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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. So I just finished reading Mirai Nikki and watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica and I think my brain has turned to a Japanese mush. So many really great endings. <3
  3. I'm on episode 9 and there has been so much betrayal that it will make me go nuts if all that happened to me. I'm lovin it!
  4. I really like this show, because of the humor and the weird nostalgic factor I get with this show. I guess it's the 80s and 90s references. (I was born in 1994, but the 80s refs I do get xD). It's apparently not for everyone, as my family and a couple friends think it can go along with the other pieces of shit that a lot of cartoons are nowadays, but I believe Regular Show has one the best cases when it comes to the trend of "randomocity" in cartoons nowadays, making it really humorous, while still...idk..not too overboard? I know that's like a WTF coming from a show that makes its plot about going overboard in the most ironic cartoon title ever, but it is all extravagant..but it doesn't try too hard to be extravagant and random. It just is.
  5. Well, I think I have been lagging behind tech-wise, but not really. I do feel like I don't need to though becuase what I do have is still functional and pretty damn good looking. As much as I would love an iPhone 4S and stuff, I can do just about everything I need to do (which has been a lot of emailing, texting, and Skyping as of recently) on my good ol' 3GS, which I am purely glad hasn't broke yet. As of right now the only reason I would try to get one at the moment is because of the good camera and design of the phone. The most advanced thing I probably have right now is either my family's iPad 2 or my PS3. I really do think that being up-do-date isn't all that necessary unless there is a really big difference, in which I haven't really seen much in tech, aside from the tablet game finally stepping up to the plate in competing with laptops and netbooks, which have proven pretty darn stiff (especially with the Toshiba Thrive out, which is most like a netbook tablet compared everything else in the market today.)
  6. So I've discovered Mirai Nikki recently, and it is like...wow. It reminds me of a mix of The Hunger Games and this dorama Liar Game. Well..all of them are survival game shows but Mirai Nikki sticks out to me because of the translated name. Future Diary.
  7. Just going through the previews for Julien-K's album before it's released.
  8. I agree with this, it was only a four year slump in quality to get the franchise back on its feet (yes, Unleashed helped a LOT to do that despit what others may think) and right now, even though SEGA is playing it safe as hell, it's working.
  9. edge.

    Sonic Battle

    Sonic Battle was one of my first Sonic experiences on a portable system. I bought it when it first came out, and I played it almost non-stop, even when my uncle was back and forth towards the hospital, I played that game until the last data was obtained...I need a new Gameboy.
  10. Okay so I was watching the "Josie and the Pussycats" movie (DON'T judge me.) and among the advertisements that became a running gag throughout the movie, SEGA was a huge contributor to them, even being the SEGA Mega Arena in the concert scene. It not only made me kinda second-guess the music industry, it made me think about the marketing that SEGA did back in the day, with its aggressiveness and maximum exposure. SEGA pretty much put itself out there not only in the movie (with a LOT of Sonic and Ulala within the house/store scenes) but with the viral campaigns everything else they've done with the Dreamcast. It got me to thinking: would aggressive marketing still work (not only for SEGA, but for any company in general) in this economy and day n' age like it did in the 90s/early 00s? I know this may sound stupid but I put a lot of thought into this.
  11. About the commercials, I've seen them run on ESPN at least twice few hours for the past 2 weeks, also on stations like FOX and Spike a lot. That's a lot of promo..but not much to show or it at the moment. Things will get better though.
  12. So my love for iPads have grown immensely. Hello music-making and filimng on the go!

    1. Silverfang


      My thoughts excactly, did you see the new sample tank App? The samples sound amazing!

  13. Without stories in any video game, let alone Sonic, the games would be just...nothing. Gameplay and graphics are nice and all, but they are just useless without any story to implement them IMO.
  14. I always thought that Eggman was just a business man became a little power hungry in his corporation.
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