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  1. Just got back from MAGfest

  2. OMFG! Christmas is nearly here! :D

  3. College is evil! It steals my sleep D:

  4. OMG these Chocolate Animal Crackers are delish! :3

  5. Finals = uuuuuuuuuggggggghhhh D:

  6. I declare this day, Silly Winter Hat Day! Let's all wear silly hats! XD

    1. Jonnehicles


      Wouldn't Silly Hat Day of Winter, be better!?

    2. Marcello


      My head is too big for hats :-( Plus it's already nighttime here.

    3. BlueSonikku


      I wear silly winter hats all winter long what's the difference XD

    4. gato


      It's 35C here... I don't want to put a silly winter hat. *crosses arms*

    5. BlueSonikku


      You too Gato? Where you from?

  7. Is it EVER going to get above freezing! D:

  8. The Colors feel so riiiight~! ^_^

  9. Check the P24 post in the staff forum dude! Let us know what you think.. Cheers mate!

  10. Yeah Im online right now lol!

  11. You getting my messages bro? Appear online ;)

  12. Dude! Get in touch asap :)

    Project 24. Want you on the team ;)


    or jump on skype or something :D

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