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  1. Imo Silver would actually be interesting to see as a playable character again, and a major character in the story. I think he's a very underrated character simply because of his debut game. If they actually did his gameplay right, and did his personality up good, I would genuinely enjoy seeing him in another mainline Sonic game. Heck, even a spinoff game would be nice.
  2. I have the feeling that the reasoning SEGA has for pushing other characters to the side is more that they don't want people to find other characters to be cooler than Sonic. At least... when it comes to 3D games is how it seems. The CaC is an example of how SEGA doesn't want others to be as cool, or cooler than Sonic. Remember how limited our choices were with the CaC? I'm pretty sure I had heard that the reasoning behind how few options there were was because they didn't want the CaC to take the spotlight (Feel free to fact check this). I'd say that the cause of Sonic-focus in 3D games is because Sonic is seen as uncool nowadays. His personality certainly doesn't help with this problem, considering that Sonic keeps making dad jokes all the time. He had become so bland an uninteresting, whereas in Mania, he still has an actual fun and cool personality. Even if the gameplay is good now, SEGA can't bear to add other characters in for personality and story reasons. Sadly, SEGA doesn't seem like they're going to give up the kiddy, faux-Mario-esque Sonic any time soon. Why? They're stuck in their own little bubble, caring instead what the critics think, rather than what the fans want.
  3. I'm addicted to yaoi. Help.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Well um... Don't touch that floppy?

      Well um... Don't touch that floppy?

    2. Hiki


      Lmao, what even? XDD

      Lmao, what even? XDD

    3. Crow the BOOLET
  4. All I know is SEGA's EXTREMELY stupid when it comes to feedback. I was never really in the Sonic fanbase for all that (heck, I wasn't really involved until 2013.), so I apologize for seeming a little uneducated when it comes to things back in that time frame. What I was saying is just make it as known as possible what we want by getting especially onto them about it.
  5. Well, we are getting to that time where Sonic Forces is about to release, so I figured it's time to talk about something: how we should all approach reviewing the game, whether it be negative or positive. I've seen a couple of negative reviews so far, and it's worrying me as to how SEGA themselves are going to interpret the situation. SEGA seems to be notorious for outright removing something, or do a complete 180 with the tone, such as when Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 failed. They didn't simply remove a few characters. We were reduced to only Sonic, Tails, and Eggman for ten years. Even Tails, Sonic's buddy, wasn't playable at all. Story-wise, everything got turned into a sitcom after Unleashed. It seemed like SEGA was banking off of pure nostalgia of 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog. With Sonic Forces, SEGA seems to have finally stepped out of that comfort zone at least a little bit, and let us play as Shadow (even if he is a skin), have the other characters play a major role again, and have some kinda depth to the story. Heck, they even let us create a character! I'm worried that SEGA will revert back to Colors-Lost World era content, where we practically have to beg for other characters, and suffer from a lack of depth to the story. From what has happened in the past many times, it seems SEGA's only solution is to avoid their mistakes, and not fix their mistakes. I think we have to make it very clear that they should stay outside of their comfort zone from now on. It will be a decision that works for the better, like it has when we were in the 90s, as well as during the Dreamcast days. so what do I propose we do? Well, I say we should look at the game. What does it do wrong? What does it do right? How can we improve, and what do we fix? What do we completely get rid of? We need to be extremely specific so SEGA gets the message. While I don't know completely whether it will work or not, it won't hurt to try. I'm not necessarily saying you have to like the game, but perhaps take the time to give it a review SEGA will understand. Wherever you can review it, review it. Perhaps things will be better in the long run if we do. Take your time, and finish the game, tho. Writing notes to go over as you're playing. Thanks for reading. Hopefully, SEGA will maybe continue in this direction, improving anything along the way. See ya!
  6. Character DLC, more levels, CaC costume parts, more hairstyles, etc. Especially the CaC stuff, considering they don't have much for the CaC.
  7. Nyeeeeh.... What's up doc?? : O

  8. Must... not change name... to anything Koisuru Boukun related...! Must.... resist!!!

  9. Hyoubu Kyosuke mixed together. Hyky... Hiki... It fits! If people think I'm a girl... well... Whatever! I dunt care as long as I like my name and my profile! X3
  10. I just realized I haven't been on this account in a loooong while. Maybe I need to more. Hehehe! XD

    1. TCB


      who are you

    2. Hiki


      SonikkuEkkusu/King of the Black Arms/Hyobu Kyosuke-Sama/♡Kyo-Chan♡. I am due for another name change, lmao. And a change of everything in general, lol.

    3. TCB


      Those names are vaguely familiar to me I do remember them

      ...man I miss the past names list on our profiles 

    4. Hiki


      That was a thing? I'm barely on here, so ooops! XD

      I may start sticking with one name tho. Ekku-Chan, or Hiki. :P

    5. TCB


      you changed your name


    6. Hiki


      You got a chuckle out of me! XD


      When I was SonikkuEkkusu/King of Black Arms, I had the pic of a blue Shadow the Hedgehog as king. When I was Hyobu Kyosuke-Sama, I had that character shown in a serious manner. When I was ♡Kyo-Chan♡ I had a guy bathing, and pink cutesy colors. Now I have yaoi. NO WONDER PEOPLE DON'T RECOGNISE ME OR KNOW WHAT TO CALL ME, LMAO. XDD

  11. Anybody here able to upload the Japanese intro on YouTube or sumtin? I love the Japanese dub music for shows.
  12. I got THE BEAUTY UNLIMITED Blu-Ray set a whild back. I'll be watching some When They Cry, then I will be ready to let the time flow with UNLIMITED! ^-^

  13. So who's ready to start fansubbing the show? For realzies, I would love to hear the Japanese cast. Particularly Kouji Yusa, as he voices da bess character! Tokihanate... Unlimited...
  14. Sooo... anybody else have 2D husband? : O

    1. Polkadi~☆


      2D himself.


      what a cute lil' dork :D

    2. Red
  15. My avatar is Hyoubu Kyosuke from ZKC taking a shower. I'm kinda in love with him, and find him to be a real handsome cutie pie~! Plus, I saw someone else have Sonic in the shower as their avi, so I wanted to use this somewhat for reaction purposes. More using it because I think Hyoubu is gorgeous tho.
  16. Out of curiosity, does anyone still remember me from when I was King of Black Arms? : O

    1. Kiah


      I do remember that username now that you mentioned it...

    2. Hiki


      Yeh. Alot has changed since I was KoBA. 'Specially with some people getting my gender confused, thinking I'm female. XD

      I kinda like to make it a game to guess my gender sometimes, lol.

    3. Hiki


      Also, seeing that whole thing I said back in the day about not supporting LGBT stuffs seems odd from me nowadays, since I am, like, super gay now, lol. And uhh... my avatar of a handsome man in the shower, well... XD

  17. My newest username, "♡Kyo-Chan♡" has quite the history. In December, I started the whole Hyoubu Kyosuke obsession. So later, I decided to make a cute nickname for him: "Kyo-Chan." Kyo being an obvious shortened version of his name, and the "-Chan" at the end is used to symbolize how cute I think he is. I usually referred to him as "my Kyo-Chan," but let's not get into that atm. The hearts around my username symbolize my deep love for the character. He not only has a sweet, silly personality, but he's handsome and beautiful. Anyway, before I fanboy too hard, that is my newest username's origin.
  18. I am bored as heck, and need somebody to talk to. Maybe a fan of Zettai Karen Children, or THE UNLIMITED - Hyoubu Kyosuke. :3

    1. Failinhearts


      I don't know any of that stuff, but if you need someone to talk to, I'm here.

    2. Hiki


      They're good! You should watch them~

      And thank you so much! I've been kinda lonely, so that makes me happy to hear~! ^w^

    3. Failinhearts


      You're welcome.

  19. Before I start, I will say that I will be focusing on the two that I not only find to be the most similar to Sonic, but that I like the most. Now that we have that out of the way, let us begin~! ^-^ First and foremost, my favorite franchise aside from Sonic would have to be "Zettai Karen Children." Also known as Psychic Squad for the US DVD releases. I would like to point out that I'm posting this one first not only because it's my favorite anime series, but it was because of the Sonic franchise, or more specifically, our little Ultimate Life Form: Shadow the Hedgehog that got me into this franchise. You see, I got addicted to the song "Saiyan Blood" by Ryo Horikawa, the voice of Vegeta in Japan. Hearing how good his singing was, I got curious to know how my favorite character's VA would sound if he were to sing, and eventually found the song Break Your Destiny, which was sung by Yuichi Nakamura, Kishou Taniyama, and of course, Koji Yusa. One night when I was browsing through YouTube, and I stumbled upon the ending video of the anime it's from, which was ZKC. The show looked to be very enjoyable, so I went searching like a madman until I could find it, then I found its spin-off THE UNLIMITED - Hyoubu Kyosuke. I had planned to watch it earlier, but I wanted to find the original Zettai Karen Children first. Finally, I found it under its name in the states: "Psychic Squad." Funny thing about the show is I didn't care too terribly much for it at first when watching the first three episodes of it, as it wasn't the type of show I wasn't really expecting. I was expecting a more dark, serious show, but what I got was a silly comedy show which seemed like it was geared more towards younger Japanese kids than some of your other anime like maybe Naruto... Around November 2016 was when I began searching for more Yusa songs, which led me to find the song "ADVENT." I got hooked on tight to that song among many other Yusa songs, which led me to get obsessed with the character Hyoubu Kyosuke before even watching the show. A month later, I finally decide to watch the spin-off, and find that it was exactly what I had expected out of the original Zettai Karen Children, which encouraged me to watch the original again. Next thing you know, I'm in love with the show. Now you may be wondering what comparisons I'm able to draw from both of these franchises. Well I'm glad to say I have a good number of them! I'd say the main comparison I'll make is the character Hyoubu Kyosuke to Shadow the Hedgehog. Both have a depressing past connected to the military, seek revenge on humanity, have a limiter(s) that they can disable for a short time, their personalities are somewhat similar, it isn't really clear whether they're good or evil, and of course, both are voiced by Koji Yusa. Another thing I would like to point out is that while both have a light-hearted exterior, things can get pretty dark. ZKC has a comedic outside with the girls being bratty to their guardian and their chief being like that obsessively protective dad to the kids, but inside that shell the ESPers in the show are being oppressed and being used for weapons. While it's not as dark as ZKC, Sonic also has a very light-hearted outer shell with a fairly dark inside, with the whole goofy, colorful, cartoon animals thing and whatnot. Sonic can be rather inconsistent when it comes to the tone, but let's just look at the Genesis and Dreamcast Eras. The interior for Sonic can get pretty dark, such as with the animals being enslaved in the Genesis games and turned into robots, and the whole government conspiracy in SA2 with Shadow and everyone on the ARK dying. Those are the only comparisons I'll be making atm since I already pretty much made a whole page for ZKC here. That'll probably be the longest one, since that's my most favorite franchise. My next franchise is Dragon Ball. Now this one is pretty self-explanatory. Sonic took alot of inspiration from the Dragon Ball franchise, and as I watch Dragon Ball, I am able to draw many, many, many comparisons. I didn't actually get into Dragon Ball through Sonic as I did with ZKC, but I do tend to like thinking about what if the characters met eachother, and compare and contrast the franchises. I even found myself making comparisons with the eras of Dragon Ball to the eras of Sonic. Some of these include Dragon Ball being like the Classic Era, 06 being like the Dragon Ball Evolution of the Sonic series, GT being like the Heroes and Shadow of the series, etc. I also managed to hear some similarities in the music, like hearing parts of Hikaru Michi in Dragon Ball (somehow, lol.), and a small part of the orchestrated version of the song "We Gotta Power!!" in the snowboarding section of Ice Cap in SADX. Then of course, there's the Super Saiyan, but I won't get into too much detail about that because this is pretty dang obvious. Others would be Naruto, Bleach, Mario, Elder Scrolls, and many others.
  20. So who likes my avi? : O

  21. So I underwent a few changes regarding my username, avi, banner, etc. I'm just wondering how long it'll take for people to get confused on my gender and think I'm female, lmao. That would be... odd... XD

    1. SenEDDtor Missile
    2. Hiki


      I was first SonikkuEkkusu, then King of the Black Arms, Yami no Mefiresu, I believe Shado Kyosuke, Hyobu Kyosuke, then now ♡Kyo-Chan♡

  22. Oh dear... I actually did it... I actually asked Ken Penders how he feels about the Create-a-Character in Sonic Forces. I am waiting for the consequences for my actions, lol.
  23. Any fans of THE UNLIMITED Hyoubu Kyosuke, or Zettai Karen Children here? I need some ZKC fans to talk to~ :o

    Those shows/manga are beauty~! ♡

  24. If you don't mind reading manga online, then go for Zettai Karen Children. It's about a group of little girls with super powers from the group called B.A.B.E.L. which is an organization that attempts to stop crimes before they happen. They are also watched over by a 20 year old man called Minamoto Koichi. Thanks to Minamoto, they are getting closer to being angels instead of the predicted devils. ^.^ I haven't gotten too far into the manga, but a site had it listed as a romance manga. I think there is also alot of content that could appeal to many shippers of ZKC characters.
  25. Does unofficially translated manga count? The one I would like to recommend is Japanese, but people have unofficially translated it and uploaded it online.
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