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  1. Shadow the hedgehog had the good example of 3D Free roaming and platforming and explorations. its just the Free roaming areas were over-large and the missions were some times either boring or frustrating. but it was a good game, the Gun was a nice gimmick, the Story lines progression is a nice idea that isn't that-well executed. I Think they should take a look at Free roaming style of shadow the hedgehog and the story line progression and Work on executing that concept better (without missions, just multiple goal rings), I like your idea, TC.
  2. its not baseless. you Read my post correctly, their are a lot of un-used stuff, the Final boss Music is Longer than the actual boss fight, Their are Dark Egg pawns that were never used in Terminal Velocity, the Un-Used clips actually Reveals a possiable Sonic transformations, and Eggman does say 'Chaos emeralds' when they weren't in the story to begin with (or at least in the build we had). also put a link to your sources, you are not a developer. and we all know the iphone version of sonic 4 was an old build. we all know that the E3 Demo of Sonic 06 before release was much better than the original Build. and I have an opinion, you don't need to bash it, just disagree reasoning why instead of bashing me. I am done posting about this subject.
  3. How do you know all those stuff? What i find thought that you find an Excuse to call 'your opinion is so terrible' which is bashing opinions = trolling, you could have responded nicer to be honest, just say 'i disagree because...etc' instead of 'No, Your opinion is so terrible, your opinion is non sense, End of the story'.
  4. Tell that to Blue Blood, he lacks arguing skills. 'No' doesn't end the argument, he just put the word 'No' because he lacks some thing to say to defend his opinions. if I put a word No in this post, you would propably complain. Like I said, biased memmbers are biased. if you Reasoned why you thinked so in your post, maybe what you said would have made sense. Not rediouclous. the lack of sound test or concept art and the existense of the Robots in Terminal velocity and the un-used voice clips and the final boss music being far less than the actual battle, is a big reason for me to think that that might have been an old build.
  5. His post was meaning less. how can i get what i meant by 'No'. Seriously haters, stop being biased against me. How Can find the meaning of a sentence that only has 'No'? it makes perfect sense. one could make a mistake and upload an earlier build into the Original disk. it could work. i could do that if I was a developer.
  6. Wow, sonic team. I don't know what to say, Now i am sure they had more planned for Terminal velocity... that is just too bad But you know what, even before that, i wasn't surprised, the Phase 2 Music is too Long for the Second phase. I wonder if it was an Old build we got on release...
  7. It seems that ALL of the Objects (call them what you want) Except the Wisps and Boxes in Sweet mountain act 2 are in Sweet mountain act 1. Even Sweet mountain act 2 Feels like an extended version of act 1 (Like it started where Sweet mountain act 1 left of), which gives me the conclusion that both sweet mountain act 1 and 2 were going to be 1 Large level, seeing that the Whole mountain was their in Act 1 behind the capsule. And yes i mean rails that you grind on, Almost every Sonic fan calls them that.
  8. Listen. all what i am saying sweet mountain act 2 Mountain textures and its rails was their after sweet mountain act 1, but the Red capsule prevented the player from entering it. but the whole mountain textures including the rails were their But hidden behind the Capsule. other levels only modifies internal parts. Sweet mountain act 1 and 2 might have been 1 stage in my opinion.
  9. You Concluded that some zones uses the same textures as the others, that is correct. but no one concluded that sweet mountain act 2 was in act 1 but hidden.
  10. I do realize that, but isn't it weird that Act 2 had its textures in Act 1 but behind the Goal? I haven't found sweet mountain act 3 or act 4 or act 6, it seems like sweet mountain act 1 and 2 were going to be 1 Large level.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XgBawlOkQ4 Act 2 textures found in Act 1 behind the goal. i was able to see it using gecko code that made sweet mountain act 1 full of water, thus being able to by pass the goal by swimming behind the goal.
  12. Can't wait to see what sonic does next! ... oh the irony.

  13. I don't what you are talking about. In Colors i don't see Objects popping out of no where (I barley see those) In Unleashed I See objects popping out of no where Way more. when i pick a level to start in sonic colors , i wait 3 to 5 seconds to start the level and i don't see objects popping out of no where at all. and when i lose, i can come back to an older place without seeing objects popping out of no where.
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