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  1. Check out my sonic playthroughs on youtube under SegaSuperStar91

  2. sonic generations demo is awsome

  3. sonic generations demo is awsome

  4. Well... There still is possibilities to what games their bring back but if anything they bring back Wave Ocean for that game. So far for the "Next Generation" era we only got to see 2 seconds of Spangonia(which is seeing sonic free fall onto a roof) so unleashed made it in but there might still be a chance for sonic 06 which might end up happening since there's only heroes,shadow,06,unleashed,and colors. So only time will tell for what games they will choose next.
  5. Me,SpeedsTurbo,and Huzzahsonic4 are planning on making a commentary group together in the near future.

  6. A huge Tornado destroyed my town it was horrible. I dont know how long it will be before I go back to my house. Im at my Dad's house if people are woundering. Yeah this sucks =(

    1. Sapphire


      That's horrible! I hope everyone in your town is OK... :(

    2. Jetronic


      Being that you're on, are your folks alright? Injuries everyone is safe?

    3. BlazingTales


      Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I hope you and your family are safe, and I hope things will recover to normal soon.

  7. Sonic games today usually have an optional thing called "get all of these for a reward" like in sonic colors: 180 red rings = super sonic sonic adventure 2: 130 emblems = green hill zone 3D but the there are some that really shouldnt have them in the first place ex. Sonic Unleashed: all sun/moon medals = ahcivement Sonic and the Secret Rings: all fire souls = well there's no reward but you do get stuff after collecting SOME of them. Sonic Adventure: collect all 130 emblems = NOTHING So the point Im making is that sometimes being able to collect everything for a reward doesnt work if you dont get something out of it. Now I know there's games like Heroes and Shadow that have collect-a-thons but there rewards probably arent good anyways. All in all if SEGA does this method again the reward should be good hopefully generations will since their bringing back the red rings again.
  8. For me I fell in love with the sonic franchise after i bought Shadow the Hedgehog. The only reason why I did was because sometime before I order Shadow I started looking at what sonic really was besides Sonic heroes(which was the first the sonic game I bought). And it turned out that this Hedgehog was a BADASS in my opinion, back then I was in a sonic fever I would buy the games, get the toys, T-shirts, etc. And after a couple of years past I soon realise how critisim works and started understanding why people in the world would say this game is better than that game. Now its 2011 and my love for this franchise has gotten bigger and bigger every year that has past and that ladies and gentlemen is how I fell in love with Sonic franchise.
  9. Thks for commenting on my page I guess people thought I new who the villian for generations was =(

  10. no I dont know what happen

  11. -6 reputation huh? Did you disagree with a mod on Sonic Adventure 2 like I did?

  12. I wonder who that new "enemy" is going to be in Generations?

    1. Detective Shadzter

      Detective Shadzter

      Enemy the Hedgehog!

    2. Shoot em up Capbusta
    3. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      If I were a betting man I'd say it's going to be the big white looking fellow in the back.


    4. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      Chase the Hedgehog will be the enemy. His recolor-lameness will be so bad that he breaks time holes

    5. BlazingTales


      The Sonic fanbase.

    6. KrazyBean


      Majin Buu. XD

    7. Kamicciolo


      well consider this, its supposedly reponsible for most of the trouble in Sonic's world, including Eggman. So logically it must be...

    8. Kamicciolo


      Mama Robotnik!!!

    9. Preston


      Mr. Needlemouse.

    10. EXshad


      Honestly, my bet's on the big guy from the prototype art for the franchise: http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/1486/179718-alpha_sonic_super.jpg My life would be complete if Bee-Suit Eggman appears.

    11. Vec


      The Rolling Stones: No colors anymore, I want them to turn bla...err...white

    12. Eternal EX

      Eternal EX

      I dreamed it was Eggman nega. =P

    13. goku262002


      Change your topic title thats the new enemy!

  13. No problem & thank you for adding me ^^

  14. 1. The Music(Because I allways end up singing along) 2. The Party Minigames(when friends are over) 3. The DarkSpine Sonic Fight(Epic as hell) 4. Some of the Levels(Desert level,Dinosaur level,and Sky level) Those are the things I like about Secret Rings everything else is either annoying or difficult.
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