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  1. As far as my Japanese goes, it's: GUN - proud foreigner/alien JUMP - the cat also falls off the tree ACTION - more clues/the most clues(?) CHAOS ENERGY - chaos energy EDGE BREAKER - destroy/beat everyone/everything (something along those lines) SPIN DASH - good morning, kondou-san; how are you?
  2. No, the Japanese is nonsense(?) like "the cat also fell off the tree", or "hello mr. Kondou(?), how are you?", or "proud foreigner/alien" .
  3. Hmm, I'd really like to know the original Japanese statement on the "two worlds" thing, because Japanese is so ambiguous, Iizuka could've meant virtually anything from "two planets" to "two dimensions" to "two continents" depending on context (unless he'd used a very specific term, which we don't know). Anyway, I suppose Marcello is right in that it doesn't really matter until it's actually being referred to in the games. But it also doesn't really help people/writers create a consistent canon for the current gameverse when it never is. Aaron sure opened a can of worms there... (Also, I think the 4chan guy just mentioned 'Mobius' for lack of an official term. I'm perfectly sure the planet isn't supposed to be called 'Mobius' in Game canon...).
  4. Personally, I'd prefer if the movie wouldn't even attempt to explain stuff, but just 'be'. Much like the OVA barely explained anything and just threw us into a world where stuff happened. A recent example would be Mad Max Fury Road: Everything was just there, no warning, no explanation. No-one questioned the universe they lived in, and it made for a really engaging movie. So if they show Sonic fighting Eggman in an opening scene, and then have him hang out with Tails at Mystic Ruins, I want them to be theirselves, and not give me a "do you remember how we met"-talk (or worse, throw out one-liners), unless it actually factors into the plot. The movie shouldn't be there to tie loose ends or something (like, Sonic's origin? That's one of those things guaranteed to go wrong), it should make the viewer curious about the world and the characters on screen first.
  5. I really want to take Sonic's world seriously. No matter how strange the plot or how cheesy the dialogue, the characters need to make me feel like they believe in their own universe. Considering that, it's not about "Sonic's caracter should be like he was in this or that game" anymore. All I want is those characters - based on their established roles, definitions and history - to behave believably and consistently; and that's something that doesn't work if the writers give the impression that they don't have faith in their own script. Some people might be entertained by the jokes, the animation work or the banter between the characters, but the way it is executed in the recent games is far too shallow to appeal to me. In SLW, they don't bother to give us a proper setting, the villains appear with basically no backstory, Knuckles is just there for the sake of it, and Robotnik has switched from gigantic air carriers with entertainment and swimming pools to a bleak dark cargo-hold or something. Why? There is no lore, no nothing for those characters to even base their interactions on. The characters only get each other and a few rather immediate events to interact with, and even during that, they often dismiss the bigger picture. I don't enjoy that - no matter how many different temperaments I get to see of the characters - and I don't think it suits Sonic (as a series) in general. I want the upcoming game(s) to embrace the established universe again, and to give me a proper setup - within the rules of said universe - for the events to unfold. If then the characters actually live by those rules and take their situation seriously, we might not have to debate about "ideal characterizations" anymore.
  6. But do you genuinely find current Sonic (as in Colours and SLW) "cool", or do you just assume or accept that his behavior is cool, because the writers decided to depict him in a way that they thought to be the contemporary definition of cool? I am really curious, because I am absolutely unable to find SLW's and Colours' Sonic even remotely "cool". When I hear those lines, I want to disappear into my couch in embarassement... And being an adult has nothing to do with that. The old cartoons and comics didn't make me feel much better when I was a kid/teenager (though not to that extent).
  7. I think if you take Lost Worlds' (or Colours') story, summarize or retell it and leave it to the reader/listener to fill in the blanks, it might become an "emotional" experience. But the way the game is presented as is - with short scenes that all try to stand for themselves, that are interconnected with basically unrelated zones - makes it very difficult to get emotionally involved. If I watch the snippets you posted without considering the rest of the game, they actually appear to be much more than they really are when seen in context. And that, to me, is definitely not the way it should be.
  8. Are you sure about that? I would agree that the cartoons and comics (StC in my case) managed to keep my attention on Sonic while I had to wait for the next game, but they never felt like "the real thing" to me and I never found them better than the source material. They were/are barely even an extension. It was just another kind of Sonic that I tolerated (to various degrees), it certainly was not what "got me hooked". Every western incarnation of Sonic seems to have a weird trait that makes it hard for me to like him, all based on the assumption that his Japanese version just doesn't suffice or something (even though they always kept the western audience in mind). I'm aware that early adaptions like SatAM or StC were created during a time with very little source material available, but even back in the 90s I felt like the authors didn't even get that right. They probably never saw (or tried to get) the Japanese documents on the series. In any case, I feel like the Japanese-written Sonic makes a good effort at appealing to all audiences across the world, while the western-written Sonic only seems to have a specific American audience in mind. I have never been that audience, and I want to see that "Sonic for everyone" again, be it in the upcoming movie or the next main game.
  9. This isn't exactly related but nicely illustrates the reason why I get more and more bored with mainstream cinema. Wow! (All three Transformers movies watched side by side).
  10. True, but after so many years it will be hard to establish something new without stepping on people's toes. Boom somewhat circumvents this by creating a seperate character design and universe for Sonic and friends, but the guy we'll see in Sony's movie will (supposedly) be Game Sonic - not Archie, Fleetway or the guy from Underground - and he's a character with a very atypical attitude compared to other "heroes". Sonic the Movie and Sonic X manage to catch that, and while they're not exactly like the games, they both have a setting in which the games' events might or might not have happened. If they decide on giving Sonic a backstory of some sorts, it should (if at all!) only be there to make a point of how he's not affected by all that baggage, because he's fine with being just himself. Some kind of positive reinforcement, living in the present, stuff like that. I know fanfiction tends to do a decent job at giving the characters proper back stories, but not everything is appropriate for a production that has to tie into such a widely known canon. I just hope these guys know what they're doing.
  11. Game Sonic's past is a 23 year old mystery and something that at least half of the fans have thought about on their own already. Everyone will have different expectations and ideas, and most oft them will be much more elaborate and fitting than whatever I trust a random Hollywood-writer to be able to whip up on short notice. Metroid is a good example of imposing a backstory on a character way too late into the series. And even though it was much better than what I expect the movie writers to come up with, it didn't sit too well. After such a long time, it's something that absolutely has to stay ambiguous.
  12. For some reason the "The characters have to believe in their own world" line was a total revelation for me. It's something that I find incredibly important (not just with Sonic), but never knew how to put into words. Each of your videos has at least one of those light-bulb moments for me, when I learn how to name something that I've been wondering about before. So, uh, er, no content nitpicking from here xD.
  13. I think he says he's not sure what to think about the CGI/live action mix but still looks forward to it. Then he wonders whether it might be like Roger Rabbit and that something like Spiderman might be cool, too. But my Japanese is lousy, so feel free to correct me.
  14. Actually, I like the "Sonic on Earth" or "Sonic plus Humans (in the real world)"-theme in general, but I like it the way it was done during the times of Sonic Adventure, where the designs of both parties didn't clash, and where everything was whimsically anime-serious. A movie like this might work, if it doesn't try to make Sonic (look) realistic. Something akin to Roger Rabbit, with the characters coming out of some kind of Wreck-It Ralph universe, could be a bearable excuse to have them look like they should. But anything else is better done in full-CG. (Other than that, I'd rather not have a movie at all. This is gonna be a mess...)
  15. I thought the Death Egg was rather creepy. Suddenly you are in this really lonely place with utterly weird music, and then there's not even a stage to explore but two boss battles in a row. In a time without savestates that was pretty intimidating. And then there was the melancholic Hidden Palace music in Sonic 2's sound test that made you wonder whatever it was supposed to be used for (or whether you might have missed a part of the game). When Sonic 3 came out I used to explore the unfinished sections (that would later tie into S&K) by using the debug mode and found it incredibly unsettling how some of them just ended or stopped working for some reason. I guess I was already too old to have any of the 3D era games get to me (although I can agree with most of the previous examples like King Boom Boo, Lava Mountain, Twinkle Park or Gerald's message), but there was one thing that made me literally jump in my seat: the strange, circular pattern on both ends of Mad Space's "capsule planet". I have no idea what happened there, but when I first saw that pattern, it creeped me out to no end. I'd explore the stage and would always make sure to avoid that particular place until I decided on some sort of "shock therapy" and just tried to get used to looking at that particular design o_O.
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