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  1. Dont worry about thinking too much about it. Quite honestly, it'll be a big help. Aluminium sounds accurate for a robot
  2. Im an idiot, so this is going to sound stupid. But can you even make copper robots? Wouldn't it be extremely weak?
  3. Perhaps its possible that he created his own kind of metal and managed to mass produce it. It sounds farfeched but its an answer none the less
  4. Okay, this helps a lot! Thank you
  5. Ah thanks. Is there any way to understand how strong this metal is?
  6. So, I've been thinking up a theory, but to back it up i need to do some research, some research that is hard to find, my question is, has there ever been any indication about what kind of metal Eggmans robots are made of? Either in archie or the games or cartoons. I won't count OVA as Metal Robotnik only stated that his metal was a polimer (im terrible at spelling) alloy, which from my understanding as a mix of metal's.
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