgehog. "You're late…" Shadow scoffed. "Now, now, party starts at 5:00 right? Sonic came at 4:59, he's not late." Gardon said. "Yeah and besides, I wouldn't miss out on my favorite hedgehog, wouldn't I, Shads?" Sonic said with a smirk. "Umm… wouldn't that be YOU and don't call me Shads!" Shadow said in an annoyed tone. "All right, my second favorite hedgehog. Where is Silvs anyway?" the blue hedgehog asked. "Whatever…" Shadow scoffed. "He'll be here soon." Shadow was upset that Sonic even showed up. He didn't really want him there. However he invited him because he was one of Silver's favorite heroes, next to Joe Masushi. Not only was Sonic annoying to Shadow, but the purpose of him throwing a party for Silver was that he can appreciate him for his work in protecting Crisis City. It was also for their friendship to be closer but now with another hedgehog in the mix, Shadow might not accomplish that. Since he threw this party for Silver, Shadow managed to gather his emotions and roll with everything that was going on. He moved closer to the crowd, who were all conversing at the picnic table, while in his mind, wondering where Silver is and how long is it going to take for him to show up. As Shadow was walking toward the table, he can hear someone running up to him from behind. "Hey, Shads! You just missed the BBBE!" a familiar voice said from behind. Shadow quickly turned around with a smile on his face, to see a young silver hedgehog standing before him. Boy was he glad to see him, as his smile quickly expanded on his face and his cheeks got a little red as he stared into his yellow eyes. The younger hedgehog lowered one eyelid at Shadow as he kept staring at him. "Hey, Shads are you… aright?" he asked. "Y-yeah, I'm alright, Silver," Shadow said as he shook his head. Shadow then moved out of Silver's view and directed him to the crowd of friends by the picnic table. "Surprise!" Silver was shocked to see that the party he walked into was thrown for him. As he looked around as his friends cheering and the drawings Blaze was holding up of him, a smile stretched across Silver's face. He couldn't believe that his friends wanted to throw him a party. Feelings of happiness and shock came to Silver as he was absorbing everything in. "Wow… you shouldn't have guys!" Silver exclaimed. "Well it was Shadow's idea," Gardon said. Blaze got up from the picnic table and ran to Silver to try to kiss him. However as she got closer to him with her lips puckered up, Silver put up his hand at her face, thus, making her run into his hand. He then turned to Shadow as he was trying to contain Blaze. "Thanks, Shads, ole buddy!" Silver exclaimed. "Welcome, Silver," Shadow replied as a light blush spread across his face. Silver turned to Blaze and took his hand off her face. "We went over this a million times. I only like you as a friend and strictly a friend. Okay?" "Okay…" Blaze sadly sighed as Silver went over to give her a quick hug. Before Silver could walk away to talk to Shadow, he felt the pressure of someone poking his back from behind. He turned around to see who could be poking him and to his shock, it was… that blue hedgehog! "Silvs! Long time, no see!" Sonic exclaimed. "Long time no see!" Silver replied back. "Nice of you to come to my party." "You kiddin'? I came to see my favorite hedgehog, besides me of course," the blue hedgehog smirked. "By the way, I got you this," he said as he gave Silver a rectangular box. Silver took off the red ribbon off the box first, and then he took the lid off. When finally opened he took out a still freshly warm chili dog. "Hey thanks! I don't know what to say," Silver said as he took a bite of the 'dog. “Hey this is great!” Silver said with his mouth full. As Silver was eating the chilidog, bits and pieces of the bread and chili were getting all over his face. However, he didn’t notice it as he was busy eating the dog, with his eyes closed; enjoying the goodness and flavor. While looking at the silver hedgehog eating his lunch, Sonic, upon looking, had a light blush spread across his face. “So cute…” he thought to himself as he took his hand and ran his fingers through Silver’s fern-like quills. All in the while, Shadow watched from a distance. As he watched Sonic run his fingers through Silver’s quills, he felt a fire inside of him. A fire that Shadow felt was going to burst any minute. He felt so angry that he could see green everywhere. To him, Sonic’s gesture to Silver gives the impression of interest… a deep interest; and the thought of Sonic being interested in the one he loves, made Shadow scowl with envy as he just watched them from where he was standing. Meanwhile, Sonic was still running hand hands through Silver’s quills. Though he was still enjoying his chili dog, Silver also seemed to enjoy what his friend was doing as his smile got bigger every stroke of the way. The more Sonic did this, the more he would blush. “So, do you like the chili dog?” Sonic asked Silver with excitement. Silver shook his head yes as he was trying to finish the rest of his chili dog. Upon shaking his head, Sonic felt a cold wind of happiness coming over him as he smiled from ear to ear. “I’m glad you like it,” he responded back. “I’ve been trying to make one special for you, but I messed up a lot. Not that I don’t know how to make ‘em.” “Well, it was great. Thank you!” Silver said as he used a napkin to wipe his face. He then noticed from the corner of his eye that Shadow was just standing with his back turned to the crowd, with his fist clenched. Feeling concerned, Silver walked over to his friend and noticed that he was growling under his breath. “Shads, are you alright?” Silver asked as he tapped him on the shoulder. In shock, Shadow turned around to see Silver standing there behind him. His face instantly turned red as he stared into his eyes. His heart was also racing in a fast pace. In a way, he was happy to see him, because he had remembered that he had something he has wanted to give to Silver since the party started. A very special gift, in fact. A gift that he was worked towards getting. “Y-yes I-I am Silver, I-I was just… practicing my growling!” Shadow replied. “Grrr!” Silver stood there with a weird look on his face. Lowering one eyelid while staring as his friend. “Okay… you keep working on that,” Silver said as he began to walk away. As Silver was walking toward the party table, Shadow watched him as he tried to think of a way to get his attention. He’s heart raced faster as Silver was walking further away from him. He began to sweat bullets and his face turned red. Finally, he ran after Silver and grabbed his hand. Silver turned around to see that Shadow was right behind him, holding his hand. When he looked up at his best friend, he figured that something was wrong and that Shadow needed his help or needed to tell him something. “Shads, what’s wrong?” Silver asked. “Silver…” Shadow said as he was struggling to find the words he really would like to say. “Are you alright?” Silver asked again. “Remember what you said when we first became friends? You told me that we can tell each other anything. You can tell me.” Shadow then squeezed Silver’s hand and took him to the party table, where he had something big wrapped up as a gift under the table. He took the box-like gift wrapped in plan white paper and presented it to his best friend. “Sorry about the wrap job but I hope you like it,” Shadow said as he handed to gift to Silver. Silver took the gift and tore apart the white wrapping paper that was surrounding the box. As he finally took the last bits and pieces of the paper off, the gift was finally reviled. It was a sushi making skit. Complete with seaweed wraps, rice and vegetables. It also had a pair of porcelain chopsticks complete with the order. As soon as he absorbed everything in, Silver looked up at Shadow with a shocked look. “Shads… I don’t know what to say…” Silver said as he looked as his best friend.
  3. My thoughts so far: The game looks great! And it made me very happy to see the characters working together in harmony. Plus, all the the characters are shown their strengths and personality. My problem is that I am afraid the gameplay itself is going to be polorizing and stray too much from the core gameplay that makes Sonic well... Sonic. In regards to Amy and Knuckles' personality changes...Knuckles seems okay. As long as they don't make him too dumb to live or someone that even a 6 year old can bully. Amy, I don't mind her being independent, it would give her character room to expand. Give her some of her own hopes and dreams. Archeologist? Hey! Expand on that! It could make for something interesting. But, be sure not to make her too strong of a character. I want to see her caring side. I want to see the same character who turned Shadow and Gamma into a new leaf. People need to stop thinking that strong, independent woman = oh noez! Mary Sue! Sally Acorn alert!
  4. I'm worried that I made Sonic too bratty and annoying in my story outline :o

    1. The Pit of Mystic Cave

      The Pit of Mystic Cave

      back to the drawing board

    2. Komodin


      Try not to let your personal beefs with the character get in the way of writing your story. Character derailment is a terrible thing to have in it.

    3. Silver*


      I have no beef. I just wanted to make him imperfect

  5. What does it mean to be annoying through snark vs what I had Sonic being annoying for? The reason I put in the part about Shadow is that when I wrote part of the story, Silver would always defend Blaze when Shadow would taunt her. But when the same is done to Sonic, Silver doesn't step in or he doesn't take it as seriously. The reason is that Silver thinks that Sonic's mouthiness can be his defense against Shadow. Blaze isn't as mouthy plus she's his girlfriend in the story. Sonic get's upset because Shadow's insults bother him and Silver isn't doing anything about it... it makes him think if he even values him as a team member....
  6. Sonic was a brat in Sonic Lost World. It's called making him imprefect and having others be tired of his stunts he pulls.
  7. I hate asking for help sometimes :>

  8. Pardon me if I put this in the wrong place or if help threads aren't allowed. I would like some help with the characters in my fanfiction I am planning to write. But I need to know if my ideas for them are deemed "okay".Characterization is my biggest hurdle I'm trying to overcome, especially when it comes to Silver, my favorite character. Since my story is Silve centric, I'm afraid that I'm not giving the rest of the cast more. So I need your help to discuss. If it doesn't belong please lock. But here are my bios for the characters. All are official characters. I don't make my own characters. Sonic will appear so I need to do him right as well.
  9. I'm suprised to see Big here, but I can understand and I agree.When it comes to heroic characters, I do have my own list and it might be weird due to lack of Sonic: Silver - I think he's a hero because he shows compassion towards those he is saving, even though he was aloof at times. Like Sonic, he won't stop until the job is done but there's something about him that is different. The chao from Sonic Rivals 2, he seemed to care for them alot and he showed compassion. Even his theme song suggests that he is a compassinate hero since it's singing to those who he is saving. Marine - I want to mention her because she did chase after Whiskers and the others by herself and retrived the Jewel Scepter. Blaze - Because even though she was a subborn jerk in Sonic Rush, she risked her world crashing into Sonic's world to go get the Sol Emeralds to save her world. You guy already mentioned Shadow so I'll just say I agree.
  10. The gameplay is okay. I'm happy that playable characters are back and it isn't just Sonic. Amy looks pretty badarse. My only fear is that they are going to scrap the other characters except for Eggman/Orbot/Cubot/Shadow and maybe Blaze because the critics love her. I hope they don't get scrapped and start reintroducing them one by one. (Seriously, I would be sad if my favorite character was scrapped)
  11. So do I. He's my all time most favorite Sonic character. I want to play as Silver and been wanting for since Sonic Rivals. It's a very unpopular opinion because I've gotten crap for even thinking he was a hero on the SOA forums. Good times. Good times. I don't mind if I never get to play as him again but I can only dream of such a reality.
  12. My unpopular opinion: I like the song Follow Me from Sonic Heroes. Hear me out, but I don't believe the song is an Amy love song. I think the song is really about the members of Team Rose and their dedication to their loved ones (Big -> Froggy; Cream -> Cheese and Chocola; Amy -> Sonic). I like this song more than the other team themes because it's the only song that doesn't mention the team, but it focuses on the loved ones and why they are so important to each individual member.
  13. There is a right/wrong reason to hate or love a character sometimes. For example: I hear most kids say they love Shadow because they see him as his god-savior of the earth etc Or people dislike Sally Acorn because she isn't Amy. Those are wrong reasons to like or dislike a character. And as for the Blaze comments, I really do not understand why when a female character shows lack of femininity, then it equals to guy in a girl suit. I just like that we do have a female character who doesn't exhibit female stereotypes. For example: we have Amy who has her design being pink, her crush on the main character, loves to cook and being quick to anger. We have Cream who is really just a polite, sweet girl character... who doesn't do much except exhibit traits Amy already has such as her compassion. Then we have Rouge who is a jewel lover: stereotype associated with girls. Now we have Shade but they missed an opportunity to make her awesome. I find her to fail at being another strong female character. So yes, when Blaze came along, we knew she was going to be a hit. Because we finally had someone who didn't harness any female stereotypical behavior. If you want girly... well she's insecure about her body.... which most girls are.
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